Is Tissot A Good Brand? Why We Rate It 79/100

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Tissot is one of the leading Swiss watchmakers that has been in business for over 150 years and is renowned all over the world for its quality and precision, which makes it one of the most reliable and respected brands in the watch industry.

Tissot brand review - good brand

Tissot watches feature cutting-edge technology along with contemporary designs, making them suitable for casual wear as well as important events or occasions. The brand is recognized for its perfect blend of elegance, innovation, and sophistication.

Tissot has also set records by creating a wide range of timepieces including limited edition pieces featuring unique materials such as T-Touch tactile quartz watches, special collections with revolutionary display functions, and innovative chronograph movements.

This brand also offers more affordable daily-use watches for consumers who are looking for affordable yet high-quality watches.

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When it comes to luxury watchmakers like Tissot, craftsmanship is always taken into account which ensures that each product offers excellent performance year after year.

So yes indeed, Tissot is one of the best brands when it comes to precision timekeeping solutions due to its long history in the subject and modern technological improvements combined with timeless design and affordability.

Our Tissot Brand Ratings – 79/100

CriteriaRating (out of 10)Description
Reputation and Trustworthiness8Tissot has a solid reputation and is considered trustworthy by many. They have been in the watchmaking industry for a long time, and their brand is recognized globally. There have been some occasional quality control issues, but overall, Tissot is well-regarded.
Quality and Durability9Tissot watches are known for their quality craftsmanship and durability. They use high-quality materials and precise movements in their timepieces, ensuring reliability and longevity. Tissot watches are built to withstand daily wear and can last for years with proper care.
Innovation7Tissot has a history of introducing innovative features and technologies in their watches. While they may not be at the cutting edge of innovation compared to some other brands, they offer a good balance between traditional watchmaking and modern advancements.
Customer Support8Tissot provides reliable customer support services. They have a responsive customer service team that assists with inquiries, repairs, and warranty claims. Customers generally report positive experiences when dealing with Tissot’s support team.
Value for Money8Tissot watches offer good value for money. They provide a combination of quality, craftsmanship, and brand recognition at a relatively affordable price point compared to luxury watch brands. Tissot watches are often considered an entry point into Swiss watchmaking without breaking the bank.
Sustainability and Ethical Practices6Tissot has taken some steps towards sustainability and ethical practices, but there is room for improvement. They have initiatives to reduce their environmental impact and ensure responsible sourcing of materials, but their overall sustainability efforts are not as comprehensive as some other brands.
Brand Authenticity9Tissot is a well-established Swiss watch brand with a rich heritage. They have maintained their authenticity over the years and are known for their Swiss-made timepieces. Tissot’s commitment to preserving their brand’s identity is evident in their designs and marketing strategies.
User Experience8Tissot offers a positive user experience with their watches. They design their timepieces with user-friendliness in mind, providing clear dials, intuitive functions, and comfortable wearability. Tissot watches are generally easy to use and enjoy on a daily basis.
Longevity and Stability9Tissot has demonstrated longevity and stability in the watch industry. They have been manufacturing watches for over 160 years, indicating their ability to adapt and thrive. Tissot’s history and continued presence contribute to their reputation as a reliable and stable brand.
Industry Recognition and Awards7Tissot has received recognition and awards within the watch industry, but they are not as extensively awarded as some other high-end luxury brands. Nevertheless, they have garnered acclaim for their craftsmanship and design, positioning themselves as a reputable brand in the industry.

Introduction To The Powermatic 80 Movement

The Powermatic 80 Movement is an automatic movement made by the house mechanicals at Tissot S.A.

It features high-precision Swiss quartz that provides excellent torque for its power reserve, allowing it to store energy in order to maintain accurate timekeeping even when not worn or used.

This movement also has a water-resistant feature and can be found on many of Tissot’s watch lines such as their Powermatic series.

Tissot T122.407.16.031.00 Carson Premium Powermatic 80 Men's Watch

The Powermatic 80 Movement offers superior performance compared to other movements due to its design which includes anti-magnetic shields built into the oscillator and gear train components as well as optimized shock protection systems.

Additionally, this particular movement allows for more precise timing accuracy than other movements because of its specialized escapement wheel construction which reduces friction between moving parts while ensuring uninterrupted running time regardless of activity level or environmental conditions.

This combination of precision engineering and robust craftsmanship makes the Tissot Powermatic 80 one of the most reliable and dependable watch movements available today.

With an impressive power reserve and exceptional accuracy, this movement delivers consistent quality without compromising functionality or performance.

