Is Olight A Good Brand? (Olight Flashlight )

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What Is Olight Brand Known For?

Olight Brand is known for producing high-quality flashlights…. They are military-grade flashlights including tactical flashlights, hunting flashlights, search and rescue lights, outdoor camping flashlights, and the latest trend in survival gear.

Olight Brand is known for its focus on providing high-quality outdoor flashlights…. Each one is designed to use the latest technology—coupled with high CRI LEDs and powerful batteries—to produce long-lasting products that are both compact and innovative.

Olight provides customers with the best flashlights on the market…. Olight Brand has been a leader in the illumination industry for over a decade…. Their US facility designs and creates all of the products they manufacture, including our LED flashlights, headlamps, and weapon lights.

With innovative designs, Olight has created a number of flashlights, each designed with the intention of improving upon the features of previous models…. Popular with military and police officers, outdoorsmen, and everyday people alike, Olight flashlights are made to last through what life throws at you.

Below I have listed some of Olight’s most popular products so you can see how good this brand is…

Olight Odin

The new Olight Odin is a high-performance, well-balanced 21700 flashlight…. With a maximum output of up to 2000 lumens, the durable P60-style LED offers a beam distance of up to 300 meters (984 feet)…. The tail switch allows for easy and intuitive operation with an ambidextrous form factor.

The Odin can be powered by either a single 26650 battery or a single 21700 cell while still maintaining its balance and portability…. This flexibly allows for different power needs from various users.

The Olight Odin is a professional flashlight for extreme environment…. It’s rugged design gives it an outstanding durability in different conditions…. The Patented Picatinny mount allows the light to be used on any firearm with a rail.

The flashlight also features a patented magnetic rechargeable interface – simply place the flashlight on the charging base, no need for rubber plugs or wires! With its ultra-long range of up to 300 meters, the Odin is the perfect companion for long-distance illumination…


Olight Odin


The Odin is a rechargeable, high lumen output tactical flashlight with a magnetic side switch and an integrated diffuser for hands free lighting…. The 300 meter reach is perfect for long distance use while the magnetic charging cable and deep pocket carry clip both make it convenient to handle your Odin wherever your day takes you.

  • Compact and rechargeable, it even has one laser diode to give you a level point of illumination.
  • With 8 brightness levels, including strobe, it’s perfect for any emergency and perfect for your everyday carry.
  • Though powerful, the Olight has a convenient and practical dual switch operation as well as a side grip for easy handling during continuous use and a stainless steel bezel.
  • As always, Olight keeps it simple but powerful.
  • The Olight High-performance flashlight with unprecedented light output and long-distance is here.
  • The Olight Jumping and magnetic rechargeable tactical flashlight is a high-performance and powerful LED tactical flashlight, which has the capability of 300 lumens long-distance illumination, coupled with a 5000mAh high capacity battery.

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Olight Baldr Pro

The following Olight product has an AMAZING 86% of consumers rating it 5 out of 5 stars…

Compact and pocket-friendly, the Baldr Pro is the ultimate tactical flashlight…. Solid State Power Regulation provides a safe and reliable output at all times…. There is no need to worry about turning it on in your bag or when dropped as it is shock-resistant.

The Olight Baldr Pro 1350 Lumens Tactical Flashlight, with green light and white LED, is an outstanding torch that will surprise you with the throw…. The OLED screen can be operated with any of the torch buttons, and shows run time in hours: minutes: seconds format, brightness level in % or lumen value, battery voltage, moon mode actuation indicator, and protection circuit status.

Further, it never needs replacing as the LED emitter will last its entire lifetime of 50,000 hours…. It gives you peace of mind that it will be ready for you the next time you need it…


Olight Baldr Pro 1350 Lumens Tactical Flashlight, with Green Light and White LED


Olight Baldr Pro 1350 Lumens Tactical Flashlight,with Green Light and White LED,Compatible with 1913 or GL Rail, Powered by 2 CR123A Batteries,with SKYBEN Battery Box (Black)


The Olight Baldr Pro 1350 Lumens Tactical Flashlight is your most versatile flashlight…. Whether you are searching, camping, hunting or you have power outages, the Baldr Pro is there for you.

