Is Swatch A Good Brand? (Fun & Stylish Like The 80s Only Better)

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What Is The Swatch Brand Known For?

Swatch (sometimes rendered and capitalized as SWATCH) is a line of watches designed by the collaboration of innovative designers, trendy pop culture figures, and top athletes. The original watch brand created this line of watches to appeal to both teenage girls who prefer a sporty style, as well as young adults seeking bold and colorful accessories.

The origin of the brand name ‘Swatch’ is a contraction of the two words ‘second’ and ‘watch.’ Back then, it was only designed to be casual accessories. After years of hard work, the Swatch was successfully created a fresh watch culture.

Swatch is recognized to be one of the largest Swiss watch brands today. This brand is popular because of its creative and playful designs. The Swatch is also a good brand when it comes to affordability.

Our watches should fit our personalities. They should also match our appearance. That is what Swatch is all about, always to have space for its customers to shine. So, why is Swatch a Good Brand?

Swatch is an affordable watch and fashion brand that is all about attitude and color. This makes the brand one of the most valuable watch producers in the world of time…

Swatch Is A Good Brand For Fun Women’s Watches

The following rainbow dial plastic watch is a very popular seller and rates extremely high as well with over 79% of customers rating it 5 out of 5 stars. Not only is this Swatch colorful and reminds you of the 80s it is also very tough and durable as well…


Swatch Women’s GS124 Quartz Rainbow Dial Plastic Watch

Swatch Women's GS124 Quartz Rainbow Dial Plastic Watch

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Example of comments from Swatch Watch:


Being an 80’s child, when I decided it was time for a new casual watch, getting a Swatch was a no-brainer. The tough part was choosing which one. I originally saw this style watch online in a different color pattern. While it caught my attention, something was missing. Then I found this funky colorful little gem and just knew it had to be mine.


  • This watch is reminiscent of all the cool colors and styles that made Swatch watches so popular in the ’80s and that is the main reason I like it so much.
  • I grew up wearing Swatch watches and this one takes me back to the 1980s. I get so many compliments on this watch. It is so fun and colorful.
  • It reminds me of my childhood. In addition to all the good feelings it brings, it’s lightweight, not bulky, and is comfortable to wear all day long.
  • I have gotten so many compliments on this inexpensive watch. It is well worth the price.
  • The numbers on the watch face are easy to read.
  • As a nurse, I need a functional watch that can get wet throughout the day and that has a second hand to take a pulse, as well as a BIG FACE that I need in my advancing age !! This watch fits all my needs and does it will style.
  • I LOVE Swatch, never take mine off, pool swimming daily, and even in the ocean in summer. Amazing!
  • Great watch. I’ve worn swatches since my high school days (cough the 80’s).
  • I’m a nurse and I need a second hand and watches are getting harder to find with one. Thank goodness that these are iconic and still available.
  • It fits well on my wrist and isn’t in the way. Very comfortable and reliable.
  • I wore the Swatch Watch when I was a teenager in the ’80s. I love the nostalgia of this timeless piece. I would definitely buy another Swatch.
  • You can wear this watch with everything casual. I get lots and lots of compliments on it too.

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Swatch Is A Good Brand For Casual Watches

This is another very popular Swatch watch and one er summed it all by saying… “Lovely watch. Truly unisex; Swatch has got the size absolutely right so looks good on a male or female wrist. Much nicer in reality than it appears in the pictures. Classic, clear face, and easy to change settings across the display features“.


Swatch Originals Swiss-Quartz Silicone Strap, Blue, 19 Casual Watch

Swatch Originals Swiss-Quartz Silicone Strap, Blue, 19 Casual Watch (Model: GN718)

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Example of comments from Swatch Watch:


Sleek and stylish this watch is the perfect accessory to any wardrobe. It is easy to read, and water resistant. Swatch has been around since the 1980’s, but this watch is not a throw back. Its style is modern and up-to-date. Having never owned a Swatch before, I was pleased that this model checked all the boxes of what an excellent watch should be.


  • I am a BIG fan of this watch… a great look and has all the features I want. I have an allergy to nickel, and this watch has no nickel in it.
  • This watch is advertised for men mainly but I’m female and it fits me fine. My wrist is about 6 inches around which is pretty small and it fits me on the tightest adjustment hole.
  • Very classy and very easy to read the numbers.
  • For decades I keep coming back to Swatch. I really like that can easily clean it gets something on it and the strap washes right off as well.
  • Bought it for my niece and it was a total throw-back to my college days. It’s simple, practical, and works like a CHAMP.
  • If you know Swatch … what you see is what you get. So so so cute.
  • This watch has a very comfortable band and an easy to read dial with a classy look. It’s a great watch for my smaller wrist size. Love it!
  • I’m a big fan of Swatch Watches. This one is as nice as the rest I have. I especially like the color very much. Great buy, good price.
  • This watch is a beautiful color with a large dial that is easy to read and the band fits my very small wrist.
  • The watch is just as shown. Very comfortable band. It’s becoming one of my favorite go-to casual watches to wear for work!
  • It’s nice to find a “normal” watch without all the crazy designs. 
  • I love this watch. Swatch watches are really good everyday watches. The strap on this one is more rubbery and less plastic which I really like.

