Is Umidigi A Good Brand? (10 Reasons Why Umidigi Is A Good Brand)

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What Is Umidigi Known For?

The Umidigi is a Chinese mobile phone brand and has been around for years now, so it’s no longer a new brand. The name Umidigi was coined from the word ‘mobile digital’, which means ‘mobile digital technology.

Umidigi has an excellent reputation for being a good brand. In fact, they have several awards to prove it: Consumer Electronics Brand of the Year, Best Online Performance Smartphone Brand of the Year, Best Service Smartphone Brand of the Year, Best Price-Performance Smartphone Brand of the Year, Most Popular Smartphone Brand of the Year.

Another reason why Umidigi is a good brand is that they have been able to grow its market share significantly over the past few years. Their growth can be attributed to two main things: firstly, their ability to innovate with new products; secondly, their great customer service.

Umidigi has been able to successfully expand into more than 150 countries worldwide over the last few years through various channels such as retail stores and online stores. They have also developed relationships with partners in many different countries around the world to help them sell their products internationally.

10 Reasons Why Umidigi Is A Good Brand

Umidigi is a China-based mobile technology company that has been around for quite some time now. The name of the company is not as well known as others like Xiaomi, Oppo, Huawei, Infinix, Tecno, and so on because the company is relatively new. However, Umidigi has been making some great phones that would make you look twice at their devices.

So, why do I think Umidigi is a good brand? Because of the points highlighted below:

1. Good build quality

If you compare the build quality of a Umidigi phone to that of other brands, you will be amazed that the Umidigi phone has better quality than others even though it costs lesser. Many people who use their products can testify to this fact.

2. Nice user interface

The user interface of most of their phones is nice and easy to use. You don’t need to be shown how to use their phones because it is self-explanatory when you buy one. They also have an app drawer, unlike other brands that require users to install third-party apps to get it.


UMIDIGI A11 Pro Max Unlocked Cell Phone, with Sony Camera, 6.8" FHD Full View Screen, 5150mAh Battery Android 11 Smartphone with Dual SIM (4G LTE) (A11 Pro Max 4+128G, Frost Grey)


3. Stylish Designs

All Umidigi phones look modern and stylish, they are not boring at all and this cannot be said about many manufacturers out there. The designs of Umidigi phones are great. They have an Apple-like design in most of their phones which makes them look elegant and classy. You feel like you’re holding a phone that’s worth much more than what you paid for when you buy one.

4. Decent cameras

When it comes to smartphone cameras, Umidigi has not disappointed in any way when it comes to smartphone camera quality. Their cameras are decent and compatible with social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, etc.

5. Big battery

Most of their phones come with good battery performance which can last all day if used properly and less than average if used heavily throughout the day or it all depends on how you use your phone.


UMIDIGI UFit Pro(44mm) Smart Watch Alexa Built-in,Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate , SpO2 and Sleep Monitor, 5ATM Waterproof HD Color Touchscreen for Men Women Compatible with iPhone & Android


Umidigi has some of the biggest battery capacities in the world right now. Their latest phone, the Umidigi S3 Pro has a 5150mah battery which can last you up to 3 days on a single charge. It comes with fast charging support as well. You can charge it from 0% to 50% in 30 minutes and it takes less than 2 hours to completely charge it.

6. Very affordable

The Umidigi phones are cheap in comparison to other brands with similar specifications. If you have a tight budget and would like to enjoy the features of a high-end phone, then the Umidigi phones are the way to go.

You can get a phone that performs just as well as those high-end phones for a fraction of their price. The same can’t be said about other brands because you will find that their low-end phones do not perform very well but still cost more than the Umidigi phones.

This is something that makes many people opt for them over other brands because they know that they will get good value for their money.

7. They sell original products only

They are very specific in selling only original products unlike some brands which sell original and fake as well in different markets. However, it is still possible that there are fake Umidigi products out there but they don’t make them themselves, they are being made by third parties who want to take advantage of the name of the company to make money from unsuspecting customers.


UMIDIGI AirBuds Pro Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling Wireless Earbuds,in-Ear Earphones,Transparency Mode Headphone with 6 Mics, Immersive Sound Premium Deep Bass Wireless Headsets with 5 Sizes Eartips


8. Fast charging technology

Most of their phones come with fast charging technology which enables you to charge your phone in just a few minutes and then last for several hours. This helps in reducing the time you spend on charging your phone thus you have more time to do other things.

9. They are available in many countries

The availability of their brand is not limited to a few countries as they have made their products available in many countries across the world. This means that you can easily get their products in your country.

10. They have many types of phones

The brand has more than 20 different types of phones which provide you with a wide range from which to choose. They also have different phone sizes, operating systems, and camera specs among others thus enabling you to get the one that suits you best.

11. 4G network support

Most of the devices they make offer 4G network support thus enabling you to surf faster and access data on your phone faster than before. This will make your experience using these phones a lot better than it was before when you used other brands which do not have this feature.

The good thing about this feature is that even though most of their phones have it, they still manage to sell them at very affordable prices thus making them some of the cheapest ones available on the market.

12. Water-resistant

The water-resistant feature makes it possible for you to use your phone even when it’s raining or there is snow outside without worrying about damaging your device due to exposure to water elements such as raindrops or snowflakes. It also means that if you accidentally drop your phone into the pool, then there will be no problem retrieving it.


UMIDIGI UFit Pro(40mm) Smart Watch Alexa Built-in,Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate, SpO2 and Sleep Monitor, 5ATM Waterproof HD Color Touchscreen for Men Women Compatible with iPhone & Android


13. Latest technology

Most of their products come with the latest technology that enables you to do most if not all things that other high-end phones can do but at a cheaper cost thus helping you save more money on your phone bills every month.

14. Easy to use and access

Umidigi offers high-quality smartphones which are easy to use and access. Their phones come with a simple interface that makes it easy for you to use the phone without much knowledge on how to access the different features. The interface is also attractive, thus making it more fun for you to use the phone.

15. Fingerprint sensor technology

Most of their latest smartphones come with fingerprint sensor technology which allows you to unlock your phone easily and safely by placing your finger on the scanner.


UMIDIGI A11 Tab 8000mAh 10.4" 2K FullView Android 11 Tablet PC Helio P22 Octa Core 4GB 128GB up to 1TB 16MP Rear 8MP Selfie Face ID Unlock WiFi + Dual 4G Global Version


16. Durability

The brand is known for its durable mobile phones which are made of high-quality materials. They make sure that every material used on their mobile phones is of good quality so as to last longer and serve you better as well as ensuring that they offer value for money when purchased.

You will find that most of their mobile phones are still in good condition even after several years of usage which is unlike other brands whose phones do not last long after the purchase or break easily when dropped accidentally.

In summary, Umidigi, which is pronounced as [yoo-mih-dahy-ghee], is a Chinese company that makes smartphones, smartwatches, and other accessories. And although Umidigi has only been around for about six years, it has made a name for itself in the smartphone industry.

Umidigi is a young and innovative brand that strives to bring the very best in technology within the reach of ordinary people all around the world.

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