Is Rockjam A Good Brand? Why We Rate It 63/100

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If you have a child getting into music or if you want to learn how to play a new instrument yourself without paying too much money to see if you like it or not then Rockjam provides affordable beginner-friendly sets to get you started…

If you are looking for the perfect entry-level musical instruments such as keyboards, guitars, drumsets, and even fun karaoke machines that are also very budget-friendly then Rockjam is the brand for you.

Their keyboard kit, in particular, is a massive seller and gets excellent ratings from consumers.

All of the products sold by this company are the perfect gift idea for your children or grandchildren. These kits come with everything they will ever need to start playing.

Our Rockjam Brand Ratings – 63/100

Reputation and Trustworthiness7.5Rockjam has a decent reputation, with generally positive customer reviews. However, some users have reported occasional issues with product quality and customer service.
Quality and Durability6.5While Rockjam offers affordable options, the overall quality and durability of their products may not be on par with higher-end brands. The instruments are suitable for beginners but may not withstand heavy use or professional requirements.
Innovation5Rockjam’s products are functional and reliable, but they may lack significant innovation compared to other brands. They primarily focus on providing entry-level instruments without many unique features or technological advancements.
Customer Support6.5Rockjam’s customer support is generally responsive, but some users have reported delays in obtaining assistance or difficulty reaching the support team. Overall, their customer support could benefit from improvement and better efficiency.
Value for Money8Rockjam provides good value for money, especially for beginners or those on a tight budget. Their instruments are reasonably priced and offer a decent quality-to-price ratio, making them a popular choice among entry-level musicians.
Sustainability and Ethical Practices4.5Rockjam’s sustainability and ethical practices are relatively limited. While they do not actively promote eco-friendly initiatives, they also do not engage in any known unethical practices. More efforts towards sustainability could greatly benefit the brand’s image.
Brand Authenticity7Rockjam maintains a reasonably authentic brand image. They are known for offering accessible and affordable instruments to aspiring musicians, staying true to their mission of making music accessible for all. However, their lack of uniqueness may impact their overall authenticity in the market.
User Experience7.5Rockjam’s products generally provide a satisfactory user experience. They are designed with beginners in mind, featuring user-friendly interfaces and simple setups. However, some users have reported minor issues, such as suboptimal sound quality or limited customization options.
Longevity and Stability6Rockjam has been in the market for a considerable amount of time, indicating a certain level of stability. However, their long-term durability and reliability can be inconsistent, as some users have reported issues with product longevity over time.
Industry Recognition and Awards5Rockjam has limited industry recognition and has not received significant awards. They primarily cater to the entry-level segment, and as a result, they may not have garnered as much recognition from industry experts or prestigious awards.

Below I have listed some of the best-selling Rockjam products with a focus on customer comments about how they feel about the product and if they consider the company to be a reliable and trustworthy brand.

Is Rockjam A Good Brand For Keyboard?

The following Rockjam Keyboard has reached Amazon Choice status and has over 17,969 with an excellent 74% of those consumers rate it 5 out of 5 stars.

Beginners love this keyboard, great gift idea, affordable, lightweight, portable, and it comes with headphones so you or your child can play it as loud as they want without bothering others…


RockJam 61 Key Keyboard Piano With LCD Display Kit, Keyboard Stand, Piano Bench, Headphones, Simply Piano App & Keynote Stickers

RockJam 61 Key Keyboard Piano With LCD Display Kit, Keyboard Stand, Piano Bench, Headphones, Simply Piano App & Keynote Stickers

Example of comments from Rockjam:

This was a Christmas gift for my daughter and she loves it!!! Price is less than half of some of the more expensive brands but the quality seems to be the same. Also get the bench and headphones as well. My daughter has had this for almost a year now and she is still on it almost everyday.