As such, this movement is sure to remain popular amongst both casual wristwatch enthusiasts and serious collectors alike who are looking for a durable yet stylish option with maximum efficiency.

The Innovative Swissmatic Movement

The Swissmatic movement is an innovative advancement in mechanical watch movements that have enabled Swiss luxury watches to stay ahead of the curve.

This new technology was developed by Tissot Traditio and provides a unique combination of touch-control sapphire technology, precision quartz movement, and seamless integration with traditional Swiss-made watches.

Tissot Everytime Swissmatic - T1094071103100 Silver/Grey One Size

At its core, the Swissmatic movement offers enhanced accuracy and reliability due to its ability to accurately measure time without any external power sources.

Additionally, it features highly advanced Touch Control Sapphire Technology which allows users to activate functions such as setting their desired date or activating alarms with just a single finger swipe across the screen.

The crystal clear display ensures superior visibility even under bright light conditions while also providing excellent protection against scratches and other potential damage.

Furthermore, this revolutionary system incorporates a wide range of components including top-tier materials for improved durability, reliable quartz crystals for accurate timing, and intricate detailing on each component for improved aesthetics.

In addition, the Swissmatic Movement’s impressive energy efficiency reduces battery consumption when compared to traditional mechanical movements enabling longer run times before needing a recharge.

All these factors combine to create a watch that stands out from the rest in terms of both performance and style – something no one involved will be disappointed with.

The Iconic Eta Valjoux Calibre

Many of Tissot’s watches are powered by the iconic ETA Valjoux Calibre, an automatic chronograph movement made in Switzerland. This caliber is well known for its power reserve function which keeps accurate time even when the watch isn’t being worn.

It is also antimagnetic, meaning it won’t be affected by external magnetic fields like those from laptops or phones. Additionally, Tissot watches feature crystal sapphire glass that makes them resistant to scratches as well as genuine leather straps for optimal comfort on the wrist.

Tissot mens Gentleman Stainless Steel Dress Watch Grey T1274071104100

This combination of features ensures that Tissot remains one of the best value luxury brands available today. With most models costing significantly less than competitors with similar specs, you can get an amazing quality product without breaking the bank. 

Tissot stands out among its peers due to its use of reliable and advanced movements such as the ETA Valjoux Calibre combined with durable materials and sleek designs at reasonable prices. Its long history in watchmaking adds further credibility to this brand’s reputation for excellence in craftsmanship and design innovation.

TIP: An easy way to identify whether your Tissot model is powered by an ETA Valjoux Calibre movement is if it says “Swiss Made” on the dial – all models featuring this caliber must have this label due to Swiss regulations.

The Complexity Of Mechanical Movements

The complexity of mechanical movements has fascinated the watchmaking world for centuries. Understanding how a balance spring works in tandem with a balance wheel to create precise timekeeping is an art form that few can master.

The intricate details that go into creating these mechanisms are remarkable, from pocket watches to wristwatches. Tissot Bellissima, Tissot Carson, and Tissot Chemin des Tourelles Squelette Mechanical all use top-notch components and craftsmanship to showcase their mastery of this complex field.

Tissot Women's Bellissima 316L Stainless Steel case Swiss Automatic Watch Strap, Gray, 5 (Model: T1262071101300)

To explore the inner workings of mechanical movements one needs to have knowledge in several areas: engineering, mathematics, physics, and even chemistry.

It requires more than just mastering the concepts behind each component; it also involves understanding the relationship between them so they work together as part of a larger system.

For example, when a balance spring is adjusted correctly according to its mass and stiffness characteristics it creates an efficient oscillating motion that affects both accuracy and power reserve duration.

Similarly, if the shape and size of a balance wheel is tailored correctly it contributes towards good timing performance by providing inertia during its rotation cycle.

All these elements need to be taken into account before assembling a movement inside a case or housing since any misalignment could potentially disrupt the functionality or lead to premature failure due to wear or vibration issues.

With such complexity involved at every step, it’s no wonder why some regard watchmaking as one of the most challenging fields within mechanics!

From selecting specific materials for each component through machining processes up until final assembly and adjustment – there’s plenty of room for error but also enough opportunities for creative solutions.

At Tissot, you can find unique models featuring classic design cues combined with modern technologies like quartz movements, chronographs, or perpetual calendars – but it’s their range of mechanical pieces that truly stand out thanks to their attention to detail when designing new calibers or customizing existing ones.

