Is Nexxus a Good Brand? Why We Rate It 80/100

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Nexxus is renowned for producing high-performance haircare products, using advanced technologies that lock in moisture, repair damage, provide superior styling control and offer long-lasting results.

With products designed to address all common hair needs – such as repairing split ends or providing color protection and shine – there’s something for everyone in the Nexxus range.

Is Nexxus a Good Brand?

Nexxus is a good brand because it provides a high quality natural hair care experience. The shampoo and conditioner range has received rave reviews from customers due to its effectiveness in preventing breakages of fragile strands and promoting a healthy shine.

For those looking to invest in their daily haircare routine, Nexxus stands by its promise of high performance results at an affordable price point.

That means you don’t have to break the bank just to get salon quality results at home– which can ultimately save money in long run grooming costs!

Our Nexxus Brand Ratings – 80/100

CriteriaRating (out of 10)Description
Reputation and Trustworthiness8Nexxus has a solid reputation in the beauty industry, known for their high-quality hair care products. They have gained trust through years of delivering effective solutions. However, there have been a few minor controversies that slightly impact their rating.
Quality and Durability9Nexxus products are known for their high-quality ingredients and effectiveness in addressing various hair concerns. Customers often report positive experiences with long-lasting results, indicating durability.
Innovation7Nexxus demonstrates moderate innovation in their product formulations and technologies. While they have introduced new solutions to the market, they may not always be at the forefront of groundbreaking innovations.
Customer Support8Nexxus provides reliable customer support, promptly addressing customer queries and concerns. They offer multiple channels for assistance, including email, phone, and social media, ensuring a satisfactory experience for most customers.
Value for Money6While Nexxus products deliver quality results, they are positioned as a premium brand, which can make them relatively expensive compared to some competitors. The value for money may not be as high as with more affordable alternatives.
Sustainability and Ethical Practices9Nexxus has made significant efforts towards sustainability and ethical practices. They prioritize environmentally friendly ingredients, cruelty-free testing, and responsible sourcing, which align with the growing demand for conscious beauty brands.
Brand Authenticity9Nexxus maintains a strong brand authenticity, consistently delivering products aligned with their brand promise. They have a clear identity and communicate their values effectively to customers.
User Experience8Nexxus provides a pleasant user experience through their website, easy-to-navigate product information, and visually appealing packaging. However, some users have reported minor difficulties in finding specific product details.
Longevity and Stability9Nexxus has been in the beauty industry for many years, demonstrating longevity and stability. They have weathered market fluctuations and remained a trusted choice for customers seeking reliable hair care solutions.
Industry Recognition and Awards7While Nexxus has received recognition and a few industry awards for their products, they may not be as heavily awarded or recognized as some other leading brands in the hair care industry.

Nexxus Hair Products Quality

Nexxus products use natural ingredients that are clinically proven to nourish, protect and restore your hair back to health. The entire range of Nexxus Hair Products is formulated with premium-grade quality specifically designed to bring out the best in your hair.

Nexxus products are safe for all hair types, including color treated and chemically processed strands. Its formula contains a complex blend of nutrient-rich ingredients such as omega-6 ceramides, which help restore moisture balance and reduce damage from heat styling tools. It also works to repair split ends and tame flyaways for a sleeker look.

When it comes to product efficacy Nexxus Shampoo is more effective than most shampoos in delivering essential minerals for healthier hair growth. Additionally, its sulfate free formulas nourish each strand with restorative proteins and peptides, helping you access higher levels of hydration without stripping away vital nutrients.

With this brand’s advanced scientific research capabilities combined with natural based ingredients, consumers can trust that they’re getting instant gratification backed by science approved results!

Nexxus Hair Products for Different Hair Types

Nexxus is a good brand for hair care products

Nexxus hair care products have a wide selection of benefits that are designed to address issues associated with different hair types. They offer moisture-infusion, strengthening, damage-recovery, and more for all types of hair, including straight, wavy, curly, and African American and black hair. The specialized formulas in their product line help to nourish the scalp and leave it looking healthier.

