Is Marmot A Good Brand? Why We Rate It 80/100

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Marmot is an outdoor clothing and equipment brand that has been providing quality apparel, accessories, and gear since 1971. With a great selection of high-performance jackets, tents, sleeping bags, and other outdoor essentials, they are a top choice for outdoor adventurers.

Marmot’s mission has always been to provide quality products that help people explore and appreciate the outdoors.

Their range of collections provides options for virtually any kind of adventurer or sports enthusiast with products suitable for life in the city as well as on the trails.

Is Marmot a Good Brand?

Yes, Marmot is a good brand when it comes to performance clothing and equipment for the outdoors. They have developed an extensive range of quality product lines that use advanced technologies like MemBrain® fabric technology to enable superior protection from extreme temperatures or even wet weather conditions.

The company’s mission has always been to produce reliable apparel and accessories that will make exploring the outdoors easier and more enjoyable for everyone involved.

Their dedication to serving customers with innovative solutions shows through in every product they create, so you can be sure that whatever you decide to buy from them will serve its purpose well.

All their products go through rigorous testing from their team of specialists prior to release, ensuring they meet the highest standards they set themselves when it comes to safety and comfort during your time spent outdoors.

Our Marmot Brand Ratings – 80/100

CriteriaRating (out of 10)Description
Reputation and Trustworthiness8Marmot has a solid reputation in the outdoor industry and is generally trusted by consumers. They have built a loyal customer base over time.
Quality and Durability9Marmot is known for producing high-quality outdoor gear that is durable and can withstand various weather conditions and demanding activities.
Innovation7While Marmot consistently offers reliable products, they may not be seen as the most innovative brand in terms of introducing cutting-edge features.
Customer Support8Marmot provides good customer support, with responsive and helpful representatives who assist customers with inquiries, warranty claims, etc.
Value for Money7Marmot products are generally priced in line with their quality, but some customers may find them slightly more expensive compared to other brands.
Sustainability and Ethical Practices9Marmot has made commendable efforts in sustainability and ethical practices, using recycled materials and implementing fair labor practices.
Brand Authenticity9Marmot has maintained its authenticity as an outdoor brand, consistently delivering on its promises and catering to the needs of outdoor enthusiasts.
User Experience8Marmot products are designed with user experience in mind, providing comfort, functionality, and intuitive features for a satisfying outdoor experience.
Longevity and Stability8Marmot has been in the outdoor industry for several decades, indicating stability and longevity as a brand.
Industry Recognition and Awards7While Marmot has received industry recognition and some awards, they may not have as extensive a list of accolades compared to certain competitors.

Marmot Is A Good Brand For Jackets & Vests

Marmot is a trusted brand renowned for its stylish and high-performance jackets and vests. Whether you’re looking for warm down or insulated pieces, accessories, or outdoor apparel, Marmot has something to suit all sizes and styles.

For Big and Tall individuals, they provide lightweight 3 in 1 Component Jackets that are made with recycled materials – perfect for layering! They also have sleek fleece layers with four-way stretch fabric, as well as water resistant Softshell, separates that protect against the elements.

MARMOT Men’s Zeus Jacket | Down-Insulated, Water Resistant, Lightweight, Jet Black, Large

Winter weather won’t be a problem anymore when wearing Marmot’s Ski and Snowboard Jackets! Packed with features to make your outdoor experiences worthwhile, you’ll stay warm and cozy even when the rain is coming down.

The Polyester Rainwear utilizes sealant technology to keep out moisture, ensuring that you remain dry whatever the weather is outside.

If you’re looking for ultimate protection against the elements then look no further than Marmot’s renowned parkas – the Patera Parka and Arctic Parka are just two of their top lines that feature padding for unbeatable warmth so you don’t have to worry about being low on comfort during cold spells.

Puffer Jacket enthusiasts will also love their collection of puffy jackets – easily paired with various garments to stay fashionable on a budget. 

With Marmot’s Ski and Snowboard Jackets and parkas, you can stay out in nature without worrying about unforgiving conditions!

Marmot Is A Good Brand For Tops

Marmot is a leading brand for premium tops designed for outdoor enthusiasts. Whether you are looking for shirts and polos, sweatshirts and hoodies, or t-shirts, Marmot makes quality items to fit your adventure lifestyle.

Marmot utilizes breathable fabric technologies to provide freedom of movement and ensure maximum comfort during any activity.

Marmot Hoody, New Black, Medium

As layers of clothing, Marmot tops come in a wide range of styles, from lightweight shirts ideal for spring months to thick zip-ups with hoods designed for cold climates.

The insulated hoodies are even equipped with fur-lined hoods and adjustable drawstrings to keep you extra warm on the slopes or around town. Every piece also comes with handwarmer pockets that provide added convenience when outdoors.