Whether you’re looking for timeless elegance (Tissot Bellisima), sporty sophistication (Tissot Carson), or skeletonized marvels (Tissot Chemin des Tourelles Squelette Mechanical) you’ll definitely find something special among their collections that will make your heart beat faster!.

The Nivachron™ Balance Spring

Tissot Men's Le Locle Stainless Steel Dress Watch Black T0064071603300

The Nivachron™ balance spring is a key innovation from Tissot that has revolutionized the watchmaking industry.

This cutting-edge technology, which was first introduced in 2019 and featured on several models of their watches including Le Locle, Tradition, Visodate T, Chrono XL, Gentleman, and SuperSport Chrono collections offers numerous advantages over conventional metal springs. These include:

  1. Improved accuracy – The use of an alloy made up mostly of niobium makes for a much more stable material than traditional steel or brass alloys used for balance springs. This results in increased precision as well as improved shock resistance.
  2. Lower maintenance requirements – As the Nivachron™ balance spring does not require lubrication as its metal counterparts do, it requires less frequent servicing to keep accurate timekeeping performance going.
  3. Greater durability – Thanks to its superior corrosion-resistant properties compared to other metals commonly used in watch movements, this type of balance spring holds up better under normal wear and tear conditions. It also allows for thinner designs resulting in smaller form factor watches without sacrificing any strength or stability.
  4. Longer power reserve – Due to its higher energy density when compared with traditional materials such as brass or steel alloys, the Nivachron™ balance spring can store significantly more energy allowing for longer battery life per charge cycle.
  5. Increased reliability – By being less prone to temperature changes caused by environmental factors related to daily activities such as entering hot showers or cold climates outdoors; the risk of inaccurate readings due to fluctuations is greatly reduced making these timepieces even more reliable during everyday usage scenarios.

In addition to offering considerable advantages over traditional materials used in watch movements, the Nivachron™ balance spring from Tissot helps ensure that their range of products remains some of the most advanced and highly sought-after pieces available today.

For those seeking premium quality timepieces backed by years of experience and expertise within the field of Swiss watchmaking craftsmanship.

The Benefits Of Silicium In Watchmaking

The application of silicium in watchmaking is an engineering marvel that has revolutionized the luxury Swiss watch industry.

Alluding to its revolutionary nature, one can say that it was like splitting atoms on a molecular level when first introduced as a part of modern mechanics and automatic watches.

From luxurious models from renowned Swiss watch brands such as Tissot to higher-end mechanical timepieces with complex inner workings, silicium has been instrumental in creating reliable and precision-engineered pieces worthy of admiration.

Tossit watch benefits

On a technical level, silicium benefits watchmakers by providing them with strong yet lightweight materials for escapements – components responsible for controlling the speed at which energy is released from a mainspring – resulting in improved accuracy compared to traditional metals used in this element.

This increased accuracy allows Swiss engineers to build more intricate movements while still ensuring reliability and durability.

Additionally, owing to its non-magnetic properties, silicium helps ensure greater resistance against external shocks and impacts without compromising performance or longevity over time.

Silicium also offers other advantages including cost savings due to reduced production costs related to manufacturing processes; shorter assembly times; and decreased maintenance needs due to fewer wear points within the movement mechanism.

On top of all these features, silicium’s ultra-smooth surface finish produces less friction than metal counterparts meaning even smoother operation with less lubrication required throughout various parts of the mechanisms.

The Durability Of Sapphire Crystals

When it comes to watchmaking, sapphire crystals are often used for their durability and timeless designs.

Not only is the material itself highly scratch-resistant, but these sapphire crystals are also able to provide water resistance and a transparent case-back so that you can have access to all of your watch’s inner workings.

This makes them an ideal choice when looking for watches like Tissot T-Touch models that incorporate touchscreen technology into the design.

Tissot Mens T-Race 316L Stainless Steel case with Black PVD Coating Swiss Automatic Chronograph Watch, Black, Rubber, 22 (T1154272703100)

The use of sapphire crystal in watches has been around since at least 1821 when Pierre-François Baillie first cut the stone into small pieces.

The development of new techniques over time has allowed this material to become even more scratch resistant while still maintaining its timeless look – something that many modern watch companies strive for with their designs today.

Not only do sapphire crystals add visual appeal to any wristwatch, they also offer a level of protection from wear and tear that other materials cannot match.

This means that if you invest in a quality Tissot model featuring sapphire crystal on the face or bezel, you can rest assured knowing that it will last longer than those made with cheaper alternatives such as acrylic or glass.

