Can You Use Lodge Cast Iron Skillet On Glass Top Stove?

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The Lodge Cast Iron Skillet is a very versatile pan that is perfect for cooking a wide range of foods…

The big, wide, flat cooking surface makes it a great choice for frying meats, sauteing vegetables, making a pan sauce, or browning large batches of ground meat for use in tacos, sloppy joes, and casseroles.

But what about the glass-top stoves so many of us are using these days? Is it safe to cook with cast iron on these cooktops?

Yes, Lodge Cast Iron is made for use on glass top stoves. It can also be used on other types of cooktops including induction, gas, electric and ceramic.

The Lodge cast iron skillet is safe for use on various heat sources, including glass-top stoves. However, there are a few precautions you need to take as we will see further below…

What Do Customers Say About Using The Lodge Cast Iron Skillet On A Glass Top Stove?

As I like to do let’s investigate how customers are using the Lodge Skillet and see if they have no issues on glass stovetops.

In fact, the good news is there are over 173 comments from consumers concerning its skillet on glass stovetops so let’s look at what they said…


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Example of comments from Lodge Cast Iron Skillet:


This thing seems to be OK on my glass electric stove. I carefully checked the stove for scratches before and after use, and I haven’t seen any yet. Still, I’m careful to not slide the pan around.

  • No problem on the glass top stove.
  • This is one of the best pans to use if you have a glass top stove simply because it holds the heat and cooks evenly.
  • I use it on a glass cooktop. I don’t like glass cooktops and wondered if it would work. But it does.
  • This little iron pan is the perfect size that cooks even on my glass stovetop.
  • I have a glass top range. I’ve found other cookware heated unevenly producing hot spots and not the best results when cooking. With this skillet, none of that.
  • It’s heavy and sturdy! I do have a glass top stove, but I am very careful not to scratch it.
  • I have a glass top range and it does just fine.
  • The skillet surface and bottom are both relatively smooth and I have yet to scratch my glass top stove.
  • I have switched to using cast iron whenever possible with my glass top stove and induction burner. Love it.
  • Contrary to popular belief you can cook with cast iron on a glass top stove.

I have a glass-top electric range with terribly inconsistent heating elements, but this fabulous skillet eliminates hot spots by conducting the heat evenly.

  • I’ll not go back to a regular fry pan, it’s heavy but that’s a plus and no issues on a glass stovetop.
  • Hated cooking steak in our regular nonstick but this works amazing, even on an electric glass top.
  • I bought this and I use it on a glass top stove.
  • It does not scratch my glass stove.
  • The frying pan, while a bit heavy, works fine on a glass top.
  • It has already endured so much, and it has not broken my glass stovetop!
  • I’ve been using my skillet on a glass top stove as well as in the oven.
  • Perfect for glass top cook surface.
  • It’s a nicely made cast iron skillet. No issue with our glass top stove.
  • There’s no problem using it on a glass top stove. Love it!

Use them exclusively at home on my glass range. Work much better than copper or other aluminum alternatives with no warping and even heat.

  • Perfect size and works with a current glass top.
  • I would definitely recommend this and yes, on a glass top stove too.
  • Heats up quickly, cooks evenly, and works superbly on my glass top stove.
  • It’s very heavy and heats evenly, even on my crappy old glass top stove.
  • I use it on a glass-top oven and have no issues.
  • The reason I got this pan was it said can be used on a glass top stove That is true!
  • Decent cast iron pans (such as Lodge) last forever, they’re much more healthful than Teflon and the other non-sticks, and they can be used on any cooking surface, from glass to gas.
  • I use it on my 11 1/4″ electric glass cooktop and works like a charm. Even though it is larger than the heat zone it distributes the heat to the edges so you can use the whole pan.
  • I use this on my glass top electric stove and have no problems, I had thought that you would need a gas stove to realize the benefits of using cast iron. (again I was wrong).
  • Reminds me of the good old days. Heats nice on my glass top stove.

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Tips For Using Cast Iron Skillets On Glass Stovetops

When examining the about using the Lodge Skillet on glass stovetops there were some handy tips that were revealed as well. So here they are direct from customers using the skillet…

If you have a glass stove top (as we do) you must be careful not to drag or shake the pans on your stove top as the cast iron WILL scratch the glass.

  • I’ve used it on the stove: gas and electric(on glass tops do not drag this skillet on it, it will scratch the glass) as well as over fire outdoors.
  • If you got a glass top I recommend parchment paper to go underneath it to prevent scratching.
  • I know it seems like a no-brainer, if you own a glass top range, lift the skillet to move it.
  • This skillet is quite heavy, so I recommend you consider that before purchasing it, especially if you have a glass top range. Dropping this skillet on the glass top or your foot could be disastrous. It’s not a problem if you are reasonably careful.
  • I AM using it on a glass-top stove; being very cautious to NOT slide the pan, but to lift it to move it, and to not drop it on the top.
  • Contrary to some thoughts – CAN be used on glass top stoves as long as you pick it up to move it (don’t ever slide ANY pan on glass tops).
  • I have a glass top, so I use both hands when handling this skillet.
  • Even with the second handle, this pan is a challenge to move around and you should be very careful if using it on a glass top stove – pick the pan up to move it – DO NOT SLIDE IT – or you may damage your range.
  • I use it on my glass stovetop and have had no issues with it, just be very, very, very gentle when placing it on a glass stove, the weight of it could break the glass if just flopped on a stove.
  • Just remember cast iron is heavy, and you will need to be extra careful if you have a glass cooktop to prevent scratching.

In summary, using cast iron cookware on glass-top stoves is a controversial practice and one that many people swear will ruin the cookware.

However, cast iron is pretty sturdy stuff and has been used by professional chefs for years.

If you take the proper precautions it can be used on glass-top stoves without any problems.

No matter how you cook your food—on an electric, gas, induction, or glass top stove—you’ll want Lodge color-infused cookware to cook it in.

After all, a special iron formula is what gives Lodge its smooth surface and quick heat distribution for lifetime cooking.

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