Is Sport Rack A Good Brand? (Budget-Friendly Cargo Carrier Brand)

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What Is The Sport Rack Brand Known For?

Sportrack is a budget-friendly brand that sells a variety of bike racks, roof boxes, ski racks, and kayak carriers…

Is Sportrack any good?

I have classified Sportrack as a good brand overall however their products are really a mixed bag between excellent and only fair. In particular, the Sportrack cargo boxes are a great deal and match the quality of more expensive brands.

However, I was disappointed with the overall feedback for the majority of the Sportrack roof racks and bike racks and would definitely only rate them as fair.

The Sportrack brand has been acquired by Thule which is a very highly regarded company so perhaps in time, we will see improvement in the quality of the Sportrack products.

But for now, you need to remember that Sportrack is a budget brand and for the most part you get what you pay for. I am confident that their cargo box is a great deal and an excellent product.

Outside of that product, I would stick with Thule if you can afford it.

Below I have listed the most popular Sportrack products with a focus on customer comments about how they feel about the product and if they consider the company to be a reliable and trustworthy brand.

Sportrack Is A Good Brand For Cargo Boxes

The following Sportrack cargo box has reached Amazon Choice status and has an excellent 72% of consumers rating it 5 out of 5 stars…


SportRack Vista XL Rear Opening Cargo Box


SportRack Vista XL Rear Opening Cargo Box (Black, 18 Cubic Feet)

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Example of comments from Sport Rack:


This cargo box is awesome. And large. I still can’t believe the price compared to the other big brands. I highly recommend this cargo box.


  • This is a killer deal compared to the name brands that are more than double the price.
  • It is very spacious and held multiple air mattresses and sheets and other stuff too.
  • Not only did it hold a TON of bags, blankets, golf clubs, sports equipment, and luggage, but we didn’t even know it was up there on the roof.
  • It’s quiet and it didn’t reduce our gas milage!
  • I am so glad I bought this SportsRack over one of those overpriced major name brand ones. But speaking of name brands, this box is made by Thule!
  • This is a great cargo box. Very quiet at any speed, and very easy to mount.
  • For the price, this is an excellent value compared to other brands.
  • It survived very well through over 1,000 miles with rain and intense heat.
  • Don’t waste your money on more expensive brands. This thing is awesome!!!
  • An incredibly great value. You are throwing your money away on equivalent products from the others.
  • Swallows an enormous amount of cargo. No need to spend double for a fancier brand.
  • It stores a great deal of luggage and it stays dry when latched. I like that it opens from the back.
  • This was way less expensive than other brands like my father has, and this one was just as nice.
  • It’s a fantastic price compared to many of the others I researched plus I had no idea this company is owned by Thule.
  • Perfect for us..and if you notice, manufactured by one of the brand names.
  • Great price, really big. We fit our 10×10 pop-up tent, camping chairs, umbrella, and sports bags with room to spare.

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Sportrack Has An Excellent Bike Stand

The following Sportrack bike stand has also reached Amazon Choice status and has an excellent 73% of consumers rating it 5 out of 5 stars…


SportRack Adjustable Bike Stand


Sportrack Adjustable Bike Stand

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Example of comments from Sport Rack:


AWESOME!! I needed a way to keep my bikes off the carpet in my apartment and out of the way so my girlfriend didn’t bug me to get rid of one. This has been the perfect solution.


  • I noticed the Sportrack – which is EXACTLY the same rack like the Thule but for half the price. The only difference is the branded sticker on the top. If you are considering the Thule – get this one, it’s the same.
  • This rack fits nicely in the corner and easily holds my road bike and full suspension mountain bike, keeping them out of the way.
  • Sportback is a subsidiary of Thule, so this rack is EXACTLY the same as the Thule Universal Bike Stacker.
  • I use them back to back in my garage. The leveling feet on this one is a nice touch.
  • Easy to put together, holds both my women’s mountain bike and road bike, small footprint, and convenient for apartment use.
  • Works perfect for our small apartment. Sturdy, simple to mount, and convenient size.
  • Stable WITHOUT having to attach it to any wall for anchoring or to floor or ceiling.
  • The perfect solution to indoor bike storage in an apartment.
  • This stand has worked out perfectly for our two road bikes.
  • It is well designed and made, leading to an extremely sturdy stand that doesn’t shake or wobble with the load.
  • As it’s free-standing I know I can easily relocate it if I need to in the future.
  • I’m also very pleased with the price of this compared to other similar stands.

