Is The Newair Portable Ice Maker The Best Portable Ice Maker

Enjoy the convenience of fresh ice for your next party. The NewAir AI-100SS portable ice maker creates up to 28 pounds of ice per day, which is sure to provide plenty of ice for all your guests…

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The Newair Portable Ice Maker is a crowd favorite with customers impressed by the speed it cranks out the ice with many saying it is the Newair Portable Ice Maker is the best portable ice maker of them all!

You can easily store this model on top of a refrigerator or on a countertop, and it has a sleek black design that blends in with most kitchen appliances and cabinets. Plus, it’s compact so you can easily move it around when needed…

6 Reasons Why Consumers Love The Newair Portable Ice Maker!

NewAir, AI-100SS, Countertop Sized Small Ice Maker, Makes 3 Sizes of Bullet Shaped Ice, 28 Pound Capacity, Stainless Steel


NewAir, AI-100SS, Countertop Sized Small Ice Maker, Makes 3 Sizes of Bullet Shaped Ice, 28 Pound Capacity, Stainless Steel
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Here Is What Reviewers Had To Say About The Newair Portable Ice Maker…


It Is Way More Convenient Than Filling And Emptying Ice Cube Trays And Much Faster…  More Convenient Than Purchasing Ice!


Yes, you can buy lots of ice for what this cost, but this works very well and you can’t beat the convenience of being able to make as much ice as you want


  • I only have to do it maybe once a week but it is soooo easy/convenient that I wouldn’t even mind doing daily.
  • Much more convenient than bags of drippy ice.
  • Great product. Love the convenience of having ice on hand, anytime.
  • It’s a nice size, fits on the countertop, and is a convenient way to make ice.
  • We love the convenience and it looks great on a small shelf near our bar.
  • I can’t begin to put into words how convenient and fast this machine is.
  • This is so convenient. It has a small footprint for the countertop, and it cranks out great ice by the pound.
  • My husband LOVES this!! He placed it on his bar for a party and never ran out of ice.
  • It is convenient and easy to use and needs no special hookup… just a standard electric outlet.
  • Very pleased with the purchase, and having convenient great tasting ice at our fingertips!
  • I love my ice maker. It’s very convenient.
  • Looks great on my counter and soooo convenient!
  • Works great, very convenient, and makes ice so fast! Awesome product.
  • One of the best, most convenient, 24 hr useful, worth-it-for-the-money purchases I have made.

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I Like Chewing Ice… The Ice Is Soft, So It Doesn’t Crack My Teeth The Way Regular Ice Does!


I am addicted to chewing ice and these cubes satisfy that. They are soft and crunchy, and do not hurt my teeth. I take a large, ziploc freezer bag of ice to work with me everyday. I fill it in the evening, and still have plenty of ice to eat at home in the evening. This machince has more than proved it’s worth.


NewAir, AI-100SS, Countertop Sized Small Ice Maker, Makes 3 Sizes of Bullet Shaped Ice, 28 Pound Capacity, Stainless Steel
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  • I also like the fact that if you like to chew ice it doesn’t freeze them too hard until you place them in your home freezer.
  • And oh BTW, my big habit is chewing ice, and the ice that comes out of this machine is the best.
  • My wife loves to eat ice she will never run out now.
  • YES!!! ICE YOU CAN CHEW!!!! And it won’t break your teeth!!!
  • So for us ice eaters… THIS IS IT! So COOL!!!
  • The cubes are really interesting. We like the small size because they are quick and
  • I ordered it Thursday, got it today Saturday and I’m already chewing my ice!!
  • This is what I wanted something where I could have the soft ice to chew.
  • I love the shape of the ice and it’s soft to chew.
  • The ice is the perfect texture for chewing if that’s your thing!
  • Makes pretty big cubes, but since they are hollow, they are very easy to chew
  • The Newair Portable Ice Maker is fast and makes great size cubes for chewing ice if you like that sort of thing.
  • I actually have come to enjoy the ice being softer and tend to wait for it to soften before I use it because I enjoy chewing on it.

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The Newair Ice Maker Is Small And Portable, So Boating, Camping, Etc… Let Me Tell You, You Will Be King Of The Castle If You Have Power At Your Campsite And Have One Of These!


I made the decision to purchase a portable ice maker, as it is a lot cheaper than buying a whole new refrigerator and freezer... This unit, fill it up before you go to bed, and the next morning you have a whole batch of ice.


NewAir, AI-100SS, Countertop Sized Small Ice Maker, Makes 3 Sizes of Bullet Shaped Ice, 28 Pound Capacity, Stainless Steel
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  • Our NewAir Portable Ice Maker AI-100SS has been with us for about three months now and has lived up to every expectation.
  • It makes ice for our family about 12-15 hours a day, every day.
  • After careful review and research of many ice makers the NewAir was listed as best and #1 in portable ice machine.
  • I bought this after reading reviews of all the affordable portable ice makers. I am very happy with this purchase and have had no problems.
  • If you’re looking for a portable ice maker, do yourself a favor and buy this one. You will be very satisfied.
  • I’ve owned many portable ice makers over the years. This one is superior.
  • Lacking counter space, the ice maker is portable enough to be brought into the kitchen when needing to make ice. 
  • I have owned this ice maker for 18 months and it has performed well each time – having a portable ice maker makes more sense than having an ice maker in your freezer – the ice maker in the freezer takes up too much valuable real estate.
  • After a LOT of research on portable ice machines, I finally settled on the NewAir AI-100 SS. It has been up and running for several weeks and has performed flawlessly.
  • If you need a portable ice machine that cranks out the ice look no further you have found the one.
  • This thing is awesome I have bought three different Ice Makers in the past and none of them can even come close to stacking up against this baby!!
  • The NewAir A1-100R Portable Icemaker beat our expectations. We took it on a 2-week camping trip in some hot weather and it kept us in ice the entire time. 
  • We use this in our RV and I would and have recommended this product to fellow RV friends.
  • I bought the Portable Ice Maker to take on camping trips and it is amazing.
  • What’s great about it you can take it camping or wherever you need ice as long there is a power source you are good to go

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It Is Amazing How Fast This Makes Ice And How Easy It Is To Keep Up With A Crowd Of People, Or Just My Husband Who Loves To Much Ice!

