The Nostalgia Ice Cream Maker Is The Ice Cream Maker Kid’s Love

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Nostalgia Ice Cream Maker

If you are looking for a family fun dessert maker, then look no further than the Nostalgia WICM4L Electric Ice Cream Maker…

With the Nostalgia Ice Cream Maker, you can show the kids how to make wonderful tasting homemade ice cream just like in the old days only easier because of modern technology!

This kitchen appliance is a smart choice for those with a sweet tooth. For those healthy folks out there, this ice cream maker can also be converted into a frozen yogurt or gelato machine…

Homemade Ice Cream Never Tasted So Good And Was Certainly Never This Easy To Make!

Nostalgia WICM4L Electric Ice Cream Maker Makes 4-Quarts, Frozen Yogurt, Gelato in Minutes, Made from Real, Light Wood


Nostalgia WICM4L Electric Ice Cream Maker Makes 4-Quarts, Frozen Yogurt, Gelato in Minutes, Made from Real, Light Wood
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Here Is WhatconsumersHad To Say About The Nostalgia Ice Cream Maker…


If You Looking To Buy A Homemade Ice Cream Maker… This Is The One!


After trying homemade ice cream for the first time my kids begged me to buy our own machine! Our Nostalgia ice cream maker did not disappoint. Ice cream spins quickly and is ready to eat within the half hour. We are very excited about our summer filled with homemade goodness!


  • There are a lot of homemade ice cream options these days, we made egg-free ice cream and milk-free ice cream. They worked great in this machine.
  • Having fun this summer making homemade ice cream with my granddaughter. So easy and yummy.
  • Healthy homemade ice cream!
  • Nothing better than homemade ice cream. My wife loves the look of this machine and we have made 3 batches of ice cream with it so far. Outstanding value for the price.
  • We make homemade ice cream all the time now.

Homemade Ice Cream was delicious, quick & easy! Our grandchildren LOVED homemade ice cream!

  • Wonderful homemade ice cream in minutes!! Love this maker… in 30 minutes we had amazing ice cream.
  • I have had several ice cream makers and LOVE LOVE homemade ice cream! This one worked so well and made the best ice cream I have made thus far.
  • Been decades since I made homemade ice cream and just loved the ease of use and the finished product. Very fun to use.
  • Love this ice cream maker – one can have homemade Ice cream in 40 min.
  • Making homemade ice cream. It worked great. Simple and quick. Good recipes in the booklet that came with it.
  • The homemade ice cream was a big hit at our family get-together!
  • Takes about 30 minutes to make a great batch of homemade ice cream.

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We Have 7 Kids And Wanted To Have An Ice Cream Maker Big Enough… This Is Big, Chills Things Nicely, And Is Super Easy To Clean!


Me and the Grand kids made Ice Cream for the first time ever. The Ice Cream was unbelievable. Beats store bought any day of the week…


  • I bought 30 throw-aways, 4 oz. Styrofoam cups with lids at a local restaurant supply company for pennies. Made around 24 single-size servings. Perfect for kids, no wasted ice cream or bowls to clean.
  • Glad I bought this machine after looking at so many others.
  • Size gives our family of 5 more than enough to go around! 20 minutes and you have pure yumminess!
  • Perfect size for my family. Strong and quiet motor. The bucket is very nice, lined with plastic but the wood outside looks nice.

This is a larger capacity freezer so make sure you have lots of ice and lots of storage space. It cranks out 2 quarts in about 40 minutes.

  • Makes amazing ice cream and plenty of it!
  • This one is large, works well, is fairly quiet, has no issues with ice clumping or catching, etc.
  • It made more ice cream than I could eat.
  • I made a HUGE 6qt tub in 30 mins without ice chunks. Smooth and creamy. I just put the finished product in the freezer for an hour to set it fully and it was good to go!! Made peach ice cream for July 4th and the family LOVED it!!
  • This made an excellent large batch of ice cream in only half an hour!
  • Makes lots of yummy ice cream in a short time.
  • Still trying to get through our first batch. Produces a lot more than expected!

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Really Fun For The Kids, Who Love The Soft Serve Type That Comes Out Right Before You Freeze It!


We’re impressed! I bought it to teach the kids how to make ice cream… The product worked exactly as described and the ice cream turned out amazing. Kids said I was the best mom ever so that makes this a win.


  • The kids (13 & 8) say they never want store-bought ice cream ever again.
  • I and the Grandkids made Ice Cream for the first time ever. The Ice Cream was unbelievable. Beats store-bought any day of the week.
  • Easy to use. Fun for all the kids. They love the process.
  • Bought it 5 years ago and still going strong. Easy to use and kids love it.
  • Got this for my kid. She loves it and it was really simple to use.
  • I love how easy this ice cream maker is and the kids love the process of making which is super easy!

Works great is worth the price and the kids love it.

  • Great! Kids loved it! It reminds me of when I was younger!!
  • The wife has a blast with the grandkids making ice cream. I have a blast eating the ice cream.
  • Good machine. Kids enjoy it… makes great ice cream.
  • I must say it lived up to and beyond what I expected. It was fun preparing and making the ice cream with the kids
  • My junior high kids can make it themselves. The results are way better than store-bought! It’s super fun and relaxing to use.
  • I have already used it a few times and the kids LOVE it!
  • Great item. The kids loved making old fashion ice cream. It worked perfectly.

