Is Juvia’s Place A Good Brand? Juvia’s Place Brand Ratings

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Juvia’s Place is one of the most exciting makeup brands currently on the market. It is a modern, vibrant, and colorful brand that is known for its high pigmented formulas. They are leaders in the eyeshadow category with the goal of having a major influence in the world of beauty.

Juvia’s Place is a beauty brand that specializes in All Natural Skin, Hair & Makeup products. Their products are made with natural ingredients that benefit the skin, hair and overall beautification process of women of color.

Juvia’s Place Brand Ratings

Reputation and Trustworthiness8Juvia’s Place has built a strong reputation for their inclusive and diverse makeup products. Customers generally trust the brand, but there have been occasional concerns regarding customer service response times.
Quality and Durability9Juvia’s Place products are known for their high quality and durability. The brand uses good ingredients and delivers pigmented and long-lasting makeup items.
Innovation7While Juvia’s Place brings creativity and innovation to their product designs, they might not be at the forefront of groundbreaking industry innovations. But they do offer unique color stories and packaging.
Customer Support7Juvia’s Place customer support is generally responsive, but there have been occasional reports of delayed or insufficient responses to customer inquiries.
Value for Money9Juvia’s Place offers good value for money, providing high-quality makeup products at affordable prices. Their products are often considered reasonably priced in relation to the quality they offer.
Sustainability and Ethical Practices7While Juvia’s Place has taken steps towards sustainability and ethical practices, such as being cruelty-free and offering some vegan options, there is room for improvement in terms of transparency and eco-friendly initiatives.
Brand Authenticity10Juvia’s Place is known for its authenticity, embracing and celebrating diversity in their marketing and product offerings. The brand has established a strong connection with its target audience.
User Experience8Juvia’s Place offers a positive user experience overall. Their website is user-friendly, and customers appreciate the ease of browsing and purchasing products. However, there have been occasional reports of delayed shipping.
Longevity and Stability9Juvia’s Place has shown stability and longevity in the beauty industry. They have been operating for several years, consistently releasing new products and maintaining a loyal customer base.
Industry Recognition and Awards8Juvia’s Place has received industry recognition and a fair share of awards, particularly for their inclusive range of shades and commitment to celebrating diversity. However, they are not the most awarded brand in the industry.

Below I have listed some of Juvia’s Place’s most popular products so you can see how good this brand is…

Juvia’s Place Saharan

The following Juvia’s Place product has an AMAZING 85% of consumers rating it 5 out of 5 stars and has earned Amazon Choice status…

The Saharan Blush Palette can be used as a blush or highlighter for contouring and slimming the face. This great multitasking palette will become your go-to, whether you are making this your first Juvia’s Place purchase, or stocking up on companion products to go with your other favorites.

Juvia’s Place Vol.1 Saharan Blush Palette is a multitasking palette featuring 8 universally flattering shades for contouring and slimming the face. This amazing collection of colors can be used as a blush or highlighter to highlight any skin tone.

The beauty of this formula is that it is both matte and shimmer shades so you have options of creating a natural or dramatic look…

Juvia’s Place The Saharan Blush Palette Vol. 1 for Women Makeup

Juvia’s Place The Saharan Blush Palette Vol. 1 for Women Makeup

Juvia’s Place The Saharan Blush Palette Vol. 1, is an all-in-one, multitasking palette that can be used as a blush, highlighter, and contour for slimming the face. Whether you are using it to strategically place on your cheekbones or use it to temper the look of an undone eye; this versatile eyeshadow palette will surely temper your look!

  • The shades can be used as blush or highlighter for contouring and slimming the face.
  • Juvia’s Place The Saharan Blush Palette has eight shades of blush and highlight, ranging from bright citrus shades for brightening to bronzed hues for contouring.
  • Its shades can also be used as highlighters for slimming the face.
  • The lightweight formula is silky and pigmented to provide a luminous finish.
  • It is the perfect easy-to-use palette for contouring and slimming the face.
  • From bronzes for highlighting your cheekbones to soft pinks that create a glowing look, this multitasking palette is an inspirational addition to any makeup case.
  • This beautifully crafted palette highlights shades that enhance the natural beauty of every woman.