We put a nice size tub in our freezer and just fill it with this ice, we also fill the ice dispenser with this ice. It makes ice so fast that we can’t keep up sometimes.


NewAir, AI-100SS, Countertop Sized Small Ice Maker, Makes 3 Sizes of Bullet Shaped Ice, 28 Pound Capacity, Stainless Steel
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  • We LOVE it and it makes ICE very fast about 6 trays an hour. The ICE is not hard frozen but we like it like that anyway.
  • It is quick, efficient, love the shape of the cubes, only do the large ones.
  • We have had this for about a month, and it makes lots of ice fast.
  • Fast ice making (5-6 minutes).
  • And it makes the ice super fast
  • It works fast and is extremely easy to use.
  • I like it because it looks good and makes ice pretty fast.
  • This product was perfect for camping. Small enough to place in the camper and very fast and efficient at producing ice.
  • This unit makes ice fast and steady for our golf outings and has never missed a beat.
  • Makes more than enough FAST!
  • Very reliable. It works very fast, even in hot weather.
  • Awesome ice! Cranks out ice fast.
  • My husband loves his ice maker – fast and easy!
  • This ice maker is fast for those times when you have company and you need extra ice for drinks.
  • The ice sizes are small enough to fit inside a water bottle.

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It Is So Simple To Operate And So Handy To Have Ice Cubes At Your Fingertip!

As soon as I opened it, I started it up. Very simple, literally add water, plug in and choose the size ice you want. Within 15 minutes we had ice. The first dozen were thin and very wet after that they started to make normal ice cubes. I was amazed how quickly it made ice.


NewAir, AI-100SS, Countertop Sized Small Ice Maker, Makes 3 Sizes of Bullet Shaped Ice, 28 Pound Capacity, Stainless Steel
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  • It’s a very simple, yet sophisticated, system.
  • Love the simplicity, efficiency, and quantity of this ice maker. 
  • It fits nicely on the countertop and is easy to operate.
  • Simple operation with only minimal cleaning maintenance required.
  • It is very easy to use and produces a good amount of ice.
  • The ice machine is simple to use and makes plenty of ice at one time.
  • Simple to use! Ice tastes great and is soft/chewy like pellet ice, but larger bullet-shaped
  • It’s simple to use and I love that you can select from small, medium, or large-sized ice.
  • I liked how easy this ice maker is to use. I got it and let it sit overnight then added water and started making ice. Very user friendly.
  • This product is easy to use and a great investment for me.
  • It performs exactly as advertised and is stunningly easy to use.
  • Its quiet makes ice fast, and is easy to operate, unlike a lot of other brands.

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The Newair Portable Ice Maker Has Been One Of My Best-ever Amazon Purchases!


This will go down as one of my best purchases this year! I ordered this for our bar and it works like a charm.


NewAir, AI-100SS, Countertop Sized Small Ice Maker, Makes 3 Sizes of Bullet Shaped Ice, 28 Pound Capacity, Stainless Steel
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  • This is one of those kitchen machines that once I have owned one, I would have to replace it if it ever broke. We use it that much. Love it.
  • We bought this portable ice maker wow!! What a great investment it does what it says makes ice fast, 3 different sizes, wife loves it for her cappuccino.
  • This is absolutely one of the BEST purchases I have ever bought.
  • The best Ice maker I’ve ever had.
  • Since I don’t have an icemaker on my fridge this is the best thing since sliced bread. I love the ice.
  • This is the best gift my husband has ever given me!
  • Best of the Portable Icemakers.
  • This ice maker is the best investment!
  • Absolutely the best ice maker we have ever had!!!
  • This is the 4th mini ice maker I’ve purchased in the past 2 years. This one has been the best of the best lasting a full year now.
  • It is one of the best purchases I’ve ever made. My household consumes a ponderous amount of ice. We’ve used it practically everyday for over a year now and this thing has not failed us!
  • This has been one of the best purchases I have ever made. This solid unit keeps a constant supply of ice.
  • The Newair Portable Ice Maker is the best ice maker I have ever owned.
  • It is a must-buy for those who go through a lot of ice and like to keep drinks cold.

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In summary, don’t let your next party be a flop. Keep drinks cold and beer flowing with a NewAir AI-100SS portable ice maker.

The NewAir, AI-100SS, Countertop Sized Small Ice Maker is a little powerhouse of a machine that is easy to use, cranks out ice fast, and a very convenient kitchen appliance to have.

It produces 28 pounds of ice every 24 hours, so there’s always plenty of cool refreshments around for everyone. Plus, it can fit on most kitchen counters, so you can easily set it up and have more space left in your main refrigerator.


Here Is A Quick Recap Of The Benefits Customers Mentioned About The Newair Portable Ice Maker!

  1. You can’t beat the convenience the Newair Portable Icer Maker provides.
  2. If you like chewing ice then this ice machine makes the perfect ice for you.
  3. It is portable and great for powered camping sites. Ice on camping trips is a marvelous extravagance to have!
  4. The Newair Portable Icer Maker cranks out ice fast and this little workhorse keeps up with demand.
  5. It is very easy to operate this ice-making machine.
  6. Some customers believe it is the best portable ice maker of all!

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