Multi-Use Table You Can Use As A Computer Desk Or Dining Table

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For a multi-use table that you can use in your home office or dining room and for all manner of purposes such as a computer desk, crafting table, dining table, sewing table, etc. look no further than the excellent Zinus table…

Table for office or dining table

The Zinus is a very simple minimalist style table yet looks very attractive, looks fantastic, is very sturdy, amazing value for money, has plenty of legroom, lots of surface space, and is extraordinarily easy to assemble.

The Jennifer Modern Studio Collection Dining Table, Table Only is a perfect fit for any small apartment or office.

Subtle and functional design is mirrored in the Jennifer Modern Studio Collection designed by Zinus. Laminate wood table tops feature a crackle medium brown finish while sturdy metal frames complete the simple profile of this office collection.

Let’s look at why consumers love this multipurpose table…

9 Reasons Why The Zinus Multi-Purpose Table Is The Ideal Table For Your Home!


Zinus Jennifer Modern Studio Collection Soho Rectangular Dining Table / Table Only / Office Desk / Computer Table

Zinus Jennifer Modern Studio Collection Soho Rectangular Dining Table / Table Only / Office Desk / Computer Table, White

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Here Is What Consumers Said About The Zinus Jennifer Modern Studio Collection Soho Rectangular Table:


This Is The Best Simple Relatively Inexpensive Desk I Have Ever Purchased In My Life!


I needed/wanted a simple straight computer/work desk medium size with no shelves or drawers. It really is a relatively cheap desk that doesn’t feel or look cheap, that is a hard balancing act but Zinus knocked it out of the park.


  • Great desk, easy assembly, lots of space. Great height, great length, best purchase I’ve made for my new apartment so far.
  • Best Choice… Beautiful table! It was so easy to assemble. I got it to use as a work table. Sturdy. Well worth the money.
  • This desk is amazing for what I was expecting. It’s one of the best, most affordable gaming desks I’ve had. It fits my 28inch monitor and my PC really well, with extra space still left over.
  • One of the BEST products I’ve ever bought! I placed this desk in my bedroom, (Teenage girl here) and I absolutely loved this product and if I was purchasing another desk, or had a friend purchasing a desk, I would without hesitation recommend this one!
  • Probably the best piece of furniture we’ve ever bought on Amazon. It’s a simple computer table/desk but the quality is outstanding for what it is.
  • This desk is amazing. Everything about it. The quality, the price, the size, and legroom, and wood, and metal legs- everything! I got it for a WFH desk, and could not be happier.
  • Best Table For Price! I bought the white desk, and am so glad I made the choice! It looks so light and airy but feels strong and sturdy. I bought it to work from home on, and it doesn’t wobble or creek on my hardwood floor.
  • Seriously the best do-it-yourself piece of furniture I’ve ever purchased. Already put in an order for a few more. Keep up the great work Zinus!
  • Best desk for the price! This is the second time I have bought one of these desks and I absolutely love them! They feel sturdy but are also lightweight and take like 20 minutes to assemble. Everything is very straightforward and easy to use.
  • The best desk for a college student! I never write, but I bought this desk because I couldn’t afford other options and it’s incredible. It’s sturdy, clean-looking, and has plenty of room for everything I need to study.

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A Crafting/Sewing/Painting/Homework Table That Had Plenty Of Leg Room!


You can’t go wrong with this brand, the quality is never a let down. The leg room is more than ample and the writing space great! So glad I found this desk, if you are looking for a computer or writing desk this is perfect.


  • These tables serve wonderfully as computer desks. They offer enough legroom, they’re easy to set up Monitor Arm Mounts on if you are looking to tidy up your set up.
  • Lots of legroom. Lots of extra working space even after computers and large external speakers were set up. I love this table so much I already ordered a second.
  • Went together like a dream! Very, very sturdy looks sleek and clean in my space, and the legroom is amazing.
  • Plenty of legroom and perfectly sized so I can pull my office chair right up under the desk.
  • It looks nice with plenty of room underneath for my Shrek legs (I’m 6’3).
  • Lots of legroom! Enough room for two chairs on one side. Had lots of room for my whiteboard and two laptops.
  • I’m using it for my pc and have plenty of legroom and desk space for a 28 monitor and full-size case.
  • Excellent desk… lots of legroom! 
  • We got this for my desk area and after getting it together and set up my husband now wants to get rid of his desk and order on of these. Super easy to assemble, great quality, and amazing legroom/height! It’s really the best!
  • I’ve has the desk for about a year now and it has held up great! I like the minimalistic feel with no drawers and plenty of legroom. The finish on top still looks good as well with daily use.

