Is The Ordinary A Good Skincare Brand?

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The Ordinary is a well-regarded skincare brand, respected for its honest and straightforward approach to targeted formulations of clinically-proven active ingredients. The Ordinary offers affordable prices while still providing effective results – the core values of its founders demanding that “commodity” not be disguised as “ingenuity”.

The brand’s offering is made up of treatments grounded in familiar yet powerful technologies. Key products from The Ordinary include advanced serum-strength retinoids, stabilized blends of hyaluronic acid for hydration, Peptides for collagen synthesis, Caffeine Solution 5%, and “Buffet”, a hydrating combination peptide product.

By providing transparent and confidently accessible options, The Ordinary has been able to transform the skincare industry with their accessible price points without sacrificing performance or results.

The brand strongly believes in delivering skincare solutions by only working with safe ingredients backed by research and evidence. All products are vegan-friendly and free from parabens, sulfates, and mineral oils. All products are also cruelty-free – refusing animal testing on any level.

This stance has led to them being trusted by consumers who want efficacy-related results and value clarity on pricing policies, more so than ever seen before in the beauty sector.

This has made The Ordinary synonymous with good value yet high-quality skincare products; the perfect combination of both quality and affordability creating an exceptional user experience overall. 

The Ordinary: Clinical Formulations With Integrity

The phrase ‘the ordinary: clinical formulations with integrity’ has become synonymous with quality skincare products.

Taking a closer look at the brand reveals that their collection of carefully curated, affordable and effective ingredients includes lactic acids, ascorbic acid powder, hyaluronic acids, sodium hyaluronate, vitamin c serums, alpha hydroxy acids, glycolic acid and more.

The Ordinary The Balance Set (4 Pcs: Squalance Cleanser + Salicylic Acid 2% Masque + Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1% + Natural Moisturizing Factors + HA)

All these components are well-researched and designed to work together synergistically for maximum potency in treating skin concerns such as acne or wrinkles.

For those seeking an ethical approach to skincare, The Ordinary offers transparency about its sourcing practices and guarantees that no animal testing is conducted on any of their products.

The Ordinary’s Focus On Familiar, Effective Technologies

The Ordinary has developed a reputation for being a reliable and trustworthy brand. Their focus on familiar, effective technologies is what sets them apart from other brands in the market.

Their mission to provide clinical formulations with integrity comes with their commitment to creating products that are free of parabens, sulphates, mineral oils, animal oils, coal tar dyes, formaldehyde-releasing agents and phthalates.

Like an alchemist striving to create the perfect elixir, The Ordinary offers formulas that combine natural ingredients like ascorbic acids and fatty acids in order to stimulate collagen production while providing hydration.

The Ordinary’s audience could be “A symphony of science” – due to its delicate balance between cutting-edge scientific advancements and proven age-old remedies. This symphony of science can be found in many of their products; such as their Polydimethylsiloxyethyl Dimethicone which helps restore luster or their Salicylic Acid 2% Solution which exfoliates skin cells without stripping away moisture.

Furthermore, they offer powerful Vitamin C derivatives like Ascorbyl tetraisopalmitate solution 20% in Vitamin F which brighten dull complexions while delivering antioxidant protection against environmental aggressors.

The Ordinary skincare advanced technologies

Let us take a look at some notable benefits offered by The Ordinary:

  • Aloe Vera – Moisturises & softens your skin
  • Ascorbic Acids – Stimulates collagen production
  • Fatty Acids – Increase overall hydration levels
  • Polydimethylsiloxyethyl Dimethicone – Restores luminosity
    Salicylic Acid – Exfoliates dead skin cells
  • Vitamin C Derivatives– Brightens complexion & protects against environmental damage

It is clear why The Ordinary has become so popular amongst beauty enthusiasts worldwide; it provides clinically tested yet affordable solutions for all sorts of skincare needs. With a wide array of treatments available within reachable price points and backed up by quality research data, it’s easy to see why this brand stands out when compared others on the market today.

The Brand’s Celebration Of Honesty And Integrity In Skincare

The Ordinary has revolutionized the skincare industry with its commitment to honesty and integrity. Its celebration of transparency and simplicity in product formulation is a breath of fresh air for those who have grown tired of shelling out for expensive, ineffective products that lack key ingredients or have short shelf lives.

The brand’s mission to bring healthy skin to everyone through acid exfoliation and carefully formulated blends of natural ingredients has made it one of the most popular brands today.

From powerful botanical serums designed to address common issues like uneven skin tone, to simple treatments meant to provide basic care, The Ordinary’s products are thoughtfully crafted from start to finish.

