Is Swarovski A Good Brand? (Watches & Jewelry That Is Worth It)

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If there is a name in the fashion industry that can be naturally associated with luxury and class, it is definitely Swarovski…

Established in 1895 by Daniel Swarovski, it is an iconic brand that is well-known for manufacturing high-quality crystal jewelry, fashion clothing accessories, sculptures, and more.

Its fine crystal jewelry has won acclaim all around the globe.

Swarovski History

Swarovski is a renowned Austrian family brand founded by Daniel Swarovski, Franz Wens, and Armand Kosman. It was established in 1862 under an extended name i.e. A. Kosmann, D. Swarovski & Co.

Daniel Swarovski was born in Bohemia in 1862. At that time, his family owned a crystal-cutting company in the area. In 1883, he established a jewelry company which expanded very quickly.

In 1891, Daniel registered a patent for his crystal cutting machine and started crystal production in Wattens, Austria in 1895.

In 1911, Daniel and his family built their own glassworks factory and manufactured premium quality glass. After WWII, they founded a new company called Swarovski Optik.

It used Swarovski’s glass manufacturing expertise to create telescopes, binoculars, and lenses, making Swarovski a market leader in precision optics.

In 1974, the company developed and introduced its popular Hotfix technology that allows crystals to be fixed directly to fabrics and clothing without plastic or metal settings.

In 1989, the company’s Edelweiss logo was replaced with the Swan logo, which is used on Swarovski storefronts and packaging around the globe.

Today, the company is run by the fifth generation of the Swarovski family and they continue to focus on their classy and decorative vintage style.

Below I have provided some examples of some of the most popular Swarovski products with a focus on customer comments about how they feel about the product and if they consider the company to be a reliable and trustworthy brand…

Are Swarovski Watches Good?

Swarovski Watches get very good reviews from customers who own them as illustrated by the following women’s crystal watch that is an excellent gift idea because of its elegant and classy style guaranteed to attract compliments…


SWAROVSKI Women’s Women’s Crystalline Oval Stainless Steel Quartz Watch with Metal Strap


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Example of comments from Swarovski reviews:


I love my elegant timeless watch. It’s classy and sophisticated. The oval face with the crystals showing thru make it a simple must have. I’ve received many compliments. It was a birthday gift from my husband.. Thanks hubby and Swarovski my watch is a hit!


  • Watch is gorgeous! The crystals catch light from all directions.
  • I purchase it for my girlfriend and she just LOVED IT… is stylish, is elegant… it is awesome
  • The curve of the watch face makes it very comfortable to wear.
  • I love the beaded band, looks much more elegant than the leather strap model.
  • Absolutely love this watch! Beautiful and sparkly with a touch of class!

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Are Swarovski Necklaces Good?

Swarovski has a wide range of beautiful necklaces to choose from and every single one of them is very highly rated by customers as demonstrated by the following popular crystal necklace…


SWAROVSKI Women’s Attract Stud Pierced Crystal


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Example of comments from Swarovski reviews:


This a beautiful dainty necklace. It can be worn at different lengths around your neck and will go with many different garments. It is very eye catching, yet understated.


  • Beautiful crystal and delicate setting and chain. LOVE IT.
  • Swarovski makes sparkle that sparkles. Don’t hesitate.
  • The quality you expect from Swarovski. Beautiful. Great price. Received timely! Perfect gift.
  • Best gift I have bought in a long time. It is gorgeous and looks real, my Granddaughter will love it.
  • LOVELY necklace. Perfect length and beautiful shine.

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Are Swarovski Earrings Good?

Once again Swarovski has a great range of beautiful earrings to choose from and they too receive excellent ratings from customers as the following popular selling circle earrings demonstrate…


SWAROVSKI Women’s Creativity Circle Earrings & Necklace Crystal Jewelry Collection


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Example of comments from Swarovski reviews:


These are beautiful. The simple style makes them easy to wear for work or evening. They can be add sparkle to simple jean and t-shirt day, or can be worn with a more dressy outfit as well.