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Sportrack Is A Good Brand For Ski Carriers

The following Sportrack Deluxe Ski Carrier doesn’t have a large number of to go on however an excellent 71% of those who have ed it have rated it 5 out of 5 stars…


SportRack Groomer Deluxe Ski Carrier


SportRack Groomer Deluxe Ski Carrier, Black

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Example of comments from Sport Rack:


Bought this because didn’t want to spend the $$ on Thule etc… Installation was fast and instructions were good. Next day headed up to the slopes without an issue and skis did not move. Parked beside all the name brand racks and was almost no different.


  • This ski rack really has held up well. It holds everything we need on our trips: 2 sets of skis, poles, and a snowboard without any problem.
  • We live 5+ hours away from the ski resort where we have season tickets but traveled 7+ hours to different ski resorts and this ski rack hasn’t let us down.
  • Simple installation. Fits well and holds six pairs of skis securely. Two-position latch for thin or thick cargo.
  • There is plenty of clearance for bindings. Very quiet loaded or empty even at (fast) highway speeds.
  • This is a well-made rack and I am happy with it. It fits 5-6 pairs of skis and it holds them securely. Mounting on my Yakima round crossbars was easy.
  • Easy to install and simple to use. Carried five sets of skis with no problems over 500 miles at 75 mph. No noise or shifting.
  • It holds 6 pairs of skis perfectly and firmly. Saved a lot of space for other ski gear in our trunk. HIGHLY recommend!
  • Excellent quality and easy mounting. Nice, deep rubber cushioning. Long enough for six pairs of skis with bottoms facing each other.
  • I’ve owned several ski racks for over 40 years and this one is the best.

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Sportrack Is A Good Brand For Kayak Carriers

The following Sportrack Kayak Carrier is another that doesn’t have a large number of to go on however a good 67% of those who have ed it have rated it 5 out of 5 stars…


SportRack Mooring 4-in-1 Kayak & SUP Carrier


SportRack Mooring 4-in-1 Kayak & SUP Carrier

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Example of comments from Sport Rack:


I almost never take the time to write a , but I have been using these racks for 2 years and they are absolutely perfect for what they are designed to do. We just bought our fourth kayak and I had no problems fitting all four.


  • Finally, I am able to load 4 full-size sea kayaks with minimal hassle.
  • Very versatile rack. I always struggled with other racks because they have three very different sized kayaks. I was constantly adjusting the distance between the separate saddles.
  • This single rack fits all my kayaks (22 inches wide to 32 inches wide) with no adjustments.
  • I have two sets…one on each car. It’s nice to use it flat when I’m only carrying one kayak but I can easily flip them both to a double carrier when we want to drop a car.
  • Holding 2 x 10’ kayaks on the roof of a Mini Cooper. Two thumbs up.
  • I have used it numerous times to carry two kayaks and it does a great job.
  • Great item and can’t beat the price rubber feet on the mouth does a great job holding the kayak in place.
  • Easy to install and easy to use securing my kayaks. Glad I bought this one.
  • I love the versatility of this rack system. It really does provide a great alternative to buying two separate individual racks and saves you a lot of money in the process.

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Where To Buy Sportrack Products?

You can purchase Sportrack products online from their website or from their Amazon store.

As stated earlier the Sportrack brand is a more budget-friendly choice for your rack and carrier needs. Their cargo box is ultra-impressive for the price and is certainly well worth consideration.

The brand is now owned by Thule that is a more expensive brand but their products are way more highly regarded than Sport racks.

So with the exception of the cargo box and a few other items listed above, I would stick to Thule or Yakima for other products.

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