Is Marantz A Good Brand? Highly Regarded Premier Audio Video Brand

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What Is The Marantz Brand Known For?

Marantz electronics is a name that’s very well known in the audio industry…. Since its inception in 1953, it has created some of the best quality pieces of Hi-Fi equipment, including AV receivers, DACs, amps, and speakers.

Their quality has always been top-notch and has garnered them a reputation for quality, and as a company that has been around for a long time, they have been around long enough to build a solid reputation and build a solid business.

Marantz is one of the premier Audio-Video brands in the world with over 60 years experience and are dedicated to producing high-quality products…. Many professional installers, retailers, and end-users have turned to Marantz for their discriminating sound and or video needs.

The Marantz name is associated with some of the best receivers, BluRay Players, CD Players, Integrated amplifiers, speakers, surround sound speakers, and much more.

Marantz is the name of an electronic brand belonging to the home audio-video group – an international corporation, which has, most likely, sold you a piece of audio or video equipment.

Let’s look at some of the best-rated Marantz products and see what customers think about this brand and its products…

Marantz Is A Good Brand For Streaming

The following Marantz product has an excellent 72% of consumers rating it 5 out of 5 stars…

The Marantz Professional Umpire is a smart, functional USB microphone that is durable and reliable, while at the same time providing the features you need to record and broadcast live…it’s ideal for recording, podcasting, streaming, and gaming, whether on your desktop or on your smartphone.

Marantz Professional Umpire USB Microphone is a compact microphone for PC-based recording, podcasting, streaming, and gaming with desktop stand…. USB Microphone offers studio-quality studio-grade mic preamps for high quality, low noise recording and streaming…. USB Microphone is designed for desktop recording and streaming…. It has a compact design for easy storage and traveling…. The mic is great for podcasting, streaming and gaming with desktop stand.

The Marantz Professional USB Umpire is a brilliant desktop microphone that has been created specifically to capture game action with clarity and precision…


Marantz Professional Umpire – USB Microphone For Recording, Podcasting, Streaming, and Gaming With Desktop Stand

Marantz Professional Umpire - USB Microphone For Recording, Podcasting, Streaming and Gaming With Desktop Stand, Pop Filter and Shockmount

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  • Crystal clear sound reproduction, solid build quality, and striking looks make it perfect for live video game streaming, podcasting, YouTube recording, or vocal broadcasting of any other kind.
  • The Marantz Professional Umpire USB microphone offers pure, professional sound with performance that’s comparable to far more expensive microphones.
  • Its unique side-address design allows the microphone capsule to be placed close to the sound source, providing high gain-before-feedback and outstanding response at all frequencies.
  • Its cardioid pickup pattern provides maximum gain before feedback and excellent sound pickup across the entire frequency spectrum, whether you’re streaming a video game or podcasting with friends.
  • This allows you to create clear, natural recordings that make listeners feel like they’re in the room.
  • The desktop stand is great for use with a laptop computer, eliminating the need for external microphone input, and the microphone’s flexible gooseneck allows you to position it at any angle.
  • It is simple to use with a desktop stand included, and offers plug and play connectivity to your PC or Mac computer, smartphones, tablets, or other mobile devices.

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Marantz Is A Good Brand For Podcast Microphones

The following Marantz product has an excellent 72% of consumers rating it 5 out of 5 stars…

For anyone looking to start a podcast, having a podcast mic will make a huge difference in the sound quality…. This is especially true if you are looking to start a new podcast in a new area.

If you are looking for a podcast mic that stands out, look no further…. The Marantz Professional M4000U USB Mic is known for its crystal clear audio, which makes it a perfect choice for podcasters of any skill level.

As an award-winning podcaster, Marantz Professional understands the importance of a high-quality mic…. The Podcast Mic MPM-4000U is designed for podcasters and voiceover artists to capture crisp, detailed recordings…. Its ported rear chamber picks up warm sound from the rear of the microphone while picking up minimal amounts of outside noise.

The high-quality cardioid condenser capsule guarantees a realistic sound…. Furthermore, the compact size and USB Plug & Play from PC and Mac make this mic stands out as future-proof…


Marantz Professional MPM-4000U Podcast Mic – USB Condenser Microphone

Marantz Professional MPM-4000U Podcast Mic - USB Condenser Microphone With Mixer and Headphone Output for Podcasting, Live Streaming, YouTube Projects

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  • Using the latest USB technology, the MPM-4000U podcast microphone allows you to plug into a PC or Mac with internet access and record your own podcasts with professional quality sound.
  • The included Marantz Audio Console software is designed for the podcasting market and includes automatic leveling, compression, and noise reduction.
  • Listen to your mic live on the computer as you record, creating a more interactive podcast, or even create an instant radio broadcast from your Mac.
  • The Marantz Professional MPM-4000U Podcast Microphone makes it easy to record podcasts like a pro, so get started today.
  • The Marantz Professional MPM-4000U is a USB condenser microphone that provides a simplified podcasting solution.
  • Housed in a sleek aluminum body with a futuristic VU meter, the Marantz Professional MPM-4000U is designed to capture the cleanest audio possible with a minimum of sound interference from an onboard computer.