Everything about them is intended not only for maximum effectiveness but also for sustainability – both environmentally and economically speaking. Whether you’re looking for something as gentle as an oil cleanser or something more intense such as a glycolic acid mask, The Ordinary offers a range of options suitable for all types of consumers.

As if this wasn’t enough already, the brand even provides comprehensive guides on how best to use their products so customers can get the most out of them without any guesswork involved.

This dedication to excellence ensures that anyone interested in taking better care of their skin can easily access high-quality skincare products at affordable prices. With offerings like these, it’s no wonder why The Ordinary continues to be beloved by millions around the world.

List Of The Ordinary Skincare Products

The Ordinary offers a wide range of skincare products that help nourish, protect and hydrate your skin.

List of skincare products you can buy from The Ordinary

  • Exfoliators at The Ordinary gently remove dead skin cells to give you an even, smooth complexion.
  • Eye Serums are essential for reducing the appearance of dark circles, puffiness, wrinkles and fine lines.
  • Face Masques improve the tone and texture of your skin by delivering herbal ingredients such as Kaolin Clay and Glycolic Acid directly into the skin’s layers.
  • Face oils can help restore dehydration for healthier-looking skin.
  • Facial cleansers provide deep cleansing action that helps keep your pores clean and clear of dirt and impurities from daily activities.
  • Moisturizers work to hydrate the skin while also providing natural antioxidants to protect against free radical damage that can cause premature aging, fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Serums are specialized treatments for specific problems such as acne or dark spots with high concentrations of active ingredients like Retinol and Hyaluronic Acid to deliver immediate results.
  • Sets offer a complete system designed around one skincare goal such as anti-aging or oil balance in order to optimize results in less time.
  • Toners renew and rejuvenate dulled complexions while also balancing out pH levels on the surface level of the skin.
  • Tools like Jade Rollers are perfect accessories that aid with lymphatic drainage and overall enhancement of topical skincare formulas.

The Ordinary is committed to giving their customers access to simple but effective skincare formulations across a wide price range with transparency in their pricing so you know exactly what you’re getting for your money – clinical technologies from the highest quality sources at fair prices so you don’t overspend without sacrificing results!

List Of The Ordinary Makeup Products

The Ordinary offers a range of makeup products for all skin types. Their makeup collection includes concealer, foundation, and primer to cover up your skin’s imperfections.

The Ordinary list of makeup products

  • The concealers are lightweight and offer buildable coverage that blends seamlessly onto the skin,
  • The foundations provide a lightweight, natural-looking finish.
  • Their primer helps to create an even base and provides a smooth surface as well as extending the wear of your makeup.

The products available by The Ordinary also come in an extensive range of shades that work with all skin tones and can be used to match your favorite foundation accurately.

Some of the ingredients in this makeup that make it so good include caprylyl glycol, which allows for even coverage across an entire face without leaving any unsightly streaks or signs of clumping.

For those who prefer a more natural finish, l ascorbic acid powder provides some subtle color and brightness while still allowing skin to shine through. Finally, mandelic acid helps promote healthy skin from underneath by removing dead cells and encouraging new cell growth.

Next up is linoleic acid, which can be found in many lipsticks thanks to its hydrating properties. It also helps keep lips moisturized throughout the day so they never feel dry or cracked.

And let’s not forget about sodium hyaluronate crosspolymer – this powerful ingredient works hard to reduce wrinkles and lines around the eyes. Plus, it adds extra volume where needed for maximum impact!

Whether you’re after something basic or something bolder, The Ordinary has got you covered. With these amazing ingredients like alpha hydroxy acids, caprylyl glycols, l ascorbic acid powders, linoleic acids, mandelic acids, and peptide complexes all working together seamlessly – it’s easy to create your perfect look every time!

Whether you’re looking for full coverage or something more sheer, The Ordinary has got you covered with their wide selection of makeup products tailored specifically for enhancing your natural beauty.

List Of The Ordinary Hair and Body Products

The Ordinary Hair and Body Products are specifically formulated for optimal skin and hair health. Highly effective, these products feature comprehensive skincare regimens to nourish, repair, and maintain healthy skin from head-to-toe.

