Is Oklahoma Joe’s A Good Brand? (Impressive Smokers & BBQ Grills)

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What Is The Oklahoma Joe’s Brand Known For?

From the company’s inception in the 1980s, Oklahoma Joe’s has been recognized as an industry leader…. The company’s full line of smokers and grills is made in the United States and is primarily constructed from 100% American steel.

The metalwork is then finished with a porcelain-enamel coating that gives the smoker components the look of black cast iron while still maintaining the durability of steel.

Oklahoma Joe’s is a highly successful Kansas City-based grilling company…. Oklahoma Joe’s is a great brand overall…. Their products are stylish, efficient and durable…. Their grills are all made to last over a long time with proper care and maintenance…. They are one of the highest selling brands on the market today.

Well, you should know that Oklahoma Joe’s grills are known for being smartly designed and hard working…. They have all the features and options that one could desire in any BBQ grill…. You know, just take a look at their lines of grills and you will fall in love with them without a doubt.

Let’s look at 4 of their best-selling Oklahoma Joe’s products and see what customers think about the brand and its products…

Oklahoma Joe’s Is An Excellent Brand For Offset Smokers

The following Oklahoma Joe’s product has an excellent 77% of consumers rating it 5 out of 5 stars…

Oklahoma Joe’s Longhorn is part of the new breed of high-quality outdoor grills that allow you to smoke using a reverse flow method…. (This method differs from traditional wood-burning smokers, which require you to add smoke at the beginning of the process rather than the end.)

Reverse flow smokers are able to seal in the smoke and produce meat that has a more intense smoke flavor, thanks to the sealed cooking area.

Oklahoma Joe’s is really two grills in one: it can be used as a traditional charcoal grill, or you can use it as a smoker by adding wood chips and adjusting the air vents to allow smoke to enter the cooking chamber.

This charcoal smoker can handle everything you throw at it, from tender fish to a prime rib roast to a whole chicken…

Oklahoma Joe’s Longhorn Reverse Flow Smoker

Oklahoma Joe's Longhorn Reverse Flow Smoker

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  • It features a dual-feed system, two stainless-steel burners to help bring smoking to an even higher level of satisfaction, and a reverse flow design for no-mess operation.
  • The Longhorn makes it easy to achieve juicy, tender meat with a flavor that is unsurpassed.
  • With up to 15 hours of burn time on a single load of charcoal, the Longhorn Reverse Flow Smoker is made to last through years and years of backyard barbecues.
  • It’s designed with side smoker boxes so you can add meat and cook longer–just like our great granddaddy did at those Texas steakouts.
  • Built heavy as a rock and packed with over 100 years of barbecue experience, we guarantee this smoker will provide tasty results for generations to come.
  • Open your door to the world of smoking with the Longhorn Reverse Flow Smoker.

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Oklahoma Joe’s Is An Amazing Brand For Drum Smokers

The following Oklahoma Joe’s product has an AMAZING 85% of consumers rating it 5 out of 5 stars…

The 19202100 doesn’t have a fancy name, and it doesn’t have any electronic features, but it’s a true American-made smoker beloved by the people of the American Great Plains.

The 19202100 is built for slow cooking; it doesn’t offer the ability to cook at high temperatures to make delicate meats like chicken, so it’s best to look at it as a smoker for big slabs of meat that require low temperatures and long cooking times.

The Oklahoma Joe’s 19202100 Bronco Pro Drum Smoker is a no-frills smoker designed for easy, convenient use…. It comes with an all steel body, electronic sensors for monitoring temperature levels and a water pan to hold water or juice

The drum-style smoker offers good heat retention and also gives you the option to cook using indirect heat with wood chunks…

Oklahoma Joe’s 19202100 Bronco Pro Drum Smoker

Oklahoma Joe's 19202100 Bronco Pro Drum Smoker, Orange

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  • Based on a professional unit and includes all of the features that pros look for in a smoking environment.
  • It features patented technology that allows for cooking at much lower temperatures as well as indirect heat for slow cooking.
  • A traditional drum smoker offers the great BBQ you expect from Oklahoma Joe’s, but this one is smaller for urban folks with smaller yards and more space constraints.
  • The smoky flavor from cooking with wood can be savored in steaks, ribs, pork shoulder, and more.

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Oklahoma Joe’s Is An Amazing Brand For Pellet Grills

The following Oklahoma Joe’s product has an AMAZING 80% of consumers rating it 5 out of 5 stars…

Oklahoma Joe’s new Rider Deluxe Pellet Grill is engineered to be the ultimate grilling machine that will cook your food with the taste you crave.

It has an independent dual burner system, with a PID controller that is accurate within +/-1 degree of temperature…. It also features solid steel construction and an infrared rear-mounted thermometer for instant readability.

This grill comes complete with a premium cover to protect it during storage or it can be its own stand while in use.