  • Because of its cutting-edge design, it can be a very powerful handheld searchlight or an outstanding long-distance thrower.
  • It is a thrower that puts out a very bright beam.
  • Perfect for law enforcement, industrial, security, outdoors/hunting use, and more.
  • Made of aero grade aluminum alloy with HAIII military grade hard-anodized finish and waterproof up to IPX-8 standard.
  • The Olight Baldr Pro 1350 Lumens Tactical LED Flashlight is a dual-color flashlight, using both green and white LED’s in a single flashlight.
  • The green light is used for color-decoding, night vision, and hunting, while the white light is for general low-light situations.
  • Excellent for camping and law enforcement applications, this durable flashlight can withstand extreme conditions and harsh weather.

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Olight Seeker 2 Pro

The following Olight product has an AMAZING 87% of consumers rating it 5 out of 5 stars and has earned Amazon Choice status…

The Olight Seeker 2 Pro 3200 Lumens is a high-performance search flashlight that uses CREE XM-L2(U4) LED…. It is suitable for various indoor and outdoor lighting uses…. The user can select between four brightness levels, plus an ultra-bright spotlight function with a range of 366 yards or five brightness levels.

The Seeker Pro 200 is a long range weapon light made by Olight…. This light produces up to 3200 lumens at maximum brightness giving you enough power to damage an eye…. The Seeker Pro 200 has 5 modes, including an SOS mode that allows for Morse Code messaging.

A push-button tail switch has an integrated metal shield to prevent the light from self-strobing when the tail standing on a flat surface…


Olight Seeker 2 Pro 3200 Lumens


Olight Seeker 2 Pro 3200 Lumens L-Dock Charging Powerful Rechargeable Side-switch Tactical Flashlight,with 21700 Battery and SKYBEN Battery Case


The Seeker2 Pro is a rugged and stunning super bright tactical flashlight…. The body is made of lightweight aerograde aluminum alloy with pure premium type III hard anodized anti-abrasive finish.

  • As with other lights in the Seeker series, Olight has built a sleek reflector into the light that is capable of throwing beams over two football fields away.
  • Additionally, this unique reflector design completely floods the light across its total beam distance resulting in an ideal wide-angle flood beam without any dark spots or unevenness from the edge.
  • It has 2.5 hours on the turbo to ensure constant use without becoming overheated.
  • The solid-state side button can change through the modes as well as the brightness level and is usable while it is attached to the firearm.
  • The Mini CCW (counterclockwise) switch provides one-handed operation without shifting your grip on the flashlight for easy modes selection.
  • The built-in thermal regulation program ensures stable and safe use.

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Olight M2R Pro Warrior

The following Olight product has an AMAZING 86% of consumers rating it 5 out of 5 stars…

The M2R PRO WARRIOR is Olight’s latest military-grade LED flashlight utilizing the latest designs and technology…. Utilizing a CREE XHP70 LED, it can take a beating and keep on lighting.

Powerful and ergonomic, the Olight M2R Warrior Pro features four brightness levels with the ability to select multiple brightness levels or strobe mode through a single button…. The versatile flashlight is made from the aeronautically grade aluminum alloy, delivers a maximum beam distance of 300 meters.

Powered by a single side switch and a rear tail switch to control the output levels…. The outputs are controlled by the user’s thumb so that each hand can hold/use the weapon in the best way depending on the situation…


Olight M2R Pro Warrior


Olight M2R Pro Warrior 1800 Lumens USB Magnetic Rechargeable Dual Switches Tactical Flashlight with 300 Meters Beam Distance, Powered by 5000mAh 21700 Battery


The Olight M2R Warrior Pro features an easy to use single side switch, making this light more user friendly than many others on the market…. The side switch turns the light ON and OFF and acts as the brightness control, with no hidden modes or special memorization required.