Sapphire crystal offers unparalleled levels of durability and clarity compared to most other materials available on the market today making it an ideal choice for anyone seeking out a high-quality timepiece from brands like Tissot whose products feature superior craftsmanship and long-lasting performance capabilities.

With its ability to withstand scratches and resist water damage, investing in a piece featuring sapphire crystal is sure to give any owner peace of mind when wearing their favorite watch day after day without worrying about having to replace it anytime soon.

Guaranteeing The Quality Of Diamonds In Tissot Watches

Tissot watches are as luxurious and fashionable as they come, a shining beacon of quality that keeps ticking away with an hour power reserve.

Their quartz movement is top-notch, making them an essential part of any watch connoisseur’s collection. To ensure the quality of diamonds in their products, Tissot has created many measures to guarantee customer satisfaction.

Their stainless steel cases help protect against wear and tear over time, while high-quality quartz crystals further improve durability and accuracy. With each passing year, new models emerge on the market that boasts improved features such as longer battery life or more antique designs.

As if this wasn’t enough, Tissot also serves as an official timekeeper for major sporting events worldwide – a testament to its commitment towards excellence.

A dependable brand like Tissot requires no introduction; it speaks volumes about its reputation when customers can trust their exquisite pieces without worry or fear.

The company understands the importance of investing in precious materials such as diamonds and ensures these gems stay intact throughout every journey taken by its wearers.

For this reason alone, Tissot stands proudly at the forefront of luxury watchmaking, guaranteeing quality around every corner – a diamond in the rough among all other brands out there!

The Prestige Of Gold In Tissot Timepieces

As we have already stated… Tissot is a Swiss watchmaking brand with over 150 years of history and has come to stand for affordable luxury.

Established in 1853 by Charles Émile Tissot, the company continues to bring a sense of prestige and heritage through its gold timepieces.

The deep-rooted tradition is evident in the eye-catching gold sword indices that are featured in many collections from their ‘Heritage’ line such as the Tissot Seastar.

Tissot is a good brand for gold watches

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The beauty of these watches goes beyond just aesthetics; they also represent an investment in quality craftsmanship that can be passed down through generations due to the timelessness of gold.

For instance, all pieces crafted using yellow or rose gold are completely hypoallergenic meaning users can wear them with confidence knowing it will not irritate their skin.

Additionally, when cared for correctly, these luxurious timepieces should last forever without ever losing any value – certainly something worth shouting about!

Gold remains synonymous with wealth and success — a notion which makes perfect sense given how expensive it is – but there’s no need to break the bank thanks to Tissot’s selection of high-end yet accessible products.

Whether you’re looking for traditional designs or contemporary styles, this distinguished label offers sophistication at an unbeatable price point making it possible to own a piece of history while still keeping your wallet happy.

The Unique Character Of Mother Of Pearl In Tissot Watches

Tissot watches feature remarkable mother of pearl creations that have made the brand a true icon in luxury watchmaking. Notably, Tissot has been able to develop a design language that blends classic luxury with elegant dress watches and modern materials like mother of pearl.

The variety of designs available within this range makes them an ideal choice for anyone looking to add some refined sophistication to their wardrobe.

Tissot Flamingo Mother of Pearl Dial Stainless Steel Ladies Quartz Watch T0942101111100

Mother of pearl is one of the most iconic elements on any Tissot timepiece, as it provides a unique texture and shine that can only be found in certain varieties of mollusks.

This material adds a special touch to each watch, creating an eye-catching look when combined with notable designs from Tissot’s catalog.

While many brands use mother of pearl for decorative purposes, Tissot takes advantage of its full potential by incorporating it into the entire structure and casing.

The combination between classic luxury and contemporary design provided by mother of pearl allows customers to find something stylish yet timelessly luxurious in Tissot’s collection.

From simple dials enhanced by subtle accents to full-blown masterpieces featuring intricate details, there is no shortage of options when it comes to selecting a watch with a strong character.

With these features in mind, it is easy to see why so many people appreciate the elegance and craftsmanship behind every piece created by Tissot using mother of pearl components.

The Hardiness And Longevity Of Ceramic In Tissot Watches

Tissot is an esteemed watch brand renowned for its use of high-grade materials. In particular, the innovative integration of ceramic into their watches has become a signature feature and is indicative of Tissot’s dedication to quality.

This material offers unparalleled hardiness and longevity, making it ideal as a water-resistant component in any timepiece.

Ceramic is one of the most robust materials available withstanding daily wear and tear while maintaining its pristine condition.

