Is Korg A Good Brand? Innovative High Quality Musical Instruments

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What Is The Korg Brand Known For?

Since its inception, Korg has produced a wide range of musical instruments and electronic devices. From the humble beginnings of reed organs, the brand has since expanded to include keyboards, digital pianos, electric pianos, synthesizers, rhythm machines, sequencers, effects units, professional soBig names.

Is Korg a good brand?

Korg musical instruments are well built and quite durable. Korg is a very reliable brand, especially considering the generally low price of their products.

High quality. Unique designs. These are just a few of the things you associate with the name Korg. From the early synthesizers and mini-PIANOs that helped define the sound of modern music, to their cutting-edge digital workstations, drums, and guitar/bass amps, Korg products have been part of some of the most memorable moments in music history

Korg’s instruments and effects are a favorite of the most admired artists, including top names in rock, pop, and jazz. The complete line includes many types of keyboard instruments, synthesizers, and production equipment.

Let’s look at 8 of their best-selling Korg products and see what customers think about the brand and its products…

Korg 61-Key 16 Voice Analog Synthesizer Has MIND-BOGGLING Ratings

The following Korg product has a MIND-BOGGLING 100% of consumers rating it 5 out of 5 stars…

Looking for a new, exciting way to make your music? With the Korg Prologue PS-3100 61- key, 16-Voice analog synthesizer, you get full hands-on control over your sound, plus additional features that make it easy to create professional results: powerful effects that are fully programmable for each voice and polyphonic step sequencing with up to 64 steps.

The prologue is a 61-key 16-voice full polyphonic analog synthesizer that performs like acoustic instruments, giving you authentic sounds. It features a single 61-key keyboard with velocity and aftertouch response, and the ability to split or layer up to four voices simultaneously using advanced SGX-1 technology.

The Korg Prologue synthesizer is one of the best-selling keyboards of all time. This 61-key model has 16 voices and four effects. It also features an arpeggiator and can connect to a computer via USB for easy recording. It comes with a sustain pedal and power cable…


Korg Prologue 61-Key 16-Voice Analog Synthesizer


Korg Prologue 61-Key 16-Voice Analog Synthesizer

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  • The Prologue is a 61-key, 16-voice polyphonic analog synthesizer sporting two micro-engine digital oscillators per voice, delivering full warm, analog sound.
  • Traditional analog controls provide immediate access to filter cutoff and resonance, amplifier envelope amount, and LPF/HPF cutoff and phase invert.
  • The DADSR (Delay / Attack / Decay / Sustain / Release) function provides musical expression of the filter envelope for vibrant sound creation.
  • In addition to these easy-to-use functions and controls, more than 700 parameters are available for detailed editing in the freely downloadable editor/librarian software.
  • The KORG Prologue is an outstanding entry-level analog synthesizer. It features 61 full-size, velocity-sensitive keys, powerful onboard effects, and so much more at a groundbreaking price point.
  • Play the keyboard, or hook up a MIDI controller to access external control.
  • The included software editor provides access to deep programming capabilities and easy patch storage to your computer via USB.

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Korg XD Gen Minilogue Has MIND-BOGGLING Ratings

The following Korg product has a MIND-BOGGLING 91% of consumers rating it 5 out of 5 stars and has earned Amazon Choice status…

The Minilogue XD is a 16-voice polyphonic synthesizer that is based on the classic Korg Minilogue synthesizer. It features a single voice of the Minilogue XD, a touchscreen display, a polyphonic step sequencer, and a 16-track pattern sequencer.

The Minilogue XD features a total of four oscillators with individual outputs, a sub-oscillator, two filters, and a three-mode, six-stage phaser. It contains 100 presets and 20 user programs, as well as eight slots for storing user creations. It is powered by USB bus power or battery power.

The Korg minilogue XD is just a small-but-mighty synthesizer that combines the creative force of “analog” synthesis with the futuristic power of digital music technology. From deep, ambient soundscapes to hard-hitting basses and cutting leads, the minilogue XD gives you the power to create almost any sound you can imagine. It’s small enough to fit in your backpack, but powerful enough to take on the world.

It’s also full of features that you might not expect to find on what is effectively a starter synth. Unique sounds, new capabilities, and beginner-friendly operation are all important elements of the Minilogue XD…


Korg Minilogue XD Gen Minilogue Synthesizer


Korg Minilogue XD Gen Minilogue Synthesizer

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  • Meet the new Minilogue XD! Korg’s breakthrough analog modeling engine takes its place as a powerful, compact, and intuitive four-voice synthesizer packed with a wealth of creative features.
  • Outstanding sound quality, hands-on control, flexible sound creation, and integration with mobile devices are all at your command.
  • The Minilogue XD continues the legacy of Korg’s Minilogue: Analogue Modeling Synthesis made intuitive.
  • The Minilogue XD is a new compact and affordable four-voice polyphonic synthesizer, with a panel that can display the waveform of each note being played.
  • It features expanded capabilities such as the newly developed XDS amp/envelope generator.
  • The two sound engines and multiple types of modulation in combination with the streamlined design make this an instrument with powerful sound creation capabilities.
  • The Minilogue XD is part of the new age of music-making.
  • It’s at the crossroads of inspiration and technology with a powerful sound and intuitive user interface.