  • Constructed from rugged aero-grade aluminum alloy, the M2R Pro Warrior has been re-designed for even greater durability.
  • Olight’s signature side switch system controls all functions including mode selection, brightness output, and strobe activation, while a rear-mounted tail switch quickly releases the body of the light for ease of use.
  • Whether you’re spending the night in the backcountry, or want to be prepared for emergencies at home, the M2R Pro Warrior can help keep you safe.
  • The body has anodized titanium construction for durability in the most demanding environments.
  • The M2R PRO WARRIOR, equipped with a CREE XP-L HI V3 LED, is equipped with a smooth reflector to make it compact while increasing its ability to focus light.
  • The unique design allows for multiple tail-standing modes to shine light where you need it.
  • M2R also offers an advanced thermal management system to balance output and runtime to keep it cool inside.
  • Luxuriously coated with hard anodizing that helps protect against scratches and corrosion.

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Olight Baton Pro

The following Olight product has an AMAZING 84% of consumers rating it 5 out of 5 stars and has earned Amazon Choice status…

The Olight Baton Pro portable LED flashlight is a multifunctional everyday lighting implement that can be charged from almost any USB source, including solar cells and dynamos…. Despite its compact length, the Baton Pro provides up to 12 hours of bright light.

The Olight Baton Pro is a rechargeable, high performance flashlight…. Using its side charging port, the flashlight can be charged quickly and conveniently via micro-USB…. A memory function memorizes the last output level, even after the light is turned off, making it the perfect portable work light or emergency flashlight.

The Baton Pro supports two different brightness levels and a strobe mode by only flipping through different output modes with the large tactical tail switch…. The Olight Baton PRO is perfect for people on the go who need a bright, long-lasting light source…


Olight Baton Pro


Olight Baton Pro 2000 Lumens High Performance Cool White LED 18650 Magnetic Rechargeable Side Switch LED Flashlight,with SKYBEN Battery Case


This incredibly bright light can help you to maintain your situational awareness in all situations, day or night…. Perfect for outdoor use, this flashlight also boasts a strike bezel that protects the light.

  • The Baton Series by OLight has become world-renowned for being the smallest and most powerful flashlight for its size.
  • The new Pro model boasts the same magnetic USB charging system as the standard Baton, but with a convenient lanyard hole that you can attach to your keychain, backpack, or anywhere on your person.
  • More features include a hands-free magnetic control switch, the latest USB charging and discharging technology, and a durable high-quality nylon holster with an increased belt attachment point.
  • The beam is smooth and neutral, great for throwing far into the distance – or lighting up multiple rooms and hallways at home, or finding something dropped down a dark hole!

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Olight Bike Light

The following Olight product has an AMAZING 87% of consumers rating it 5 out of 5 stars…

Most bicycle lights are designed so that they shine into the path of oncoming vehicles when the signal is green…. That’s great for riders side-lighting their ride, but unwelcome when the driver of the oncoming vehicle is blinded by bright lights in the roadway.

The Olight 1500 USB-C Rechargeable provides a powerful, reliable companion in the dark…. The bright LED light from this bicycle headlight is easy to view from any angle and provides nearly 4000 candle power for lighting up a large area.

It also includes a built-in charging port that allows you to re-up quickly when your equipment gets low on charge…. Olight has also created an optimized charging circuit that carries out current measurement accurately even at high rate currents…. This lets you avoid over-dimming and minimize battery drain while still using the included cable…


Olight RN 1500 USB-C Rechargeable 1500 lumens Multi-Functional Bicycle Bike Headlight


SKYBEN Olight RN 1500 USB-C Rechargeable 1500 lumens Multi-Functional Bicycle Bike Headlight for Urban Riding,Daily Commuting and Road Cycling,21700 Battery Included(Black)


This bike light has special anti-glare technology that prevents light from passing through even when the light is turned off…. This makes it great for night racing or dark times when you need extra eyes for your safety.