Marmot’s outdoor apparel offers unparalleled comfort and protection regardless of weather conditions. Shopping their tops is a great way to impress family, friends, coworkers, and others without sacrificing style or utility in the elements!

Marmot Is A Good Brand For Bottoms

Marmot is an iconic and trusted outdoor apparel brand, renowned for its superior quality. For bottoms, Marmot offers a wide selection of ski and snowboard pants, hiking pants, rainwear, shorts, activewear, and Exofficio underwear – all crafted from premium materials and with maximum comfort in mind.

Whether you’re hitting the slopes or taking a Sunday stroll in the park, Marmot has got you covered with their diverse range of products made to flatter every body type and suit any occasion.

Marmot Men's Precip Eco Full Zip Pant, Black, Medium

From stylish waterproof coats to rugged mountain trousers to lightweight ExOfficio underwear shorts; Marmot have something for everyone seeking quality clothing that not only looks good but also feels great.

With superior water-resistance capabilities, comfortable breathable fabrics specifically designed to keep you warm when temperatures dip – no matter how extreme the conditions – and four-way stretch for freedom of motion, there’s nothing that won’t stand the test of time.

Featuring cleverly placed pockets for stashing your essentials securely throughout your adventures or allowing your hands free whilst on the go; each garment is thoughtfully designed down to the last detail.

When it comes to choosing bottoms that are reliable as they are fashionable, look no further than Marmot’s extensive line-up of purposeful bottom wear ideal for winter hikes, camping trips, or in need of adventure essentials that perform as well as it looks!

Marmot Is A Good Brand For Accessories

Marmot is a well recognized and popular brand for accessories, selling hats, caps, beanies, gloves, and mitts. It offers products of exceptional quality with superior durability and comfort.

Every product is made from carefully selected high performance materials that provide superior warmth and breathability. All accessories are designed to be user-friendly, with particular emphasis on fit, breathability, insulation, and style.

Additionally, Marmot innovates in the design and construction of its accessories to cater to specific individual needs – from youth sizes to larger fits – and technical demands such as waterproof amenities.

Marmot also puts together an extensive product team of experts who have decades of combined experience in softgoods design, and performance testing under a range of conditions and is actively involved in finding ways to improve the satisfaction of its customers.

Marmot’s close attention to detail not only extends into the look of their products but also makes sure they stand up under heavy usages in terms of functionality as well – making it a go-to choice when it comes to reliable apparel for anyone looking for dedicated adventures or relaxed walks outdoors alike.

Marmot Is A Good Brand For Skiing & Snowboarding Apparel

Marmot ski and snowboard apparel provide superior protection from the cold, wet, and windy conditions of winter sports. Marmot’s premium materials and technologies are not only warm and comfortable but also tough, durable, and breathable.

For example, Marmot’s Shell fabric is waterproof and breathable with a lamination technology to protect you in extreme weather, while their Intuitive fabric system allows for maximum temperature regulation as you’re active.

Marmot ski and snowboard apparel come in a wide range of styles to fit any budget. They offer items like waterproof jackets, snow pants, base layers, gloves, and hats that can be layered together to create the perfect snow outfit.

MARMOT womens Phoenix skiing jackets, Cinder, X-Small US

And with winter-specific features such as hoods with peripheral cord lock systems for quick adjustments and interior pockets for extra storage space, Marmot delivers on your protection from the harsh weather outdoors.

The style of Marmot ski & snowboard apparel ranges from performance-oriented designs to everyday fashion looks. You can choose from graphic designs that make a statement on the slopes or more muted colors if you want something more subtle.

No matter what look you’re trying for, there’s something that fits within Marmot’s range of skiing & snowboarding apparel options.

Finally, Marmot backs all its ski & snowboarding products with its lifetime warranty policy so you can buy with confidence knowing your purchase is covered no matter what happens out on the mountains.

All in all, when you need reliable winterwear that won’t let you down no matter how intense the conditions get outside then look no further than Marmot ski & snowboard apparel​

Marmot Is A Good Brand For Camping and Hiking Apparel

The Marmot brand provides high-quality, waterproof, technical, and performance-driven clothing, footwear, equipment, and accessories designed to help people enjoy the outdoors.

The materials used in their products are breathable, lightweight, and comfortable; they offer garments with moisture management technology which pulls sweat away from the body keeping you dry in any condition.

This protective layer also shields wind and light rain making it ideal for all kinds of outdoor activities. Their jackets have abrasion-resistant linings that add strength to the fabrics while keeping warm in cold climates.

Additionally, their innovative designs feature an ergonomic fit allowing a greater range of motion of arms and legs when you move around meaning you can keep going longer with less stress on your body. The branding includes reflective details that increase visibility during night time activities providing extra safety when visibility is poor.

