Is Sceptre A Good Brand? (Budget-Friendly Monitors & TVs)

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What Is The Sceptre Brand Known For?

Sceptre is a company that sells a good range of monitors that can be used for gaming, business, or home use. They are a consumer electronics brand that offers a complete line of LCD TVs, home theater systems, digital media players, laptop computers, desktop computers, and computer monitors.

Is Sceptre a good brand?

Sceptre is a good brand that provides quality monitors and TVs that last at very budget-friendly prices and as such customers say their products are excellent value for money.

The Sceptre brand is known for producing high-quality monitors featuring the latest in video technology at affordable prices.

The Sceptre brand is also known for providing the highest standards in image quality and features that an LCD TV can deliver. Their innovative technologies set industry standards, redefining what consumers expect from a flat-panel TV. They are stylish, reliable, and designed to enhance your home theater enjoyment.

Below I have provided an example of a monitor and TV sold by Sceptre with comments answering some of the most important questions about the Sceptre brand…

Is Sceptre A Good Brand For Monitors?

Sceptre monitors are very good gaming monitors and also perform extremely well as work monitors. The monitors have excellent vibrant, richly colored, and smooth image quality…

Please note: I have listed the following popular Sceptre monitor as an example of what customers think of this brand. To see the entire range of Sceptre monitors including their latest releases visit their Amazon store.


Sceptre IPS 24” Gaming Monitor 165Hz 144Hz Full HD (1920 x 1080) FreeSync Eye Care FPS RTS DisplayPort HDMI Build-in Speakers


Sceptre IPS 24” Gaming Monitor 165Hz 144Hz Full HD (1920 x 1080) FreeSync Eye Care FPS RTS DisplayPort HDMI Build-in Speakers, Machine Black 2020 (E248B-FPT168)

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Example of comments from Sceptre:


I’m no stranger to this brand, I knew that purchasing this monitor will deliver a great experience for gaming. I am however, using this monitor for office work; two of them in fact. With the blue light reduction already built in I can go for a long day in front and not feel like my eyes are melting as with the previous monitors.


  • Never heard of Sceptre before so I took a bit of a gamble with this. Needless to say, they left a very good impression on me and I will look into more of their products in the future.
  • There’s not a whole lot to say about Sceptre’s monitors so far besides the fact that they’re great for value, and I have not been disappointed by them yet.
  • I’ve found this to be a great value, I’d definitely purchase a Sceptre product again.
  • Highly recommend and will be buying future monitors from Sceptre.
  • I’ve been using Sceptre monitors for gaming since 2001 and this one is no different. For the price, its quality and durability cannot be beaten.
  • Multiple Sceptre positive experiences. I don’t know what else you would want for the money. I purchased a Sceptre monitor years ago.
  • It’s fast, clear, and good… a great budget company, my entire rig uses scepter. a C36, C26, C32, love Sceptre personally.

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Is Sceptre A Good Brand For Gaming?

Sceptre monitors are good gaming monitors for anyone on a budget. For the price, you really get a great gaming experience thanks to the Sceptres’ great image quality… 


Example of comments from Sceptre:


The monitor literally weighs less than my laptop, a 2016 13″ Macbook Pro. Just an overall great value, if you ask me. Great for gaming on a budget. Plus the 1080P resolution is easier on your graphics card.


  • Bought this for my teenage son that loves gaming! He absolutely loves it. And he is such a critic when it comes to these things so the fact that he loves this monitor speaks volumes!!
  • Best monitor I’ve owned yet! I would highly recommend this monitor and if you console game your future-proofed for the 120 Hz on the new ones.
  • After playing on this, I refused to play on a nongaming monitor. In the game Call of Duty Warzone, I was able to get my first win on the first day I played with this monitor.
  • Great gaming monitor, vivid, super crisp colors and ZERO lag playing PS4 games. Great bang for the buck! Love it!
  • If you’re on a tight budget but you want an amazing gaming monitor — well, congratulations, you’ve found it.
  • Quality Monitor for Gaming. People definitely need to be talking more about how amazing this monitor is!
  • My video games appear to be more vibrant, richly colored, and smooth. Having a better quality display makes all the difference in the world in my gaming experiences.
  • Excellent Gaming Monitor. Great image quality and backlighting. Very easy setup. HDMIs have little to no input lag.
  • Great monitor for just about anything movies, games, work. It all works perfectly not to mention the price is awesome.
  • The monitor is very high resolution and my games are absolutely stunning.
  • Fantastic monitor. Been using it for gaming on windows and connecting it to mac systems for work.

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Do Sceptre Monitors Come With Cables?