  • The Olight 2000 USB-C Rechargeable Bicycle Light is the perfect solution for those who want a safe, feature-rich solution for bicycle lighting while at the same time not costing too much.
  • It features an anti-glare light distribution with a safe cut-off distance that reduces visual distractions from vehicles approaching from either direction, plus it provides a charging port for devices such as cell phones.
  • This multi-function bicycle headlight is the perfect companion for riders who demand visibility at all times.
  • This bike light allows you complete visibility two feet away from the handlebars.
  • It features an anti-glare coating on its surface to eliminate reflections from sunlight passing through it, so it’s completely visible in low-light conditions even when there is inadequate lighting around you.
  • Its low-profile design, featuring a rectangular shape with the battery cap attached on one side making it less noticeable than others on the road, further enhances its appearance and protects its functions from minor impacts and knocks.
  • Its rechargeable battery allows adding up to 45 minutes of runtime between charges, which will be more than enough for most riders without sacrificing visibility.

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Olight Lantern

The following Olight product has a MIND-BOGGLING 93% of consumers rating it 5 out of 5 stars…

Olight has designed the Olantern to be a versatile and affordable lighting solution…. This lantern features two interchangeable LED modules…. One side features a steady white light while the other features a pulsing ambient blue light…. The high-performance LED combined with transparent cover ensures an even, steady 360 degrees of light distribution.

The Olantern Rechargeable Lantern Flash LED Headlamp is designed with practicality in mind…. Whether you want to give yourself a dose of light during travel or while looking for that perfect lighting setup for your home, the Olantern provides several options and accessories that will satisfy most needs.

Motion- sensitive battery indicator, fading on and off to help locate lantern in the darkness…. Convenient Hanging Hook allows users to connect the unit to a compatible GPS allowed for pinpoint location tracking while also providing two different lighting options when properly equipped…


Olight Olantern Rechargeable 360 Lumen Lantern Flashlight


Olight Olantern Rechargeable 360 Lumen Lantern Flashlight,2 LED Modules Replaceable 360 Degree Beam Ambient Lighting Lantern for Camping, Journey and Emergency Use (Basalt Grey)


Olight’s Olantern Rechargeable Lantern Flashlight is an essential travel companion with a unique design…. Attached to a travel-sized magnetic base, the Olantern glows with a warm white light that blends into the environment.

  • Utilizing two interchangeable LED modules, the Olantern allows you to switch between a standard white light or an ambient flickering flame.
  • Motion-sensitive battery indicator, fading on and off to help locate lantern in the darkness.
  • Whether you’re looking for a lantern to give your dining table a little pop or you want to give your bed a visual upgrade, the Olight Olantern is an affordable, yet stylish way to brighten up your room.
  • This high-quality Flashlight features two interchangeable LED modules, and switching between them is as simple as flipping the switch.
  • The high-performance LED combined with transparent cover ensures an even, steady 360 degrees of light distribution.
  • A convenient hanging hook makes transport easy without taking up much room.
  • This lantern adapts to almost any surface whether it be smooth or slightly bumpy.
  • When you place the base on a smooth surface it will begin to glow a steady white color with a cool blue color spectrum coming from the blue LED module.
  • As you move the base towards the side or corner of your lantern, the blue light will get brighter until it becomes a steady yellowish-orange which is perfect for low light situations.
  • The rising white light from the top allows you to see clearly through the dense foliage found on some of our favorite hiking trails.
  • If there is enough light available you can make out individual leaves falling onto the ground giving off an ambiance of nightfall just before dawn

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Olight Obulb

The following Olight product has an AMAZING 84% of consumers rating it 5 out of 5 stars…

If you are searching for great smart lights for your home or office area, you’ve come to the right place…. The Olight Obulb 55 Lumens 4-Modes Rechargeable Easy carry Multipurpose LED Flashlight, with four modes including warm white light, 7 lumens red light (steady or flashing), is a great companion for any homeowner or professional facing many environments where past lighting solutions were either non-existent or inadequate.

The 55-lumen light features a fast + charge feature that allows you to use it right away, instead of waiting for a recharge…. And the four modes allow you to choose exactly what you need for the situation at hand: bright white for main daylight, medium green for late-night reading, hard green for aquatic illumination and a mysterious red that lets everyone know you’re a prankster.

