Is Woodbridge A Good Brand For Bathtubs, Toilets, & Shower Doors

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What Is The Woodbridge Brand Known For?

Woodbridge is a company that sells products such as bathtubs, toilets, bidets, shower doors and bases, kitchen sinks, bathroom vanities, mirrors, kitchen faucets, and more…

The most important thing of all is that customers rate the Woodbridge products highly so they are indeed a good brand.

Is Woodbridge a good brand for bath tubs?

Woodbridge boasts that they are among the largest distributors of kitchen, bathroom, and flooring products in the United States. Words you would associate with the Woodbridge brand would be deluxe and luxurious.

Below I have provided some examples of the most popular selling Woodbridge products with a focus on customer comments about how they feel about the product and if they consider the company to be a reliable and trustworthy brand…

Is Woodbridge A Good Tub Brand?

Woodbridge is considered to be an excellent tub brand and the manufacturer is located in Cerritos California so they can actually be contacted if you have questions or any issues. The Woodbridge bathtub is what you need to add that elegance factor to your bathroom…


Woodbridge 71″ x 31.5″ Water Jetted and Air Bubble Freestanding Bathtub


Woodbridge 71" x 31.5" Water Jetted and Air Bubble Freestanding Bathtub, Whirlpool Tub

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Example of comments from Woodbridge reviews:


Deciding on a bathtub was not easy. My husband convinced me to purchase the Woodbridge 67 Freestanding tub and I am very satisfied. It’s luxurious, spacious, and good quality. Very easy to install. Used it and liked it!


  • The bathtub looks perfect in our restroom. We had a small problem with a pipe contacted the manufacturer and they responded quickly and addressed our problem smoothly.
  • My wife and I are very pleased with the soaking tub and it looks great. Several of our friends have visited our house since the bathroom was remodeled and have commented on the new soaking tub.
  • The tub was installed by a professional who was extremely impressed with the quality of the tub and accessories.
  • Glad I made this purchase! The bathtub was just as well constructed as the description stated, and I love its high gloss acrylic finish!
  • We’ve also purchased other Woodbridge brand products and are extremely satisfied with all of them. Would recommend!
  • This bathtub adds an elegance factor to our master bath and is very comfortable.
  • OH, MY WORD… it is the most comfortable tub!! I love it. Sturdy too.
  • I am so happy with this tub! It is beautiful, was easy to install for our plumber and the price was considerably less than any comparable tub we could find in our local stores.
  • Wow, it is deep enough for a nice soak!
  • Maintains temp for a long time. Very easy to clean! Looks great in my bathroom!
  • This tub is amazing. It is so comfortable to lie in to soak or to sit up and relax.
  • Smooth acrylic with the drain that is simply a pop-up. Beautiful and functional.
  • The tub is light, easy to get into position. The faucet is also very nice.

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Is Woodbridge A Good Toilet Brand?

Woodbridge is a luxury toilet and bidet brand with its smart toilets typifying the deluxe quality of their toilets. They have a modern sleek design and look amazing, it has all of the convenience and hygiene advantages that only a bidet can provide…

Plus the Woodbridge has the best comfort a toilet can have with warm water, warm air, and a heated seated. Throw in the auto and close smart toilet technology, the auto-flush, automatic deodorizer, LED night light, and the smart remote control it is truly an amazing luxurious toilet.

Oh, if only people from times past who had to trudge outside to the old outhouse and sit on an old splintery toilet in all sorts of weather while sitting over a smelly pit could see how we can go to the toilet now!


WOODBRIDGE B-0960S B0960S Smart Bidet Seat Toilet with Integrated Dual Flush with Remote Control


WOODBRIDGE B-0960S B0960S Smart Bidet seat Toilet with Integrated Dual Flush with Remote Control, White

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Example of comments from Woodbridge reviews:


A warm seat. A blue nightlight that peaks out under the lid. A little thing that turns on when you are doing your business so there’s no odor. And then all sorts of options for little jets followed by a blow dry. It makes that private time in the bathroom something to look forward to. Did I mention the remote? Holy moley. It’s a splurge, but think of all the toilet paper you’d save.


