Best C Table For Sofas (Ideal Slide Under Drinks Table For Sofa)

Find A C Table For Your Sofa

The SEI Furniture wooden living room C-Table gives you plenty of bang for your buck and at this low price point is the best C-Table for sofas…

It looks very attractive and right at home in your living room, bedroom, or other areas you are tight on space in your home.

It is an ultra-convenient piece of furniture that slides under your sofa and you can use it for your books, magazines, remotes, small laptops, iPad, you can also use it as a nightstand, and of course for snacks and coffee…

8 Reasons Why You Will Love This Wooden C-Table With A Beautiful Espresso Finish!


SEI Furniture Holding Wooden C Magazine Snack Table, Espresso

SEI Furniture Holding Wooden C Magazine Snack Table, Espresso

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Here Is What Consumers Had To Say About The SEI Furniture Holding Wooden C Magazine Snack Table…


Best C-Table For The Living Room!


This was the perfect solution for us. We rearranged our living room. There was no space for an end table. Coffee table would make it too crowded. I saw one of these and bought on a whim. It’s perfect!

  • I needed something in my living room that wouldn’t take up any more wall space but needed something to put phone, remotes, coffee cup, etc. on.
  • My husband uses it for living room pc gaming – keeping his mouse and mouse pad on it while he plays.
  • Really nice finish and is well made. It’s my new laptop table for the living room and bedroom.
  • These little end tables are so convenient to move around the living room.
  • Because I have my office and living room in the same room I am a little crunched for space. I have absolutely no room for end tables. This table works perfectly to eliminate all of my problems.
  • Worked out as a great addition to use as table space for living room recliners. Purchased another for the love seat.
  • Looks great and is very sturdy. Perfect for my living room.
  • Works well in my living room where I am unable to fit an end table.
  • I use this for my laptop in the living room by the couch.
  • Great little C-side tables for my living room.
  • Great product, It was just what we needed in our living room. We can put our laptops on them and use the bottom area for the remotes and phones.
  • Overall, this has been PERFECT for our living room.

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This C-Table Fits Neatly Under Sofas, Couches, And Sectionals!


The bottom is perfectly flat and slides very well on the carpet and the bottom portion of the table is thin enough to fit under the sofa.

  • It feels heavy enough and fits perfectly between our sofa and the stair’s railing that wraps around to the side.
  • Fits easily under the sofa. This provides plenty of room to hold your coffee, a snack, and your cellphones.
  • It’s also the perfect size to hold my boyfriend’s laptop when he’s working from the sofa.
  • We have really enjoyed having the added convenience of a snack/laptop table for our sectional sofa.
  • It’s the perfect height for my sectional sofa.
  • An inexpensive table that does what it looks like it does i.e. holds a drink or a snack or a remote and nests against the sofa.
  • These are the perfect sofa tables for small space living.
  • Get rid of those bulky end tables or tv trays and try these sturdy beautiful snack tables.
  • Works just as I wanted it to over the arm of my sofa, a small surface to hold a drink & phone.
  • Perfect for the sofa. Tucks in front but still out of the way while in use. There was no room next to the sofa for side tables and no place to put a glass or mug. Problem solved!
  • To anyone considering purchasing this table let me say it’s easy to assemble, well made, perfect for a sofa or next to any chair, and attractive, and doesn’t look cheap. Great little C-side table.
  • Perfect as a small table by my sofa.
  • It fits well, and the base slides under the sofa out of the way.
  • On a sectional sofa, these are perfect little tables!

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Very Easy To Assemble!


It was very easy to put together. It also works as a divider for my kids on the couch. It’s great for holding cups, toys, and even small laptops when you want to do some work from the couch!

  • Fairly easy to assemble. I assembled the first one in about 20 minutes taking my time.
  • Easy to put together with easily understandable instructions.
  • Although you have to assemble it, it only took about ten minutes and was super easy.
  • I ordered two of these to use as nightstands for my master bedroom. They arrived quickly and were very easy to assemble.
  • It is very easy to assemble with easy directions and looks great!
  • Assembly was easy and took me 10 minutes.
  • This was perfect!!! It was easy to put together and is very sturdy.
  • Easy to assemble took less than 20 minutes.
  • This thing is the BOMB. I use it EVERY DAY. It is extremely easy to assemble.

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Space-Saving C-Table!


This table is great light weight but sturdy, nice looking, fits in multiple places in my home. I put it next to my bed in a very small space and its great!

