Is Skagen A Good Brand? (Watches With A Conservative Elegance)

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What Is The Skagen Brand Known For?

Skagen is a very popular brand for watches under the umbrella company Skagen Designs Ltd. Aside from watches; the company also offers high-quality jewelry and handbags and other fashion and personal accessories such as leather purses…

Skagen is renowned as a minimalist styled and designed fashion watch brand. As inspired by the village from the company got its name, Skagen commits to making products with uncluttered, clean as well as streamlined styles.

Are Skagen watches good?

The Skagen watch brand is known and loved for its minimalist, classic styling; for the clean-cut, simple feel, and the long-lasting durability of its watches. As we move into a more urbanized world, Skagen watches take on a far greater level of meaning when the conversation is exchanged in regards to form and function.

They believe that simply-made products are more beautiful as well as more versatile. What is more, those who bought and are using their products appreciate that they are slim, sleek, and straightforward… They found Skagen products as a good investment…

Are Skagen Men’s Watches Good?

As with all watch manufacturers, Skagen offers a wide variety of men’s watches and they all have impressive ratings and great customer feedback. The following watch is lightweight, beautiful, keeps precise time, has a minimalist style, and an adjustable clasp that can fit your wrist without the inconvenience of removing or adding links…


Skagen Men’s Sundby Titanium and Stainless Steel Mesh Casual Quartz Watch


Skagen Men's Sundby Quartz Analog Stainless Steel and Mesh Watch, Color: Grey (Model: 233XLTTN)

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Example of comments from Skagen Watch reviews:


Very elegant looking watch and it’s so lightweight that I forget I’m wearing it. I really like how adjustable the clasp is. Adjust it to your wrist size without having to add/remove links.


  • I have to say that this Skagen is the most accurate watch I have ever owned; keeping precise time or within a second or two each week.
  • This watch is beautiful with the blue face and black strap and it has numerals that make it easier to grasp the time even when I wake up too early in the morning.
  • I like this watch a lot! I like the fact that it has minimal “bling” and looks great on my wrist.
  • This watch looks great wearing it with a suit or shorts. I also have the silver one that I wear with earthy colored clothing.
  • I’ve gotten many compliments on the Skagen watches.
  • This watch is great! So thin and light you’ll forget you’re wearing a watch.
  • Love the minimalist concept!
  • This watch seems to keep precise time and is extremely attractive; the blue dial is the best one!
  • The watch bracelet is very secure once you have it adjusted properly and you become accustomed to how it functions; it’s simply great!
  • I’ve had this watch for a little over a month, and it’s now my favorite.

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Are Skagen Women’s Watches Good?

Skagen Watches for women are also very popular, especially for the great price. Customers use words such as sleek, classic, dainty, delicate, and conservative elegance to describe the following example…


Skagen Women’s Freja Stainless Steel Mesh Dress Quartz Watch


Skagen Women's Freja Quartz Analog Stainless Steel and Leather Watch, Color: Black (Model: 358XSSLBC)

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Example of comments from Skagen Watch reviews:


The watch is gorgeous, and I really like that it doesn’t look silly or bulky on my small wrists, as a lot of other watches do. I have received numerous unsolicited compliments on this watch. I have had no problems with the watch keeping time, falling apart, or being difficult to set. I do not find the watch face to be too small, and I have no problem quickly glancing at the watch to see the time.


  • I would recommend this watch to anyone, specifically women with small wrists, who are looking for something very pleasant to wear at a decent price.
  • This watch is dressy enough to wear with nicer outfits but doesn’t look too out-of-place with casual outfits either. It’s my everyday watch.
  • Conservative elegance, quality of workmanship, and slim design & easily adjustable fit.
  • I love the way it looks; sleek, dainty, and classic.
  • This watch looks classy and delicate. I absolutely love the two-tone mesh band.
  • I love the mother-of-pearl face and the tiny crystals to mark the numbers. I also think the gold/silver mix is perfect with any accessories.
  • Small and classy! Fits perfectly for my small wrist without eating the whole thing. The adjustable band makes it easy to adjust yourself.

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Are Skagen Smart Watches Good?

The Skagen smartwatches have people who love them however overall the ratings are just not good enough for me to rate it a good watch and to be blunt while Skagen rates highly for other watches I just don’t think they have nailed it yet with smartwatches…


Skagen Connected Falster 3 Gen 5 Stainless Steel Touchscreen Smartwatch

Skagen Connected Falster 3 Gen 5 Stainless Steel and Silicone Touchscreen Smartwatch, Color: Pink (Model: SKT5205)

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Example of comments from Skagen Smart Watch reviews:


Really cool looking smart watch. Sure to get noticed and appreciated. Using Google fit with and without phone. Inbuilt GPS works just fine. Wear OS works good with no glitches. Have facer app to choose from many watch faces. Not flashy but rich look. Skagen is known for minimalistic designs.