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Juvia’s Place Nubian

The following Juvia’s Place product has an AMAZING 85% of consumers rating it 5 out of 5 stars and has earned Amazon Choice status…

Nubian by Juvia is a symphony of eyeshadow hues that deliver an array of textures and finishes. Inspired by the queen of Africa, Nubian by Juvia’s is deep, mysterious, elegant -and very seductive.

With this 12 eye shadow palette, the possibilities of creating the perfect look is limitless. From a beautiful soft look, to a bold and striking color, The Nubian Palette encompasses all of the colors needed for any look that you want.

One of Juvia’s best-selling palettes not only provides you with all the colors needed for a gorgeous eyeshadow look but also gives you the ability to create your own unique color combinations…

The Nubian by Juvias

The Nubian by Juvias

This compact palette is encased in Juvia’s signature mirrored compact with a high quality mirror ideal for on the go application. Each eye shadow is highly pigmented and made with Juvia’s signature mineral enriched ingredients, anti-oxidants, and vitamin C!

  • This palette provides endless possibilities yet is simple enough that one can easily get the makeup look they desire.
  • A beauty would love the Nubian palette.
  • Made of high-quality material, it’s long-lasting, smooth, and finely pigmented.
  • The varied assortment of colors makes it easy to create a lot of different looks without having to carry multiple palettes with you.
  • The colors are buildable, blendable, and are suitable for everyday wear or glam for the nighttime.
  • This beautifully designed palette features 12 gorgeous shades.
  • From nudes to brights, shimmer to matte, these shadows will become your new favorites for daytime or evening wear.
  • The Juvia’s Place Nubian palette is perfect for any makeup lover!

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Juvia’s Place Warrior Palette

The following Juvia’s Place product has an AMAZING 85% of consumers rating it 5 out of 5 stars…

A cutting-edge, highly pigmented eyeshadow palette formulated to create natural to smoky looks. This multi-tasking makeup allows you to shape, sculpt and define your features easily from a simple to an editorial look. It’s compact. Innovative. And could only be from Juvia’s Place.

Juvia’s Place The Warrior Eyeshadow Palette includes ten highly pigmented matte and velvety formula eyeshadows for a variety of different looks. Each eyeshadow is designed to compliment each other so you can mix or layer them together.

A versatile choice for both shadow lovers and newbies, this palette can create many different looks ranging from soft nudes to rich neutrals…

Juvia’s Place The Warrior by Juvia’s Eyeshadow Palette

Juvia's Place The Warrior by Juvia's Eyeshadow Palette

The Warriors is a must have and designed to help you create the perfect look. Whether you want a natural day look or a smoky eye look, Juvia’s The Warrior Palette has what it takes to slay all day and night long.

  • Juvia’s Place The Warrior is the perfect smoky eye palette for creating dramatic, yet wearable eyes.
  • The Warrior Palette includes four stunning eyeshadows, a sparkling eyeliner, and mascara.
  • A variety of neutral shades in this bold yet sophisticated palette will provide you with looks for day, night, and everything in between.
  • The matte finish allows the shadows to blend seamlessly for an effortless application.
  • This palette can be worn alone or with multiple eyeshadows layered on top of each other!
  • Packed with Juvia’s signature super-pigmented shadows, this versatile collection can take you from day to night while complementing all skin tones.
  • Juvia’s Place The Warrior eye shadow palette contains a combination of highly pigmented creamy and glittery textures that provide excellent color rendering with exceptional blending.

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Juvia’s Place Magic Palette

The following Juvia’s Place product has an AMAZING 89% of consumers rating it 5 out of 5 stars…

Juvia’s Place introduces the Magic Mini Palette and in it, you will find sixteen shades of Matte and Shimmer in a stunning array of colors. Juvia’s is known for its ability to curate colors that compliment each other and work well together, providing all you need for a full-face look.

