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Is Westinghouse A Good Generator Brand (Their 4 Best Generators)

What Is The Westinghouse Brand Known For?

I have been familiar with the excellent Westinghouse brand ever since I can remember however you could have knocked me over with a feather when I found out they sold generators…

So does the Westinghouse brand stand up when it comes to generators?

The proof is in the pudding as they say only in this case the proof is in the consistently high ratings and customer satisfaction across every single generator Westinghouse sells.

That’s a real testimony for a quality brand when every single product in the generator category receives glowing reports from consumers. There is not one dud among them.

I have listed the top 4 most popular Westinghouse generators below with the most attention to detail to the first one on the list however that in no way makes the other generators inferior as they a better for other circumstances such as camping or RVing…

1: Westinghouse Portable Generator with Remote Electric Start

The best-selling Westinghouse generator is the portable generator series that is available 8 different power options. This generator is plug n play and has everything you need to start working right out of the box…


Westinghouse Portable Generator with Remote Electric Start


Westinghouse WGen7500DF Dual Fuel Portable Generator 7500 Rated & 9500 Peak Watts, Gas or Propane Powered, Electric Start, Transfer Switch Ready, CARB Compliant

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Why Is This Westinghouse Generator Set So Popular With Consumers?


Best Generator on the Market! Bought this generator to have for hurricane season here in Florida. It has tons of power….. should be enough to power the entire house…. plus it is portable so I can use it at our business.


Can The Westinghouse Generator Power Air Conditioners?


  • This generator checks all the boxes. I was looking for a generator big enough to run my air conditioning, well pump, fans, and lights. I found it.
  • These are the house circuits that are powered by the generator: Kitchen lights, Kitchen Refrigerator, Natural Gas Hot water tank, Well pump, Ejector pump, Furnace, and Air conditioner.
  • Just connected up this beast to my 50 amp Fifth Wheel RV with 2 Coleman air conditioners.
  • I watched the AC voltage, frequency, and duty cycle using a Fluke DMM 87IV while running min/max and the results were very good even while both air conditioners were cycling on and off. The generator ran as specified.
  • It powers my entire 40’ Fifth Wheel with ease. Two air conditioners, a refrigerator, a television, and so much more.
  • We have a 3.5 ton and a 2.5-ton air conditioner, and it ran both concurrently.
  • I could not be happier… I just started it up and it ran my 5 Ton air conditioner along with lights, computer, and ceiling fans.


Is The Westinghouse A Good Generator For Your House?


  • Powered everything in the house perfectly – even the Samsung TV.
  • Started after the 2nd or so electric start. Let it run for about 10 minutes with the entire house hooked up to it (we have a transfer switch). No issues. Does a great job. Lots of power for the price you pay.
  • It covers my portable welding needs and I could probably just about power a whole house with this one if needed.
  • If you need something to power your entire house, this or it’s bigger brother is what you want.
  • Ran all the essential items required in the house…Don’t procrastinate over all the other units ….if this unit fits your electrical “wattage” needs to buy this one.
  • Great whole-house generator at a great price.
  • It’s not small. It is a power supply that will run a house. This is not a weekend warrior camper special. For the size and weight, the power output and load are amazing.
  • This thing is a beast! Tested using the 50amp RV type connector to the whole house… was able to power the entire house and test load with no problem!!! Including a 3 1/2 ton AC !!! Nice!


Is The Westinghouse A Good Generator For RVs?


  • I’d highly recommend this generator to anyone looking for a (partial) home power backup solution and I imagine it will be more than enough for even pretty large RVs.
  • Turned on everything in my home including lights, washer, dryer (gas), TVs, my RV, two water well pumps, fish pond pump 2 refrigerators, and a large freezer… and the kicker… my hot tub full heat and all jets with no motor hiccups or any issues.
  • Powers up my RV with 2 AC units never missed a beat. Way to go Westinghouse.
  • Took it to a Nascar race and pretty much ran 4 RVs off this one generator.
  • Great Generator for Home or RV.
  • This generator is the best one I have ever owned. It powers everything in my RV with no problem.
  • Needed another generator due to Hurricane Laura. It ran our RV and did not miss a beat!


Westinghouse WGen7500DF Dual Fuel Portable Generator 7500 Rated & 9500 Peak Watts, Gas or Propane Powered, Electric Start, Transfer Switch Ready, CARB Compliant

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A Backup Generator For Blackouts And Power Outages


  • This generator works really well. We are pleased with the purchase. Well worth the money considering all these blackouts we’re having in CA.
  • I have no doubt it will serve me well enough to power my entire home during extended power outages caused by natural disasters… hurricanes!
  • This generator is capable of powering most of my home in a blackout.
  • One of my best purchases of the yr. Our power goes out on a regular basis. In one yr we had to use the generator quite a bit from 6 to 12 hr power outage to 3-day power outage from Hurricane Harvey.
  • This is a great product. Easy to assemble and use, it is much quieter than expected. Will get out to use with all the blackouts.
  • Good clean product, and ideal for an area with tons of power outages.


