Is Learniture A Good Brand? (Furniture That Helps Children Learn)

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What Is Learniture Brand Known For?

Learniture is famous for its family-friendly and educational products…. The brand is known worldwide for its unique combination of comfort, learning, and organizational features to make your home life better. Learniture products are known for high quality, innovative design, and affordable price.

Learniture as the name implies provides furniture to help your children learn…. Products such as active learning stools, cork boards, dry erase boards, tables, lockers, and storage carts are ideal for schools or home learning.

It’s no secret that learning is a lifelong process, and it’s vital that you stay engaged with your industry…. That’s why Learniture offers a wide variety of products to help you do just that.

Learniture strives to make every student desk unique and the envy of the classroom…. From headboards to desks, we customize the look of your room to be just the way you want it…. Each desk features a durable polyurethane top with a traditional core desk frame that meets ADA requirements.

Let’s look at some of the best-rated Learniture products and see what customers think about the brand and its products…

Learniture Is A Good Brand For Active Learning Stool

Aside from the way it looks, the rocking motion is particularly effective in active learning, the pedagogical technique that is so popular in school classrooms…. A rocking motion helps the student to understand how a concept works, by making it easier to visualize.

It also helps to build the student’s confidence by providing a visual experience that reinforces learning.

This is an Adjustable Height Active Learning Stool, and it’s ideal for schools, classrooms, offices, universities and other environments where the learning environment requires the student to sit and sit comfortably…. This stool is designed for those who want to find an easy way to improve their posture and promote active learning…. The stool features a new seat design which includes a propped up seat and a slightly reclined seat…. The propped up seat is an ideal way for a student to be able to sit at a comfortable angle and keep their back supported…. The reclined seat is a great way to keep a student’s back in a healthy alignment.

Learniture is a classroom seating solution that provides flexibility for growing students…. Move and lower the height of the desk in just seconds – to teach standing, sitting, and rocking.

The desk’s padded seat features a balanced tilting, rocking, and wobble motion for enhanced active learning…. Ideal for 1st-8th grade classrooms…


Adjustable Height Active Learning Stool – Padded Office Desk Chair with Rocking, Wobble, Tilting Motion


Adjustable Height Active Learning Stool - Padded Office Desk Chair with Rocking, Wobble, Tilting Motion - Black

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  • The Learniture Active Learning Stool is a unique, fun way to keep students engaged at the table while working.
  • With its easy-to-use controls, adjustable height, and neck/back support, you can make sure that they are comfortable whenever they are sitting at their desk.
  • This product features a padded seat with air vents for back support, integrated wheels for easy mobility, padded armrests to reduce stress on arms, as well as a rocking-, wobbling-, motion that relieves stress on legs and feet.
  • The Learniture active learning stool features a height-adjustable pneumatic seat-height adjustment from 16.5″ – 21.75″, and a 15 degree back tilt with gas spring return.
  • Its built-in rocking mechanism can give the appearance that one is sitting or standing while on this stool.
  • Combined with the optional wobble function, this product is fun for students while they are actively working on their school assignments or at home doing homework.
  • The Learniture Active Learning Stool has been ergonomically designed to help place the body in a more positive position in which to work, play and learn.
  • The rocking and wobbling motion also stimulates learning through play for the 12-36 month age range.
  • Skills such as balance, motor planning, muscle tone, and sensory development are all incorporated into the play.
  • The Learniture Active Learning Stool will help reduce the stress on childrens’ legs and back typically caused by adult size or large child stools.
  • The Learniture Active Learning Stool combines the benefits of active sitting with the advantages of a traditional office chair to create the ultimate active learning stool.
  • It is an adjustable seat and backrest that sits on top of a cool rolling stool base.
  • It allows the seat to rock and tilt to simulate the motion you experience when walking, allowing for an enjoyable and natural way to be active.
  • The Active Learning Chair not only provides kids with a comfortable, practical seat with back support, it also encourages them to work actively within their environment.
  • Tilt and rock motions provide balance and alternative positions for activities requiring movement such as reading, math, playing instruments, and video games.
  • Use it as a computer desk chair to help position yourself comfortably at your desk, and even work collaboratively, encouraging communication and team building.
  • As a kid’s desk chair, get your child in the habit of sitting more upright while working.

