Occupied Lock For Bathroom Door With Visual Indicator

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An occupancy bathroom lock with an indicator is a perfect choice for both homeowners and business premises. The indicator window shows the user at a glance when the door is unlocked…. This saves people from the embarrassment of opening doors on unsuspecting restroom occupants…

Bathroom doors tend to be a problem area for businesses, churches, parents, and caregivers. Fortunately, there are numerous solutions available on the market today that make it easier to both see and hear when the bathroom is occupied.

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The best commercial bathroom occupied lock is the VIZILOK Privacy Indicator Lock

Best for home use is the MUTEX Classic Privacy Indicator

The Best Occupied Lock For Bathroom Door With Visual Indicator

Keep individual restrooms private and secure with our privacy indicator door lock…. Featuring a locking handle and lever mechanism, this lock works on both in-use and vacant settings, helping limit user confusion.

Designed for commercial use, its zinc alloy handles are easy to clean and maintain…. Use it to promote safety in public restrooms and facilities where doors are routinely kept locked to deter unauthorized use.

With VISILOK you can prevent closed encounters and social distances…. It is a simple and smart solution to achieve it…. It’s almost impossible that someone may forget to close the door the first time he/she uses your bathroom or changing rooms…. With this product, you can easily be sure that your customers are safe even if they don’t know how to read.


VIZILOK Privacy Indicator Lock and Lever C3FK, Large in-USE or Vacant Indicator


VIZILOK Privacy Indicator Lock and Lever C3FK, Large in-USE or Vacant Indicator, Commercial Grade, Perfect for Public restrooms Including Restaurants, Hospitals, Medical Offices.... Satin Chrome.

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One of the most popular applications of the VISILOK is to create the VISUAL illusion that your bathroom door is always “VACANT” or “IN USE” without compromising your privacy.

You may think that it’s not necessary for your business, but if you take into consideration that study says that 35% of all sexual harassment complaints are related to bathrooms, dressing rooms, hotel rooms, etc., then you may change your mind.

The VISILOK is the only product on the market which helps avoid this uncomfortable situation by indicating if the room is in use or vacant with a clear green or red color visible up to 50 feet away! Is so simple, so fast and so effective!

Don’t let your clients or guests have uncomfortable moments anymore…. You may now be sure that they are safe with our product which makes our world a little bit better place to live in!

  • VIZILOK is a compact privacy lock for bathrooms, offices, changing rooms, and other places that need to be locked.
  • It’s designed for places where you may want to prevent the door from being opened by mistake or force.
  • VIZILOK is an ingenious design that allows you to both lock and unlock the door using the same lever…. This eliminates the need for multiple levers, giving VIZILOK a clean, minimalist look.
  • VIZILOK can be installed on almost any kind of door (metal, wooden, glass) with the surface of its locking part up to 1″ (25mm)…. It can be easily installed by anyone without drilling or carpentry skills…. The installation will take only 5 minutes even if you are not very handymanish.
  • Once installed on your door, it is very easy to use…. To lock the door simply pull down the handle and turn it 90 degrees anticlockwise until it snaps into place…. You can push down on the handle to unlock it.
  • The mechanism will allow you to open the door even with one hand allowing you to hold something in the other hand – perfect for carrying babies or children!

The privacy indicator lever and lock applies to doors, gates, restrooms, shower stalls, and many other applications where privacy is needed.

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Other Occupied Lock For Bathroom Door Options:


Schlage B571 626 B580 Deadbolt Occupancy IND X Thumbturn 626, Satin Chrome

Schlage B571 626 B580 Deadbolt Occupancy IND X Thumbturn 626, Satin Chrome
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Falcon B-Series locks offer an interchangeable core that can be removed for quick, easy re-keying, providing the flexibility to re-key access control or secure areas as needs change.

This innovative solution allows more efficient inventory management and provides a more flexible option to re-key individual doors.

The patented design gives these locks exceptional strength and durability, while the variety of available keyed alike options provide increased flexibility.

These top-quality locks are backed by Schlage, one of the leading suppliers of locks in the United States for more than 100 years…


Customers said:


  • Used by staff in a daycare center that is mandated to use door handles without locks…. These locks are placed high, away from children’s reach…. Perfectly set so adults can reach to lock from inside.
  • On the outside, the green color indicates the facility is free.
  • Once locked from the inside, the red indicates occupied.
  • Practical, secure.
  • Installed 2 of these for our restrooms in our Bar three months ago.
  • For the amount of usage the restrooms have over the weekends, these are definitely durable and well worth the price.
  • We love this lock! It eliminates any confusion if someone is in the bathroom. The lock turns well, and the installation was very straightforward.
  • Got tired of having to replace restroom door locks, in the gas station I manage, every other month & these were a great find!!
  • 4 months in & still look & work like new, even after the high traffic season.
  • This thing rules! I can’t believe we waited so long to get one for the shop bathroom.

