Is Lola A Good Brand? (Period and Sexual Wellness Products)

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What Is The Lola Brand Known For?

With their unique approach to period products, Lola is revolutionizing the way people manage periods. The brand was founded by women who spoke up about marketing that excluded them and set out to make a difference. Their range of period and sexual wellness products offers customers the opportunity to make their time of the month better through customization options.

No mystery ingredients. No unnecessary chemicals. Lola makes period and sexual wellness products that fit your lifestyle and your budget. Choose the customizable options that work for you; heart-shaped or traditional applicators, in various sizes and absorbencies for all your needs.

The Lola brand was created for women like you. Most intimate care products on the market today are full of mystery ingredients, chemicals you can’t pronounce, and are downright harmful. At Lola, they’ve found a better way to create period and sexual wellness products with your health and safety—and satisfaction—in mind.

This brand is known for reinventing feminine care, starting with high-quality natural ingredients that you can trust. They’ve taken your period and made it better for you in every way possible.

Their products are not only a clean choice they’re also effective and perfect for your sensitive skin. Women love Lola for its innovative products, natural ingredients, and so much more.

Below I have listed some of Lola’s most popular products so you can see how good this brand is…

Lola Tampons

The following Lola product has an excellent 75% of consumers rating it 5 out of 5 stars and has earned Amazon Choice status…

LOLA is an organic cotton tampon featuring 360° leak-proof protection. Perfect for all activities and made with a smooth applicator for easy insertion, LOLA is comfortable and designed to fit your flow. Available in Regular, Super, and Super Plus absorbency levels to fit your flow.

LOLA Tampons are 100% organic cotton with a silky smooth lubricant on the wrapper and inner tube to propel the tampon effortlessly into place. They are shaped to be easy to insert and remove, and are chemical-free, with no fragrance or dyes. They’re clinically tested for increased hygiene, comfort, and reliability.

LOLA tampons look and feel just like the leading brands, but with one big difference: they have 360° leak protection. That means that no matter which way you turn them, LOLA’s unique fibers help protect you from leaks so you can stay dry and comfortable all day long.

All this AND they remove more BBT, total dissolved solids & our bacteria than the leading brand of tampons…


LOLA Organic Cotton Unscented Tampons


LOLA Organic Cotton Unscented Tampons, Regular/Super Absorbency, BPA Free Plastic Applicator, Chlorine & Toxin Free, Heavy Flows, Powerful Leak Protection - Regular/Super Variety Pack (40 Count)

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Pack these Pocket Tampons into your purse or pocket, and you’re ready for anything. They’re pocket-size, compact applicators fit smoothly and effortlessly. Discreet packaging makes it easy to keep a low profile on the go.

  • They designed LOLA so that you don’t have to compromise on protection or comfort.
  • A 360° shield ensures that the blood-getting part is always in contact with your body, providing an extra layer of security.
  • Plus, you choose what level of absorbency works best for you.
  • A tampon with 360° leak protection means there’s no wrong way to wear it.
  • This tampon expands in all directions, X-shaped, to protect against leaks and give you the confidence to move freely.
  • The unique internal design conforms to your body for less slippage and easy insertion, while the soft tip provides comfort.
  • This is a super absorbency tampon and it is available in four absorbency levels from light to extra heavy flow.
  • LeakGuard allows quick absorption, even on low-absorbency days.
  • They come with a super slim applicator for comfortable ease of use and a no leak, no grip comfort ring to ensure the tampon stays in place.
  • Completely painless and discreet, it’s the perfect size for those days when you want to go unnoticed.

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Lola Pads

The following Lola product has an excellent 76% of consumers rating it 5 out of 5 stars…

Say hello to LOLA, our brand new line of organic cotton pads. Slimmer than your average pad and with color-blocking trim that’s pretty enough to wear all day long. Using 100% breathable organic cotton down to the core, we’ve made them extra-absorbent without using any added chemicals, dyes, or plastics like other brands. Use the snap fastener to safely tuck in your wings for low-key all-day comfort.

LOLA ultra-thin pads are crafted with high-quality fabric and designed to be worn comfortably for the life of your period. Made with breathable, organic cotton down to the core, and free from synthetic irritants, our pads are gentle and safe for use during a menstrual cycle.