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Learniture Is A Good Brand For Charging Carts

The Learniture Chromebook Laptop and Tablet Charging Cabinet is a wall-mounted charging cabinet designed to store up to 12 Chromebooks, laptops, or tablets…. It features an integrated cable management system as well as cord routing ports on the bottom for easy cable access when the device is mounted.

Shapes Series 12-Bay Wall-Mount Chromebook,Laptop and Tablet Charging Cabinet is a 12-bay charging station, which is designed to support numerous devices such as laptops, tablets, smartphones, and usb charging cables…. It is constructed with a stylish modern wall mount design, which is made of steel and comes in white finish.

The tested and safe enclosure allows the user 360 degrees installation flexibility…. Allow you to put any device in any position as long as it will be in the 5 USB ports charging simultaneously…


Shapes Series 12-Bay Wall-Mount Chromebook, Laptop and Tablet Charging Cabinet


Shapes Series 12-Bay Wall-Mount Chromebook,Laptop and Tablet Charging Cabinet

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  • The Shapes Series Charging Cart is a great way to free up clutter and charge multiple devices with just one wall outlet.
  • The Learniture Shapes series 12 Bay Wall Mounted Cabinet is a perfect addition to any school, library, or office where organization and display are key.
  • The cabinet’s high output fluorescent lighting and full-surface scratch-resistant melamine laminate counters resist the effects of daily use.
  • Its brushed stainless steel mounting hardware provides sleek, durable reliable performance, and secure charging slots accommodate a diverse lineup of current Chromebooks, laptops, and tablets.
  • The charging cabinet is universal and will fit most brands within a variety of sizes and shapes.
  • Learniture’s Shapes Series is an elegant, wall-mount cabinet that simplifies the process of organizing electronic devices.
  • With 12 openings for charging Chromebooks, laptops, or tablets and plenty of room for office supplies and other accessories, it helps keep your school technology up and running.

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Learniture Is A Good Brand For Cork Boards

Corkboards double as a bulletin board or chalkboard and have a place to hang your keys! Learniture corkboards offer other conveniences like an attached key ring holder, dry erase and marker storage, dual mounting options, and a classic look that works anywhere…. Not only do they make organization simple but they add an element of style to any classroom or professional setting.

Learniture makes handcrafted furniture, with a focus on sustainability and durability…. Their Cork Board with Aluminum Frame is a perfect example of this…. The Cork Board is an elegant and sturdy vertical surface that is easy to hang and provides a unique way to display art and photos.

The Learniture framed cork board is a great option for any classroom….   Constructed of solid natural cork attached to a sturdy aluminum frame, it offers an attractive alternative to loose bulletin boards or common cork wall mountable systems…. It comes in 36″ x 48″ size that will fit into most standard chalk boards; and it mounts easily with 2 included screws and 2 drywalls anchors, making installation easy for any classroom decorator.

Learniture products are crafted by skilled artisans using only premium materials…. Each piece is designed and crafted by hand using time-honored techniques, using the finest quality wood, cork, and aluminum.

This all-natural corkboard will last for years to come…. A contemporary design in brushed aluminum and natural cork, the frame features a sturdy wall mount and minimalist design…. Coordinates with other pieces from the Learniture collection…


Learniture LNT-127-4872-SO Natural Cork Board w/ Aluminum Frame


Learniture LNT-127-4872-SO Natural Cork Board w/ Aluminum Frame, Brown

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  • Learniture Natural Cork Board w/ Aluminum Frame is a natural cork bulletin board with an aluminum frame.
  • Unlike a dry erase board, Learniture is non-porous and doesn’t absorb stains or ghost images.
  • Write on it in chalk, pen, or marker – then rub it off.
  • It’s amazing how fast surfaces are recycled in the modern classroom!
  • Choose among blue, pink, red, green, purple, or black chalkboards or white dry erase boards to keep messages right on top of a teacher’s priorities.
  • Wire the boards together and attach them to the wall for an instant wall display.
  • Learniture is a nightlight, bulletin board, task light, and corkboard all in one sculptural piece.
  • It is made of steel and natural cork and has a removable LED task light that can be used individually or housed in the frame for indirect light.
  • Learniture is a striking centerpiece for any home or workspace, encouraging whimsy and creativity.
  • This Natural Cork Board features Corchan natural cork material for the surface and a brushed aluminum frame.
  • Lightly rub the non-adhesive surface with chalk to erase writing for new ideas or projects.
  • The front of the board is embossed with soft curves that offer a tactile experience and visual appeal.
  • For installation, a no-drill process is necessary and the board will not chip or break.
  • This product is perfect for your office, classroom, or home.