  • BEST beginners keyboard!
  • It has everything you’d expect from a good quality keyboard, plus it has a teaching mode!
  • The best part of all… it comes with headphones so my son can practice all he wants, as loud as he wants without annoying the rest of us!
  • One of the best things is the 3-month app that comes with the piano.
  • I showed it to the music teacher I work with and she was impressed.
  • BEST keyboard for an amazing price!
  • We chose this keyboard and it’s lightweight, portable, and sounds great! I absolutely love it.
  • The best is I can move it up and down the stairs with no issues.
  • For the price, this is probably one of the best you can get.
  • It was the best present I got my kids they are working together and not fighting.
  • I loved the price of the product and the quality is great as well.
  • This keyboard is a hit! I think I enjoyed playing it more than my kid! This definitely works for beginners
  • Great sound quality, easy to use for beginners but sophisticated enough for advanced users, and lightweight for ease of movement make this one of my best musical purchases to date.
  • Really impressive. I think Rockjam is a good helpful business – had to contact with a problem and they were determined to help.

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Is Rockjam A Good Brand For Guitars?

The following Rockjam full-sized electric guitar package is the complete kit with a reputation for being ideal for beginners. This guitar has a very good 67% of consumers rating it 5 out of 5 stars…


RockJam 6 String Electric Guitar Pack, Right, Blue Burst

RockJam 6 String Electric Guitar Pack, Right, Blue Burst (RJEG02-SK-BB)

Example of comments from Rockjam:

This is a great package for a beginning guitarist. Find out if this is something you’re going to love and if it turns out it doesn’t stick you learned the lesson for under a hundred dollars.

  • For a long-time guitarist (like myself) this is a great way to transition from acoustic to electric.
  • This thing is amazing for the price.
  • The amp is plenty loud for personal use and between the gain, tone, and pickup selectors you can get lots of different sounds.
  • Just bought it to see how I like guitar and it’s perfect for just messing around with friends.
  • The amp is loud enough to fill a bedroom, so it’s a perfect practice amp.
  • This is a fantastic value.
  • It doesn’t matter what your background in music looks like if you bought this “cheap” guitar, you will find out how good it really is.
  • Well…….this guitar intro kit is beyond what I was expecting. It’s simply beautiful and works fine.
  • The amp is loud and powerful, the guitar is so easy to play and there’s a sort of buttery feel when moving up and down the strings.
  • I can’t believe they can sell this for so cheap! It’s a heavy well-made guitar.
  • The action is excellent! It also came with little goodies like a gig bag, picks, and a little tuner.
  • AMAZING! This guitar is gorgeous, and! It works!!!
  • The amp is very high quality for the price paid!
  • I would give this gift to anybody who has a passion for playing!
  • Great and Affordable price.
  • I’ve bought 4 of these little guitars and I love them, they are great for modding, intonate very well, sound really good, can’t complain about anything considering the price.

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Are Rockjam Karaoke Machines Good?

This Rockjam Portable Karaoke Machine is the ideal way to get the party started at night however it is a very versatile unit that you can use as a speaker to listen to music during the day at home or even while gardening. It has an excellent 71% of consumers rating it 5 out of 5 stars…


RockJam Party Karaoke Machine With Bluetooth, 10Watt Speaker & Two Microphones

RockJam Party Karaoke Machine With Bluetooth, 10Watt Speaker & Two Microphones, Pink (RJPS150-PK)

Example of comments from Rockjam:

My nieces birthday is on NYE and we gave her this as a gift. It was a super hit with her and her brother as well as the adults. We all took turns singing disney songs. It is such a fantastic gift for young kids or for a party. So happy with it.

  • This product is the bomb! I purchased it for my 3 yr old for Christmas, but I find myself playing with it just as much.
  • It has several voices changing options… The volume gets pretty loud.
  • It comes with 2 mics.
  • The lights are bright and change to multiple colors. It’s perfect for ages 3 and up.
  • It’s smaller than your normal Karaoke machines, but it does the exact same thing, if not better!
  • The mic cords are long for flexibility. 
  • A great little travel speaker for your karaoke needs hooks with a phone and TV so easily.
  • Easy to use and my grandkids loved it, especially the voice changer!
  • Perfect for kids! It has a voice changer on it, which the kids (and my husband) loved!
  • The kids love it! Easy to use.
  • Great Bluetooth speaker with lights even if they aren’t using the mics.
  • Very easy to set up, and the Bluetooth works brilliantly, and very lightweight as well.

