Is Oofos Any Good? (Oofos Footwear )

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What Is Oofos Brand Known For?

What if you could run longer, work harder, and feel stronger? By supporting your feet with the groundbreaking technology of OOFOS recovery footwear, you can. Why? OOFOS works to maximize energy return and reduce pressure, fatigue, and pain, leaving you feeling energized and ready for more.

Oofos is a patented footwear brand that specializes in developing shoe insoles to relieve sore feet and other foot pain, whether it’s from standing all day, walking at the beach, or pushing through a boot camp workout.

OoFOS is developed with leading biomechanical technology that helps reduce pressure and demand on your feet and joints. Eighty percent of us will experience foot, leg, and back pain in our lifetime, and these aren’t problems that can be solved by more exercise alone. The science behind OOFOS recovery footwear helps you recover faster from even the longest workday.

The patented OOfoam technology is designed to reduce pressure and demand on your feet and joints, eliminating foot pain and fatigue. If you’re a runner, a dancer, an athlete, or just someone who spends long hours on their feet, we know what your body needs: relief from prolonged time on hard surfaces.

OOFOS footwear will leave you feeling like you’re walking on a cloud. Their patented OOfoam technology absorbs 37% more impact than traditional foam footwear to deliver the perfect blend of cushion and stability.

OOfos are unlike any other shoe you’ve ever tried. Below I have listed some of Oofos’s most popular products so you can see how good this brand is…

OOFOS OOahh Recovery Slide

The following Oofos product has an excellent 75% of consumers rating it 5 out of 5 stars…

Oofos’ newest slides are created for active recovery from the stresses of a day on your feet, whether it’s on the sand at the beach, hiking through nature trails, or simply trudging through a neighborhood. ; With Ooofoam technology & patented footbed, these slides are comfortable & extremely versatile.

The slide is made for comfortable recovery after a tough workout, strenuous day, or long travel day. The ultra-thin OOfoam footbed molds to the natural contours of the foot and helps cradle the arch for a supportive fit. The new OOahh Slide is designed with an agile foam strap for additional support and comfort.

The OOahh Slide is a great recovery sandal, made for casual wear. The OOfoam technology & the Patented footbed work together to soothe your tired and achy feet…


OOFOS OOahh Recovery Slide


OOFOS OOahh Slide, Black - Lightweight Recovery Footwear - Reduces Stress on Feet, Joints & Back - Machine Washable - Men’s Size 3, Women’s Size 5

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Get your OOAhhh on with OOFOS! The OOahh Recovery slide utilizes cutting-edge OOfoam technology to help your feet recover from a workout while encouraging healthy circulation. The soft, flexible strap molds to the shape of your foot for an improved fit and ensures stability as you go about your day.

  • Some days are extra tough and others require an extra push. Put these on and go.
  • Whether you’re headed to the gym or your next pilates, yoga, barre, or dance class, the OOahh Recovery Slide will keep you stylish and comfortable.
  • With the agile foam strap for additional support and comfort, these slides are perfect for both your short and long training sessions.
  • Our patented OOfoam technology combines the cushioning properties of foam with the shock-absorbing properties of air.
  • It has been shown to help increase energy, reduce fatigue, improve blood flow, and increase strength in the feet and ankles.
  • They’ve combined our award-winning technology with a simple set of straps to create the OOahh Recovery Slide.
  • This shoe features our patent-pending lightweight OOfoam construction which utilizes thick webbing straps instead of laces for a secure fit without pressure on the top or toe box.
  • The result is an exceptionally lightweight recovery slide that supports and massages your feet.

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The following Oofos product has a good 68% of consumers rating it 5 out of 5 stars…

First impressions mean everything. Create a lasting one in the Unisex OOCloog. Take comfort to a new level in our biomechanically engineered, innovative wellness footwear for men and women looking to stay active in comfort. Combining cloud-like softness with the strength of two times more rubber than the industry average for durable traction and all-day support, the Unisex OOCloog will transform your approach to footwear.

The OOFOS OOCloog lightweight recovery sandal was built to provide you with healthier workouts and increased energy. The result is a unique one-of-a-kind sandal designed to reduce pressure on your body — while simultaneously improving posture, balance, and performance.

Its seamless construction delivers distraction-free comfort and relief so you can wear them anywhere, while the microfiber upper is semi-permeable, meaning it gets better with age and use…


OOFOS Unisex OOCloog – Lightweight Recovery Footwear


OOFOS Unisex OOCloog, Black - Men’s 4, Women’s 6

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Each pair of our OOClogs is designed to support your feet with comfort and style, whether you’re lounging around the house or heading out for a walk. Our patented technology makes each pair of OOFOS shoes so comfortable that they’ll be a favorite at home by the couch or an essential on hikes through the great outdoors.