As such, this makes it an ideal choice for many components within a Tissot watch such as the casing, bezel, or bracelet links that are exposed to regular contact from everyday activities.

The fact that these parts will not chip or corrode even after significant exposure to moisture ensures that every Tissot watch remains functionally reliable regardless of how often it is used.

The combination of superior hardiness and longevity makes ceramic an optimal choice when designing watches at Tissot which strive to create timeless pieces that can withstand years of wear without requiring frequent servicing or repairs.

Furthermore, due to its unique properties, ceramic also provides distinct visual appeal which further elevates the overall aesthetic value of each piece crafted by the company.

It is no wonder then why ceramic continues to be integrated into all modern models released by this illustrious Swiss watchmaker.

The Importance Of Superluminova® For Visibility

Visibility is an important factor when evaluating a watch, and Superluminova® technology enhances this aspect of the Tissot experience.

This luminescent powder helps to provide clear visibility in low light conditions; it absorbs energy from natural or artificial lighting during the day and then emits a cool glow at night. It is applied to hands, hour markers, dials, and steel bracelets on many Tissot watches.

Superluminova® provides several benefits that enhance visibility for Tissot wearers.

  1. Firstly, its luminous hands are easy to read even in dimly lit environments such as nightclubs or theaters.
  2. Secondly, bright colors make hour markers distinct against darker backgrounds.
  3. Thirdly, the ability to customize color combinations makes the design of each timepiece unique.
  4. Finally, steel bracelets become more visible with Superluminova®, allowing them to stand out against other accessories worn by the wearer.

The combination of Superluminova®’s bright colors and long-lasting properties has made it popular among luxury watch brands like Tissot.

Its versatility allows for various looks depending on the user’s preference—whether they prefer subtle tones or vibrant hues—and its durability ensures that those features will stay intact over time without fading away quickly after exposure to sunlight or moisture.

The use of Superluminova® contributes significantly to enhancing visibility while providing a variety of stylish options for any occasion.

Whether using subtle tones or vivid hues, Superluminova’s application adds vibrancy and depth to every Tissot creation through bold color combinations which bring together different materials including stainless steel and leather straps.

As one of the top luxury brand names in today’s market, Tissot continues to rely on Superluminova®, integrating it into their designs for improved visibility and aesthetic appeal – perfectly capturing what customers look for in both form and function from their favorite designers.

The Rigorous Testing Of Tissot’s Water Resistance

It is important for any watch brand to guarantee the water resistance of their products, and Tissot is no different. Tissot’s commitment to rigorous testing ensures that its watches can withstand any environment or activity a customer might throw at them.

The Swiss watchmaker has developed a variety of models with differing levels of water resistance; some are suitable for swimming while others may only be worn in wet conditions.

The T-One offers 20 meters of water resistance which makes it a great choice if you plan on going diving or snorkeling.

Moreover, all Tissot watches come with trademark Power Reserve function technology, allowing customers to easily track how much battery life they have left even when submerged underwater.

Whether you’re looking for something casual or something more versatile, there’s sure to be a model from Tissot that will meet your needs.

All pieces are rigorously tested under stringent standards in order to ensure optimal performance regardless of the situation – this means that harsh weather elements won’t stand between you and precision timekeeping.  

Tissot Main Collections For Men

Tissot offers a wide variety of watches for men, including the PRX, Seastar, Tissot Supersport Chrono, Gentleman, Chrono XL, and Le Locle collections. All these timepieces provide a timeless style to serve as stylish wristwear for men.

Tissot mens Gentleman Stainless Steel Dress Watch Grey T1274071104100

  • For sports fans, TISSOT also offers the NBA Watches range featuring unique watch designs with official logos and colors of favorite teams playing in America’s professional basketball league.
  • The Tissot PRX is an exquisite collection defined by its minimalistic features that exude elegance and sophistication. The sleek lines and accentuated curves will be sure to make a statement with any look.
  • TISSOT Seastar watches offer contemporary designs with appealing shapes set off against steel or gold cases depending on the model. These versatile timepieces are perfect for both relaxed and formal occasions.
  • For those who prefer a more sporty look, the Supersport Chrono series delivers superior performance as well as bold design aesthetics with options of stainless steel or ceramic reinforcements completing any outfit.
  • For classic style and perpetual sophistication try out the Tissot Gentleman wristwatch which showcases elongated hands giving it an undeniably chic air about it along with distinct styling that cannot be drowned out in any crowd.
  • The TiSsOt ChronO XL is a luxurious option offering contemporary enhancements such as sapphire crystal glass offerings that add character to these evergreen designs from one of Switzerland’s most renowned Watchmakers.
  • The Le Locle collection proudly asserts its simplicity achieved with unmarred perfection thanks to fine detailing enhancing every aspect from dial colors to textures giving added dimensions of charm and refinement to each piece in this collection.
  • A truly elegant timepiece; The Chemin Des Tourelles masterfully takes inspiration from some steampunk-esque inspirations alongside intricate craftsmanship seen on the faces adorning each model suiting very special occasions perfectly while still maintaining everyday versatility.
  • Bringing together both minimalism & classic artistry, the Couturier blends traditional indexes around a beautifully clean face alongside interesting combinations of materials – making sure functions down not outweigh looks.
  • For buffs of horological heritage, The Tradition series rings true reinterpretations in its several portraits balancing precise detailing along with fashionable designs balanced for everyday wear suited for a casual day outing or classy dinners alike.