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Rockjam Is A Good Brand For Affordable MIDI Rolling Drum Kits

This MIDI Rolling Drum Kit replicates every sound or beat a drummer might need making it the ideal to practice hard while keeping things quiet. It has a good 64% of consumers rating it 5 out of 5 stars…


RockJam Portable MIDI Electronic Roll Up Drum Kit with Built-in Speakers, Power Supply, Foot Pedals, and Drumsticks

RockJam Portable MIDI Electronic Roll Up Drum Kit with Built in Speakers, Power Supply, Foot Pedals and Drumsticks

Example of comments from Rockjam:

These are great. We like that they have a plug in for headphones and built in speakers. Your child can practice on his/her own with the headphones on and let everyone listen when a song is ready. There is different background music to play the drums along with. These are great beginning drums. They roll up and don’t take up a lot of space.

  • It’s a perfect thing to explore beats and drums on without breaking the bank.
  • This is an excellent tool to learn about and focus on stick control.
  • Happy portable drumming to all who enjoy this product!
  • I bought this for my 8 yr. old Grandson for his birthday. He LOVED them and is learning to keep a beat with the music.
  • It made for an awesome present. She can roll it up, put it in a bag that I gave her for that purpose, and take it with her anywhere.
  • The headset option means she can drum all she wants and still be around everyone without the rest of us losing our hearing.
  • I bought this for my 5 yr old son for Christmas. I was so amazed! The sound is awesome and sounds like the real deal.
  • As a parent, I love that he can connect headphones so that it doesn’t bother others in the house, and also that it is easy to store, unlike a traditional drum set.
  • My 8-year-old is in love with this. And So is this mom! He puts his earphones in and bangs away with little noise. Thank you for the peace and quiet while he gets to play the drums.
  • My son absolutely loves banging away on his drums. And as a mom, I love that he has drums with earphones! Win-win.
  • He loves it and was a great purchase for the price.

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Rockjam Is A Good Brand For Electric Drums

This electrical drum set has everything a beginner needs to start learning to play the drums. It has a good 61% of consumers rating it 5 out of 5 stars…


RockJam, Eight-Piece Electronic Drums Adjustable Mesh Head, Rack and Module with 30 Kits, USB and Midi connectivity

RockJam, Eight-Piece Electronic Drums Adjustable Mesh Head, Rack and Module with 30 Kits, USB and Midi connectivity (DDMESH1000)

Example of comments from Rockjam:

We wanted an electric drum set that was good for kids and adults and we were so pleasantly surprised that this fit our needs and for an amazing price. My 3 & 6 year olds can play it.

But my husband, a music leader, can also play it. The headphones option is phenomenal for children playing for hours on end!
Easy to set up. The kids can turn it on themselves to play. Lots of fun different sound kits and songs to play along to. Highly recommend!

  • One thing this set offered in comparison to some of the higher-rated ones was the MP3 input on the console.
  • And it’s compactable.
  • The kit folds into itself very easily and takes up little space when not in use.
  • And overall a very sensitive set of Mesh drums with great kit sounds.
  • Great beginning rig for my Great-grandson. He wanted to try drums .. thought his Mom was gonna pass out. These work great.
  • This entry-level drum kit is excellent!
  • It has a bunch of different kits in one so you can match the sound of your favorite band.
  • Customer Service is also excellent. 
  • For a child beginning drumming and having sound issues, these are the drums for you.
  • Extremely fun drum set. Plug-in the headphones, grab the sticks, and go to town.
  • These are so fun to play! Comes with songs to play with. Easy assembly.
  • This is an amazing price for a great product. This drum set is perfect for my 9 yr old learning to play.
  • My son was very excited about this purchase. Everything was easy to operate and he was very pleased!

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Where To Buy Rockjam Products

You can purchase Rockjam musical instruments online from their Amazon Store.

This company prides itself on providing everything a beginner will ever need to get started, learn, and practice a new musical instrument.

Great for kids but also many retirees are taking advantage of budget-friendly prices to learn a new musical instrument as well.

Because of how affordable they are it is the ideal way to find out if you like it or if your child will stick it out without changing their minds.

All in all, this a good brand. They are at the lower end of the pricing scale and their quality holds up but they are not top end. Just a great way for beginners to get started.

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