  • It’s a great smartwatch and very stylish. The charging system is very reliable.
  • Finally, a nice, attractive, useful, responsive, easy to use, Android Wear watch that I love.
  • I got this watch as a gift from my wife, the battery life is great once you toy with it a bit (I get 2 to 3 days out of it).

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Are Skagen Necklaces Good?

The Skagen necklaces rate highly however they are not a big seller (at least on Amazon) so the sample size is small and the same can be said for their earrings and bracelets…


Skagen Women’s Stainless Steel Silver Necklace

Skagen Agnethe Pearl Silver-Tone Pendant Necklace, 15" + 1.5" Extender

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Example of comments from Skagen necklace reviews:


My wife absolutely loves this necklace! The tight pattern of the necklace looks amazing and the pendant looks like it’s much more expensive than it is. The overall color is a darker silver, which goes well with almost any clothes. She thinks it’s very elegant and is exactly her type of style.


  • I like the contrasting finishes — I think it looks subtle but elegant.
  • The style of this necklace really caught my eye, and I’m not at all disappointed now seeing it in person.

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Skagen History

Skagen was discovered in the year 1989 by Henrik and Charlotte Jorst, a Danish couple. The couple initially came from Copenhagen, Denmark. They decided to relocate to the US by 1987 when Henrik was assigned as the Sales Manager of Carlsberg in the US.

On the other hand, along with this promotion, the couple also sought and aimed to have and handle their own business.

The two decided to represent Jacob Jensen’s timepieces in the United States and other gift watches from a Denmark manufacturer. Afterward, the couple got in touch with Comtech Watches, a renowned watch, and clock company based in Denmark.

The two were able to make watches with elegant designs and style while still making them available for a low price. The couple showcased such timepieces with their own styles in 1991 in New York City during a business gift fair.

During the fair, their timepieces and their styles drew the attention of many retailers. The retailers motivated the two to introduce the timepieces under their brand. The couple did so, and this is where Skagen Denmark was established.

Are Skagen watches any good?

Below I have provided some examples of some of the most popular Skagen watches with a focus on customer comments about how they feel about the product and if they consider the company to be a reliable and trustworthy brand…

What Makes a Skagen A Good Watch Brand?

Skagen is one of the most sought after brands due to various other remarkable reasons such as:


Wide Range of Products

One good reason for popularity and reliability is the vast array of products they offer. The company designs, manufacture as well as sells handbags, watches, sunglasses, and jewelry both for men and women.

Products are sold online and offline stores. Skagen sells its products in Europe and the UK. They also sell their products in the Middle East, Japan, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan as well as in the US.

Receive Various Awards

It is quite typical for a company to claim that they provide great and stylish designs, but Skagen Denmark didn’t just claim they also won awards to support such a claim.

The Red Dot award was given to the company received to commemorate its Denmark two-decade anniversary. Such an honor is recognized for superior design and was decided upon by expert and brilliant watch professionals and fanatics.

Even in the following years, the company continued to receive awards. This is an indication that they are reliable and all the products they offered are high-quality and trustworthy.


Simple and Affordable 

The company lives true to its dedication to simplicity. Skagen watches have noticeable smaller watch faces as well as thinner straps, which make it preferable for people who want lighter and non-bulky watches.

Aside from award-winning styles and utilizing high-end materials, the company manages to provide their products at a low price. You would not need to be intimidated simply because they are award-winning.


Generous Warranty

If you buy a Skagen watch, then you are covered by an international warranty for two years. This generous warranty covers the international movement, dial, and hands. However, the case, band, battery, and crystal are not covered. But, the good news is that there are watch repairs worldwide that offer Skagen repair service.


Friendly Customer Service

Skagen Denmark provides excellent customer service that is always available 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Should you face any issue with the delivery of the product, just call them; they are always available to take your calls and provide a solution to your problems.

Where To Buy Skagen Watches And Jewelry?

You can see all of the Skagen watches currently available and purchase them from their online Amazon store.

Alternatively, you can also purchase from the Skagen Website.

In Conclusion – Skagen Denmark is worthy of considering if you prefer products that are high-quality, reliable, simple, and elegant yet available for a reasonable price. Their design, quality, and price will surely not intimidate you nor disappoint you.

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