List Of The Ordinary Hair and Body Products

  • Shampoo is a crucial element in any haircare routine. Formulated with mild cleansing agents, The Ordinary’s shampoo cleanses the scalp while helping to restore moisture levels. With ingredients that provide gentle hydration, scalp protection and regular hair maintenance, you can achieve beautiful, healthy hair without stripping it of its natural oils.
  • Conditioner is also an important part of any haircare routine – it locks in essential moisture and helps to make hair more manageable. The Ordinary’s conditioners are specially formulated with nourishing ingredients to soften your locks for touchable smoothness. They work in synergy with the gentle cleansing agents in the accompanying shampoos to provide deep hydration for stronger, healthier looking locks.
  • Lash & Brow Treatments provide nutrients and deep hydration to lashes & brows while protecting them from pollutants and elemental stressors that may otherwise damage or weaken them over time. From growth serums to water-resistant mascara primers – The Ordinary’s range of treatments help you achieve natural volume and definition without compromising on quality or compromising your lashes’ or brows’ health.
  • Hair & Scalp Treatments treat dryness, dandruff and other damages brought by daily styling routines while they enhance hair conditioning with vitamins and fatty acid replenishment. Boosting long-term strength by strengthening follicles at the root so as to reduce breakage issues whilst also promoting a cleaner healthier scalp that allows for greater breathability which slows down progressive thinning of your crowning glory over time – no matter what environmental changes you face!
  • Body Wash contains ultra nourishing actives ethically sourced from around the world coupled with natural botanical extract formulas providing powerful daylong hygiene support; soothing and cooling even under harsh temperature conditions like hot weather climates or post exhaustive athletic pursuits where achieving undisturbed relaxation during showers becomes exquisite relief!

The body and wash products use ingredients such as pentylene glycol which is used in many water-based products to keep them moist and hydrated. It helps reduce irritation on sensitive skin by forming a barrier that prevents moisture loss.

Next, oleic acid can be found in all types of oils such as olive oil, jojoba oil and apricot kernel oil. This fatty acid helps nourish dry scalps and boost shine while stearic acid works to increase volume and thickness when applied to limp or thinning hair.

Copper peptides provide deep conditioning treatment while cocamidopropyl dimethylamine provides anti-frizz protection.

Lastly, vitamin F helps soften locks while reducing inflammation caused by environmental stressors such as UV rays or pollution.

The Ordinary Makes It Easy To Find Products That Address Your Specific Concern

The Ordinary offers a wide variety of skincare products, allowing you to easily shop based on your concerns. Whether you’re looking to target dullness or uneven skin tone, The Ordinary has something for everyone.

The Ordinary offers a wide variety of skincare products, allowing you to easily shop based on your concerns.

For those looking to address signs of aging such as crow’s feet and wrinkles, products that include antioxidant support can do wonders for helping you look and feel your best. You can also find deeply hydrating serums perfect for those with dry or dehydrated skin.

If visible shine is an issue, there are mattifying gels available from The Ordinary that absorb oil to help keep skin looking matte throughout the day. You can also find serums specifically designed to reduce puffiness and dark circles around the eye.

Don’t forget about hair and scalp care either! The Ordinary carries nourishing treatments designed to improve texture and shine while providing protection against heat styling damage. There are even primers available which make it easier to apply makeup evenly while helping foundation stay in place all day long.

Behentrimonium Chloride is one of the key ingredients in many of The Ordinary’s products. It helps to reduce sebum production while also moisturizing the skin; it can be found in their Natural Moisturizing Factors + HA and Hair Care collections.

Citric Acid is another common ingredient that acts as an exfoliant, helping to remove dead skin cells. It can be found in their AHA 30% + BHA 2% Peeling Solution and Glycolic Acid 7% Toning Solution.

Concinna Extract is an antioxidant-rich extract derived from mushrooms and other fungi which helps protect against environmental stressors such as pollution or sun exposure. It can be found in their Mineral UV Filters SPF 15 with Antioxidants product line, as well as several others throughout the range.

Additionally, Squalane oil is included in various items on the list including their 100% Plant-Derived Squalane Serum and High-Spreadability Fluid Primer formulations.

Finally, cleansing is essential in any skincare routine- luckily The Ordinary stocks gentle cleansers that remove dirt, oil, makeup and other impurities without stripping your skin of its natural oils so your complexion stays balanced and healthy-looking. For deep pore cleansing check out their selection of exfoliators designed to target signs of congestion.

No matter the concern, you can be sure The Ordinary provides products specifically tailored for it—so start browsing today! 

You Can Shop By Ingredient

Shopping by Ingredient has become a popular option for personalizing your skincare routine. The Ordinary is pioneering this approach with their offerings of clinically-formulated ingredients tailored to individual skin needs.

