Is Missguided A Good Brand? (Missguided )

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What Is The Missguided Brand Known For?

Missguided is an exciting and vibrant online fashion retailer focusing on fashion-forward clothing designed to fit the latest fashion trends…. From party dresses to casual clothes, their collection is designed in a way that appeals to women of all shapes, sizes, and ages…. They also sell beauty and makeup products and it those products I will concentrate on in this article.

Ready to make an entrance? With a passion for all things beauty, the range of Missguided beauty products will help you look hotter than ever…. Whether you’re looking to create a fierce eye with their killer palette and shadow pencils, or to amp up your luscious lips with their super-pigmented glosses or the perfect night out blow dry then it’s time to go searching.

Whether you’re going for an all-out-glam, or a touch of va-va-voom look, our beauty range has got you covered! From fierce eyeshadow and eyeliner combos that are guaranteed to get you noticed, to our notorious lash and eyebrow taming mascara, your makeup will slay.

And if that isn’t enough, we’ve got hair rollers and volumizing sprays to help get that out of bed just washed look, or portable photo frame mirrors to make sure you always look the part!

This brand’s beauty range features a huge selection of products to go from barely there to totally vamped up…. Our makeup is for girls who like to turn heads, as with our lash boosting mascara, gorgeous eyeshadows, and berry luscious lip plump glosses you could hit the dance floor after a night in with a blindfold on and still be sure of turning heads!

Below I have listed some of Missguided’s most popular products so you can see how good this brand is…

Missguided Boy Tears

The following Missguided product has an AMAZING 80% of consumers rating it 5 out of 5 stars…

Watch out, world…. Like, seriously…. Missguided accessories and wardrobe essentials are popping up on every celebrity you could possibly think of…. And now that their clothing is that little bit more famous, they have gone over the top with a fun new fragrance like Missguided Boy Tears body mist.

The Missguided Boy Tears Body Mist is a must-have for anyone who loves the boy tears fragrance…. This sweet and spicy fragrance is inspired by the drama of a modern romance with notes of tobacco, incense and bourbon…. It also has a hint of cool peppermint to give it an edge.

Boho babe, Missguided girl, fashion victim, or even a sexy siren- whatever you choose this body mist will complete your look…


Missguided Boy Tears Body Mist


Missguided Boy Tears Body Mist, 290 ml

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Inspired by a variety of chic and sexy Londoners, each unique scent is as individual as the person who wears it…. From the dainty and flirty to the edgy and rebellious, Missguided body mist is a combination of warm melodies including amber, vanilla orchid, patchouli and jasmine.

  • Created to evoke a feeling of confidence, strength, and femininity the body mists are light and long-lasting.
  • Ideal for after-sun care, the perfect fragrance boost, or anytime freshen up, they are the perfect addition to any gym kit or handbag.
  • The Boy Tears Body Mist will rev up your day; from morning to night.
  • Hitting the spot with stunning scents designed to empower and invigorate, the Missguided body mists are here to help you feel confident.
  • The twists on iconic fragrance favorites, enhance your feminine side whilst leaving you feeling gorgeous.
  • Created for every woman who wants to stand out with a scent that radiates pure confidence and strength.

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Missguided Babe Power Eau Pe Parfum

The following Missguided product has an AMAZING 86% of consumers rating it 5 out of 5 stars…

The Missguided Babe Power Eau Parfum is the ultimate beauty accessory, a true lifesaver for any girl on the go…. This portable mini perfume has been specifically created to uplift and refreshes your mood, plus the sophisticated roll-on applicator allows you a highly coveted dose of ‘me time’…. With a fresh floral, yet sassy scent, containing notes of rose flower, mandarin orange, and vanilla orchid.

Missguided Power Eau de Parfum is a luxurious, clean and crisp scent that will leave you feeling amazing…. Enriched with vitamins and antioxidants, this fragrance is the perfect signature scent to add to your wardrobe.

Playful and flirty, our best-selling Babe perfume is a colorful burst of fruit flavor and fun in a bottle…. The perfect gift for the girl who loves to party…


Missguided Babe Power Eau Pe Parfum


Missguided Babe Power Eau Pe Parfum

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Whether you’re sassy, sporty, or sexy, this flirty floral perfume will help you get them to take notice…. With top notes of pineapple and currant to fruity middle notes of passion fruit, melon and peach…. You’ll make an entrance wherever you go.

  • Missguided Power Eau de Parfum is a youthful scent with a little attitude.
  • Designed for the confident, alluring lady of today, it is a light yet feminine scent that creates a truly unique signature.
  • Become an irresistible force of attraction with this powerful scent from Missguided.
  • This stunning perfume will give you a chic and feminine look that will last throughout the day.
  • The Babe Power fragrance is a fragrance designed for young women who love to be confident, sexy, and unashamed of their femininity.
  • Women today are more aware than ever and want fragrances that reflect this and promote their confidence.
  • It’s an everyday fragrance that works perfectly with any outfit.
  • Slip into something beautiful with this feminine floral fragrance that will leave you feeling gorgeous all day long.

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Missguided Babe Dreams

The following Missguided product has an excellent 75% of consumers rating it 5 out of 5 stars…

Miss Guided’s Babe Dreams scent is a refreshing and floral fragrance that blends notes of mandarin and bergamot with peppery accords to create an aromatic heart…. As the scent dries down, this Eau de Parfum is left with base notes of amber, musk, vetiver, and patchouli to reach a sensual and deep effect.