Nexxus products are also great for color-treated hair. Their color-care lines provide advanced protection for colored strands, enriching them with intense shine, hydration, and vibrant hues.

People with bleached hair can benefit from their strengthening collection which helps to restore weakened locks while repairing split ends. Additionally, they offer tailored treatments specifically designed to enhance the hue of blonde tresses while neutralizing brassiness.

Furthermore, Nexxus’s Invigorating Shampoo is formulated with botanicals such as white tea extract and green tea extract that increase volume without weighing your down – leaving you with natural looking lift in just one wash!

Their revitalizing line offers a variety of nourishing products perfect for adding vibrancy to your mane. Each product provides antioxidant protection and conditioning agents that will soothe and protect your scalp from environmental stressors.

Overall, opting for Nexxus’ specialized formulas crafted for any kind of mane can be extremely beneficial when it comes to restoring or even maintaining the desired look. Being mindful about your type of hair can lead to beautiful results!

Is Nexxus Good For Your Hair?

Nexxus hair care for all hair colors

Nexxus is the perfect hair care solution for those looking for a quality product to suit their individual hair type and needs. The brand offers an extensive range of products specifically designed for different hair types, making it easy to find the product that gives your locks the nourishment and protection they need.

Whether you have curly, straight, African American or colored strands, Nexxus has something to pamper and enhance your mane.

Nexxus Is a Good Brand for Colored Hair

For people with colored hair, using a deep conditioning treatment alongside a sulfate-free shampoo is essential in maintaining vibrant color, frizz-control, and smoothness without compromising hair health.

Nexxus Color Assure Pre-Wash Primer is enriched with neem oil which helps reinforce colored strands while providing superior protection from fading or discoloring in between salon trips.

Nexxus Is a Good Brand for Curly Hair

For curly-haired individuals, Nexxus Humectress Ultimate Moisture Conditioner provides an enriched dose of moisture for keeping curls hydrated and defined even on damp days – perfect for maximizing curl definition.

Alternatively, Nexxus Curl Defining Bounce Curl Cream offers long-lasting volume with anti-frizz control whilst protecting against heat damage if you’re styling your curls with heated tools such as curling wands or irons.

Nexxus Is a Good Brand for African American Hair

African American hair requires intense nutrition due to its coarser texture requiring dedicated moisturizing routines alongside washing regimes tailored towards specific kinks and coils.

Nexxus encourages a multi-step approach – prepping textures before cleansing as well as using leave-in treatments after haircare are essential components when caring for this type of hair type in order to obtain bounce, radiation, and enhanced vigor into natural hairstyles while influencing minimal breakage throughout the day. 

Nexxus Is a Good Brand for Black Hair

Nexxus is great for black hair. Its unique formula helps to nourish and moisturize the scalp, helping to reduce breakage and add shine. It contains a blend of essential oils that help keep moisture in your strands while locking in nutrients that promote healthy, vibrant tresses.

Additionally, it’s infused with natural ingredients like fruit extracts and keratin that help restore lackluster locks to their former glory. 

Nexxus Is a Good Brand for Bleached Hair

Nexxus is a good choice for bleached hair. Specifically formulated to cope with bleaching’s tendency to strip away essential nutrients, this shampoo strengthens strands from the root up.

Keratin protein seals split ends back together and avocado oil helps restore hydration levels after extreme color treatments. Plus, its total strengthener complex with biotin will help rebuild your tresses over time.

Nexxus Is a Good Brand for Blonde Hair

Yes! Not only does Nexxus work well on blonde hair, but it specifically targets blonde locks for maximum benefit.

For blondes who want to keep their shade looking brighter longer without brassiness aggravation or dryness interference, this purple shampoo (complete with special conditioners) combats yellow hues and illuminates brighter tones as it cleanses and refreshes your mane.

Nexxus Is a Good Brand for Damaged Hair

Absolutely! This repairing shampoo tackles damaged tresses head-on with a unique blend of proteins and oils that replenish vital nutrition and strengthen strands against future damage.

Botanical lavender helps attract additional nutrients into your hair shafts while hydrating pro-Vitamin B5 shields each strand by forming an invisible protective film around them—perfect standbys against those harsh daily living factors that all of us battle every day!