  1. AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acids) are known to help exfoliate the outermost layers of skin and minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, giving you a youthful glow.
  2. Alpha Arbutin helps reduce the visibility of dark spots in the skin, as well as improve uneven tone.
  3. Antioxidants like Vitamin C help support collagen production and protect against sun damage, leaving your skin looking healthy and vibrant.
  4. Copper Peptides offer powerful anti-aging benefits that can help restore firmness and reduce wrinkles.
  5. Direct Acids provide an added level of exfoliation that takes advantage of the natural process that happens when acids open pores or loosen blocked oil.
  6. Hyaluronic Acid holds up to 1000 times its weight in water, making it great for hydrating and plumping the skin with extra moisture retention.
  7. Niacinamide is widely known for its ability to brighten skin tone and lighten textural irregularities caused by acne scarring or age spots — it’s an absolute must-have!
  8. Oils such as Squalane naturally reduce excess sebum while evening out texture, which will essentially make it look more radiant over time.
  9. Peptides have been noted to have multiple therapeutic benefits, from boosting collagen production to helping calm inflammation.
  10. Retinoids break down dead layers of cells on the surface layer with regularly applied usage over time; this is especially helpful for those wanting firmer, smoother-looking skin long term.
  11. Salicylic Acid helps exfoliate within pores without stripping the surface layer of essential moisture and oils; italso helps tackle blemishes before they start!

The Ordinary allows you to shop according to each individual ingredient so that you can make informed decisions about what’s best for your unique skin care needs! With clinical formulations at affordable prices — really everyone can be their own personal scientist when perfecting their skincare routine!

The Brand’s Parent Company, Deciem, And Its Expertise In Materials Chemistry And Biochemistry

The parent company of The Ordinary, Deciem, is a leader in the industry for its expertise in materials chemistry and biochemistry. It puts great emphasis on using clean ingredients that are safe and effective; many key components such as butylene glycol, hexylene glycol, l-ascorbic acid, sodium benzoate, sodium chloride, sodium hydroxide, and squalane cleanser can be found in their products.

This demonstrates not only the brand’s commitment to honesty and integrity in skincare but also its dedication towards providing customers with quality products crafted from natural elements.

Anecdotally speaking, Deciem has been praised by beauty experts around the world for creating advanced formulations with friendly ingredients. Its ability to create formulas that have both powerful performance yet mild enough to use daily without adverse effects has earned it an almost cult following among consumers who subscribe to its philosophy of simplicity and affordability.

To further illustrate this point:

  • Butylene Glycol helps reduce redness while hydrating skin
  • Hexylene Glycol acts as a surfactant which helps break down oils so they can easily be washed away
  • L-Ascorbic Acid offers antioxidant protection against environmental damage
  • Sodium Benzoate is used as a preservative agent to keep product fresh over time
  • Sodium Chloride provides moisture retention benefits due to its strong water binding properties
  • Sodium Hydroxide works as an alkali pH adjuster for cosmetics that require proper balance between acids & bases
  • Squalane Cleanser removes dirt & oil from pores while helping maintain healthy skin barrier function

By focusing on simple yet effective formulations like these – along with consistently updated research data – Deciem has established itself as one of the top brands when it comes to high-quality skincare products at accessible prices. As more people become aware of the advantages that come with using The Ordinary’s range of skincare solutions there’s no doubt that it will soon become even more popular than ever before.

The Innovation Brought By Deciem’s Core Brands, Hylamide And Niod

What is the innovation behind Deciem’s core brands, hylamide and niod? This question deserves exploration. Hylamide offers a range of products from their Low Molecular HA Serum to their SubQ Anti-Age Advanced Serum. Niod provides a variety of solutions such as their Multi-Molecular Hyaluronic Complex for hydration, and their Fractionated Eye Contour Concentrate for dark circles around the eyes.

Both brands have developed unique product formulations that take advantage of materials chemistry and biochemistry in order to create cutting edge skincare items.

Hylamide makes use of ingredients like hyaluronic acid serum, niacinamide powder and vitamin C suspension while Niod incorporates vitamins B3, B5 and A along with amino acids like aspartic acid to help boost collagen synthesis. The combination of these components creates innovative formulas designed to provide maximum skin benefits.

The two companies strive to bring exceptional quality products at an affordable price point. They are constantly innovating new ways to improve their existing ranges through careful research and development into materials chemistry and biochemistry which has resulted in some truly groundbreaking results within the world of cosmetics.

In this way, both companies remain dedicated to creating revolutionary skincare solutions that offer superior results without compromising on cost or efficacy.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ The Ordinary

What About The Ordinary’s Sustainability?