Tissot Main Collections For Women

Tissot is a good brand for womens watches

Tissot T-My Lady collection

Is a timeless classic designed with modern influences. This visually appealing collection features feminine designs, intricate detailing, and high precision Swiss Made movements.

It’s the perfect choice for a special occasion or everyday use. The sparkling dials are available in a variety of colors and materials, such as stainless steel, rose gold PVD, blue mother of pearl, and more.

Tissot Bellissima collection

Is characterized by its lightness, elegance, and luxury appeal. Crafted with high-precision Swiss Made movements and featuring precious materials like 18K gold and diamonds, this collection is ideal for women seeking an extra touch of glamour in their timepieces.

Tissot Women's Ballade COSC 316L Stainless Steel case with Rose Gold PVD Coating Swiss Automatic Watch Strap, Grey, 16 (Model: T1082082211701)

Tissot PR 100 Sport Chic

It offers sweeping curves and a sleek design inspired by active lifestyles. This lightweight lifestyle collection celebrates the concept of living outdoors with durable materials like titanium that ensures these watches can keep up with the action no matter where it leads you.

Combining functionality and beauty in one, TISSOT PR 100 Sport Chic timepieces are perfect for outdoor fanatics as well as fashion aficionados alike.

The TISSOT Lovely collection

Provides a unique combination of femininity and modernity all in one piece. Featuring bold colors to create a strong visual impact combined with subtle indices, the Lovely watch ushers sophistication but still manages to remain playfully chic at the same time.

Boasting iridescent dials available in sunray finishes or smoke rainbow choices cater to individual tastes while delivering an eye-pleasing effect on each design that shines a light on womanhood while demonstrating how comfortable elegance truly can be crafted into one item

TISSOT Flamingo

This watch brings a hint of whimsy inspired by today’s woman while also providing an injection of electric color into your style.

This fun-loving watch series boasts quartz movement technology combined with sophisticated design cues to inject happiness into any wardrobe combinations throughout the summer season or otherwise.

Straps come adorned with beautiful vibrant motifs that feature highly polished stud detailing part cool half couture each strap encapsulates summertime celebrations like farmers markets sunset strolls ice cream fans share stories from Bonfire Night gatherings or sights from cityscapes.

The energy invigorates music festivals beach dances pier jumping moments Mainly designed around bright sweltering colors throughout each specially designed piece will surely bring joy at whatever event you attend

The TISSOT PRX 35 timepiece

This watch brings a bold, confident look to women’s wrists. With its minimalist style, it speaks to those who want their accessory pieces to make a statement about their personal style.

The dainty design of this watch is perfect for the modern woman looking to turn heads discreetly but confidently.

The PRX 35 is offered in many varieties, including Chronographs Glamour Quartz, Rose Gold Mother Of Pearl, Fantasma Pink Silicone Leather Bracelet Prismsm Active Look Polished Stainless Steel Bracelet, and more, giving there an option for every personality type.

The Seastar Collection from Tissot

This watch encourages wearers living among the hustle and bustle of city life to take ownership of their surroundings and express themselves through its customized nuances.

Skilfully crafted by experienced watchmakers, these cutting-edge styles don’t shy away from being noticed.

With each dive-inspired design giving full honor to deep blue seas and coastal dreams, luxury watches come in stainless steel frames with contrasting accents of deep black tones for a unique look that’s sure to turn heads.

Tailored towards the adventurous spirit, The Seastar Collection offers products that break barriers with their array of solid-toned straps or colorful pattern-inspired designs – allowing true authority when it comes to choosing an accessory for your next journey.

