IPG Mediabrands: 8 Brands Owned By IPG Mediabrands

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IPG Mediabrands is a global media and marketing services company with a rich history of delivering the best results for its clients. They offer a full suite of solutions, from media planning and buying to digital marketing services, experiential marketing, and creative production.

With decades of experience in the industry, IPG Mediabrands has built up a solid reputation for creating innovative solutions that get results for their clients. They have a team of experts (in fact they have over 13,000 media and marketing specialists in over 130 countries) dedicated to delivering outstanding results on time and within budget.

Depending on your need or specific goal,  IPG Mediabrands has 8 other companies under its umbrella with the capability to create solutions for your success. Let’s take a look at them and what they provide:

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1. UM

UM Mediabrands is the leading global media network in IPG Mediabrands. UM’s full-service media and marketing solutions are committed to Futureproofing, which makes it a great fit for brands looking for an agency that can help them navigate their future.

They can handle everything from building your brand identity to making sure your ads are running smoothly across all platforms.

Whether you’re looking for strategic planning, creative strategy, content creation, social media management—or even just some help with your email marketing—they have everything you need at UM Mediabrands.

2. Initiative

Initiative Mediabrands is a full-service global media agency built to grow brands through culture. The company has created relevant, long-lasting consumer connections that drive business results for blue-chip clients like Nike, T-Mobile, LEGO, Carlsberg, and Merck.

IPG Mediabrands is a global marketing services firm that owns and operates over 150 brands in 80 countries.

They employ 3,500 of the smartest and most diverse talent in the industry in their offices around the world. Their offerings include media planning and buying, digital marketing, analytics, CRM solutions, and more.

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3. Reprise

Reprise Mediabrands is known as the world’s largest performance marketing network, which helps you build and accelerate Customer Flow by connecting the dots between your customer data and your salespeople, agencies, and partners.

They include search, social media, SEO, eCommerce, content creation, and strategy under a single operating system, so you don’t have to worry about whether your campaigns are working for each channel separately—you just focus on having them work for you as a whole!

4. Orion

Orion Worldwide is a global media company that generates financial value across the media marketplace.

The company delivers more compelling ROI from digital marketing investments through improved spend management and strategic planning.

It has partnered with many of the world’s best brands to provide media savings, asset optimization, and revenue growth.

Orion has been built on a foundation of hard work, creativity, and innovation. The company’s core competencies include data-driven analytics; leading-edge technology; proven expertise in video production; and an unparalleled network of global relationships and access to premium content.

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5. Magna

Magna Mediabrands is a leading global media investment and intelligence company. They help their clients lead the way in content, technology, and data to stay ahead of the curve. Their expertise includes trusted insights, proprietary trial offerings, and industry-leading negotiation.

Their proprietary research includes:

-Audience behaviors and preferences

-Industry trends

-Consumer purchase behavior

-Convergence of media channels

6. Rapport

Rapport specializes in OOH advertising campaigns that are based on data-driven marketing strategies. It’s pioneering the connection between creativity and dynamic OOH audiences by combining the two with its proprietary software platform. The company’s capabilities include:

-media planning & buying

-creative & print production

-experiential & event management

-sustainability solutions



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MBCS Mediabrands is a global leader in content marketing solutions. They create content that moves audiences emotionally.

They move audiences emotionally by telling moving stories. Their team of writers, producers, and editors has unparalleled expertise in creating BOLD, IMPACTFUL content that gets results.

Guided by a proprietary tool for DATA, they create BOLD, IMPACTFUL content. From there, everything else—from culture to KPIs and sales—moves too.

MBCS Mediabrands is passionate about helping its clients achieve their business goals through excellent storytelling and data-driven insights.

8. IPG Media Lab

IPG Media Lab Mediabrands is one of the highly dynamic IPG Mediabrands’ units. The Lab provides digital marketing services, including digital transformation, experiential marketing, innovation, and market research.

The Lab is the one-stop shop for brands looking to innovate and grow their businesses through digital marketing, which includes:

-Digital marketing strategy

-Digital business transformation

-Experiential marketing

-Innovation strategy

-Market research

The Lab is known for its ability to deliver innovative solutions for clients’ needs through technology-driven marketing campaigns with a focus on data-driven insights that create meaningful engagement with customers.

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