The high-intensity white light output combined with the ability to create multiple lighting schemes makes this the perfect personal lighting solution for any situation where you need instant attention but don’t want to spend hours searching for the right fixtures…


Olight Obulb 55 Lumens 4-Modes Rechargeable Easy Carry Multipurpose ORB Night Light


Olight Obulb 55 Lumens 4-Modes Rechargeable Easy Carry Multipurpose ORB Night Light with Magnetic Bottom Suitable for Camping, Hiking, Night Work, Emergency Power Outage (Grey)


Having a great light is one of the first things that can separate a group of people from their brothers or sisters when they’re playing…. Whether it’s a regular flash or a powerful spot light, finding the right size is critical….   Obulb 55 Lumens 4-Modes Rechargeable Easy Carry Multipurpose offers amazing value for money with its high-quality design.

  • The Obulb 55 lumen LED lamp is designed to replace bulky, traditional street lamps.
  • These high-quality lit LED lamps to feature the ability to change colors in four different patterns to help give your floor a unique and stylish look.
  • With a powerful LED bulb that emits a steady light at a 55-lumen output, the Obulb is perfect for medium to low light situations around the house or outdoors in outdoor life-threatening situations like rain, sleet, or snow.
  • The brightest setting is a soothing white that makes you feel like you’re in a relaxing spa setting.
  • The middle setting runs the gamut from a subtle warm red to a bluish-green that’s great for creating a cool pop of color in small areas.
  • And at the very dimmer end of the spectrum is a very, very faint green that might be best used for perhaps a small table lamp or small table decoration.
  • While the red light mode is perfect for revealing your presence to wildlife or slowing down nighttime running tracks
  • From day-to-night fishing trips or extended backcountry treks, the Obulb not only offers consistent and versatile light output but also incorporates three handy features that will make your outdoor activities more practical.

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Olight Headlamp

The following Olight product has an AMAZING 82% of consumers rating it 5 out of 5 stars…

The Perun is the world’s first LED flashlight with a built-in infrared distance sensor…. Simply rotate the head of the side switch to dim or brighten brightness according to surrounding light conditions and your surroundings…. The sensor detects objects in front of you at night or evening walks, and automatically turns off the bright light, preventing you and others around you from hurting your eyes.

The headlamp’s operation can be changed with a simple long press of the switch, accessed through the side of the body…. When off-centered on its magnetic base, the Perun will enter proximity mode, in which the current brightness level will be maintained until another object is detected nearby…. In all other operation modes, tapping the button will toggle between low and high directly.

This versatile headlamp allows you to view your surroundings in low light conditions by using the side illumination feature which surrounds the LED-illuminated lens with a warm glow…


Olight Perun 2000 Lumens Multi-functional Right Angle Headlight

Olight Perun 2000 Lumens Multi-functional Right Angle Headlight MCC Rechargeable Cool White 18650 Headlamp and Flashlight, with SKYBEN Battery Box (With Headband)


With 2000 lumens of neutral white light output, the Perun shines bright and features the unique right angle head and built-in infrared distance sensor…. Variable brightness is on tap with a simple press of the button and conveniently dims to safe lighting levels when you are nearby objects.

  • The control circuit is designed for stable performance, protecting the flashlight from any damage caused by low voltage power dips or high temperature.
  • The back of the head has an attached magnet so it can easily attach to the frame on a car and is used as a work light.
  • It also features an attached clip that can be easily attached to a backpack for close-up work and is also useful for illuminating a keyhole at night.
  • The wide flood beam can be used as a flashlight for everyday use, while the strobe mode is great for emergencies and keeping extra visibility during nighttime cycling or running.

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In summary, Olight is a flashlight brand that values quality and cutting-edge technology…. Olight builds some of the best flashlights in the world, with unique and powerful features that are ahead of their time.

Olight is dedicated to innovating, improving, and evolving the flashlight industry…. The brand designs products such as the Olight M2R Warrior, T20 Series, S1 Baton Flashlight, and more that carry out this vision.

Olight led flashlights to send intense beams through the precision machining of an aluminum-based body, which ensures impacts on a daily basis are lessened.

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