Each Shade is long lasting, velvety smooth, highly pigmented and blendable. This palette carries Juvia’s Place signature rose gold packaging that keeps your eye shadows scratch-free while its magnetic closure keeps the product safe and secure while traveling.

These shadows are highly pigmented and made of wonderful quality. From defined natural eyes to bold colorful lips the possibilities are endless when your palette is this fun and fabulous…

The Magic Palette by Juvia’s

The Magic Palette by Juvia's

Aha! A makeup palette with all your favorites, including shimmers, mattes, shadows, liners, blushes on one little magnetic strip. Available in 16 different magic colors for eye shadow & liner combinations or you can make up your own color scheme.

  • Great for traveling light on the runway, road trip, or business trip.
  • A must-have for teens and all of us who love to play.
  • You can mix and match these colors to create an endless number of unique looks.
  • This palette features the Amazonian clay 12-hour wear shadow formula that is highly pigmented, blends like a dream, and is ultra long-wearing.
  • Discover a rainbow of colors in every Juvia’s Place eyeshadow palette.
  • Transport yourself from everyday neutrals to sultry smoky looks with the Magic Palette by Juvia’s Place.
  • Created with a non-toxic formula, this palette is safe for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers.
  • Each hue showcases a blend of matte and shimmer finishes, with an easy-to-blend formula that dries down to a powdery feel.
  • The shadows are highly pigmented with an awesome color payoff, easily blendable and long-lasting.

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Juvia’s Place Masquerade Palette

The following Juvia’s Place product has an AMAZING 86% of consumers rating it 5 out of 5 stars…

Juvia’s place has been a beauty craze that is bound to have you falling deeper in love with the brand. Now they bring you this limited edition Masquerade Mini Eyeshadow Palette as a little present for all their followers.

The Juvia’s Place Mini Masquerade Palette is a beautiful compact palette with bold colors inspired by African culture, very carefully handpicked softer earthy tones to compliment the bolder colors.

The shades were designed to represent the bold colors of traditional African costumes and the earthy nudes and browns of the African landscape…

Masquerade Mini Eyeshadow Palette Juvias Place

Masquerade Mini Eyeshadow Palette Juvias Place

The Masquerade Palette is a new collection created by Juvia’s place to celebrate life through music, dance, and fashion. Playful colors are warm browns that are great for all skin tones. It has 6 mattes, 6 shimmers, 2 metallics, 3 highlights, 1 blush, 6 glitter liners with 6 glitter top coats.

  • Inspired by the vivid colors of the African carnival, Juvia’s Place Masquerade collection is bursting with rich neutrals and magnificent colors.
  • You can create glamorous daytime looks or dramatic evening looks thanks to this versatile compact.
  • With its large mirror inside, you will have everything you need for your day!
  • Bold colors with neutral undertones, this palette is fit for any inspired makeup look.
  • Get Juvia’s look and create an exotic sheer swirl of color, or go bold with a vibrant, cool smokey eye.
  • The Juvia’s Place Masquerade palette can be used in a variety of ways.
  • Mix all shades together for a beautiful brownish hue, use the secondary shades as a contour or highlight with a matte base, or add a pop of color by using the bold shades with a shimmering base.
  • The durable packaging has been designed to be lightweight and compact so you can pop it in your handbag when traveling.
  • The product itself is made from high-pigment, a long-lasting powder that blends well is extremely versatile and easy to use.

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In summary, Juvia’s Place is best known for bringing women of color highly pigmented cosmetics with richly hued colors, nice packaging, and also high performance.

Juvia’s Place isn’t just a brand known for its cruelty-free, mineral makeup. The story behind the brand is what adds such a special touch making it more than just another beauty company. Established upon the belief that there was no makeup available to match the skin tones of women of color, Founder Chichi Eburu created Juvia’s Place.

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