Nexxus Is a Good Brand for Dry Hair

Nexxus works perfectly on dry hair too! Its sulphate-free conditioning formula maintains every strand’s peak moisture levels without leaving behind an oily residue; plus it has heat protection properties that ward off damage from frequent styling tools abuse as well as lackluster sheen woes due to excessive product build-up; an all-rounder rescue just in time when you have forgotten your hydrating masks at home one morning!

Nexxus Is a Brand For Dyed Hair

When it comes to dyed hair, Nexxus is an excellent choice as their wide range of shampoos, conditioners, and treatments are specifically formulated for color-treated hair.

Their Color Protect Locking Complex technology helps to shield colored strands from fading and keep them vibrant throughout each wash. Nexxus also has specially created nourishing systems designed specifically for dry or damaged colored tresses so you can maintain the vibrancy of your color while hydrating at the same time.

Nexxus Is a Brand For Hair Extensions

For extensions, Nexxus products provide protection and manageability while helping eliminate split ends that can be caused by brushing, washing, and blow drying too vigorously.

Utilizing Elite Extension Elastin Complex with Quinoa Protein helps fortify extensions while adding strength to weak areas in order to make them appear more natural. Using gentle solutions ensures your extensions stay healthy looking without compromising the appearance or longevity of your faux locks.

Nexxus Is a Brand For Fine Hair

Those with fine hair need specialized formulas without weighing down their delicate strands, which is where the Nexxus Weightless Moisture System comes in. These lightweight products provide nourishment with protein-rich ingredients like keratin that help pump up the volume without making tresses look greasy or oily afterwards.

This system also helps revive weak and brittle fine strands so they have a stronger resilience against heat styling or environmental stressors like humidity and pollution.

Nexxus Is a Brand For Greasy Hair

For those who have greasy scalp issues due to overproduction of oil, Nexxuss Clarifying Detox Shampoo is the All-In-One solution designed just for this purpose.

As the name suggests this formula produces detoxifying action enhanced by Apple Cider Vinegar that draws away residue buildup left behind by other cleansing products on the market today yet won’t strip away oil’s essential moisture levels needed in order to keep scalps hydrated and balanced during its bioregulatory action against sebum production excesses in key areas

Is Nexxus Good for Hair Growth?

Nexxus is a professional hairstyling brand known for its haircare solutions formulated to help strengthen and reduce hair damage while aiding in hair growth. Their products contain high-performance ingredients, such as proteins and compounds, that are designed to nourish your scalp and replenish locks with natural oils, adding body and volume to your hair.

If used regularly, Nexxus has been proven to promote healthy hair growth by retaining moisture in the follicles. Additionally, certain Nexxus shampoos and conditioners can accelerate the rate of lock development due to increased levels of hydration.

Is Nexxus Good for International Travel?

Nexxus Haircare products offer safe international travel options for their users. The ingredients found in their shampoos are created with hydrating compounds that offer maximum gentleness during the harsh environmental conditions associated with air travel.

This can help ensure that your scalp health remains unaffected while abroad without damaging or discoloring your locks due to airborne pollutants or irritants like chlorine or saltwater.

Furthermore, using a specialized range of products before, during, and after traveling can also provide added protection against tangles as well as dryness caused by cabin pressure changes within an airplane’s interior environment.

Is Nexxus Good for Permed Hair?

The line of “Perfect Alignment” (PA) products released by Nexxus offers permed haircare maintenance options tailored to specific curl patterns giving augmented control by way of perfect alignment technology (PAT).

This suite works together with its formula content blocking frizzies & defying humidity commonly associated with curly haired styles also provides sheen & humidity resistance meaning having greater control over desired look through better shape retention capability without heat damage leaching vital follicle healthiness.

PAT additionally helps give less reliance upon ironing out curls manually while preserving elasticity & resiliency despite repeating chemical treatments

Is Nexxus Good For Red Hair?

Nexxus is an excellent choice for red hair. Its nourishing blend of shampoo and conditioner specifically caters to the needs of red-haired individuals, helping to keep it vibrant and healthy. It cleanses gently while providing a deep hydrating action that locks in moisture, leaving your locks feeling soft and manageable.