  • Company customer service also returned my phone call and helped me find the correct way to use one of the functions of the remote. Love a company that reaches back to its customers
  • Fantastic toilet! Excellent Quality and looks fantastic. Very modern design. Super Easy to operate and flushes well.
  • Say goodbye to toilet paper. It can be operated manually or automatically. Multiple functions to keep you warm and clean.
  • It’s easy to use, opens automatically, flushed automatically, cleans your thing and very helpful for females too, love it!!!
  • Amazing toilet with all the bells and whistles that’s worth every penny and is actually quite the bargain compared to similar ones from the brand names you find at the big stores.
  • All the features I could ask for. If you want a bidet with all the features this is it.
  • This thing is truly amazing without spending multiple thousands. Would highly recommend it.
  • This is a very high-quality product. Although it is much less expensive than many others with these features, it is not cheaply constructed at all. It works like a charm in all aspects and looks wonderful.

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Woodbridge Is A Trusted Company For Shower Sliding Doors

As with all of the Woodbridge products their sliding shower door is not only quality construction but looks amazing especially with the frameless design. The Woodbridge shower doors slider smoothly and quietly, are made of thick tempered glass with shatter retention technology, and most importantly customers rate them highly …


WOODBRIDGE Frameless Sliding Shower, 44″-48″ Width, 76″ Height, 3/8″ (10 mm) Clear Tempered Glass, Finish, Designed for Smooth Door Closing


WOODBRIDGE Frameless Sliding Shower, 44"-48" Width, 76" Height, 3/8" (10 mm) Clear Tempered Glass, Finish, Designed for Smooth Door Closing. MBSDC4876-MBL, 48"x 76" Matte Black

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Example of comments from Woodbridge reviews:


OH SO HAPPY!! Honestly, I just can’t say enough good things about this outstanding glass shower door from Woodbridge!! But probably my favorite part is that it cost.


  • It looks so good and feels so nice that I find myself wandering into that bathroom several times a day, just to admire it!
  • I can’t say enough good things about this door, the quality the design the unique set up for easy shortening of the rod, everything was first class first-rate.
  • This shower door looks amazing in our Barn Apartment Bathroom. The black hardware is perfect for the Modern Farmhouse look I wanted.
  • The doors slide perfectly. It looks amazing. I couldn’t be happier. For the price, I am blown away.
  • Half the price from a regular price company in town, easier to install, and looks beautiful!

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Woodbridge Is A Good Brand For Faucets

When it comes to freestanding tub fillers that have all of the features you could ever want while looking very exquisite the Woodbridge faucet brand is one of the best you can buy…


WOODBRIDGE WOODBRIDGEE F0001BNVT Contemporary Single Handle Floor Mount Freestanding Tub Filler Faucet with Hand Shower


WOODBRIDGE WOODBRIDGEE F0001BNVT Contemporary Single Handle Floor Mount Freestanding Tub Filler Faucet with Hand shower, Brushed Nickel

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Example of comments from Woodbridge faucet reviews:


This bathtub faucet is beautiful allowing the tub to fill normally, but then offering a sprayer to rinse yourself … you control the power. It provides you with the ultimate relaxing bathing experience. The brushed nickel is a stunning finish.


  • I found the Woodbridge bathtub brand is really nice and fair price. Thanks, Woodbridge will buy more things from you.
  • We bought this along with a Woodbridge Tub for our new bathroom build. The price was way more affordable than anything my plumber was quoting me.
  • Not only does it look great, but it works great, too. The spray feature on the handle is perfect for rinsing hair and helping to keep our tub clean.
  • I love this bathtub! It makes my remodeled bathroom look very elegant.
  • We bought this to go with our Woodbridge tub. It is high up but if you don’t mess with the flow while it’s filling then it doesn’t splash out of the tub.
  • This is perfect for our bathroom! Lots of compliments and easy to install.
  • We remodeled our master bathroom with this Woodbridge tub and faucet and it looks great!

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Where To Buy Woodbridge Products?

You can see all of the Woodbridge products currently available and purchase them online by going to their online Amazon store.

In summary, if you are looking for beautiful bathroom and kitchen products that add elegance and style to your decor while not lacking in any of the practicality needed in such products then look no further than Woodbridge.

Woodbridge is a good company to buy from because they provide quality products made in the USA that look luxurious and have excellent customer service to go along with them.

Woodbridge also sells other products as well however they really excel with bathtubs, toilets, shower screens, and faucets.

So if you are looking to remodel or upgrade your bathroom Woodbridge most definitely should be one of the companies on the top of your shopping list.

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