The Ordinary’s sustainability mission is to make the world a better place by minimizing their impact on our planet. To make this happen, they’re embracing five key pillars: responsible packaging, fighting against climate change, waste management, ethical sourcing and product lifecycle, and conserving water resources.

DECIEM understand that they won’t be able to achieve complete sustainability right away. However, that doesn’t stop them from trying their best to do whatever they can to reduce their impact on Earth’s environment. They are transparent about what steps they have taken toward sustainability so far and strive towards making measurable improvements each day.

For packaging materials, The Ordinary use recycled paperboard cartons manufactured with elemental chlorine-free (ECF) technology to minimize environmental impact.

All packages must meet the EU standard for recyclability ⁠—no single plastic part in an excess of 0.01g⁠—and also comply with the UNARTE report standards for positive brand presence on the shelf when it comes to recyclable content and plastics usage.

In addition to creating more sustainable packaging material choices, DECIEM is offsetting its carbon footprint by investing in sustainable forestry initiatives which sequester carbon dioxide from entering the Earth’s atmosphere as well as reduce landfill waste and promote biodiversity conservation; all while supporting improved forest management practices worldwide!

The company works closely with suppliers in order to source sustainably-produced ingredients that are highly biodegradable or naturally renewable without compromising quality or integrity. They also identify ingredients with shorter product lifecycles —as a result of being less likely to end up in landfills or oceans—whenever possible when assembling new products.

And finally, DECIEM strive hard to conserve natural water sources by using advanced wastewater treatment systems at manufacturing sites wherever possible —ensuring up to 60% of the water used is reused for production purposes enabling them to reduce their discharge volume enormously!

Is The Ordinary Cruelty-Free?

The Ordinary is a brand owned by DECIEM, and the company has always been proud of its commitment to producing cruelty-free cosmetics. DECIEM does not test any of its products or ingredients on animals, nor do they commission others to do so. They also ensure that none of their suppliers perform any animal testing for any of Ordinaries products or its ingredients.

The Ordinary has also received the Leaping Bunny stamp of approval which is widely considered to be the gold standard in understanding if a beauty product is truly cruelty-free. This certified seal confirms that no animal testing of any kind occurs throughout the entire production process of DECIEM’s products – from raw materials to finished goods.

In addition, The Ordinary follows strict vegan standards and all their formulas are free from animal-derived components and/or by-products such as lanolin, beeswax, carmine or other ingredients typically used in cosmetics production.

DECIEM goes beyond simply being cruelty-free; they actively campaign against animal testing in the beauty and cosmetics industries, partnering with organizations like Cruelty-Free International which work tirelessly to end cosmetic animal testing.

Overall, it is clear that The Ordinary takes very seriously its commitment to creating only cruelty-free personal care products for anyone looking for conscientious beauty products without having to compromise on quality or results.

What is the Best Way to Store Ordinary Products?

The best way to store The Ordinary products is at room temperature in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Some products, such as The Ordinary Granactive Retinoids/Retinols, do require refrigeration after opening.

This requirement is outlined in the product’s directions. Other products may be stored in a refrigerator if desired, although not required.

To ensure that delicate ingredients are not compromised, it is important to make sure that lids and caps are tightly closed on all containers and bottles when not in use. Additionally, users should take care to avoid introducing contaminants into their skincare products by storing them away from sources of heat or moisture.

How Long Do The Ordinary Products Last?

The Ordinary products have a three year shelf life when unopened and stored at room temperature. After opening, the period-after-opening (PAO) symbol can be used to determine the product’s lifetime.

However, a few products such as NIOD CAIL 1% and sun protection products will have their own expiry date printed on the packaging. It is important to check all product packaging prior to use in order to ensure safety and best possible product performance.


The Ordinary is a well-known brand of skincare products that has recently gained popularity for its affordable yet effective line. A closer look at this brand reveals an impressive range of ingredients and formulations, as well as vegan and cruelty-free options.

The Ordinary also offers products suitable for all skin types, from dry to oily or sensitive. Furthermore, the price range of these items is highly reasonable given their quality, making them accessible to all budgets.

In sum, it can be said with confidence that The Ordinary is indeed a good choice for those looking for reliable skincare solutions without breaking the bank. On one hand, customers benefit from natural and healthy ingredients; on the other hand, they are guaranteed high performance in terms of results.

Moreover, ethical considerations such as animal testing and sustainability are taken into account by this company. All things considered, The Ordinary proves to be an excellent option when choosing skincare products.


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