For the urban explorer, style meets performance in these timepieces that invite you to explore all new possibilities as you live life to its fullest.

The Le Locle Collection by Tissot

Is designed for the ladies who appreciate history, craftsmanship, and design. These watches are designed with classic minimalist aesthetics and vintage flavor in mind.

With quality builds along with technical excellence and masterful artistry amplified across performance details, these timepieces will give you the perfect look to match your ever-changing moods.

Different models boast water-resistant properties that make them comfortable formal wear ensembles while Rose gold variations will certainly captivate admiring looks.

A perfect way of expressing oneself, these elegant mid-size complications also feature unique complications demonstrating elegance and sophistication in every move.

Each item from this collection speaks for itself – a serious yet leisurely find that holds daily meaning within thoughtful emotions for every occasion.

Moreover, precious gems combined with colored metals elevate aesthetic standards so even during the darkest days of life bring happiness and joy.

Chemin des Tourelles by Tissot

Is a grand tribute to expert craftsmanship and elegant artistry. Its case back features precision details, making it an expression of punctuality, while the alloy structures showcase clean lines to create a statement of fine fashion.

The pieces flash beautifully in the moonlight, representing sophisticated Parisian sentiments.

When you put on Chemin des Tourelles by Tissot, you won flash beautifully at home in dress shirts and board rooms alike, embodying timeless charisma with every move.

Adorned with accentuated rounded links along its bracelet strands, this luxury timepiece also makes bold statements about power and poise.

Chemin des Tourelles proves its position amongst premier collections with a dignified class through dark hues.

It is crafted for your comfort and convenience as you exude its confident energy in any situation or setting around the world. This impressive wristwear complements any ensemble whilst making a discrete yet regal impression all the same.

The Tissot T-Sport Collection is the perfect combination of style and functionality.

These watches are designed for those who embrace an active lifestyle, featuring precision timekeeping and contemporary stylings.

Constructed from only the highest quality materials, these pieces are both sporty and rugged in their design.

With a combination of stainless steel, titanium, and impressive waterproofing, these watches are made to stand up against all kinds of weather conditions and lifestyle scenarios.

For the daring adventurers among us, there are features such as high-tech shock absorbers to protect delicate piece parts, and oversized crowns for easier operation – perfect for those tough life moments.

Moreover, each piece also includes luminescent hands, extended battery life as well as chronograph functions with two additional counters – a dream come true for sports enthusiasts everywhere!

Furthermore, Tissot has forged many impressive partnerships in the world of sports over the years. Each partnership helps shape Tissot’s vast array of novel features that make its watches so unique.

As a result, they come elegantly imprinted with famous sportsperson’s faces on the dials, or accompanied by specially designed straps promoting teams or events. It’s little wonder that Tissot stands out from its competitors in this sector today!

Tissot Straps

Tissot straps give you the opportunity to customize your look with interchangeable straps that easily snap into place. Find the right Tissot strap by entering the product reference number, which is always prefixed with a “T” and followed by 6-13 digits.

The perfect way to upgrade your watch is by selecting one of our stylish replacement bands. Crafted from high-quality materials such as stainless steel, calfskin leather, and ceramic makes them easy to pair with any attire. The elegant designs range in color and size so that each individual can find the perfect fit.

Breathe new life into your Tissot watch wear by discovering our collection of chic straps and bracelets for both men and women. Show off your sophisticated sense of style when you swap out the original band for a sleek black one or any other option from our vast selection of styles and colors today.


The T-Classic collection from Tissot offers timepieces that are stylish, classic, and accurate. With superior craftsmanship and quality materials, these watches provide a classic look with modern accuracy.

Featuring unique designs inspired by the world of fashion, these watches also offer material sophistication, including stainless steel and 18K gold cases and unidirectional bezels.

The watches come in eye-catching styles for both men and women, including watches with bold Roman numerals or minimalist markers on the dials.

Specialty features such as date windows at 3 o’clock or chronograph functionality add an additional level of sophistication to these smartly designed pieces.

Each watch is highly precise thanks to certified movements like Swiss ETA quartz and automatic mechanical Switzerland-level movements. Durability is trumped only by accuracy, as each watch comes with water resistance up to 10 ATM (100 meters).

Tissot continues its legacy of excellence with the CLASSIC collection of luxury timepieces.

Designed to be a timeless symbol of precision craftsmanship and style, the collection embodies a classically sophisticated aesthetic while providing reliable performance and reliability in every wear.

Get ready to experience an effortless sense of elegance with the exquisite selections found in this collection today.