If you’re a gal with game then we’ve got the perfume for you – Missguided Babe Dreams…. With top notes of soft and feminine blueberry and peach – play out your sassy side by lacing this fragrance between your décolleté and smooth skin of your neck for added potency…. Let this notes tantalize with a hint of sweet yet spicy vanilla at the base…. Say yes to life!

It’s no wonder that Missguided has searched high and low for the most beautiful babe to star in their latest campaign… You’ll wish you were her too…


Babe Dreams by Missguided for Women


Babe Dreams by Missguided for Women - 2.7 oz EDP SprayClick image to view on Amazon


There is nothing better than a warm exhilarating scent to bring jazz back into your life…. Babe Dreams eau de parfum was designed for the woman who knows her own mind and who goes out there and makes it happen.

  • With a name like Missguided, you can always be sure these fragrances will live up to their expectations.
  • Inspired by the latest fashions and hottest celebrity trends, each Missguided scent is designed to live up to the high standards of today’s modern woman.
  • They’re everything but ordinary!
  • With this perfume on your wrist, you have the power to make your dreams come true.
  • The new Babe Dreams by Missguided for Women Eau de Parfum is a fun, flirty, and inviting fragrance that will have you dreaming of summer.
  • Enjoy the dreamy, hypnotic scent of Babe Dreams by Missguided.
  • The star of Babe Dreams is an audacious and sexy coming-of-age character who epitomizes a woman who knows what she wants.
  • She is effortlessly cool and elegant.

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Missguided Babe Dreams Bauble

The following Missguided product has an excellent 76% of consumers rating it 5 out of 5 stars…

This scent is an olfactory celebration of femininity…. It’s sweet and deep, but there are still notes of innocence – think red rosebuds, white freesia, and bergamot resting atop a smooth amber, patchouli, and vanilla base.

Missguided Babe Dreams Bauble is the perfect warm scent…. Here are some of the things you can expect: The heart is an infusion of velvety rose with orris and violet whilst the top notes compliment with bergamot, pink pepper and red fruity accords.

It’s the kind of scent that you like to keep on your nightstand – it’s so gorgeous you’ll want to wake up in the morning and brush your teeth with it…


Missguided Babe Dreams Bauble


Missguided Babe Dreams Bauble

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Open your soul to the world of Missguided perfumes with the latest Babe Dreams Bauble…. This fragrance is perfect to capture you in its floral and earthy scent which is complimented by masculine woody notes.

  • This luxurious and evocative scent is a sensual, yet alluringly feminine fragrance and is available in roll-on oil form.
  • The fragrant heart of the Missguided babe dreams bauble cologne for women is infused with velvety rose together with orris and violet which blends with bergamot, pink pepper, and red fruity notes.
  • This captivating fragrance is the perfect gift this Christmas.
  • This scent is warm, fresh, and sexy with notes of red apple blossom, belle de nuit, and violet petals.
  • Like a glass of pink champagne on a summer’s day, this French-inspired scent will have you dreaming of sun-filled holidays.

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Missguided Unicorn Dreams Body Mist

The following Missguided product has an AMAZING 85% of consumers rating it 5 out of 5 stars…

Missguided’s latest body fragrance will make you smell like a second-hand unicorn, or it would, was a unicorn second-hand…. Unicorn Dreams is a fragrance for the young, enthralled, ethereal individual: a certain someone who wishes to be captured in the most beautiful of daydreams; their anxieties, ever traveling; desires, ever passing; hopes, ever procreating.

This body mist is inspired by a beautiful bright pink unicorn featuring gold sequins and sprinkles…. Wake up to sweet smelling skin, that looks just as good…. Apply after you shower for a sweet smelling and moisturised morning.

Feeling playful, flirty, and girly? The Unicorn Dreams mist will make you feel like a magical princess with its sweet, fruity fragrance…


Missguided unicorn Dreams Body Mist


Missguided unicorn Dreams Body Mist, 290 ml

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Unicorn Dreams is the magical scent of a forever enchanted land…. A fragrance worthy for the one who believes in magic and brings light wherever it goes…. This super soft, super fruity fragrance also contains ultra hydrating Sodium Hyaluronate that delivers instant moisture to your skin, whilst promising you up to 9 hours of wear time.

  • Festive and fun, it makes a super cute gift for any unicorn lover.
  • Light your way on the road to self-love with this dreamy scent.
  • The Unicorn Dreams bottle is designed for easy travel and will fit perfectly into your suitcase, or can be popped into your handbag for daily carry.
  • The delicate blend of Rose and Jasmine is topped off with a hint of vanilla essence, making it the perfect fragrance for evenings out with friends or relaxing in the bath after a long day.
  • This long-lasting fragrance gives you the best value for money as it lasts all day, whilst retaining its fruity scent and creating a cooling effect.

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In summary, making sure you look hot on the street is our business…. They’ve got killer curves, high heels that kill, and a rocking body that make up our Missguided style.

So when they dreamed up our fabulous accessories range, it’s about making that fantasy dress-to-impress wardrobe come alive – right down to the very best in beauty and more… Fierce or flirty, they’ve got all your teen must-haves covered!

The brand’s signature effortless style will help you feel confident and ready for any event ― sweet dreams, babes!

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