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Learniture Is A Good Brand For Dry Erase Boards

Create an interactive environment in your home with the Learniture Series of products…. The 48″ x 72″ White Glass Dry Erase Board makes a great addition to any home learning center, living room, kitchen, or office…. Use markers on the glass surface to enhance a child’s education…. Includes marker tray and dry erase marker.

Learniture’s easy to use 4’x6′ Glass Dry Erase Board allows you to turn your wall into a learning station…. Simply attach the three fabric-covered hinges to the wall, then position the backboard to your desired height and lock in place…. The marker tray features an empty slot for an additional marker, and two pen slots for storage.

They allow you to write, erase and make changes to your work in a clean, organized, and well-lit environment, ensuring that your learning stays fresh…


Learniture 4’x6′ Glass Dry Erase Board w/ Marker Tray, Magnetic White LNT-MGB-4872-WH-SO


Learniture 4'x6' Glass Dry Erase Board w/ Marker Tray, Magnetic White LNT-MGB-4872-WH-SO

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  • Create a work or play space with the Learniture 4’x6′ Glass Dry Erase Board.
  • It features a dry-erase surface, two wall-mountable marker trays, and magnets that allow it to be used as an all-over whiteboard.
  • With so many ways to create and customize, you’ll never stop learning.
  • Innovative, award-winning Learniture Magnetic Glass Boards are the perfect learning and creative display boards for any school or home.
  • The magnetic glass dry erase board combines all the best features into one advanced product which grows with your child.
  • Teachers will appreciate the smooth tempered glass writing surface which makes cleaning a breeze.
  • Marker tray and magnetic pen included.
  • Get the most out of your spacious learning environment with this all-inclusive dry erase, magnetic board from Learniture.

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Learniture Is A Good Brand For School Tables

Turn your classroom into a place where students will indeed want to learn with the Bow-Tie Mobile Collaborative Table from Learniture…. This great table is perfect for including in any classroom as it can hold up to 100 lbs…. of heavy books but allows for easy mobility from room to room.

The legs feature heavy-duty casters that are solid rubber so students won’t feel the hard plastic when they brush against the legs…. The large table has a whiteboard top which makes it perfect to use for research, taking notes, and drawing diagrams as well as sheet music.

Learniture Structure Series Bow-Tie Mobile Collaborative Table w/ whiteboard top features a unique bow-tie design that combines a mobile tablet solution with desktop use, eliminating two separate pieces of furniture throughout the day…. The innovative bow-tie design ensures collaboration in every interaction with a mobile tablet surface on one side and a convenient desktop workspace on the other…. Learniture combines thoughtful design and durable construction to bring schools the best solution for optimal collaboration and movement from classroom to the cafeteria to the library and more using just one piece of furniture.

The Learniture Bow Tie is an amazing way to introduce movement into lecture halls and libraries, while the whiteboard promotes collaboration among students…. The mobile design facilitates flexible learning spaces with 4 modes of interaction…


Learniture Structure Series Bow-Tie Mobile Collaborative Table w/Whiteboard Top


Learniture Structure Series Bow-Tie Mobile Collaborative Table w/Whiteboard Top

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  • Mobile collaborative tables are the perfect way to maximize your interactive learning.
  • Ideal for any student in any setting, mobile collaborative tables can improve collaboration and engagement while providing a private and quiet space to focus on work.
  • The Learniture Bow-Tie Mobile Collaborative Table comes standard with a whiteboard top so that students can write on it in dry erase marker or chalk.
  • Learniture welcomes students of all ages, special needs, or learning disabilities as well as those with typical development, to become powerful learners.
  • Our design maximizes collaboration in all directions with side-by-side and group work that challenges students to communicate their own thoughts.
  • They can switch from being mobile collaborative tables to activity tables, to computer stands in a matter of moments.