LOLA Ultra Thin Pads with Wings come in a variety of sizes and absorbencies to suit your needs. Breathable, organic cotton down to the core ensures that our pads don’t feel bulky or stiff, and delivers the ultimate in comfort…


LOLA Ultra Thin Menstrual Pads with Wings


LOLA Ultra Thin Menstrual Pads with Wings, Regular Absorbency, Organic Cotton Topsheet & Core, Unscented, Chlorine Free, Hypoallergenic Sanitary Napkins, Powerful Leak Protection - Regular (32 Count)

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LOLA is for woman who want to get back to living their lives. Our breathable, super-thin pads are 100% organic cotton with protective wings and made without dyes or plastics. They are absorbent, skin-friendly, toxin free, and biodegradable. It’s time to be yourself again.

  • They are specifically designed to move with you and not bunch up.
  • You’ll never feel like you’re wearing a diaper or anything bulky or bulky again!
  • The LOLA Ultra Thin Menstrual Pad has one of the thinnest top sheets available, hugging you skin-close while wicking away moisture for ultimate comfort.
  • The color and look of the pad are designed to be worn and used discreetly; meaning minimal fuss during your time of the month.
  • The multi-layer core gently disperses fluid effortlessly, without the bulk of a traditional pad.
  • It’s backed by an ultra-thin non-woven bottom sheet that’s comfortable enough to wear every day – even when you’re dressed up!
  • Now you can feel confident knowing that every last drop of your flow is staying in the pad and not on your underwear.
  • Lola Ultra Thin pads with wings give you an amazingly absorbent fit, and they’re optimized for time of the month leaks.
  • Designed to be quiet and comfortable, these pads are also hypoallergenic and can be worn with any kind of undies―pairing perfectly with our entire collection of panties.

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Lola Liners

The following Lola product has an excellent 79% of consumers rating it 5 out of 5 stars…

Yet another product designed by women for women. LOLA Ultra Thin Daily Liners are designed to be used with your tampon. This low-profile, ultra-thin panty liner protects you against leakage between periods and during those moments when it doesn’t quite feel like your period is going right.

These ultra-thin bowel movement catch liners allow women to comfortably wear even tight-fitting underwear. The self-adhesive strip lets you attach the liner to the underwear so you’ll never worry about embarrassing accidents again.

For a normal, healthy person, wearing LOLA Ultra Thin Daily Liners offers worry-free protection that exceeds the performance of toilet tissue alone while perfectly conforming to one’s anatomy…


LOLA Ultra Thin Daily Liners


LOLA Ultra Thin Daily Liners, Unscented, Light Flow Absorbency, Organic Cotton Topsheet & Core, Chlorine & Toxin Free, Hypoallergenic Panty Liners, for Light Leaks or Extra Protection (144 Count)

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LOLA Ultra Thin Daily Liners feature micro-lattice technology to keep you feeling fresh and confident for your busy day. Simply snap in a liner, wear it for a few hours, then snap it out to throw it away.

  • Aimed at replacing your more conventional pantiliners, they provide superior protection while allowing you to go about your day without noticing a thing!
  • LOLA Ultra Thin Daily Liners are soft, strong, and adhesive to protect you from leaks.
  • Their unique wings provide a gentle grip to hold the liner in place.
  • The Lola ultra-thin daily liner is a convenient alternative to bulky pads.
  • Its thin design allows it to be inserted discreetly beneath underwear and leakproof sides ensure it remains in place, no matter what you’re up to.
  • These pure and clean liners are super absorbent with ultra-thin adhesive wings that stay in place for up to 8 hours.
  • So you can wear your favorite underwear and feel good about it.
  • Whether you’re keeping your activewear protected or need an extra layer of protection, these panty liners offer a soft and smooth solution to any light flow.
  • Intimate protection that’s never bulky or annoying.
  • TheUltra Thin panty liners slip indiscreetly on even the shortest days.
  • A soft, flexible adhesive provides a clean fit that stays put while you dance, play, and run around all day.

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In summary, Lola is a different kind of company. They’re building a variety of products from high-quality, natural ingredients that you can trust. They don’t hide behind anonymous products where you can’t pronounce anything on the ingredients label, or attach cloying perfumes to cover up any weird smells.

The Lola mission is simple: to help women feel good every month. To do that, they have given the feminine care aisle an overhaul. They remove any unnecessary ingredients and create safe, effective products you can trust.

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