  • I love these earrings! They’re classy and goes with anything you wear. They’re affordable and just the perfect size!
  • The crystals are very clear and very reflective.
  • They reflect white light and are eye-catching.
  • The rhodium is also a very shiny whitish tone metal.
  • These earrings really sparkle.
  • The crystal in the middle of the circle shines nicely and as the light is coming from different angels it really sparkles.
  • They are small but really classy looking without being too bling, the sort of earring you’d want for the serious cocktail party.
  • When you say Swarovski made it, you know you have a quality item, thank you, Swarovski.
  • Gifted to my mother. Beautiful classy earrings, not too small not too big. Timeless and beautiful and of good quality.

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Are Swarovski Bracelets Good?

When it comes to bracelets Swarovski has some of the top-rated beautiful bracelets you can find and is the ideal gift for birthdays, graduations, Christmas, etc…


Swarovski Women’s Ginger Bangle Bracelet


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Example of comments from Swarovski reviews:


I bought this as a present for my daughter and she loved it! It’s a beautiful bracelet, delicate and very feminine. The rose gold colour is lovely and it can be adjusted to fit all sizes.


  • Precious bracelet. Bought it as a grad gift for my granddaughter & she loves it. So delicate & pretty.
  • Swarovski never disappoints. This bracelet looks expensive for its price and very beautiful to be paired with any attire.
  • I love it! It’s so elegant and comfortable to wear.
  • Liked the delicate design, looked sophisticated and expensive, was given for a special birthday gift.

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Swarovski Is A Good Brand For Jewelry Sets

Swarovski has an excellent range of jewelry sets to select from and they don’t disappoint receiving very high ratings from customers as demonstrated by the following example…


Swarovski Women’s Infinity Knot Rose-Gold Tone Finish Bangle Bracelet, Necklace & Earrings Crystal Jewelry Collection

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Example of comments from Swarovski reviews:


This was a gift for my daughter. The quality of the jewelry is worth the money. Swarovski jewelry Is quality, unique and beautiful all rolled up in one.


  • Elegant and very appealing to my new bride!
  • Delicate and well-made. Bought it as a gift and it went over very well!
  • A very elegant gorgeous piece was Valentine’s gift.
  • This is just lovely. I think it’s fairly unique, too. I don’t think I’ve seen a chain with a bangle like this.
  • It comes in Swarovski’s signature blue box that would work well for a gift.
  • It’s a rather dainty piece, for dressy occasions, I think, but it would dress up office clothes too.

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What Makes Swarovski a Good Brand?

We have already seen their excellent history and how much customers love the jewelry and watches produced by this reliable company. The following are some other key factors that make Swarovski a good brand:


Influential Crystal Jewelry Brand

Swarovski is one of the most popular jewelry brands in the world and has been for more than a century. There are several other brands that operate under Swarovski.

For instance, Atelier Swarovski partners with major luxury fashion designers such as Jason Wu and Karl Lagerfeld to manufacture luxury clothing.

Schonbek manufactures crystal chandeliers. Swarovski also specializes in manufacturing figurines, museum art, read-made jewelry, optical instruments, road safety products, and lighting systems.

Global Reach

Swarovski’s reach expands to nearly 170 countries in the world. So basically, the world of Swarovski is as far as you can go.

The fashion industry giant has over 3,000 stores around the world, generating revenue in billions of euros.


High-Quality, Affordable Jewelry

Swarovski offers high-quality man-made gemstones and crystals that are very good at imitating natural gemstones and diamonds while coming at a fraction of the price.

The brand has established itself as a global leader in the high-quality, affordable jewelry range.

Great Value for Money

Swarovski offers ornament crystals and jewelry of all quality and price ranges. The brand is well-known for its unique style and classy, chic designs.

All of their products tend to have a great quality to price ratio both in terms of their sparkle and beauty, as well as their durability.

Where To Buy Swarovski?

You can see all of the Swarovski products currently available and purchase them online from their website or at their Amazon Store.

Overall, it’s not surprising why Swarovski is so popular as a crystal jewelry brand. It is a brand that focuses on tradition and luxury.

Throughout the years, it has offered its consumers top-notch products at affordable prices. And it continues to partner with fashion designers to create and innovate new designs pushing the capabilities of crystal design.

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