This is a grill that can cook with the precision and efficiency of an electric over, but it has the flavor and smoked taste of a traditional charcoal fuelled BBQ…. There’s a lot to be said for the convenience of cooking with electricity, whether it be the lack of hickory smoke or the fact that you don’t have to refuel it…. With the Rider, you get the best of both worlds.

This special edition pellet grill is Oklahoma Joe’s most popular grill, perfect for the novice outdoor grill master as well as the seasoned backyard pitmaster…

Oklahoma Joe’s 20202106 Rider Deluxe Pellet Grill

Oklahoma Joe's 20202106 Rider Deluxe Pellet Grill, 55.... 5" W x 54.... 2" H x 31.... 2" D.... Weighs 223 lbs, Black

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  • If you’re a BBQ lover, then you’ll want to try out this pre-seasoned Oklahoma Joe’s Rider Deluxe Pellet Grill.
  • 2 layer gourmet flavorizer bars to keep your food moist and tasty.
  • Oklahoma Joe’s Rider Deluxe Grill is a pellet smoker/grill combo that has a built-in meat probe, large cast-iron cooking grate, front access digital controller, heavy-duty metal locking wheel system, and all stainless steel construction.
  • It’s the ultimate tool for outdoor cooking.
  • And it’s extremely easy to use.
  • Your eyes will feast on the sight of it, your nose will love the smell of it, and your wallet won’t mind at all.

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Oklahoma Joe’s Is An Amazing Brand For Charcoal Grills

The following Oklahoma Joe’s product has an AMAZING 86% of consumers rating it 5 out of 5 stars…

The Oklahoma Joe’s 19402088 Rambler Portable Charcoal Grill is a portable charcoal grill from Oklahoma Joe’s BBQ Supply, made specifically for tailgating…. It is a smaller grill but offers enough cooking space to feed a party of 20.

The Oklahoma Joe’s Rambler charcoal grill features an easy-to-clean porcelain-coated cooking grate and dome-style hood with adjustable dampers, as well as a built-in thermometer so you can keep an eye on the temperature.

The unique design and quality construction of the Okla Joe’s 19402088 Rambler provide the grillmaster with a cooking experience that far surpasses that of a standard kettle barbecue.

Featuring patented side firebox technology in which charcoal burns evenly underneath the cooking grate, this vertical smoker creates a searingly hot air flow…. While other grilling and smoking enthusiasts use the long-handled tools typically found on kettle grills, this innovative pit master uses long-angled attachments, making it easier to pick up and spin the entire barrel when finished cooking.

In addition, the grill features a stainless-steel ash catcher and an adjustable charcoal grate for regulating airflow…

Oklahoma Joe’s 19402088 Rambler Portable Charcoal Grill

Oklahoma Joe's 19402088 Rambler Portable Charcoal Grill, Black

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  • The Rambler Portable Grill is the original porta-brick.
  • Made sturdy and portable by virtue of its solid steel construction, this grill is a family favorite.
  • The round charcoal bowl holds up to half a bushel of charcoal briquettes.
  • With the 12″ cooking surface and 2 full-sized wire shelves, you’ll be able to cook plenty of food for your family and friends.
  • No matter where life takes you, the Oklahoma Joe’s Rambler portable grill will be right there with you.
  • This two-burner Rambler charcoal grill by Oklahoma Joe’s is a perfect grill for tailgating or grilling in your backyard.
  • The Rambler Series is the most affordable line of grills from Oklahoma Joe’s.
  • They’re compact, portable, and feature many of the same advanced features as our high-end models.
  • The cast iron grate and wire bail are durable and make it easy to get your fire going without a lot of effort.
  • When you’re done soaking up the sun, Oklahoma Joe’s Rambler gas grill is a convenient and easy way to cook a scrumptious meal.
  • Its compact size makes it easy to transport to tailgating parties, camping sites, and family reunions, and its convenient side tables allow for serving meals right from the grill.
  • Its durable cast iron cooking grates not only offer even heat distribution but cleaning them is a breeze.
  • When it’s time to throw on some burgers or brats, this gas grill is ready.
  • It has both a top shelf for cooking and a lower shelf for preparing food.

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In summary, whether you’re looking for a good deal, a long-lasting smoker, or one that you can take with you on the road, Oklahoma Joe’s has a grill for you.

Their venerable “Big Joe” charcoal smoker is the best-selling smoker in the U.S…. and the pride of Kansas City, and it’s easy to see why…. The company’s smokers are affordable without feeling cheap and are built to last a lifetime.

All Joe’s smokers are made in the USA out of high-grade steel, and they feature thick porcelain-enameled steel doors that seal in the heat and smoke.

They’re also relatively easy to use—and they’re one of the most economical and eco-friendly ways to cook…. And once you’ve mastered the basics, you can start experimenting with your own spice combinations and rubs.

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