Is Viotek A Good Brand? (Affordable Computer & Gaming Monitors)

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Viotek is a good brand. They produce a wide range of computer monitors and are in the entry-level tier. While their most popular monitors are their standard HD monitors, their curved gaming monitors are also popular. The brand has attracted a strong following for its affordable price and high-quality products.

Quick Overview of Viotek:

What Is The Viotek Brand Known For? Viotek is a very professional gaming monitor company and they make it easy to select the best monitor for you according to screen size, refresh rate, resolution, panel type, curved monitors, free sync, or G-sync compatible, portable, and non-gaming monitors.

Popular Products Include: 

More About Viotek

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Viotek 24-Inch Gaming Monitors

VIOTEK’s GFV24C gaming monitor is an ultra-thin, sleek design with an edgeless display, 144Hz refresh rate technology, and Full HD 1920×1080 resolution.

It has an eye-saver mode, a low blue light mode, which helps to protect your eyes during ramping up your gameplay. When you are ready to ready to relax and enjoy a movie after a long day of gaming.

VIOTEK GFV24C 24-Inch Ultra-Thin 144Hz Gaming Monitor | 1080P 4ms (OD) | G-Sync-Compatible FreeSync FPS/RTS | HDMI DP 3.5mm | Zero-Tolerance Dead Pixel Policy (VESA)

The inclusion of AMD FreeSync creates a smooth and seamless gaming experience, with no screen tearing or data loss. With a blazing-fast 1ms response time, this gaming monitor is able to render everything you see without any blurring, juddering, or ghosting effect.

Unleash blistering frame rates with VIOTEK’s exciting new gaming monitors. Whether used for high-end PC gaming at 144Hz, or as part of a secondary gaming monitor setup at 60Hz, VIOTEK strives to deliver an uncompromising experience for all gamers.

Viotek 24-Inch Multipurpose Desktop Monitors

The monitor is ideal for office use, gaming, and video entertainment. It also features a DVI-D input port to support PC/ PC Notebook/ Mac PC, an HDMI input port to support HD video devices such as PS4 Pro, Xbox One X, and some DVD players, Vertical alignment (VA) panel technology, multiple built-in speakers, and USB hub 2.0 ports.

The 24-Inch Curved Screen Monitor from Viotek is an ultra-wide curved monitor that provides an incredible view of the screen due to its larger curvature. With built-in speakers and HDMI ports, you’ll be able to plug and play this monitor once you receive it!

VIOTEK NBV24CB 24-Inch Curved Monitor | 75Hz FHD 1080p Desktop Monitor for Office, Home or Business | HDMI VGA 3.5 Audio-Out | 3-Year Buyer Protection (VESA)

The NBV24CB will also wash away your fears of viewing angles when occupying two or more individuals as there is virtually no color shift even if you are sitting off-center.

The sleek and curved design of the NBV24CB monitor allows it to blend seamlessly with both home and office environments.

Viotek 27-Inch Gaming Monitors

The VIOTEK GNV27DB Curved QHD monitor provides gamers with the perfect mix of form and function. With a 144Hz refresh rate and AMD FreeSync, you won’t fall behind on the competition in the midst of battle. The 1500R screen curvature keeps your eyes at the center of focus while providing an immersive viewing experience.

Discover the edge with the 27 inches, 1440p curved GNV27DB monitor from VIOTEK. Equipped with a high-performance 144Hz refresh rate display, you will achieve an ultra-smooth gaming experience coupled with buttery-smooth gameplay at all times.

VIOTEK GNV27DB 27-Inch Curved QHD Gaming Monitor | 144Hz 2560x1440p 4.8ms (OD) | 1500R Curvature, G-Sync-Ready FreeSync | DP, 3x HDMI, 3.5mm | 3-Year Warranty + Zero-Tolerance Dead Pixel Policy (VESA)

The monitor’s blazing-fast 1ms response time allows for quick visual transitions across the screen without smearing or ghosting effects to distract you during gameplay. Another highlight of this monitor is its 1500R curvature which will surround you with your favorite games.

