Is Tidewe A Good Brand? (Excellent Waders, Boots, & Backpacks)

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Tidewe is a brand of outdoor and protective clothing for discerning sportsmen. Their clothing has long been known for its quality and comfort. The apparel consists of coats, jackets, waders, vests, pants, and accessories consisting of backpacks, rainwear, and more.

The Tidewe brand most certainly provides excellent products and one of the most impressive things is that they are affordable while still matching the quality of more expensive brands.

Tidewe specializes in the manufacture of workwear and outdoor apparel with a focus on quality and durability, for use in the marine, construction, and outdoor markets.

Tidewe products are designed for waterfowlers who want more from their waders and rain gear. They build the finest, most comfortable, and technically advanced hunting clothes. Their waterproof-breathable technologies are the best in the industry to repel water on the outside and pull moisture away from your skin.

Quick Overview of Facts:

  1. Tidewe is a leading outdoor gear brand that specializes in high-quality and versatile hunting, fishing, and camping equipment.
  2. Tidewe products are designed to be practical, durable, and reliable and are made from stylish and easy to clean materials.
  3. Tidewe offers a wide range of convenient, easy to use products, including hunting and fishing apparel, camping gear, and outdoor accessories.
  4. Tidewe products are designed to be comfortable, functional, and are made to last.
  5. Tidewe products are designed to be sleek, lightweight, and easy to carry, making them ideal for outdoor activities.
  6. Tidewe products are tested in extreme conditions to ensure they are able to withstand the toughest environments.
  7. Tidewe offers a warranty on all of its products, so customers can be sure they are getting a quality product.
  8. Tidewe products are available online (and the reviews are impressive) and in select retailers across the United States.

Below I have provided some examples of some of the most popular Tidewe products with a focus on customer comments about how they feel about the product and if they consider the company to be a reliable and trustworthy brand…

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Are Tidewe Waders Good?

Tidewe has a variety of popular and high-rating waders to choose from including Camo Fishing Waders for MenFly Fishing Waders for Men and Women, and the following Amazon bestseller that has an excellent 70% of consumers rating it 5 out of 5 stars…

TIDEWE Bootfoot Chest Wader – Waterproof Fishing & Hunting Waders – For Men and Women

TIDEWE Bootfoot Chest Wader, 2-Ply Nylon/PVC Waterproof Fishing & Hunting Waders with Boot Hanger for Men and Women Brown Size 10

Example of comments from Tidewe:

I’ve used them about a half dozen times now in waves, over rocks, standing on rocks and seaweed, has decent traction even on slippery surfaces, is still totally waterproof, lightweight.

  • I like how easy and quick they are to put on and they seem to breathe better than other brands.
  • A lot of water brands are sized solely on boot size but the TideWe waders allow for flexibility in the sizing options, a major bonus!
  • They are also extremely comfortable, even after hours of wear, allow flexibility and mobility, and are warm without being too hot or bulky.
  • These are 5 stars for affordable, comfortable waders.
  • Walked through waist-high water without issues, and did not get wet at all. They were very comfortable and I wore them for over 6 hours straight.
  • These waders are surprisingly better quality than what you would expect for the money.
  • If you are looking for a pair of classic chest waders for a tough job in wet conditions, or to hunt ducks in fall or winter weather, these would be great.
  • I’ve been using them for over a month to wade in our pond and clean it up. No leaks, love the cell phone pocket and waterproof pouch.
  • It is a great product! I have used it several times. It is lightweight and waterproof. The quality is terrific!
  • They are easily some of the best, most comfortable waders I’ve owned!
  • For the price, these waders are excellent! I had no problems with leaking and was up to almost chest height at times. 
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Are Tidewe Boots Good?

Tidewe also has a variety of very popular and high-rating boots to choose from including Boots For KidsInsulated Men’s Hunting BootsMulti-Season Men’s Rubber BootsRubber Boots For Women, and the following Boots For Men and Women, which have an excellent 76% of consumers rating it 5 out of 5 stars…

TIDEWE Rubber Neoprene Boots Men and Women

TIDEWE Rubber Neoprene Boots Men and Women, Waterproof Durable 6mm Neoprene Boot, Rain Boot Muck Hunting Boot Arctic Outdoor Boot Men Size 11 Black (Ger Ⅱ)

Example of comments from Tidewe:

Great affordable muck boots. I am a construction worker and spend much of my time in a ditch. These are as good , if not a little better than the name brand twice the cost.

  • These are my go-to boot for all things outside during the winter months.
  • Super deal for the price in comparison to other brands.
  • These are amazing boots. All my friends that had the name brand boots were envious.
  • Performs just as well as the big-name brand boots I’ve had before.
  • Very comfortable & a million times better than the name brand.
  • The soles are very comfortable, with a little give in them they are by far the best hunting boots I’ve owned.
  • Absolutely love these modern boots. I’ve trekked through briars, mud, and thorns in the freezing cold.
  • They are amazingly comfortable, warm in the winter with the heavy sole insulating my feet from the icy ground, and somehow not too hot in the summer.
  • I received the boots and tried them on, instantly I was amazed at how comfortable a “rainboot” can be but these are much more.
  • The boots are warm and perfect for traipsing around in the snow or shoveling it.
  • I’ve hiked in them, and worn them close to daily during fall and winter and they held up great.
  • Bought these for waterproof mucking and ended up wearing them out on a girl’s night to the haunted woods because they were SO cute and comfortable!
  • I imagine these will be my favorite winter boots for many years as they are very well-made as well.
  • Fantastic winter weather boots! Get them one size bigger so you can put thick socks on and these boots are excellent for warmth and dryness!
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Tidewe Has An Excellent Bino Harness

The Tidewe Bino Harness is a relatively new product and already it is receiving high ratings with an excellent 72% of consumers rating it 5 out of 5 stars…

TIDEWE Bino Harness with Rangefinder Pouch & Rain Cove

TIDEWE Bino Harness with Rangefinder Pouch & Rain Cover, Durable Lightweight Portable Binocular Pack, Comfortable Small Bino Chest Harness for Hunting, Hiking (Brown)

Example of comments from Tidewe:

This is one of the best purchases I’ve made on Amazon in a very long time. These bino holders are of just as good quality as your known name brands but at a third of the cost. The quality of this bino chest pack is very good.

