Is Ryobi A Good Brand? (Powerful Battery-Operated Power Tools)

Ryobi is a household name and a well-respected tool brand selling just about any power tool you can imagine including equipment for lawn and garden care…

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Ryobi is a famous tool brand and it has excellent product ratings from reviewers to back up its name.

Ryobi tools consistently rate as one of the best especially when it comes to battery-operated power tools.

Below I have provided some examples of some of the most popular Ryobi products with a focus on customer comments about how they feel about the product and if they consider the company to be a reliable and trustworthy brand…

Are Ryobi Impact Wrenches Good?


Plenty of power and impact kick and would be more than happy to use this in a professional environment. 4ah battery gives far more lifespan than I expected and easily lasts a full day of work.


Ryobi R18IW3-0 ONE+ 3-Speed Impact Wrench


Ryobi R18IW3-0 ONE+ 3-Speed Impact Wrench

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Example of comments from Ryobi impact wrench reviews:


  • This makes light work of even the most solid nuts and bolts.
  • I was very skeptical at first I mean how can something battery-powered be that powerful but I was so wrong it’s an amazing bit of kit.
  • Feels solid and well made comes with an adaptor for impact drive.
  • I’ve only used it at home for DIY on the car – wheels, brakes, etc. Speed control really useful, full power to remove, and the lowest power to speed up the initial tightening & seating wheel nuts.
  • This thing is fantastic. I already have the 400mAH batteries and this 400NM version is very strong. Makes wheel nuts and old rusty bolts a simple task.
  • Excellent piece of kit. I‘m a mechanic by trade and this impact wrench is brilliant its has removed everything I have put it to task on including over tightened wheel bolts and a crankshaft pulley nut.
  • Amazing torque for driving large hex screws into wood. very impressive bit of kit.

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The Ryobi Portable Tire Inflator Is Very Good


With 6 kids, bikes, scooters, ATV’s and several cars I have too many tires in my life. I do have a full sized air compressor but when a tire needs a bit of air, this unit is 100x easier to pull off the shelf, plug in my 18V and hook it up. The built in PSI sensor instantly tells me how much to add, and it’s filled everything from bike tires to my boat trailer (with the boat on it) in less than a minute each time. I’m always smiling when I put it away. Best of all, it’s so easy to use that I taught my kids how to use it and now they don’t bug me to help fill stuff cause this makes it fun.


Ryobi P737 18-Volt ONE+ Portable Cordless Power Inflator for Tires


Ryobi P737 18-Volt ONE+ Portable Cordless Power Inflator for Tires (Battery Not Included, Power Tool Only)

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Example of comments from Ryobi tire inflator reviews:


  • I’m really enjoying how handy this thing is. I bought it primarily to make it easier for the 4 of us bicycle owners under our roof to keep tires properly inflated. Fills fast – gauge is accurate.
  • What I didn’t expect is how handy this is to top off the pressure on my car, truck, and trailer tires as well – much easier than firing up the large air compressor, waiting for it to build pressure, and dragging the hose in and out each time.
  • This thing will raise passenger car tires 5 psi in about 30 seconds, and larger SUV tires might take 45-60 seconds for every 5psi. Still less time than dealing with the big compressor.
  • I used it to inflate the tires on my recumbent trike as well as our handcart, wheelbarrow, and car tires. If there’s an inflation need that it can’t handle, I haven’t found it.
  • It is so easy and practical to use. Lightweight, no need to pull a long hose to your compressor.
  • The Ryobi is light, easily portable, and it fills tires up quickly.

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Ryobi Batteries Are Very Good


2 is better than 1 when it comes to rechargeable batteries for tools. You won’t regret buying the pair! These last a good long time, and charge faster than they discharge, so you can always have one ready to go to keep the job going. The bag is handy to keep the charger and batteries when they are being stored or for taking them on the go. I appreciate the power level LED display, so I can know about where I stand on charge level while on the job. Just buy them!


RYOBI 18V ONE+ Lithium+ 3.0 Ah Battery 2-Pack Starter Kit with Charger and Bag


RYOBI 18V ONE+ Lithium+ 3.0 Ah Battery 2-Pack Starter Kit with Charger and Bag P166

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Example of comments from Ryobi battery reviews:


  • The bag is a little larger than necessary but I think that is intentional for carrying other tools if desired.
  • I’ve charged and used both batteries. I love the lights which give power level, HUGE upgrade from older models.
  • Has everything a DIY person would look for in a battery.
  • Lower cost, long-lasting, and quickly recharges. I’ve used them for months on several projects – highly recommended.
  • These batteries have been great. They hold a charge for much longer than the originals, and it is handy to have the visual light-up bars to see how much life is remaining

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Ryobi Is A Good Brad Nailer Brand


I was really surprised with the quality and features of this unit. I needed to nail 1 1/2″ brads through Oak – every nail went in solid and no issues or bent/jammed brads. Worth every penny.


Ryobi P320 Airstrike 18 Volt One+ Lithium-Ion Cordless Brad Nailer


Ryobi P320 Airstrike 18 Volt One+ Lithium Ion Cordless Brad Nailer (Battery Not Included, Power Tool Only)

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Example of comments from Ryobi brad nailer reviews:


  • It works great and you adjust the air pressure and the nail feeder actuator to help with under and over-driving.
  • It consistently fired without any further adjustment as I used the tool.
  • To be free of an air compressor for this type of tool is a wonderful thing— especially when you are laying a floor, installing trim, or faux beams.
  • My second one. One of my crew borrowed my old one and liked it so much he asked to keep it. I am a pro and it gets heavy use and stands up. Thousands of nails and only one minor overhaul.
  • Love it! Very easy to use – no need for an air compressor.
  • Just load in the brads, pop the battery in, and go. Made my project very quick and easy.