This 27-inch gaming monitor also includes a curved V-shaped stand that frees up desk space and a USB hub that puts all of your gaming peripherals right at your fingertips.

Viotek 32-Inch Gaming Monitors

VIOTEK 32INCH True 4K Monitor with HDR-Ready 1500R VA Panel and built-in speakers is the perfect monitor for gaming, movies, and productivity. The 3840 x 2160p resolution, 60Hz refresh rate (144hz available in Display Port), and fast 4ms response time produce vibrant colors with crisp edges for a realistic viewing experience.

The NV32Q is the first 4K 32-inch PC monitor in the world to feature a curved panel for an immersive and panoramic experience. VIOTEK NV32Q True 4K Monitor 32-Inch Curved | 60Hz 4ms (OD) Streaming-Ready 3840 x 2160p Monitor for Gaming/Movies | HDR-Ready 1500R VA Panel w/FreeSync | HDMI 2.0 DP 1.2 Audio Out (VESA)

Ideal for gaming, video editing, and regular home/office use, the NV32Q brings your view to life with a wider field of view for added comfort and increased productivity.

Not only does it have a sleek design built into a curved panel that makes games pop but it also has stereo speakers built-in for audio.

Viotek 34-Inch Gaming Monitors

VIOTEK GN34CB Curved Gaming Monitor is a great addition to any desktop system or gaming console. Featuring a curved and ultra-wide 34-inch display with a 21:9 aspect ratio, it offers you a panoramic view of games and movies without the distraction of sidebars.

The 100Hz refresh rate brings better clarity and smooth image when playing games or watching videos or working on graphic design etc.

VIOTEK GNV34CB 34-Inch Ultrawide Curved Gaming Monitor | 1080P 100Hz 21:9 | Ultra-Bright VA Panel w/Dynamic Color + FreeSync | HDMI DVI DP 3.5mm | Deep 1500R Curvature (VESA)

Get the big picture with the GNV34CB Curved Gaming Monitor. Boasting a 34-inch display, 21:9 aspect ratio, and 100Hz refresh rate, this ultra-wide monitor provides an immersive gaming experience.

With features such as AMD FreeSync, Dynamic Action Sync, Low Blue Light, and Flicker-Free technology built-in, this monitor is just as much at home when playing games as it is when functioning as a multitasking resource.

The VA panel also provides an industry-leading 178 degrees/178 degrees wide eye-point for an immersive viewing experience.

Is Viotek A Good Brand For Portable Monitors?

VIOTEK’s LinQ Touch P16CT is a portable touch screen monitor with free sync capabilities, an ultra-slim IPS panel, and great color accuracy. It can do just about anything that you can through Video, photo editing, web browsing, spreadsheets, and even gaming!

This touchscreen display has a 16-inch dynamic touch LCD screen with 1920 x 1080 resolution and a 10-point multi-touch function.

VIOTEK LinQ Touch P16CT 16-Inch Class Portable Touchscreen Monitor | Ultra-Slim IPS w/FreeSync | USB-C, HDMI, 3.5mm Port with Speakers | USB-C DP ALT-Mode Required for Touch Functions

These super-slim monitors feature high-quality IPS panels for wide viewing angles, as well as a fully adjustable stand for comfortable viewing from any angle.

All models feature built-in stereo speakers and an in-line volume adjustment switch on the power cable for continuous sound when you’re in a rush.

The screen supports a 16:9 ratio aspect ratio which presents more visual information in place than the standard widescreen format.

Is Viotek A Good Company?

Without hesitation, Viotek monitors well and truly holds up under scrutiny with many satisfied customers. The price point makes them a viable alternative to the more expensive big brand name players in the market.

You can see all of the monitors available and stay up to date with Viotek’s latest offerings by going to their online Amazon store.

As a brand Viotek doesn’t have that magnetic appeal that draws you to their products at the exclusion of all others however I would certainly not hesitate to buy from this brand, especially with their very affordable entry-level prices and a good reputation.

In summary, for most of us, we are getting a good deal with these monitors and would think they are the best monitors we have ever owned but for the purest they maybe just a notch under some offer gaming monitors on the market. But of course, you would have to pay twice as much!

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