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Korg i3 61-Key Music Workstation Has Good Ratings

The following Korg product has a good 66% of consumers rating it 5 out of 5 stars…

Dreaming of playing the piano? Then you need to take a look at this. The ultra-compact Korg i3 61-Key Music Workstation is a mini version of the classic LS-2. It comes with Korg’s legendary sounds, a ton of features, and is great for almost any level of player.

The Korg i3 is a powerful standalone keyboard workstation that lets you create, record, and share your music with ease. It comes with a built-in 25-key keyboard that lets you strike up a tune in a jiffy, plus a 61-key full-size keyboard that lets you play with finesse. As a bonus, the Korg i3 has a number of apps that let you take your music on the road (like the Korg i3 Music Library app, which lets you easily organize and manage all of your songs).

Sing, play, and record your own music with the Korg i3. 64 Voice polyphony, 200 total effects, 1000 Waveforms, 1000 Preset waveforms…the list goes on. With its easy-to-use layout and top-quality sounds, this compact keyboard/workstation offers the best of both worlds…


Korg i3 61-Key Music Workstation with Pro Level Sounds


Korg i3 61-Key Music Workstation with Pro Level Sounds (Matte Black)

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  • The i3 is equipped with a Pro-level sound set that features numerous electric pianos, basses, and acoustic sounds along with a comprehensive variety of exciting effects including distortion and reverb.
  • The signature sounds from classic Korg instruments such as the M1 have been carefully transferred into the i3.
  • Equipped with an arpeggiator/phrase sequencer that allows 1-4 sequence settings and a USB port for connecting external devices including PCs and smartphones, the i3 is ideal for professional musicians who regularly perform live.
  • The KORG i3 is a powerful 61-key music workstation that delivers outstanding sound quality on a portable keyboard loaded with fun and inspiring features.
  • Ideal for beginners and hobbyists, the i3 has pro-level sounds, an easy-to-use light guide keytar, a stylish design, and an integrated speaker system that helps you hear your playing at any volume level.
  • The Korg i3 Music Workstation packs a powerful punch in its tiny body.
  • This compact workstation is loaded with an impressive selection of high-quality sounds, including classic Korg instruments such as the Polysix and M1.
  • It also includes great contemporary sounds such as Wave Expansion, plus other unique sounds found nowhere else.

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Korg B2SP Digital Piano Has AMAZING Ratings

The following Korg product has an AMAZING 80% of consumers rating it 5 out of 5 stars…

This digital piano package from Korg includes a B2SP 88-key digital piano with a stand and a PA150 150-watt 3-channel power amplifier. Anytime you want to jam with your friends or family, just hook up the included audio cable to the amplifier and you’re ready to go.

The B2SP is a master of the classics, with 128-voice polyphony, a nine-watt stereo speaker system, an MP3 player with an integrated speaker, a USB port for importing your own tunes, and a headphone jack to practice when you need to keep it down. Its 88 full-size, hammer-action keys let you play with the force and feel of an acoustic piano, and you’ll love

The Korg B2SP Digital Piano comes with a keyboard stand, duet sustain pedal, power adapter and headphones. It is packed with 512 high-quality tones, and an advanced multi-effect system. With its beautiful cabinet finish and award winning heritage of musical instruments, it will feel and sound at home in any setting.

The Korg B2SP Digital Piano Package is a very affordable option for anyone looking to make the jump from beginner to intermediate level piano playing. It includes a B2SP 88-key stage piano and a stereo PA amplifier for a price that is lower than what you’d spend on a single-stage piano. And for what you get, it’s a great deal…


Korg B2SP Digital Piano Package


Korg B2SP Digital Piano Package - Black

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  • The B2SP Digital Piano Package includes the latest digital piano from Korg.
  • This is a great package for anyone just getting started on the road to becoming a great pianist.
  • Designed with the piano beginner in mind, the B2 appeals to players of all levels.
  • The lightweight, compact body makes it easy to move and transition from one place to another.
  • The package also comes complete with instructional books and CDs along with an electronic piano bench and sustain pedal so you can get started right away!
  • Sophisticated piano sound, acoustic cabinet modeling, and a gorgeous design.
  • Everything you need to fulfill your musical dreams.
  • Enjoy the thrill of playing your favorite Korg piano on stage or at home with KORG’s new B2SP digital home keyboard/stage piano.