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Swatch Is A Good Brand For Stainless Steel Watches

The Swatch women’s stainless watch is another very highly rated watch produced by Swatch with an amazing 82% of consumers giving it 5 out of 5 stars. Some of the comments given to describe this affordable watch were…  beautiful, gorgeous, durable, reliable, waterproof, comfortable, stylish, large watch face, lightweight, great quality, and you can dress up or down…


Swatch Women’s SFK300G Stainless Steel Watch


swatch Women's SFK300G Stainless Steel Watch

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Example of comments from Swatch Watch:


This is such a beautiful Swatch. I am a long time avid Swatch collector, and this is one of my favorites as of late. I have had this for 3 years now and it is still in great condition, and I have yet to replace the battery. I have been buying Swatches religiously since I was 15 years old, and I am now 46. That’s a very long time! They have always proven to be durable and wonderful timepieces for me over the years. I have never had one that I didn’t like or was disappointed with, it’s a great, reliable brand.


  • This swatch is particularly nice because it is dressy enough for most occasions.
  • One thing I love about Swatches is the fact that they are waterproof. It comes in really handy when you forget to take them off before showering or diving into the pool.
  • I have several Swatch watches and this one is gorgeous!!!
  • Hands down the most comfortable watch I have ever owned!!!
  • Absolutely beautiful and stylish. 
  • I like the large watch face as I don’t need glasses to see the time accurately.
  • One could easily spend more on a watch, but why bother? This Swatch is an unusually pretty design, and as you would expect, it keeps a great time. Done.
  • I love this watch! It’s very pretty. It’s lightweight and of great quality.
  • You can dress it up or down. Another great watch from Swatch.
  • I have loved SWATCH since they first came out back in the day and this is my favorite one ever. I like that it is a little dressier, but still whimsical with the climbing flowers!

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Swatch Is A Good Brand For Transparent Watches

The Swatch transparent watch is another very popular and top-rating watch produced by this company. This is a big bold watch, lightweight, goes with anything, comfortable, catch everyone’s attention, and attracts lots of compliments…


Swatch Swiss Quartz Silicone Strap, Transparent


Swatch Big Bold Quartz Silicone Strap, Transparent, 25 Casual Watch (Model: SO27E100)

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Example of comments from Swatch Watch:


If you’re looking for a new watch I would definitely recommended going with this one. Its light weight and goes with anything! I love the big face the watch has and the best part is I could even wear it to the beach.


  • It’s about time Swatch started making big and bold watches again. I loved them in the ’80s and as an avid Swiss watch guy, this is the bomb!
  • Love wearing this. I get lots of compliments!
  • Lightweight and comfy. It is truly transparent. Matches everything!
  • This is a wonderful watch that catches everyone’s attention, not just in person but also in pictures on social media.
  • It is extremely lightweight and I love to wear it on hot days.
  • Gave my first one to my nephew and had to get another. One of my favorite watches in my collection.
  • This watch is absolutely amazing! The transparency in the face with the black lines to help tell the time makes it a perfect watch to wear with ANYTHING!

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Swatch History

The Swatch was born in the year of history. It was in the year 1983. From then on, the word ‘time’ found its meaning. The company launched 12 watches only with 51 pieces. These watches are all Swiss made. They are also shock and water-resistant.

With these inventions, the company has completely reshaped the market industry. This made the company be on top of affordable yet fashionable time items and pieces.

  • The Swatch is also the first brand to launch its Swatch Automatic. It is the first watch that does not need batteries. With just one move, this watch can do its trick.
  • Swatch is a good brand when it comes to advances in technologies. In 1995, they amazed everyone’s attention by creating the Swatch Solar. This Swatch Solar helps the Mother Environment to have the power to power the watch itself.
  • When it comes to surprises, Swatch will never let you down. The year 1997 is a year of amazement. In that year, the SKIN was created. It is known to be the thinnest watch piece in the world.
  • Connecting people is also the goal of the Swatch brand.  They are also among the pioneers to launch the Swatch Paparazzi. It is a connected watch. This kind of watch is created to connect individuals even with wireless internet connections wherever and whenever. This watch also offers instant messaging, weather, and news update.

With the number of advances the Swatch brand has made, they are still striving for more. In the year 2013, the company has taken a great innovation to a brand new level with SISTEMS51.

This is a kind of automatic watch. It only contains 51 pieces. It is not the typical watch with hundreds of pieces painfully put together.

Another best innovation of this brand is its response to its customer’s needs.  Paying for your items, products, and groceries is as easy as knowing and telling the time.

The year 2015 is a year where the instant transaction was born. The Swatch Bellamy was born in that year. It is the kind of watch that contains a payment function integrated inside the parts.

With the many changes that are happening worldwide, Swatch has decided to add a highlight to its timeless brand history in September 2020.

This means to replace conventional bio-sourced materials. They also want to premiere a collection of the very first Swatch designs and models to the present time.

Below I have provided some examples of some of the most popular Swatch Watches with a focus on customer comments about how they feel about the product and if they consider the company to be a reliable and trustworthy brand…

Where To Buy Swatch Watches?

You can see all of the Swatch Watches currently available and purchase them online from their website or at Amazon.

In summary, the Swatch brand makes its legacy as the number one finished watches manufacturer in the world. This company has produced the necessary components that are needed for the production and manufacturing of the watches that can be sold in its 18 brands.

Take note that the Swatch brand has its technical and aesthetic qualities.  Technical qualities like accuracy and having water- resistance element is included. The aesthetic element that gives their watches their design originality is also covered.

The Swatch Group is indeed a good brand. It is the supplier of many components and materials to many individual brands. This makes the Swatch brand reliable, efficient, and of excellent quality.

In addition to their numerous advancements in their field, the Swatch group also has and owns some popular brands nowadays. This includes the Omega, Tissot, Blancpain, Rado, Calvin Klein, Longines, Balmain, Certina, Hamilton, and even the Breguet brand.

Swatch has earned numerous respects because it never fails to make good and affordable watches. This brand is surely a good brand for innovations, creativity, efficiency, and affordability.

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