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Love The Size And Surface Space!


I am using this table as a desk which holds a laptop, a monitor, keyboard, and mouse. The table is very large for this purpose and a perfect balance of size and space usage. It’s just a large table. It works great as an office desk.


  • BIG – It’s true to dimension and has plenty of size for anything on your table. I have 2 mounted 25-inch monitors, a desk pad, a laptop, books all on the table and there’s plenty of room left – still!
  • This desk is a pretty large desk and provides ample desktop space for your computer plus any other stationery items.
  • After removing some unwanted furniture, I have more space in the room and more desk space as opposed to my older tables.
  • This desk has a huge workspace so I can spread everything out and my desk chair arms fit underneath without getting stuck so I can roll around freely. The height is perfect.
  • It’s very sturdy and gives me a lot of space for both my gaming and art needs.
  • You could easily fit a mid-ranged pc-case and 34-inch ultra-wide monitor on the table and still have quite some room left. This is honestly a great desk for its price.
  • Love the size and surface space, took me a while to find something that can do double function, this is perfect.
  • It has enough space for my makeup and my school supplies. I LOVE IT!
  • I use it as my workspace every day and it holds up a monitor, laptop, desk lamp, keyboard, and mouse without feeling cramped.
  • Perfect for a computer desk! I had been in the market for a desk for a few months. This one is of great quality and has a large work-space!
  • I originally had both on my kids sit at this desk to do their elearning in the spring and they had plenty of space. Now my son has taken it over with his massive gaming computer. Love this brand!

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 I Am Using It For A Dining Table/Computer Desk And It Works Well For Both!


I’m in a 650sqft apartment with a small living room and needed something to put behind my couch for a dining table and this is absolutely perfect for my space.


  • This is my first ever “dining/kitchen” table I’ve ever bought since I graduated from college. In my opinion, there’s just enough space for 4 adults to share the table at once, but the table doesn’t take up a crazy amount of space.
  • It fits perfectly in my small dining room. I use it as a table and it comfortably sits four people. I painted the legs black, made a centerpiece, and added a couple of place settings and I absolutely love it.
  • This was an excellent buy. We wanted something small enough for our apartment dining room and this was the perfect table for that! It would also be great for an office desk.
  • Just the right size for a laptop and monitor, books, cuppa and everything else. This looks so good it could double as a dining table.
  • This table is the perfect size for my dining space. It’s sturdy, functional & easy to assemble.
  • Easy to assemble, spacious, and sturdy. Nice clean look. I use it as a desk but could be used as a dining room table too.
  • It could be a desk or dining table where there is not much room for it.

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They Look So Professional As Office Desks!


I used to have two tables in my 12’x12′ office. After removing some unwanted furniture, I have more space in the room and more desk space as opposed to my older tables.


  • I’m immensely pleased with these desks. They are the backbone of a long-overdue remodel of my home office.
  • The perfect table for my little office with tons of stability, ample room to multitask (or potentially get multiple monitors, plus the chance to add a multi-monitor mount to the desk).
  • It fits exactly where I needed it to in my small make-shift dining room/office.
  • The perfect addition to your home office. If you want a roomy, affordable, well-built desk with simple/modern design, don’t think twice.
  • This desk/table was extremely easy to put together and is a great addition to my husband’s home office. I really like the rectangular shape of the legs because it has more stability and doesn’t wobble like other small tables of this size.
  • Fantastic desk for home office. 
  • I have two large monitors and a router on it right now along with other office supplies and it’s doing just fine. Love this desk and the amount of room I have with it in our bedroom office.
  • Perfect for home office. I am in love with this desk. It is beautiful, roomy, and works perfectly in my office.
  • I needed a table for the home office to hold a laptop, second monitor, and research or teaching materials. This table works perfectly. There is enough space for all tech and supplies.
  • It looks awesome in my new office room. I’m using it as a computer desk.

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These Tables Serve Wonderfully As Computer Desks!


I bought this to use as a computer desk and its just perfect. Its the perfect size and dimensions. The top is laminated so its totally water proof. You don’t need to worry about rings from cup or glass drinks. its extremely sturdy, fells pretty indestructible.