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Yale D292 x 626 200 Series Deadbolt, Occupancy Indicator x Thumbturn

Yale D292 x 626 200 Series Deadbolt, Occupancy Indicator x Thumbturn, 2 3/4" Backset, 626 Satin Chrome Finish
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This deadbolt with presence feature utilizes a visual indicator to let you know when the door is locked and who is inside.

The thumb turn allows the lock to be unlocked from both sides of the door, allowing both privacy and convenience.

This is a great choice for bathrooms, bedrooms and interior doors that are not subject to outdoor weather conditions.

Features  – Designed for interior use only – Equipped with an “Occupancy Sensor” indicator that displays light-emitting diodes (LEDs) letting you know if the lock is engaged or unlocked.


Customers said:


  • Easy to install and works flawlessly.
  • I really like having this on the door to the bathroom that is used by several people as an indicator of when the lavatory is available or occupied…. It’s a decent price too.

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MUTEX Classic Privacy Indicator Door Knob with Dual Color Indication Single Cylinder Thumbturn Lock fits Standard Doors for Bathroom

MUTEX Classic Privacy Indicator Door Knob with Dual Color Indication Single Cylinder Thumbturn Lock fits Standard Doors for Bathroom Office Home or Commercial Airbnb (1)
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This Hardware replaces your current door lock knob and deadbolt to a more Secure Potty!

By turning a simple knob, you can: lock or unlock the door, open the door from the inside with the knob or from the outside with the turnpiece using a 4-digit pass code.

Retro-fit into any standard bathroom door without removing existing furniture…


Customers said:


  • I love that people can SEE when someone is in the bathroom and have the door locked by the RED color on the door handle.
  • So no more rattle, rattle, rattle while you are in there.
  • I also love how easy it is to unlock if a child locks themselves in and freaks out cause they can’t figure out the lock…. You know what I mean if you are a parent of a young child.
  • Would recommend this lock to anyone

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Privacy Door Knob and Lock with Large Indicator

Privacy Door Knob and Lock with Large Indicator, Thumbturn Lock, ANSI Grade2 for Commercial Residential, Perfect for Home Apartment Airbnb Professional Office Workspace Restroom Bathroom (Single)
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The Mutex Privacy Door Lock allows you to mark a door or drawer as vacant or in-use with a simple glance.

The large integrated open/close indicator tells you at a glance whether the room is available or in use, and it can be easily seen from up to 50 feet away—helping avoid embarrassing misunderstandings.

It can be installed on the inside of any door that locks and features an easy mounting system with no-drill installation required…


Customers said:


  • We purchased two of these for the men’s and women’s restrooms in my accounting firm.
  • It is sturdy, well made with a good weight to it.
  • The indicator window is large enough to see from far away.
  • The handyman complemented the easy install and quality of the lock.
  • I installed this in my bathroom and my guests gave me compliments on the doorknob.

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Schlage B571 One Sided Deadbolt within Use Indicator

Schlage B571 One Sided Deadbolt with in Use Indicator, Satin Nickel by Schlage Lock Company
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The B571 deadbolt provides the strength of a standard deadbolt, with keyless convenience.

Features include an auto-lock function that locks automatically when the deadbolt is fully thrown, a low 3/8″ throw that allows you to lock and unlock the door at close range, and an occupancy indicator on the outside that lets others know if the door is open or closed.


Customers said:


  • I installed this in the guest bathroom at my house. It is kind of out of place in a house, since this is really made for commercial use, but I think it’s very practical with a guest bathroom.
  • There’s nothing more awkward when you’re at someone’s house and am not sure if there’s someone in the bathroom or not.
  • The vacant/occupied sign is adorable on my 1920s house bathroom door….
  • More importantly, it’s good quality, timeless brass…. Guests love it, I love it.
  • Smooth operation, no question as to whether the door is locked or unlocked…. Emergency key provided.

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In summary, while it was a tough choice we still lean towards the Falcon Lock D271 626 D200 Series Grade 2 Non-Handed Medium Duty Deadlock as our top pick with serious consideration also going to the Schlage and the Privacy Door Knob and Lock with Large Indicator.

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