  • Purchasing these really helped open up my floor space.
  • I ordered this next to a love set tucked in a small space by two windows in my den.
  • Perfect for my reduced space in between my loveseat and a wall. I love the price too!
  • Plus it fits in the small space I needed it for & is easily portable.
  • It’s perfect for the space I purchased it for. I like that it’s not too big to collect junk – just enough for a couple of beverages or to set a book down.
  • This C side table solved my need for a table in a very limited space.
  • I wanted something that did not take up a lot of space between chairs, that could slide under the couch when needed, and that could support the laptop when needed. This table has filled the bill across the board.
  • Useful for narrow spaces!
  • It fit perfectly and even gave me space for books and newspapers.
  • These are the perfect sofa tables for small space living.
  • Great product, great price. This solved our problem of needing a coffee table but not having enough space.

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A Wooden C-Table Made Of Real Wood!


This is REAL heavy feeling wood, not that flimsy and tacky particle board that you see in almost all furniture now a days. It actually feels alive when you touch it.

  • This table was of awesome quality for the price. It is a nice dark espresso wood color and does appear to actually be made of wood and not particle board or manufactured wood.
  • The wood was glossy, real-looking, and not manufactured wood or veneer.
  • It felt good to the touch and solid.
  • And yes it’s real wood!
  • The one I received is real wood and seems fairly solid for what it is. I’m ecstatic with it for the price I paid.
  • Made of real wood no manufactured wood or particleboard.
  • This is made of real wood and is very sturdy.
  • I definitely like these stands, they are solid wood, look nice, and are the perfect C side table.
  • It’s made of solid wood with a good finish and goes together perfectly.
  • Surprised it was all wood. Pretty sturdy. Looks great

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A Very Nice Looking C-Table!


I picked this just because I like the idea of it and the price was right…but it actually looks REALLY nice too-better than in the picture.

  • It looks really nice! Even better than I had anticipated!
  • The color is a nice espresso and looks like expensive furniture.
  • It looks even prettier than the picture, the wood is beautiful and I love it as my bedside table.
  • Looks great in between the two tv chairs. Holds all our remotes plus two drinks on coasters. Nice dark wood.
  • Very convenient and good-looking. Perfect for a book, remote control, cup of tea, but not for anything heavy.
  • Great looking especially for couch eaters/drinkers and computer users.
  • It looks a lot more expensive than it was.
  • Nice looking furniture piece.
  • Looks great next to a recliner chair.
  • The tables were just as described, very nice looking and the perfect compact size I was looking for to fit in with the couch.
  • It is easy to assemble, looks great, and a well-thought-out design.
  • This is a very attractive table at a good price.

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C-Table With Magazine Rack!


I like the small book/magazine rack in the front, it doesn’t hold a lot but it is a nice feature for tissues or a magazine.

  • It also has a little room to tuck in a magazine or hold the remote on the bottom.
  • I have a little lamp on it and keep a coaster for my drink, and then my crossword puzzles in the little built-in magazine holder.
  • It’s the perfect table to put beside your chair, with a little holder for books/magazines, and room on the top shelf for your drink and/or snack.
  • Cool little table, remote stand, built-in magazine rack. It’s whatever you want it to be.
  • It also has a place for magazines or whatever you choose to put there. I keep my extra remote controls in there so they are not lost and within my reach if I need them.
  • A little narrow although a really nice product fits magazines, papers, and books well.
  • Perfect for a drink, cell phones, and our iPad minis fit perfectly in the magazine bin.
  • I absolutely love my snack table. It is so handy especially if you’re just watching tv and want to keep a snack, drink, or magazine handy.

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The Best C-Table For The Money!


Sturdy and well made and great price. Nice piece of furniture for a family room.

  • Right now I have this laptop on it and just ordered another one. A no-brainer for the money.
  • Better than most for the money.
  • Highly recommended… great buy for the money!
  • This table was of awesome quality for the price.
  • Good quality for the price, easy to assemble, and sturdy enough that the cats don’t knock them over.
  • Very good quality, at a great price. It’s the perfect height for my sectional sofa.
  • You wouldn’t think you’d get such a nice table for this price!
  • It has been a great table for the price sits perfectly at my couch… easy to get around.
  • Great quality for the price, easy to put together. Great for computers or drinks while sitting on the couch.
  • The fit and finish are better than I expected for the price.

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In summary, the SEI Furniture Holding Wooden C Magazine Snack Table is excellent value for money performing well above its price point.

It is very attractive and ideal for narrow spaces. It slides nicely under your sofa, couches, sectionals, or other chairs and can be used from the side or from the front.

This C-Table is also very sturdy and made of solid wood.

At this price point, you can’t really go wrong with this C-Table!

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