Is Rough Country a Good Brand? Why We Rate It 72/100

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Rough Country is a well-known brand offering high-quality suspension systems, 4×4 truck accessories, and other off-roading equipment.

The company was founded in 1980 and their products are made in the USA with American-made components. Additionally, the bulk of their parts are tested and verified on local off-roading trails before they are put out for sale.

So, is Rough Country a good brand?

Absolutely! Not only does the company offer quality parts and accessories for off-road vehicles, but they also include an excellent customer service team that the customers can contact.

Furthermore, these customer service reps are knowledgeable about all their products and can answer any question you might have to ensure that you get exactly what you need.

What’s more, the majority of customers who use Rough Country parts rate them highly in terms of both quality and performance. Many customers report that the installation process was easy to follow with clear instructions and that most components were backed by warranties as long as 3 years or longer ensuring confidence in their longevity.

In short, Rough Country offers top notch customer service along with dependable parts backed by solid warranties. Their wide variety of suspension systems, kits, and other 4×4 truck accessories make them one of the best brands available within this niche market. 

Our Rough Country Brand Ratings – 72/100

CriteriaRating (out of 10)Description
Reputation and Trustworthiness7Rough Country has a decent reputation in the off-road community, but some users have reported issues with certain products. The brand generally maintains trustworthiness by addressing customer concerns.
Quality and Durability8Rough Country offers products that are generally of good quality and have a satisfactory level of durability. However, some users have experienced occasional issues with certain components.
Innovation6Rough Country is not known for groundbreaking innovations, but they regularly introduce updates and improvements to their product lineup.
Customer Support7Rough Country provides reasonable customer support, with responsive communication and assistance. However, some users have reported delays in getting their issues resolved.
Value for Money9Rough Country is often praised for offering excellent value for money. Their products are competitively priced and provide reliable performance for the price point.
Sustainability and Ethical Practices5Rough Country’s commitment to sustainability and ethical practices is relatively limited. There is room for improvement in terms of environmentally friendly manufacturing and sourcing practices.
Brand Authenticity8Rough Country has established a strong brand identity within the off-road community. They are known for their rugged and adventurous image, resonating well with their target audience.
User Experience7Rough Country generally offers a satisfactory user experience. However, some users have reported difficulties with installation instructions and fitment issues with certain products.
Longevity and Stability9Rough Country has been in the off-road industry for several years, indicating stability and longevity. They have built a solid customer base and continue to expand their product range.
Industry Recognition and Awards6Rough Country has received some industry recognition and a few awards for specific products. However, they are not widely regarded as a leading brand within the off-road industry.

Rough Country Is A Good Brand For Suspension Lift Kits

Rough Country is a great brand for any car enthusiast dreaming of modifying their ride. With a wide selection of suspension lift kits, shocks, and struts, tools, leveling lift kits, suspension components, body lift kits, and lowering kits to suit any type of build or repair job, customers are sure to find the perfect fit for their vehicle needs.

Rough Country suspension parts

Rough Country’s Skyjacker line covers an extensive range of components for all applications such as off-road trucks and SUVs. Every product utilizes the highest quality materials with precise engineering that provides superior performance across all terrains.

From standard height kits that can level the vehicle while still maintaining stock design characteristics to specialized lifts to accommodate larger wheels and tires, Rough Country has the necessary components needed for an array of projects.

One of Rough Country’s most popular lines is its Suspension Lift Kits which provide several inches of ground clearance when installed properly. When installing these parts it’s important to commit to regular maintenance as any faulty or worn part can compromise the entire system.

However, with two year Super-Lift warranty coverage often included in each purchase there’s little reason to fear about making an investment in quality parts from a reputable supplier.

In addition to its signature products Rough Country also offers the customer support needed when completing challenging builds in their own garage throughout every step – from planning through installation.

With this help, customers can work with confidence knowing they have specialist support available when they need it most. Take advantage of Rough County today and start building your dream machine! 

Rough Country Is A Good Brand For Lighting

Rough Country is a great choice for off-road lighting and accessories. Their lineup of LED lights, light mounts, brackets, and switch & housing kits make it easy to find the perfect solution for your off-roading needs. Whether you’re looking for hard-core lights that can outlast any terrain or something more subtle to get the job done, Rough Country has you covered.

You can also choose from a variety of headlight options featuring powerful illumination where you need it most. With adjustable angles and beam colors that adjust for maximum visibility in any situation, these tough and durable headlights will maintain clarity during your toughest adventures.

Heavier duty equipment such as grilles, light covers, and fasteners are available too – ensuring your custom lighting setup will last no matter what weather conditions you face on the trails. Whether you’re driving through mud or snow —or facing intense desert heat —Rough Country delivers quality performance from every single product in their lineup; the perfect accompaniment on any excursion done right.