  • I use these as a computer desk and a work desk works fine for both.
  • Decent budget computer desk with plenty of room.
  • I was looking for a minimalist computer desk. My mac computer mouse loves this table- it doesn’t even need a mousepad. I think this should last us a long time.
  • Beautifully fits my computer and two 22 inch monitors.
  • Definitely consider this desk if you’re a PC Gamer or have multiple monitors.
  • I have a couple of computer monitors on top with a large desktop tower and it doesn’t move when I type or push my chair away from the desk.
  • Used this table for a few years now and I love it! It’s my main work desk and I would spend hours at the computer with this desk with no complaints!
  • I bought three of these desks and assembled them into an “L” shape in the corner of my living room. They work perfectly as computer desks and for what I paid these greatly exceeded my expectations.
  • Finally, something I can use for a computer desk that won’t fall apart. The desk is very sturdy and the finish is not a cheap laminate like a lot of other computer desks out there.
  • Currently using the table as a desk for my computer setup and it looks amazing for the setup. Clean and minimalistic.

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I Couldn’t Believe How Easy It Was To Assemble!


This desk took me less than 15 minutes to unbox and assemble, and came with all necessary hardware, the included ratchet tool is really nice. A manual was included, but I didn’t even look at it, it’s really that easy.


  • I have never dealt with good quality furniture that was so easy to put together, plus it came with a cool little ratchet instead of just some cheap & crappy Allen wrench (hex tool) like most companies throw-in.
  • I love Zinus products for their simplicity. They are nothing fancy, but still, maintain a great look for a modern design. Equally so, they are very easy to assemble and disassemble as needed. But still also very sturdy, as all the parts piece together very well.
  • I absolutely love this desk. It’s stylish, sturdy, and was very easy to assemble.
  • It was so easy to put together (the wrench they send is great), on my own without much effort. It’s not too heavy, not too bulky. I needed to set up a workstation in my dining room, and this worked perfectly.
  • They’re easy to set up. Looking at 15 minutes to pull out of the box, remove the plastic, set it on the floor and screw it all together. They’ll even include a ratchet but all you need is the Allen wrench they also provide.
  • Assembly is super easy – they even included a ratchet driver which was a very nice touch.
  • The assembly process does not require a lot of physical strength – all the parts are light.

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Very Classy Looking!


It looks great in person. I was looking for a minimalist computer desk. I loved the look of this- clean lines, no visual clutter with bulky legs or eye sore of screws.


  • It’s pretty sturdy and looks clean and attractive.
  • A nice looking simple desk that came packed very nicely. (…or: A Great Cheap Desk!)
  • I also really like the minimalist/modern look of the desk, and I think that the “natural wood” tabletop provides a nice contrast to my computer gear.
  • It looks nice and minimalist for sure.
  • This table looks great and it feels high end.
  • Great tables, if I ever get room to set up a studio, I’ll just buy another one of these tables. The wood looks great, and they’re very sturdy.
  • Clean lines, expensive look, solid desk at a value price.
  • It’s sturdy and beautiful! Right out of the box, the table looked of a more premium quality than what I would expect at the given price.
  • Putting the desk together was easy. I love the style – it has a sleek and modern look.
  • It looks beautiful once assembled and the assembly is a dream.

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Zinus Is Amazing Value For Your Money!


What smart money buys… This is one sweet table. I’ll be using it as a desk. The packaging was protective and meticulous. The table was a joy to assemble. Easy and simple and even came with spare parts and a small ratchet for the Allen screws. Zinus is top shelf.


  • Sturdy, and stylish, too. Well worth the price. I’ve seen comparable desks for much more money!
  • Money well spent! Bought this desk for my preteen. I put it together myself within a half hour. It’s sturdy and the quality is good. Does not look cheap.
  • Work from home and did not want to spend a bunch of money. Great bang for the $$.
  • Purchase exceeded my expectations, was super easy to assemble, and a fantastic overall table for the money.
  • Great and sturdy, holds a desktop printer and laptop easily. Assembled on my own in 30 mins, all parts as expected, true value for money.
  • Perfect for my room! I Love it! Best money I ever spent on Amazon.
  • Simply amazing value for the money. Assembly only took 10 minutes. The 55” desk fits both of my 24” with room to spare. A sturdy and solid table.
  • This is great for the money – super solid and durable with high-quality material.
  • Totally worth the money! love the table – good quality – looks great!
  • I got more than my money’s worth and would recommend this desk/table to anyone looking for this type of item.

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In summary, if you are looking for a multi-purpose table that you can use as a computer desk, dining table, craft table, or for anything else you may use a table for then the Zinus Jennifer Modern Studio Collection Soho Rectangular Table provides everything you need and more.

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