The Tissot Heritage Collection is a chronicle of the brand’s breathtaking 160-year journey and an exemplary showcase of how Swiss watchmaking tradition combines with classic craftsmanship.

Crafted from carefully selected materials such as stainless steel, sapphire crystal, top-grade Italian leather straps, and water resistant to 30m, each piece exudes sophistication and elegance.

Whether it be the divine appeal of modern masterpieces or a timeless classic showing its unique character, each watch in the collection has stories hinting at the past time before us.

Boasting both contemporary style and traditional charm, these watches have kept some original details alive and made them shine again through new interpretations.

Classic heritage pieces like the Chrono XL Classic feature alluring lines that recall vintage models while incorporating today’s design trends.

With its large graphic elements, easy-to-grasp chronograph functions, casing size at 45mm across, and cambered lugs fitting all degrees of wrist comfort – this piece indeed offers something special for contemporary tastes.

Meanwhile, historical replicas such as the Navigator 1973 draw upon Tissot’s decade-long relationship with Formula 1 racing to bring back reminiscences of daring daredevil races of motorsports history.

Not only does this watch provide true racing spirit, but also imparts a vivacity that can lift any mood – all encased within its 41mm stainless steel case.

On top of being distinguished by design and wearability; Tissot Heritage editions also share ultimate precision ensured by Automatic movements renowned in Swiss watchmaking tradition since 1853.

The combination of innovation and traditional craftsmanship encapsulated in details make this collection perfect for those seeking to upgrade their everyday ensembles with vintage flavor accompanied by timeless style amalgamated through cutting-edge techniques


Tissot Pocket Watches are a timeless classic. Inspired by Swiss tradition and precision engineering, the pocket watch stands as a testament to Tissot’s excellence in craftsmanship and subsequent contribution to horology.

Tissot’s pocket watch collections are equipped with technologically advanced features for the modern collector. With up to 50 hours of power reserve, many watches feature a stopwatch-style double-hand complication perfect for timing accuracy.

The skeleton display through which you can admire the mechanical movement of the watch is aesthetically pleasing and shows off Tissot’s attention to detail in every aspect of design.

Each pocket watch model has its own unique story providing an individualized touch based on chosen materials and styles such as 18K gold plated or stainless steel casing.

For added security during wear or when away from one’s person, many models come with reliable spring-lock mechanisms that ensure the safety of its contents – this also prevents any inadvertent time changes while winding or resetting the timekeeping components.

All pieces come fitted with scratch-resistant sapphire crystals coated to reduce reflections at different angles whilst ensuring visibility even in low-light conditions – ideal for collectors who prefer high-performance hardware that is both functional and sophisticated.

Whether uni-directional, bi-directional, or reversible – each Tissot model offers an innovative way for those seeking a more personalized look but still want their piece of horological history at their fingertips; something which isn’t easily found elsewhere on the market today.

Tissot GOLD

Tissot watches crafted from gold offer timeless elegance and class. Their ‘gold value at silver price’ mission statement promises luxurious style without the hefty price tag.

From classic pocket watches to trendy wristwatches, Tissot has a wide selection of beautiful gold timepieces suitable for any taste. Quality materials and craftsmanship ensure that every piece is wonderfully unique, offering superior comfort and durability at an affordable price.

For those looking to add a touch of luxury to their look, Tissot’s exquisite gold watches are a perfect choice. With intricate details and thoughtful design, each piece brims with a sophistication that is sure to give any connoisseur’s collection an extra spark of glamour.

The wonderful selection of Tissot GOLD watches showcases how class and panache can be well within reach without compromising on quality or breaking the bank. Every elegant creation offers elegance with a modern twist, ensuring there will always be a special watch for everyone.


In conclusion, Tissot is a renowned Swiss watchmaker that has been producing quality watches since 1853. Their innovative Powermatic 80 movement, the ETA Valjoux Calibre, and their Nivachron™ balance spring are examples of their commitment to crafting complex mechanical movements with superior accuracy.

On top of this, they have incorporated several features into their watches such as ceramic cases for hardiness, SuperLuminova® for visibility in low light conditions, and mother of pearl dials for an added touch of elegance.

Additionally, all Tissot watches undergo rigorous testing which ensures the highest level of water resistance certification. It’s safe to say that when it comes to fine timepieces that provide both accuracy and style; no stone is left unturned by Tissot – making them truly ‘the best bang for your buck’.

To put it plainly: if you’re looking for a reliable watch at a reasonable price point then look no further than Tissot – they have something special waiting around every corner.

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