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Korg microKORG XL Has AMAZING Ratings

The following Korg product has an AMAZING 80% of consumers rating it 5 out of 5 stars…

The microKORG XL+ is an all-in-one analog modeling synthesizer with a 37-key velocity-sensitive keyboard and an expanded PCM sound set that is great for use in Trance, Techno, House, and many other styles of electronic music.

One of the things that makes the microKORG XL+ so great is that it’s more than just a synth. Instead of just 49 patch memories, it’s got 250 slots, including 100 that you can use to save your own patches. You can also import WAV and AIFF audio files to use as oscillator waveforms, or to use as sampled waveforms for dual-oscillator patches. And when you’re sequencing external gear, you can use the microKORG XL+ as a MIDI to CV converter.

Korg’s microKORG XL+ synthesizer/vocoder provides powerful real-time control and manipulation with twelve touch-sensitive knobs, small buttons, and patch select buttons conveniently integrated into its top panel. Six assignable sliders, an assignable X-Y pad, and a freely assignable Multi-Touch slider give you instant access to precisely the parameters you need…


Korg microKORG XL+ 37-Key Synthesizer/Vocoder with Expanded PCM


Korg microKORG XL+ 37-Key Synthesizer/Vocoder with Expanded PCM

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  • The microKORG XL+ is a complete synthesizer/vocoder that now includes a new unison mode, which divides the keyboard into two ranges, enabling you to play phrases that switch between melody and harmony in real-time.
  • You can also use Unison with up to four of your favorite oscillator waveforms and four different filter types for added impact.
  • Packed into the microKORG XL+ is a synthesizer with all the power of a vintage combo organ and even a vocoder.
  • It’s easy to use, so you can explore instantly. And through the expanded PCM memory space, it’s packed with loads of superb sounds.
  • Now you can leave your MIDI keyboard at home and add an astounding variety of synth tones to your setup.
  • Korg’s microKORG XL+ synthesizer/vocoder and an overall powerful tool for synthesis.
  • It can be used as an extremely straightforward synth or a complex vocoder, with a built-in sequencer and wireless Multi-Dock for expanded capabilities.

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Korg MS20 Mini Semi-Modular Analog Synthesizer Has AMAZING Ratings

The following Korg product has an AMAZING 80% of consumers rating it 5 out of 5 stars…

The MS20mini is a faithful mini reproduction of the original 1981 Korg MS20 synthesizer. It reproduces the original circuitry without compromise, adding an interface that makes it possible to enjoy the distinctive sound of the MS20 in an easy-to-carry form factor.

The MS-20 Mini is the next-generation MS-20 analog synthesizer, which is now available in a compact keyboard format with a total of 37 keys, including a 16-step sequencer, and real-time plug-in, all in a single unit. This next-generation MS-20 analog synthesizer features the same circuitry and basic sound engine as the original MS-20, releasing the power of a monophonic analog synthesizer.

The MS20 Mini Semi-Modular Analog Synthesizer is a faithful, miniaturized re-creation of the iconic original MS-20. The stout construction and distinctive look of the original MS-20 have been retained, and now it is possible to experience the powerful synthesis capabilities and innovative sound of this legendary synth on the go with the MS20 Mini…


Korg MS20 Mini Semi-Modular Analog Synthesizer (MS20MINI), MultiColored


Korg MS20 Mini Semi-Modular Analog Synthesizer (MS20MINI), MultiColored, M

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  • The MS20 Mini is an analog synthesizer that delivers a monophonic tone with superb sound quality.
  • It recreates the original circuitry of the Prophet 5, a polyphonic synth released in 1978 while using compact, integrated circuits.
  • It allows you to enjoy the distinctive sonic character of Korg’s first wave of analog synthesizers that became the landmarks of pop music.
  • The compact size, built-in speakers, and battery operation make it ideal for use anywhere.
  • Plus, the realistically recreated patching system lets you modify the internal sounds and generate a practically infinite variety of sounds using an external effect device.
  • The MS20 was a milestone for Korg and analog synthesizers as a whole.
  • It was one of the first instruments designed to introduce the concept of patching to users, which, together with its excellent sound, has made it a favorite with musicians looking for an ‘analog’ sound and feel, but who have no desire to become electronics technicians.

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Korg Minilogue 4-Voice Polyphonic Analog Synth Has AMAZING Ratings

The following Korg product has an AMAZING 84% of consumers rating it 5 out of 5 stars and has Amazon Choice status…

The Korg Minilogue Polyphonic Analog Synth is a 4-voice polyphonic analog synthesizer featuring classic Korg Minilogue sound with modern enhancements. With four-voice polyphony, each voice has its own independently controlled filter and amp, and this allows rich, powerful tones that are perfect for thick basses, punchy leads, and everything in between.