  • No matter how active you are, your body can use some relief.
  • OOClogs are the next generation of recovery footwear that provides optimal comfort.
  • Whether you need a quick recovery after a long day or long runs, OOClogs were created to deliver.
  • The ultra-lightweight construction cushions the sensitive areas of your feet and joints, which help reduce swelling and improve circulation.
  • With every step, OOClogs rotate and roll, flexing to fit the natural movement of your feet.
  • Feel comfortable all day, from work meetings to long runs.

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OOFOS Sandal

The following Oofos product has a good 68% of consumers rating it 5 out of 5 stars…

The OOriginal Sandal in patent leather is exquisitely designed and purports a slip-on fit. The molded, shock-absorbing OOfoam footbed massages your feet with every step, and the rugged rubber outsole provides comfort and stability on any terrain.

OOFOS OOriginal Sandal is made with revolutionary OOfoam technology, which is designed to absorb impact force and reduce stress on the body. Their super comfortable design and construction support your feet through all of your activities, no matter what you put them through.

With the patented OOfoam recovery technology in the sole of the OOriginal Sandal, your body will feel cushioning and comfort unlike anything else. The injection-molded construction makes this shoe super strong and very lightweight…


OOFOS OOriginal Sandal


OOFOS OOriginal Sandal, Black - Men’s 3, Women’s 5

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The OOFOS OOriginal Sandal. Double layer insole, easily adjustable, zero drop strap and shank support make this the original comfort sandal.

  • The OOFOS OOriginal Sandal combines the feel of a flip-flop with the support of an athletic shoe.
  • The break-in results are extraordinary soft feet from the patented, triple-density OOfoam midsole.
  • Unlike other foam footwear, OOriginal is designed to form your foot’s unique shape.
  • Your feet won’t cramp in long lines and you’ll enjoy cozy comfort even after a full day at work.
  • The OOFOS Original Sandal was designed for a very specific purpose: to enhance the lives of female professionals working in professional industries.
  • Research proved that women require significantly more recovery time than men, and the OOFOS Original Sandal was designed to help bridge this gap.
  • It is now used by thousands of people each day, from athletes to teachers, from construction workers to astronauts.
  • The hallmark feature of the OOFOS brand remains OOfoam technology.
  • This patented foam is specifically engineered to enhance recovery and alleviate pressure points by distributing force evenly throughout the feet.

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The following Oofos product has a good 68% of consumers rating it 5 out of 5 stars…

OOFOS footbeds are made of over 25% pure performance fibers, so they mold to your feet, absorb moisture and give you a super-soft, springy feel. The fibers draw moisture away from your feet as you walk, so you’ll stay comfortable and enjoy less foot fatigue. They’re incredibly grippy too. Up close, you’ll find thousands of nano-sized suction cups that have evolved to mimic the surface of gecko’s feet. They grip better than any rubber sole and never wear out.

OOFOS slip-ons are specifically designed to help your tired feet recover. They have stretchy fibers that massage your feet while helping prevent blisters and skin irritation. The slip-on style also helps your feet recover faster because you don’t have to tie them up! With a breathable upper, padded collar and flexible sole, they’re sure to keep your feet happy.

OOFOS Recovery sandals by OOFOS are designed with a solid, vastates rubber sole that can take you anywhere anytime…


OOFOS Men’s OOmg Fibre Slip-On Recovery Shoe


OOFOS OOmg Fibre Low Shoe - Men's Post Exercise Active Sport Recovery Sneakers w/Foam Arch Support Reduce Stress on Sore Feet, Knees, Ankles & Joints - Black & Gray, 8 US Men

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OOFOS men’s slip-on recovery shoe is subtly called the OOmg for a reason. These shoes are made with ultra-terra grip embedded in the midsole to boost your stability and traction on just about any terrain. The men’s slip-on recovery shoe also boasts a lightweight mesh exterior to help you breathe while you work out, and a ½ inch heel that offers an added bounce as you walk.

  • Keep your feet feeling good with OOFOS Men’s OOmg Fibre Slip-On Recovery Shoe.
  • Their patented 4-layer system is engineered to provide therapeutic support to arches and joints, including the feet, ankle, and calf.
  • They are incredibly light, flexible, and breathable, providing a bounce-back effect when walking.
  • It has the same impact-absorbing technology as the original OOfos, but in a slip-on shoe that can be worn around the house, under your pants or shorts, or even in water.
  • OOFOS footwear makes walking easier. It also soothes and reinvigorates your feet after a workout, so you’ll be ready to do it again tomorrow.
  • Perfect to take them on hiking, on boating trips, and even for walking on beaches.
  • Its memory effect will help the foot muscles to gently go back to their former position after intense workouts or other similar stressful situations.

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In summary, their mission at Oofos is simple: to make the world a healthier, happier place by improving comfort and performance for millions of active individuals.

Oofoo’s patented footbed offers optimal support for day-long comfort with every step. It cradles your arches, supports the balls of your feet, and cushions your heels. Their patented signature technology relieves pressure on sensitive parts of the foot – reducing energy exertion in the ankles by up to 47%. And reducing heel, arch, and back pain.

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