Rough Country Is A Good Brand For Exterior Parts

Rough Country is an ideal brand for exterior parts. They offer a vast selection of products ranging from custom grilles, hoods, armor and skid plates, truck bed mats, racks and roll bars, roof racks, steps, and running boards, bumpers and tire carriers, towing and hitches, bed accessories, fender flares, doors and wheel well liners.

All of these items help add protection against the elements or enhance rugged functionality for any off-road vehicle.

Rough Country’s products are all designed with precision to endure tough use on the trail or street. Custom grilles made from powder coated aluminum offer superior strength with glistening chrome accents for show stopping style. Bull bars provide solid protection while remaining lightweight and easy to install.

The complete range of exterior accessories also includes suspension kits that lift your vehicle to take it off-roading all while providing excellent control and stability over any terrain.

The exclusive line of Rough Country armor pieces adds styling as well as a structure that helps protect critical areas of your vehicle such as the sides of rocker panels or underneath the body frame where critical components are located such as transfer cases or transmission oil pans.

Armor pieces constructed from heavy-duty steel are sure to take the brunt of the impact from those unexpected rock trails you may find yourself in out on the track or mountain pass road.

Rough Country’s unique selection covers everything from custom tops for when you want to get away from it all to coordinating accessories like lights for off-roading in low lighting settings outside at night time and even recovery gear like snatch blocks secured rope pulleys which can be used when every full size truck needs a tow at some point out in the wild country but cannot seem to get enough traction back on its own power due to mud or snow packed gravel surfaces. Try Rough Country today – quality beyond compare! 

Rough Country Is A Good Brand For Interior Parts

Rough Country is a reliable brand when it comes to interior parts for your vehicle. It offers high-quality products that are both stylish and tough. With Rough Country, you can find exact replacements for most makes and models, as well as unique accessories that let you set your car apart from the rest.

One of the most popular choices from Rough Country is their Floor Mats & Cargo Liners. Made from durable rubber and available in several different colors, these liners offer superior protection to whatever area they’re placed in, preventing spills or scratches. No matter what type of driving you do, Rough Country has an option for every situation.

For added convenience, consider adding Grab Handles by Rough Country throughout your interior. These strong handles provide a better grip during entry/exit and can help prevent slips when traversing rugged terrain. In addition, if you have pets or active children, grab handles can be a lifesaver!

For further protection, Entry Guards are another way to keep dirt and debris out of your interior. Available in either UV-protected vinyl or heavy-duty tread plate aluminum guards, these help protect your car’s sills from any scuffing or corrosion damage throughout its lifetime.

Rough Country also offers a comprehensive array of Seat Covers that will last year after year with minimal wear and tear—even through the harshest climates! Available in synthetic leathers or cloth materials with accompanying embroidery options and two-tone settings, you’ll never be short on customization potential here either!

Finally, Interior Storage solutions by Rough Country are perfect for keeping all those odds and ends contained within your vehicle. With plenty of different compartments designed to fit everything from roadside repairs kits to groceries; no matter what configuration you choose—you’ll always be ready for anything! 

Rough Country Is A Good Brand For Wheels & Tires

When it comes to wheels, Rough Country has an expansive selection inspired by luxury vehicles such as SUVs and Jeeps. Their top-of-the-line builds are made out of aluminum alloy that has been corrosion treated and powder coated for superior strength – standing strong up to even the most rugged terrain imaginable.

Depending on the model you choose they offer sizes ranging from 15″ – 22″. On top of this they have custom finishes available in gloss black, chrome, brushed silver, and gunmetal grey – all engineered with maximum style in mind.

What Types of Tires Does Rough Country Sell?

As far as their tires go they offer several different models specifically crafted for off road applications such as mud-terrain or all-terrain designs that significantly increase traction in any terrain condition you may encounter.

Their selection allows you to customize your ride depending on whether you’re looking for something that prioritizes smoothness or lasting grip no matter what type of surface you may come across.

They also supply a variety of lug nut designs depending on which manufacturer’s bolt patterns you need for your vehicle wheels such as Chevy/GMC, Ford, CTSV & Jeep Wrangler. Additionally if ever needed TPMS Sensors are also available from the same line!

What Are The Benefits Of Purchasing Wheels & Tires From Rough Country?

Ultimately purchasing wheels & tires from these guys will provide vehicle owners with dependable high quality performance while still being relatively friendly on wallets when compared with other brands currently operating within the space.

You’ll also receive user friendly build instructions along with secure installation should any questions arise throughout the process + customer service representatives standing by ready to answer questions at any time (via phone/email). Finally, each product includes a free 1 yr warranty against defects guaranteeing satisfaction regardless! 

Rough Country Is A Good Brand For Winches

Rough Country is an excellent brand choice for winches and accessories. Their electric winches are made to provide the maximum power when delivering over 7,000 lbs of pulling capacity. Designed with advanced and durable components, their electric winches offer superior reliability in all conditions.