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Are Ryobi Drills Any Good?


The impact driver is a labor saver. With this I do not have to get a air tools for small jobs. Plenty of power for small jobs and the smaller size lets you use it in places that larger air tools can not go. Have been using Ryobi tools for years and have always found good quality for a reasonable price.


Ryobi P1832 18V One+ Handheld Drill/Driver and Impact Driver Kit


Ryobi P1832 18V One+ Handheld Drill/Driver and Impact Driver Kit (6 Piece Bundle, 1x P277 Drill / Driver, 1x P235 Impact Driver, 1x P118 Dual Chemistry Charger, 2x P102 18V Batteries, 1x Tool Bag)

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Example of comments from Ryobi drill reviews:


  • You get the set of drill drivers for not much more than you’d pay for just two batteries, and the two batteries are included in the deal. I love that there are SO MANY tools that use the same battery.
  • The drills work great. I also purchased a couple of different bit sets to go with them.
  • Always been a fan of the Ryobi set of tools. I’ve owned a wide range over the years and the available tools keep on growing. Always my ‘go-to’ brand for the average DIYer.
  • The impact driver did phenomenally well as I installed new sister joists on our ceiling.
  • I bought these for home projects and they have never disappointed me.
  • Their power and battery life both impressed me.
  • I’ve used them for months now and they show practically no wear.

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Are Ryobi Drills Shop Fans Good?


Amazing This fan is incredible, I know some may think is a little over to the expensive side, but is totally worth the money! It blows as good as an electric fan and it re charges super fast. Make sure you buy the battery, it is sold separetly, and even though is as expensive as the fan you can use it with oher ryobi tools! Really after the hurracaines and after being without electricty for more than 62 days is a blessing to have this great gadget!


Ryobi P3320 18 Volt Hybrid One+ Battery or AC Powered Adjustable Indoor / Outdoor Shop Fan


Ryobi P3320 18 Volt Hybrid One+ Battery or AC Powered Adjustable Indoor / Outdoor Shop Fan (Battery and Extension Cord Not Included / Fan Only)

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Example of comments from Ryobi Shop Fan reviews:


  • Great little fan with two speeds! I use this when I am outside sitting on my porch and, in Florida, that extra breeze from the fan improves the outdoor experience.
  • This can be used during the summer months to get keep my dog cool at competitions. Holds charge well and provides plenty of airflows.
  • I originally made this purchase because we have hurricanes down here in Louisiana but it has been way more useful than for just that as it is completely awesome to have air blowing on you in its hot humid weather when you are working outside.
  • Awesome little fan. Much stronger than I expected. Perfect for deer stands on hot days.
  • Bought these for a camping trip. The weather forecast was for the high 80’s and low 90’s, so wanted them in the tents so we could sleep. Worked perfectly, as all my Ryobi stuff does.

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Are Ryobi Cordless Circular Saws Good?


First time I cut some 2x4s with it and it went through like butter. So very cool little tool. And no darn cables to hook up and get in the way. Definitely great for small projects. Seems very strong.


Ryobi One P505 18V Lithium-Ion Cordless 5 1/2″ 4,700 RPM Circular Saw


Ryobi One P505 18V Lithium Ion Cordless 5 1/2" 4,700 RPM Circular Saw (Battery Not Included, Power Tool Only), Green

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Example of comments from Ryobi saw reviews:


  • I really like the convenience of this little saw. I do numerous “projects” around the home and often need to make a couple of simple quick cuts, without hauling out my chop saw, table saw, or electric hand saw.
  • This is great for smaller, quick jobs. I have used it to cut down pallets so I can throw them away easier. I have used it on 5-7 pallets so far.
  • Cuts great, and I don’t have to get an extension cord.
  • I needed a cordless saw to make simple cuts in difficult places. This one does the job quite well.
  • Great for all sorts of projects. Just got done remodeling my kitchen and this came in handy several times.
  • Lightweight. Easy to use. Plenty of power to cut threw 2X4’s

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Are Ryobi Chainsaws Any Good?


If you have medium-growth trees in your yard or heavy shrubs, this is the best tool you will ever pick up. It’s not for felling timber, but rather for lopping off that offending branch that keeps hitting you in the head while mowing


Ryobi P546 10 in. ONE+ 18-Volt Lithium+ Cordless Chainsaw


Ryobi P546 10 in. ONE+ 18-Volt Lithium+ Cordless Chainsaw (Tool Only - Battery and Charger NOT Included)

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Example of comments from Ryobi chainsaw reviews:


  • This little saw really got the job done. I expected it to go through batteries like water but I cut down and chopped up 4-5 trees, each about 4-5 inches in diameter, and still had life left.
  • Paid for itself after just 1 day of some serious yard work. It cuts saplings, heavy brush, and decent sized trees w/ relative ease.
  • Being lightweight is a bonus, too!
  • I cut more firewood with this little saw than you would believe. With two of the large Ryobi batteries, you can cut a big pickup load of wood, and depending on the hardness of the wood possibly a second load.
  • I have a big back yard with lots of landscaping. I have trees of all sorts and every year I need to trim. This chainsaw is perfect for the job I needed.
  • I can cut through branches as large as 8 inches in diameter with little effort.

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Where To Buy Ryobi Tools?

You can see all of the Ryobi products currently available on their website or purchase them online from Amazon.

In summary, the Ryobi tool brand is a favorite with DIYers and professionals alike, and they stand out for providing battery-operated tools with plenty of power and for providing good quality long-lasting batteries.

What is impressive about Ryobi is the consistency of reviewer ratings across its entire range of products and you would be hard-pressed to find a Ryobi tool that isn’t very highly rated.

This speaks volumes for their quality and they certainly live up to their reputation.

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