A Generator For Compressors


  • I was running the Plasma machine off the 50 amp plug and at the same time, had a large air compressor plugged into 110v, it runs both at the same time with no worries.
  • Put my air compressor on it for load for about 20 minutes, then a heater when the compressor was fully charged. Everything ran well (generator, compressor, heater).
  • I use it to run a 30 amp battery charger, 15000 BTU A/C unit, pancake air compressor, and trailer lights all at the same time with no issues.
  • It ran my air compressor fine and seems well built.
  • I hooked up a large air compressor just to test it out and it runs like a champ. I’m very happy I bought this generator. It gives me great peace of mind!
  • Plugged table saw compressor and fridge into gen. Didn’t even phase this beast.
  • We have 2 air compressors running non stop along with miter saws, table saws, and worm drive saws. This thing runs great and it’s fairly quiet for its size.


A Generator For Deep Freezers


  • I’m able to run 2 refrigerators, 1 deep freeze, 3 space heaters, the fan on my geothermal unit, garage heater, living room fireplace, hot water heater, and a handful of lights simultaneously.
  • It runs a 2hp well pump, two 15000 BTU AC window units, 1 refrigerator, 1 standup deep freezer, and every light in the house, 3 ceiling fans, our WiFi ànd a 60 inch, and a 50 inch TV.
  • I was able to fire this bad boy up & power most major items throughout my entire house with just a flip of the switch!!! A/C, water heater, fridge + deep-freezer, microwave, lights throughout, tv’s, & electrical outlets throughout!!
  • We ran a 10,000, (2) 5,000 BTU, and a portable a/c a refrigerator, deep freeze, well pump, lights and this morning made coffee in my coffee make….winning!! Ran all that very well.

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A Generator For Electric Stoves & Computers


  • This last storm no power 9 days. Well, sure enough, worked like a dream!! Ran 2 refrigerators, boiler for hot water, air conditioning in two bedrooms, and the stove.
  • Still, plenty of power to run all of my lights, 4 bathroom fans, large stove hood vent, microwave, furnace (natural gas), several computers, and my oven!
  • The one at my home powers, 2 AC units 18000 BTU and 12000 BTU, fridge, electric 5 burner stove, microwave, electric oven, lights in the house, etc.
  • Excellent generator, with the energy 3 air cons of 12,000 BTU, lighting my whole house, water pump, refrigerator, 2 televisions, and electric stove!


A Generator For Fridges And Microwaves


  • All countertop microwaves and toaster ovens will also work with the portable generator.
  • The whole process is very simple and we were able to run AC, fridge, microwave, and wifi.
  • Plenty of power to run a water pump, boiler, microwave, coffee pot, and lights with power to spare.
  • We can power everything we need when our power goes out, fridge, microwave, TV, multiple laptops, WiFi, so much more, glad I purchased we were out of power for 9 days a couple of weeks ago.
  • It powered a microwave, furnace, submersible well pump, lights, and TV.
  • We’ve also succeeded in running the kitchen lights along with the refrigerator and microwave.


A Generator For Pumping Water


  • Plenty of power to run a water pump, boiler, microwave, coffee pot, and lights with power to spare.
  • This generator powers a heat pump, TV, computer, battery chargers, water pump, lights except for the hot water heater in my barn/shop.
  • Purchased the generator to power a 220V water well pump and a small home.
  • The electrician who hooked it up to my house via a transfer switch tested it and said it was delivering exactly the rated voltage with no drop-off when the well pump load was added.
  • We rely on a deep well pump for running water, and that’s more than enough power to run any reasonable well pump comfortably.


Westinghouse WGen7500DF Dual Fuel Portable Generator 7500 Rated & 9500 Peak Watts, Gas or Propane Powered, Electric Start, Transfer Switch Ready, CARB Compliant

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Excellent Generator For Welding


  • Perfect dual fuel generator for welding and plasma cutting.
  • For the money, this generator is fantastic. It covers my portable welding needs.
  • Found a good use for it in my back acre shed to run my heavier and dirty tools and welding machine getting them out of the garage at the front much to my wife’s pleasure.
  • It takes 25 minutes from unboxing to run and loads with my welding machine.