Rough Country also offers a range of winch mounts for easy installation on any vehicle type or make. Made from thick steel and powder-coated for a clean look, these mounts ensure that your winch stays secure in all weather conditions. With different models tailored to fit specific vehicles, you can be sure that you have the perfect installation set up for your vehicle.

Their range of accessories helps customers get the most out of their electric winch experience by providing parts such as synthetic lines, strong wire ropes, waterproof solenoids, remotes, mounting kits, and controllers. All of these components are designed to ensure long lasting performance in any environment while making it easy to fix or replace whenever necessary.

No matter what your requirements may be, Rough Country is a great brand when it comes to electric winches and accessories with unbeatable quality that offers reliable accessories at competitive prices. Whether you need a small lightweight winch perfect for ATV’s even if you’re looking into heavy duty truck mounted models – Rough Country has got you covered with sturdy options that meet all budgets!

Rough Country Is A Good Brand For Steering Components

Rough Country is an excellent brand for steering components, offering products such as steering stabilizers, steering reinforcement, and pitman/steering arms. They have been praised by users for the quality of their products and are very knowledgeable when it comes to suspension systems.

In addition to high quality components that make up their different systems, they also use advanced technologies on all their suspensions such as heat resistive oils and rubber-like bushings made of military grade steel in order to maximize durability. Furthermore, they employ high grade fasteners along with military grade powder coating processes for maximum corrosion protection.

These materials combined with thick sheets of steel ensure that all Rough Country’s parts can withstand extreme pressures and repeated impacts which makes them suitable for off-roading.

Rough Country offers a wide range of options calibrated to customers’ preferences; from adding specific handling implementations that give a greater performance when needed or more comfortable suspension systems for everyday driving styles. Additionally, Rough Country has designed each product for improved performance with options like nitrogen-charged shocks which deliver better shock absorption over time than standard vacuum based designs.

The main selling point of Rough Country’s products are they are not only durable but versatile. Their equipment can be installed directly into the Jeep or 4×4 vehicle without any drilling or cutting, making them convenient to install and relatively inexpensive compared to custom packages found elsewhere. Making them the ideal choice when replacing existing worn out stocks or creating new multi-purpose vehicles.

Rough Country Is A Good Brand For UTV/ATV Parts

Rough Country is a leading brand for premium aftermarket UTV and ATV parts. Their suspension lift kits are designed to combat the downfalls of adventure – improved rigidity, greater stability, and enhanced wheel articulation. From adjustable shocks to uniball lower control arms, they’re engineered with the off-roader in mind.

But that’s just the start! With LED lights featuring over 50,000 hours of life expectancy, you’ll never be stuck in the dark ever again. These dependable lights cast a consistent beam up to 50% farther than their standard counterparts. Not only that, Rough Country helps keep your ride looking sharp with exterior upgrades like grille guards and bumpers as well as interior elements like switch plates and seat covers.

When it comes to rolling stock, Rough Country’s wheels and tires will get you there with style! With an array of sizes from 15″ all the way up to 22″, these wheels combine an impressive finish with unbeatable strength.

Selection doesn’t end there either – choose between wheel finishes like matte black, hyper silver, or gloss gun metal for a look no one else has! Whether you’re carving through mud puddles or climbing treacherous trails, rest easy knowing your tires have been bead locked so you can keep going no matter what lies ahead.

In any terrain or condition, trust Rough Country to outfit your steeds with exceptional ride quality without sacrificing performance! Get ready and set out on your greatest journeys knowing your vehicle is prepared to take on anything thrown its way.

Rough Country Is A Good Brand For Performance

Rough Country perfomance parts reviews

Rough Country’s advanced technology offers improved power, torque, and acceleration that can help enhance the driving experience while saving money on fuel costs. Their parts feature cutting-edge designs with extra-durable engineering for reliable performance. Plus, they use the highest grade materials and superior manufacturing methods for superior levels of durability, safety, longevity, and efficiency.

How Does Rough Country Outperform Other Brands?

When it comes to performance air intakes and other engine components, Rough Country stands out from other brands for its commitment to reliability, responsiveness, and accuracy.

Their extensive product range helps provide maximum exhaust flow with minimal restriction for better power delivery throughout the entire RPM range. They also offer advanced tuning systems such as chips & programmers for enhanced engine torque along with gains in horsepower at all speed levels.


In conclusion, it is important to remember when selecting auto parts manufacturers and aftermarket suspension springs that there is a differences in the types of people who may need them.

There is also a difference in the mileage to be expected from each type, as well as their affordability and cost-effectiveness. Knowing the types of roads and trails one will be driving on regularly, as well as how much time will be spent off road, should help one determine which suspension designs might suit their needs best.

Lift kits come in many brands and levels depending on what a person needs for their vehicle. Rough Country lift kits are known for offering reliable and efficient lifts at an affordable price.

It is important that individuals do research before choosing the right brand for them and make sure they will get optimal performance out of their aftermarket or original parts. All in all, making the right decision regarding different parts manufacturer or aftermarket companies depends on the individual’s preferences and needs.

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