  • If you want or need a unique bino case you can’t go wrong here.
  • As nice as or nicer than all the name-brand and expensive units that all my buddies have.
  • For the money, this is a nice bino holder, and a lot cheaper than the other brands.
  • I would highly recommend this bino harness. You should add it to your hunting gear. It has plenty of room for other gear if needed.
  •  A good value and features I wanted that other big-name harnesses didn’t have for double the price.
  • I would highly recommend this to anyone looking for a bino harness that does not want to break the bank!!
  • I just got back from using this on a 6-day whitetail hunting trip in Idaho and was blown away by how good this bino holder is. 
  • The magnetic closure on the top makes opening the main pouch up a breeze. 
  • It also features a small zipper pouch with a lens cloth. 
  • That came in super handy with the snow and rain that would get on my binoculars when I had them out.
  • If conditions get really bad, it also has its own rain fly.
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Tidewe Has An Excellent Hunting Backpack

The Tidewe Hunting Backpack is another excellent product with 76% of consumers rating it 5 out of 5 stars…

TIDEWE Hunting Pack 3400cu, Silent Frame Hunting Backpack for Bow/Rifle/Pistol

TIDEWE Hunting Backpack 3400cu, Silent Frame Hunting Pack for Bow/Rifle/Pistol

Example of comments from Tidewe:

This pack is just awesome all around. Its extremely comfortable to wear, feels like its very well made, has so many pockets you, you will never “wish you had more storage “. Its so comfy that my wife wants one and she doesnt even hike or hunt! For the price, you wont find anything better.

  • Very well-built pack, with plenty of room for everything I need.
  • This pack is amazing and for the cost, it’s an even better deal!!
  • There is so much storage with this timeless pack.
  • This bag is exactly as described. It worked perfectly for hunting with a bow.
  • Has lots of pockets. The back feature to help keep out the sweat was a plus.
  • Super impressed with this backpack when I received It! Very large and has lots of space for carrying items into the mountains or woods.
  • Looking forward to using this pack out west elk hunting as well as camping!
  • If your looking for a solid durable pack with lots of space and pockets, this pack is for you!
  • This bag is exactly what I was looking for! The comfort provided by the flexible inner frame and the number of additional storage areas has quickly turned this bag into my favorite to date.
  • The pack is very well made, I really like it and would recommend it to anyone looking for a great hunting backpack.
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Tidewe Has An Excellent Brand For Waterproof Rain Suits

The Tidewe Breathable Waterproof Durable Sport Rainwear is another very good product with 68% of consumers rating it 5 out of 5 stars…

TideWe Rain Suit, Breathable Waterproof Durable Sport Rainwear

TideWe Rain Suit, Breathable Waterproof Durable Sport Rainwear (Blue Size XXL)

Example of comments from Tidewe:

I’ve used several different others of the cheaper lite weight brands and all have fail to keep me dry and most of them get ripped on day one. NOT THESE!!! This is the best rain protection I’ve owned to date! Took them on a five day camping/fishing trip and they preformed flawlessly. Even on days with no rain I wore them on the boat for wind resistance. Buy these now!

  • The price? WOW! bang for the buck!!! You could easily spend literally hundreds at an outdoor outfitter.
  • I am completely sold on this sophisticated company.
  • Wow! What a great rain suit for the cost. 
  • This suit is well-constructed and durable. It fits as expected and is completely waterproof.
  • I can’t imagine getting a better suit for a comparable price. 
  • This is perfect for any outdoor activity or recreation.
  • In fact, I don’t know what else you’d want in a rain suit.
  • I received my trendy rain suit recently and am extremely impressed by how well this suit is made and the features it has. 
  • I like the overall quality of these suits. Very sturdily made, and high quality. Completely water-resistant.
  • A great rain jacket and pants combo! 
  • Seriously love this rain suit! Kept me dry in a downpour fishing the other day!
  • Breathable, and waterproof for under 100$ that’s a freakin steal in my book!
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How does Tidewe compare to other brands?

Tidewe is a relatively new brand in the outdoor gear and apparel market, but it has quickly become a popular choice for outdoor enthusiasts. Compared to other brands, Tidewe stands out for its commitment to quality, affordability, and innovation.

When it comes to quality, Tidewe is known for using high-grade materials and construction techniques to ensure that its products are durable and reliable.

Who are the primary consumers of Tidewe products?

The primary consumers of Tidewe products are outdoor enthusiasts who are looking for high-quality, durable, and affordable gear to help them enjoy their outdoor activities. This includes hunters, anglers, hikers, campers, and other outdoor adventurers.

Who are Tidewe’s primary competitors?

The most direct competitors for Tidewe are other manufacturers of outdoor gear and equipment, such as Bass Pro Shops, Cabela’s, and Field & Stream.

Where To Buy Tidewe Products?

You can see all of the current products available and purchase them online from their website or from their Amazon Store.

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In summary:

The Tidewe brand has a goal to provide outdoor enthusiasts with a better, more comfortable experience in the field, and judging by how enthusiastic customers are and how highly they rate all of the Tidewe products, this company is certainly fulfilling its goal.

Tidewe is clearly a legit company and a trusted brand.

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