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I Love This Ice Cream Machine! I Was Able To Make The Most Delicious Ice Cream With It… It Makes Smooth Perfectly Textured Ice Cream!


I bought this for my boyfriend for Valentines Day as something we could do together. It was so easy and tasted delicious. Since I can’t have dairy we used almond milk + coconut milk and it worked great! The recipes it comes with are really tasty. I highly recommend.


  • Very easy to use and the ice cream was delicious!
  • Makes delicious ice cream. Very quick and easy.
  • Works great & the ice cream is delicious.
  • My family is obsessed with the ice cream we have been making. I’ll never buy ice cream again.
  • It’s easy to use and the recipes that come in the book are delicious.
  • My husband is an ice cream lover so I love that I can make a gallon of ice cream at a time.

This has been a really good ice cream maker. We have made quite a few batches of delicious ice cream with it and it has held up very well.

  • We’ve made several batches of pineapple, strawberry, and chocolate ice cream with it.
  • First of all, it is pretty! It worked well and the ice cream was delicious. We used a recipe for banana ice cream that my parents used for 50 years or more.
  • I use almond milk(much healthier than regular milk) and it was delicious.
  • Love this!! My husband used it immediately for basic vanilla. Delicious
  • Ice cream like grandma used to make on the back porch, delicious and easy to make.
  • It’s a wonderful product that makes absolutely delicious ice cream. Especially the recipes that came with it.

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The Bucket Is Stylish Enough That When It Is Not In Use We Use It As A Counter Top Decoration That Holds Various Snacks For Our Kids: Granola Bars, Cracker Packs, Etc!


I love this ice cream maker! Its so easy to use and clean! I have made several fruit sorbets already and all have turned out amazing! I also made a pineapple coconut ice cream and the texture was spot on! And the bucket is so beautiful i use it as decor in my kitchen!


  • I decided to Purchase this Electric Wood Bucket Ice Cream Maker. I love it. It works great and looks so much better than the old one I had.
  • The nostalgic ice bucket was given as a gift and the recipients love both the quality of the ice cream it makes and the antique appearance of the ice bucket.
  • First of all, the wooden bucket is classy.
  • The wooden bucket is so cute.
  • It has character… People come to visit and go “hey, what’s with the bucket?”
  • This bucket is very nice looking and works well.

Perfect! It looks old but is new technology.

  • The bucket is very nice, lined with plastic but the wood outside looks nice.
  • looks like an old fashion one but works like the newer ones.
  • What’s not to like??! It’s my own ice cream-making machine!! Woohoo! Works great! Looks great!
  • The exterior wooden barrel looks fantastic.
  • Absolutely love the look and how easy it is to use.
  • It looks so old school in the wood frame.
  • It a great freezer that’s looks classic.

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The Best Ice Cream Maker Money Can Buy!


This item is priced so low that it is definitely worth it if you want to venture into making your own ice cream. There are much more expensive ice cream makers out there but this one is a simple and basic design that just simply works.


  • The cleanup is incredibly quick and easy.
  • The outside is lined with wood to give this a classy nostalgic look, like a throwback to when ice cream was made in a wooden bucket and churned by hand.
  • Outstanding value for the price.
  • Great quality for the price!!!
  • Can’t beat the quality for the price!
  • It works great for me. Great product for a small price.
  • Great ice cream for a great price!
  • The recipes that come with it are very good. The price was good too.

Good price and a great nostalgic feel.

  • Definitely a good ice cream maker for the price.
  • AMAZING!! Absolutely LOVE IT! By far the BEST! Can’t beat the price.
  • So glad to find a reasonably priced ice cream maker!
  • I did my homework before buying this and it truly paid off. This is a great machine for a great price. I highly recommend this ice cream maker.
  • I never write but felt I needed to for this. Worth the money and the ice cream was incredible! Easy to use, what else could you ask for!
  • Easy, Reliable, Fun, Quick clean up, and Tasty. Need I say more? Don’t waste your money on a $100+ machine!

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In summary, you can now get fresh ice cream, frozen yogurt, gelato, or sorbet in as few as 20 minutes. With its 4 quart capacity, this unit makes enough for a crowd!

The Nostalgia WICM4L Electric Ice Cream Maker is easy to use ice cream maker that makes delicious tasting ice cream and enough for all the family to enjoy.

The unit is easy to use and clean up after! And it’s super simple to make your treats in numerous flavors: you pick the ingredients.

Just add fresh ingredients into the bowl and turn on the machine. You can also use mixes and recipes provided with the unit.

Here Is A Quick Recap Of The Benefits Customers Mentioned About The Nostalgia Ice Cream Maker!

  1. With the Nostalgia Ice Cream Maker, you can enjoy ready-to-eat homemade ice cream with 30-40 minutes!
  2. It is plenty big enough to produce enough ice cream for even the largest of families.
  3. Making ice cream with the Nostalgia Ice Cream Maker is great fun for the kids.
  4. This ice cream machine makes the most delicious ice cream and comes with easy-to-follow recipes so you can start right away.
  5. The bucket is stylish and adds a touch of nostalgia to your home decor.
  6. This ice cream maker is an excellent value for money!

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