The Korg Minilogue is a 4-voice polyphonic analog synthesizer that melds the organic warmth of hardware with the endless creativity of software. From its intuitive design to its touch-sensitive keyboard, the Minilogue invites musical composition and improvisation. Its 37 miniaturized knobs, 48 buttons, and 32 switches give you instantaneous and direct access to virtually all of the Minilogue’s functions.

The onboard 32-step sequencer allows for on-the-fly creation and modification of notes, and the 16-step Slide function lets you hold down notes while the sequencer automatically creates a sequence of new notes. With the onboard arpeggiator, you can create intricate arpeggios simply by playing chords on the keypad…


Korg Minilogue 4-Voice Polyphonic Analog Synth with Presets


Korg Minilogue 4-Voice Polyphonic Analog Synth with Presets

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  • The Minilogue features a four-voice polyphony that can create powerful basses and complex leads when playing multiple notes simultaneously.
  • This powerhouse of a synthesizer is equipped with 16 intuitive controls including knobs, sliders, switches, and buttons to shape every aspect of your sound in real-time.
  • A portable synth with an analog signal path, the Minilogue is a 3-octave monophonic analog four-voice synthesizer.
  • Korg has created a new analog monophonic/paraphonic synthesizer with a cutting-edge sound engine and features that include four-voice paraphony, oscillator sync, a ribbon controller, a touch pad, 1-volt per octave tracking, and more.
  • High-quality connectivity allows flexible system configuration for standalone use or as part of a large performance rig.
  • The Minilogue is a 4-voice polyphonic analog synthesizer that melds perfect sound with advanced technology.
  • Its richly detailed sonics and ease of use make it suitable for musicians of all levels—from mono enthusiasts to synth experts.
  • An all-new synth that combines the powerful sound of analog synthesis with the hands-on ease of digital.
  • Experience a flexible voice architecture and a fast, intuitive interface that encourages pure musical expression.
  • From hands-on to hands-off — Korg’s Minilogue delivers a compelling new synth experience for the modern age.

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Korg EK-50 Entertainment Keyboard Has AMAZING Ratings

The following Korg product has an excellent 74% of consumers rating it 5 out of 5 stars and has Amazon Choice status…

Looking for a piano for your home? You will probably want to go with a digital one, like the Korg EK-50. There’s no doubt that digital pianos have come a long way over the years. In fact, the Korg EK-50 is considered one of the best in its class.

The Korg EK-50 is a great mid-range arranger keyboard that boasts a lot of the features you’d find on the Korg Triton Pro series, including a subtractive synth engine, a 4-track song recorder, and a built-in professional-grade vocoder with a mic input. (If you’re not familiar with how a vocoder works, it’s basically a device that allows you to use your voice as an instrument; it’s featured heavily in many popular synthpop songs.)

The Korg EK-50 is a compact and affordable touch-sensitive arranger keyboard with a wide variety of sounds, including acoustic and electric pianos, strings, brass, flutes, and more. The EK-50 is compatible with iOS devices…


Korg EK-50 61-Key Arranger Entertainer Keyboard (Black), Starter Bundle with Bench, Stand, and H&A Studio Headphones


Korg EK-50 61-Key Arranger Entertainer Keyboard (Black), Starter Bundle with Bench, Stand and H&A Studio Headphones

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  • Bring home the Korg EK-50, and make music wherever you go.
  • This 61-key arranger keyboard features an easy-to-be-played keyboard interface and a touchpad display for intuitive operation.
  • The built-in speakers deliver a dynamic sound, and you can connect to a larger speaker system, headphones, or a music player via the 1/4″ output or optional power adapter.
  • When it comes to creating music, the Korg EK-50 arranger keyboard puts everything you need in one place.
  • It’s got tons of onboard sounds and the well-known Korg arranger workstation style key layout that musicians worldwide have come to know and love.
  • The EK-50 is also great for learning because the piano keys are designed to provide a comfortable playing experience — just like a regular acoustic piano.
  • The Korg EK-50 Arranger Keyboard combines the elegance of a high-quality piano-style keyboard with a fully functional arranger.
  • This powerful instrument is a great way to learn what can be done with today’s technology, and it offers large touch response keys that play full-size sound, plus a wide range of voices so you can create your own music.
  • The Korg EK-50 Arranger Keyboard combines professional-standard features with the convenience of modern technology to produce a supremely powerful and enjoyable keyboard performance experience.

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In summary, with more than 1,000 instruments, sound effects, and software, Korg is dedicated to bringing music and fun to people around the world. From rhythm machines and synthesizers to audio/midi controllers, sequencers, and personal workstations.

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