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Marantz Is A Good Brand For Sound Shields

The following Marantz product has an excellent 76% of consumers rating it 5 out of 5 stars…

The Marantz professional studio monitor series offers the most advanced studio monitoring solutions at every price point…. Marantz’s professional sound shield is designed to cut through the acoustic noise of the room, the studio environment, and the musician.

Marantz Professional Sound Shield is a lightweight and durable acoustic foam that creates the perfect acoustic environment for vocal recording…. Marantz Professional Sound Shield is designed with acoustically efficient EVA foam that delivers the optimal amount of acoustic power to ensure that your voice will be heard clearly and delivered with outstanding definition.

With a specially designed acoustic foam, the professional sound shield is designed to eliminate unwanted noise, so your recording will be cleaner and clearer…


Marantz Professional Sound Shield | Professional Vocal Reflection Filter Featuring Studio-Grade EVA Acoustic Foam

Marantz Professional Sound Shield | Professional Vocal Reflection Filter Featuring Studio-Grade EVA Acoustic Foam, Large

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  • It can be used as an acoustical attenuator to reduce excessive sound reflections and improve speech intelligibility in a variety of audio applications.
  • It’s the industry standard in studio acoustics and professional sound reinforcement.
  • The Studio-Grade EVA Acoustic Foam ensures greater audio clarity and reduced vocal reflections.
  • With its adjustable, universal bracket that fits most Pro Series Speakers, the Sound Shield requires no additional equipment or balancing, as it mounts and aligns directly on the speaker cabinet, where it serves as an aesthetic addition.
  • The Professional Sound Shield keeps unwanted ambient noise from interfering with your recording.
  • Marantz Professional Sound Shield offers a combination of acoustic foam and dense textile with a frame for precision-level construction and ease of installation.
  • This acoustic shield combines four layers of acoustically transparent materials to provide outstanding results for the acoustics in your recording studio.
  • The shield eliminates unwanted reflections and noise coming into the microphone and preamp, helping to reduce preamp hiss, room noise, etc…. while not negatively affecting the original quality of the sound you are recording.

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Marantz Is A Good Brand For Media Players

The following Marantz product has an excellent 74% of consumers rating it 5 out of 5 stars…

Marantz is known for its line of Discrete Amplifier Products, which were long established as a formidable source of high-quality audio solutions…. Over the years, the brand has expanded its product line to include a wide range of sophisticated devices that can handle a wide variety of audio and video applications.

The Marantz PMD-526C is a CD/Media/Bluetooth player that lets you skip tracks, control music from your smartphone, control your media player from your smartphone, and even use your smartphone as a remote control…. If you’re a car audio enthusiast, you might want to use a smartphone app to control your stereo system from your car, but there’s also a headphone jack to connect a phone directly to your stereo.

The player features Bluetooth technology for streaming audio from portable devices and boasts dual playback of CDs or audio files from SD/SDHC memory cards, USB memory devices, or computers via an optional USB port…


Marantz Professional PMD-526C | CD/Media/Bluetooth Player with RS-232 Control

Marantz Professional PMD-526C | CD/Media/Bluetooth Player with RS-232 Control

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  • Compact and powerful.
  • This portable CD/media player deck for professionals and hobbyists delivers high-quality audio playback with best-in-class 96kHz/24-bit digital-to-analog conversion for audio sources such as CDs, CD burners, hard drives, or mass storage devices.
  • It features a Bluetooth wireless interface for wireless control and remote playback using an Apple or Android device.
  • The PMD-526C also supports DSD 128 and lossless APE file playback for audio enthusiasts.
  • The PMD-526C is a professional CD/media player with built-in Bluetooth capability and RS-232 control.
  • It has a 5-band graphic equalizer, auto-dimming and sleeps functions, smartphone remote control via Bluetooth or wired control port, independent input level control for each source, Sony voice coil speakers with a wood front panel, and two microphone inputs that allow the player to double as a public announcement system.

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In summary, dedicated to making sure that the world’s best audio is available to anyone who wants it, Marantz is constantly endeavoring to develop exciting new products that push the boundaries of traditional thinking.

Whether at home or in your car, with Marantz you’re on the right track: Audio Path: Crystal clear sound from the source – your music player or your favorite movies – regardless of what other devices you may be using.

From the first time you fire up your new Marantz product, you’ll know that our dedication extends to every detail of its sound…. Our engineers work tirelessly to create innovative technologies that help deliver a heightened music experience.

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