The Sceptre monitor does come with a DP cable that will save you the expense and hassle of purchasing one separately… 


Example of comments from Sceptre:


Honestly, the best monitor for its price also comes with a DP cable which most company’s don’t give and also the little screw driver


  • Everything boxed and packaged appropriately, came with Stand, Screwdriver/Screws, DP Cable, Power Cord/Plug and Monitor itself.
  • This monitor is pretty nice and it already came with a DP cable.
  • Sceptre included a magnetic screwdriver and a DP cable. That is twenty bucks or so right there for the cable and screwdriver if bought separately.
  • I have it set up through a display port, which did include the DP cable as well, which allows it to run at it full 165hz!
  • Really big difference. It’s so smooth and the colors are on point. Comes with a DP cable which is good.
  • This monitor is a great steal for the price! The edgeless design fits any setup. I use a DisplayPort cable and I am able to get 165hz in HD.
  • It’s amazing and you won’t need to buy a display port cable because it comes with one and it comes with a magnetic screwdriver

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Are Sceptre Monitors Worth It?

You will save a lot of money when you buy a Sceptre brand monitor. They are not the cream of the crop when it comes to monitors but for this price range, they provide amazing value for money… 


Example of comments from Sceptre:


This monitor HAS to be the best buck for your money. Monitor performs exactly as specified (165 hz, 1080p, 1 ms response time, IPS panel) and looks amazing with its near edge-less display. The monitor took me less than 5 minutes to set-up and plugged into my devices. Although the monitor can’t be adjusted vertically, you can easily tilt the monitor vertically to fit most of your needs.


  • FANTASTIC for the money!
  • Good value of money. Well made.
  • The best 165 Hz monitor and has the best value for the money and the colors are really good.
  • These monitors are absolutely worth the money. I had no dead pixels and gaming on them is amazing. Very smooth when playing any mainstream game.
  • Probably the best monitor you can get for the money.
  • Best value for high frame rate monitor.
  • This monitor, in particular, surprised me, as most monitors at 144hz refresh rates often go for a much heftier price, let alone one that’s 165hz over DisplayPort
  • Overall- can’t beat the price of this everything you need for 1080p gaming it lacks a couple of features but definitely worth every penny would buy it again.
  • The monitor is so good for the price that I feel like buying another even tho I don’t need another.
  • I recommend this monitor to anyone who wants a high-quality display for a good price.

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Is Sceptre A Good TV Brand?

Sceptre is a very good brand for TVs providing excellent quality combined with very affordable prices. They can also be used as computer monitors as well… 

I have listed the following TV as an example however to see all of the Sceptre TVs available and their latest models visit their Amazon store.


Sceptre E246BV-FC 24″ LED HDTV Display 1920×1080 Full HD HDMI VGA USB


Sceptre E246BV-FC 24" LED HDTV Display 1920x1080 Full HD HDMI VGA USB, True Black (2017)

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Example of comments from Sceptre:


I use this TV attached to my home entertainment PC. Picture quality is great and sound quality is good. It has three hdmi inputs, which is very nice, and supports HTPC operation via those HDMI jacks, so when I sling something from my Kindle to my TV via the ChromeCast connected to one HDMI port, the TV knows to switch to the Chromecast signal and display what was sent.


  • This is the BEST TV I have ever had. People take a.look at the mfg of this TV.
  • Twice the quality at half the price.
  • I have been using this brand since flat panels first hit the market and they have always functioned well and lasted years with no bad pixels. Great buy.
  • Sceptre is a nice Brand. Good image.
  • I bought this one for a kitchen TV. My wife likes watching cooking shows when she is in the kitchen and this was a perfect choice. Great picture, surprisingly very good sound quality. It is mounted on a wall mount.
  • Using this for a Desktop PC Monitor. . . built-in speakers are quite good for what I need and the screen resolution is very good as well. . . AND is priced RIGHT!

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Are Sceptre TVs Good For Gaming?

Sceptre TVs are of great value and with excellent picture quality, they also perform well as gaming monitors… 


Example of comments from Sceptre:


I love everything else about the TV. The picture quality is much better than I expected after making some adjustments to the settings: crisp, clear, colorful. I mostly use it with my PS4 for gaming and it works well for that.


  • Great for gaming. Purchased for my son for gaming. He loves it. Good value for the money. Good size for a desk.
  • Excellent quality for gaming.
  • The picture is great, the form factor and size is perfect for my needs, it works fine for my go-to FPS game of choice; Destiny 2; and is responsive with no lag or ghosting.
  • Overall good product. The price was good ordered 2 for my boy’s Xbox ones.
  • I have 2 TVs side by side, one for gaming on my Xbox, and one for my PC.

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Can You Watch Netflix On A Sceptre TV?

Yes, you can watch Netflix on a Sceptre TV. Simply press the Netflix button located in the middle of your Sceptre remote control to open the Netflix app. Enter the required information to gain access to over 26 million movies and shows.

They’re great for everyday use, playing video games, and watching online streaming services such as Netflix.

In summary, if you are looking for a decent TV or monitor at a budget price then Sceptre is the place to go.

So… Is Sceptre A Good Brand?

Sceptre is not a brand that leaps out at you as a must-have brand and I’ll do anything to have one. It is their cheap prices that keep them in the game. However, that being said, their products for the price don’t disappoint.

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