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Learniture Is A Good Brand For School Lockers

Developed by a school system with over 160,000 public students annually, the Learniture double-tier lockers are carved out of solid wood and covered with a scratch-resistant laminate finish…. Their spacious 18″ interior width allows you to store two standard book boxes upright and one lower (42″ or smaller) book box.

Teacher-owned and field-tested, these lockers are manufactured for maximum durability inside and out…. Learniture Design Lockers feature metal hardware engineered to withstand years of student use…. These attractive yet durable school lockers provide the flexibility of assigning multiple configurations utilizing various widths, colors, finishes, and accessories.

Learniture school lockers are two-person, double-tier, open front lockers designed to withstand years of regular use…. They feature one of the strongest all steel construction and are available in a matte black finish…. Each locker has two coat hooks and a place to store a complete set of books…. Learniture lockers have a high quality powder coated finish on each locker that is guaranteed not to chip, flake or peel.

These lockers are great for use in school lockers, for extra storage space, or for storing many smaller items…. They are made with durable plastic and feature three rows of individual lockers…. They include key locks, handles, and are a great option for those in need of extra storage space…


Learniture Deluxe Three-Wide Double-Tier School Lockers, 12″ W x 12″ D


Learniture Deluxe Three-Wide Double-Tier School Lockers, 12" W x 12" D, Ready to Assemble, Tan, LNT-NOR1002P-SO

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  • Learniture school lockers are built tough to withstand daily wear and tear.
  • Each locker has three rows of heavy gauge all-welded steel shelves that won’t sag like particleboard or plastic compositions.
  • Lockers are available with fully welded frames or easily repairable bolt-together frames for budget-friendly schools.
  • The locker trays are designed with a division in the center to keep things organized and have a durable, pebble-texture powder coat finish for easy cleaning.
  • The galvanized steel, school lockers are built to withstand the test of time and will work in any environment from the classroom to the lunchroom!
  • These metal school lockers are made of heavy-duty steel and have a powder coat finish.
  • They are built to last, with a reinforced top and bottom locking bar to keep contents secure.

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Learniture Is A Good Brand For Storage Carts

A new mobile classroom storage cart recently came to Learniture, and we are excited to introduce it to you! The cart is a double-wide mobile classroom storage unit with 16 small bins.

It is designed to hold and organize the same size and type items that are typically used in mobile classrooms, such as writing and math supplies, school supplies, extra materials, and student activities.

This deluxe double-wide mobile storage cart holds 16 bins and is designed for the storage of small textbooks, supplies, binders and notebooks…. Its rubber wheels make it easy to maneuver and will not scratch floors…. It has a large carrying handle and is perfect for the classroom, library, office or home…. It is made from steel.

Created for teachers, students, and their classrooms, the Learniture Mobile Classroom provides storage flexibility and speed for classroom management…


Learniture rofile Series Double-Wide Mobile Classroom Storage Cart with 16 Small Bins


Learniture rofile Series Double-Wide Mobile Classroom Storage Cart with 16 Small Bins, LNT-GNO3041-PKAS-SO

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  • Each cart is available in one of four beautiful finishes and features 16 small bins that drop down out of sight when not in use.
  • Use this storage cart to add a clean, finished look to any classroom while maximizing storage with the double-wide design.
  • This innovative storage cart features a sleek, contemporary design that is built to last in today’s classrooms.
  • The Learniture Profile Series Double-Wide Mobile Classroom Storage cart is a versatile and indispensable addition to any school or classroom.
  • This wheeled storage cart provides students with a highly organized mobile surface for writing, creating, and storing supplies while leaving tables open to facilitate group learning.
  • The Profile’s 32″ wide x 20″ deep top serves as a flat writing surface and includes 16 small bins for supplies such as pencils, markers, erasers, or textbooks.
  • Optional desktop dividers create small compartments in each bin to help keep supplies organized.
  • The double-wide design allows you to cover two tables with only one cart.
  • The double-wide wheels in the front make it simple to maneuver through tight spaces and the ball-bearing rollers ensure a smooth ride.

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