Marmot’s design approach offers maximum insulation combined with breathability for comfort needs during cold weather plus unrivaled freedom once temperatures become higher so you can go further without feeling too hot or cold.

Accessories include backpacks, tent poles, sleeping bags, and much more! All these items are tested extensively by field professionals to guarantee quality assurance so you can face any kind of outside adventure knowing the perfect outfit is well suited for the job.

All these benefits make Marmot one of the best brands for camping and hiking apparel available on the market today!

Marmot’s Trail to Town Collection

The Marmot’s Trail to Town Collection is a collection of apparel and gear designed for the active lifestyle. Featuring advanced technology and innovative fabrics, the collection offers a wide range of outerwear and clothing styles that are perfect for any activity.

From jackets, vests, pants, and other garments to an extensive selection of hiking accessories and protective gear, the Marmot’s Trail to Town Collection has something for everyone.

The nature-inspired designs feature contemporary graphics, prints, textures, and colors that celebrate outdoor adventure. Durable construction ensures comfort and quality performance no matter the conditions or activity.

Innovative technologies such as waterproof/breathable membrane fabrics; down insulation; strategically placed seams; PrimaLoft® Silver Eco Insulation; removable hood systems; woolen blend fabric liners; rolled shoulder seams on tees; Stretch Flex Technology™ in fitted bottoms, zip-out convertible pieces with 3M™ Thinsulate™.

Featherless Insulation; 4-way stretch fabric construction in shoulders and elbows; nano technology for durable water repellency (DWR); synthetic sweaters with durable “cage” knit construction that retains warmth even when wet—all contribute to technical excellence in the collection.

The Marmot’s Trail to Town Collection is designed to be versatile enough for everyday wear yet protect you from even the most extreme weather conditions while trekking mountainous trails or during other outdoor pursuits. Whatever your plans may be—work or play—the Marmot’s Trail to Town Collection has you covered so that you can experience life confidently each day!

Marmot Is A Good Brand For Alpine and Ice Climbing Gear

Marmot is the perfect brand for alpine and ice climbing. Its high-quality outdoor gear is designed to provide superior weather protection in any cold environment. From jackets, sleeping bags, tents, backpacks, and gloves; its range of products are crafted with premium materials for a reasonable price.

No matter if you’re an experienced climber or on your first mountaineering adventure, Marmot’s gear will help you perform your best without compromising safety. Its excellence has been verified by an impressive list of athletes and adventurers who trust their lives to Marmot’s alignment with the highest standards of quality when it comes to extreme conditions.

The hardshell designs are equipped with waterproof fabric technologies that protect against windspeeds up to 60 mph, yet provide breathability necessary for strenuous activities like alpine trekking.

The down insulation ensures exceptional warmth while also eliminating excess bulkiness that makes usually cumbersome equipment wear comfortably even during demanding ascents on rock or ice surfaces.

Whether looking for technical pieces designed to handle harsh elements or casual apparel created to tackle day hikes or ski tours, Marmot continues to be a go-to choice for reliability and durability in any terrain!

Marmot Is A Good Brand For Camping Equipment

Marmot is a well-known brand for camping equipment, providing a range of products for every kind of need. Whether it’s one person or six, Marmot has tents suitable for all. As well as tents, the company provides groundsheets for additional coverage and protection against the elements.

Marmot Thor 3-Person Tent | Easy Set-Up, Water-Resistant, Storm Ready, Blaze, 3 Person

Sleeping bags are also essential when camping, so Marmot offers both down and synthetic sleeping bag finders to get you the perfect bag. There are different sizes ranging from ultralight backpacking and mountaineering bags as well as more general camping bags with over 650 options available.

Finally, Marmot also provides backpacks and luggage to carry your belongings while out on the trails or two and from home. From backpacking and day packs to luggage and duffels, all designed to prioritize weight without compromising on comfort or your things safe from the elements!


Marmot is a great outdoor brand because it offers high-quality gear and clothing products for a range of price points. Founded by Dave Huntley in 1971, Marmot is one of the oldest and most popular American brands dedicated to spending time outdoors.

For example, their featherless rain jackets protect campers from the elements while providing extra warmth for alpine conditions. Additionally, Marmot’s waterproof membrane ensures that you stay dry in any weather.

When it comes to ski jackets and other winter outdoor sports, Marmot stands out due to its unique combination of stylish designs and quality materials. Many also love their creative tent designs as well as the adjustable hood on some coats which have earned them consistently strong ratings.

When comparing Marmot to Mountain Hardware or other outdoor brands, consumers often choose Marmot because they can get the same level of warmth without breaking the bank.

Plus, their products are designed to last much longer than average camper wear when adventuring outdoors or even around town as casual campers. In conclusion, Marmot continues to be an excellent value thanks to its traditional approach to crafting high-quality gear at competitive prices.


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