Westinghouse Is A Good Brand


  • Westinghouse has always been a good brand in my book.
  • Quality generator with extra features not found on other brands.
  • I am glad I went with Westinghouse over other brands I considered.
  • The three reasons I purchased this product was first a brand name I recognized, the best value for the price, and had better than any other I found.
  • The Westinghouse Brand and American household name for generations.
  • I have come to know and trust the Westinghouse brand over the years and know this unit will give me years of trouble-free operation.



The Best Generator


  • Affordable and powerful this is the best in its class.
  • The Best! Great Power! Great Fuel Efficiency! Thank You!
  • IMO it’s the best high-powered one!
  • This is by far one of the best I’ve ever owned. Well, put together. All extras are included tools, funnels, and oil.
  • l have had many different generators and this one is the best. It works great started right out of the box and put it to work on a construction site does a great job and has all the power to run all tools easy.

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2: Westinghouse Portable Industrial Inverter Generator

This portable Westinghouse generator is also available in 8 different power options and is a highly rated generator for homes and job sites…


Westinghouse iPro2500 Portable Industrial Inverter Generator


Westinghouse iPro2500 Portable Industrial Inverter Generator - 2200 Rated Watts and 2500 Peak Watts - Gas Powered - OSHA and CARB Compliant

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Why Is This Westinghouse Generator Set So Popular With Consumers?


This is a very portable power generator. It is not that noisy and you can connect it in parallel with another one to get more output. It is also a very reliable brand, so I think this was a great purchase!


  • Great product by a reputable brand.
  • Choosing the Westinghouse was relatively easy based on company reputation, warranty terms, u-tube videos, amazon, weight and size considerations and then the more obvious price point.
  • People have good things to say about this family of inverter generators and I am now among them in this regard.
  • This Westinghouse generator will allow me to focus on my man cave and control center with A/C and the Internet box as well as a couple of power recliners and a lot of technology like computers tablets and phones.
  • Finally the name Westinghouse has a lot of strength in this arena. Plus the easily noticeable difference in overall visual and practical ability.
  • I used this Westinghouse generator for camping and it was very quiet – a PLEASANTRY.
  • This is a great investor/generator! Runs quiet, easy maintenance and Westinghouse has awesome customer service!

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3: Westinghouse Super Quiet Portable Inverter Generator

This portable Westinghouse inverter generator is nice and quiet making it the ideal generator to take camping…


Westinghouse iGen4500 Super Quiet Portable Inverter Generator 3700 Rated & 4500 Peak Watts


Westinghouse iGen4500 Super Quiet Portable Inverter Generator 3700 Rated & 4500 Peak Watts, Gas Powered, Electric Start, RV Ready, CARB Compliant

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Why Is This Westinghouse Generator Set So Popular With Consumers?


It works great and is so quiet that I sometimes don’t remember it’s even on. We’ve used it on 4 camping trips now. It runs our air conditioning in the trailer as well as 2 cpaps all night long. Very efficient with a low amount of fuel being needed, it just keeps on running.


  • It’s good to have a brand name like Westinghouse for consumer confidence.
  • Absolutely love this generator! I bought it for our brand new camper and it powers EVERYTHING.
  • I use it for “dry camping” in my RV and am very pleased to be able to run everything in my 30 amp electrical system.
  • A must-have for dry camping and storms.
  • Very quiet – great for camping or for extended power outages from a hurricane.
  • I have been using the Westinghouse now for a full summer of camping. I especially love the propane running but if I run out I have gasoline ready and switch over on the fly with no downtime.

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4: Westinghouse Super Quiet Portable Inverter Generator

This portable Westinghouse generator is ideal for RVs with more than enough power and not too loud either…


Westinghouse WGen3600 Portable Generator

Westinghouse WGen3600 Portable Generator - 3600 Rated Watts & 4650 Peak Watts - RV Ready - Gas Powered - CARB Compliant

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Why Is This Westinghouse Generator Set So Popular With Consumers?


Got this primarily as a power source for my RV, when we are boondocking. It runs everything in my Jayco, including 13,500 btu ac on high. Great generator!


  • I can definitely see RV owners may consider buying this unit for campsite use and liking how it sounds.
  • Works well for an RV.
  • I use this generator to run my RV ac unit on the homestead I’m building in southern AZ.
  • This generator had great and the price was right. Powers my 32’ RV no problem.
  • Not very loud. Runs solid. Easy to move on wheels. Exactly what I needed for my RV.
  • I bought this for boondocking in the RV. It works well and is nice and quiet.
  • Outstanding RV generator! I brought this little generator after reading the to use on a five day trip for my 32-foot travel trailer. To my surprise, this machine ran like a charm! I ran my A/C, TV, and small low wattage items with relative ease.

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In summary, the outstanding reputation of the Westinghouse brand well and truly carries over to its range of generators.

These generators are first-class units and with large volumes being sold the consistent feedback proves you trust generators sold by Westinghouse.

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