Is Nexxus Good for Relaxed Hair?

Yes, this brand can definitely be used on relaxed hair. It has many features that soothe the scalp and protect it from potential damage which can occur after undergoing chemical treatments.

For the best results, it is recommended to use its entire line – shampoo, conditioner, and mask – as these products complement each other for maximum nourishment and protection.

Is Nexxus Good for Thick Hair?

Nexxus’ line of products are especially beneficial for those with thick hair as they aid in detangling without causing any split ends or breakage. The main components in their conditioning formulas coat each strand to make brushing easier while still providing intense hydration with the help of vitamins and olive oil extracts.

Is Nexxus Good for Thin Hair?

This brand is a great option if you want to add body to your thin tresses as its lightweight formula helps create lift at the root level and increases volume throughout your mane in an effortless way. Additionally, dyes are less likely to fade when used with Nexxus’ color-safe ingredients that also guard against UV rays and minimize damage caused by heat styling tools.

Is Nexxus Good for Wavy Hair?

Specially formulated with natural oils such as argan, coconut let, and aloe vera extract, along with proteins derived from wheat germ, wavy-haired individuals will benefit from using Nexxus’ range of products as the active ingredients deeply hydrate strands whilst preventing static build up that comes about with changes in humidity levels or moisture loss due to sun exposure or even too much product overload!

Does Nexxus Shampoo Smell Good

Yes, Nexxus shampoo does smell good. Its unique blend of ingredients produces a pleasant and fragrant aroma that lingers long after use. The scent of the shampoo is light and refreshing with hints of grapefruit and jasmine, giving it an uplifting and energizing feel.

The scent comes from essential oil extracts like chamomile, avocado, and coconut, while nourishing hair with botanical extracts like algae extract, and ginseng root morning flower oil. These natural ingredients help to create a luxurious experience with every wash that hydrates, soothes, and provides deep conditioning to the scalp.

Using Nexxus shampoo will leave your hair feeling silky smooth and smelling amazing all day long! Plus, its lightweight texture won’t leave unsightly residue or build-up which can occur with other shampoos on the market. So you can ensure your tresses will stay healthy and invigorated for a long time.

Nexxus Conditioner Quality

Nexxus Conditioner is a premium quality product that has gained popularity due to its effectiveness in treating damaged hair. Its enriched formulas with essential oils and natural ingredients nourish the hair, leaving it smoother and more manageable. The conditioner also provides the necessary hydration to tackle split ends, tangles, and dryness.

The exclusive Pro-Mend Complex in Nexxus Conditioner works to replenish lost proteins by binding with the hair’s natural proteins, strengthening it from within and preventing breakage. This complex also helps protect against further damage while conditioning the scalp for better nutrient absorption over time.

Nexxus Conditioner is rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and omega nutrients that help protect the hair from environmental damage, pollution, and free radicals. The high quality ingredients work together to help reduce breakage, frizziness, and split ends. True color protection technology ensures your color remains vibrant for longer.

Nexxus Conditioner also contains Shea butter which helps when locking in moisture for lasting softness and shine. The henna extract helps hydrate the scalp for intense hydration to improve the suppleness of hair strands for healthier looking locks.

Above all else, Nexxus Conditioner is designed to leave you with softer more manageable locks that won’t tangle or fray after using it on wet or dry hair- helping you maintain an optimal look without costing you an arm or a leg down the road!


Nexxus is the perfect choice for those seeking a good brand that can deliver top-notch results. Their commitment to eliminating animal testing, providing cold-water products, and 24-hour moisture makes them an ideal choice.

They have an impressive line of professional products, ranging from hair color and treatments to salon-quality shampoo and vegan products. Moreover, their cruelty-free brands make it possible for customers to have peace of mind when buying any product from them.

Finally, their Hair Spray and other specialized treatments designed for hair strength can be extremely beneficial for those looking for a high quality product that won’t break the bank. With all these factors in mind, it’s clear why Nexxus is an excellent choice in terms of professional hair care.