Is Ridgid a Good Brand? Why We Rate It 80/100

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Ridgid is a very good brand that manufactures power tools, hand tools, and accessories for industrial, commercial, and home use. The company produces professional grade products designed to last through tough job sites.

Ridgid offers a variety of reliable tools, including saws, wrenches, circular saws, drill presses, and screwdrivers. All Ridgid products come with a lifetime warranty and most have a 90-day hassle-free replacement guarantee if parts become damaged or stop working properly.

Ridgid also provides excellent customer support with in-house contact centers and online chat for technical assistance.

Our Ridgid Brand Ratings – 80/100

Reputation and Trustworthiness8Ridgid has a solid reputation for producing reliable and trustworthy products.
Quality and Durability9Ridgid tools are known for their high quality and durability, ensuring long-term use.
Innovation7While Ridgid offers innovative features in some of their products, they could improve in this aspect.
Customer Support9Ridgid provides excellent customer support, responding promptly and resolving issues effectively.
Value for Money8Ridgid tools offer good value for money, providing reliable performance at a reasonable price.
Sustainability and Ethical Practices6Ridgid has taken steps towards sustainability, but could enhance their practices further.
Brand Authenticity9Ridgid is seen as an authentic brand, known for its commitment to quality and reliability.
User Experience8Ridgid tools are generally user-friendly, making them accessible to both professionals and DIYers.
Longevity and Stability9Ridgid has been a prominent brand in the industry for many years, demonstrating stability and longevity.
Industry Recognition and Awards7Ridgid has received some industry recognition and awards, but there is room for further acknowledgment.

The Durability and Reliability of Ridgid Tools

Ridgid is known for the durability and reliability of its tools. The company uses high-quality materials and advanced engineering methods to construct its products, designed to withstand tough jobs and harsh environments.

All Ridgid tools come with a lifetime warranty, granting customers peace of mind that their tools will last for many years. A history of innovative features on Ridgid products helps ensure even more reliable performance in any project or application.

The combination of quality construction and long-term value makes Ridgid tools a trusted choice for contractors, DIYers, manufacturers, military personnel, and the industrial trades alike. Rigorous testing, guaranteed parts availability, and long-term customer service all contribute to building user trust in this brand’s products.

For customers looking for reliable tools they can rely on year after year, Ridgid provides an excellent solution worth considering. These tools meet the highest standards of durability while also offering top of the line design solutions that make them easy and convenient to use over extended periods of time.

Why Choose Ridgid Tools

Ridgid - brand review

Ridgid has been a trusted name in the tool industry since 1923, delivering customers high-quality and dependable products that stand up to any job. Whether you’re a professional contractor or tradesperson, or a DIY enthusiast, Ridgid offers a comprehensive product range that meets your needs.

The dependability and durability of each tool is what puts Ridgid ahead of its competition. Ridgid tools are designed with advanced engineering techniques so they are more efficient and perform even the toughest tasks with ease. With a lifetime warranty on most products, using Ridgid tools gives you peace of mind knowing that they will last for years to come.

So if you’re looking for reliable and durable tools for any job, choose Ridgid for innovation and quality every time.

Ridgid Is A Good Brand For Cordless Power Tools

Ridgid is a power tool company renowned for its quality corded and cordless power tools as well as its stationery machines essentials. The full range of Rigid products offers excellent performance in each category.

For efficient, battery-powered energy needs, the Ridgid collection features high-end brushless motors and adjustable speed triggers that deliver reliable results at all times. Not to mention that the lithium-ion batteries are known to last infinitely longer than their counterparts. Then there are the countless cordless tool accessories that allow you to customize your tool according to specific applications.

Ridgid has designed a range of Tile Saws with accuracy and precision in mind, making reshaping tiles an effortless task. Whether you’re cutting through porcelain, ceramic or stone, Ridgid tile saws can carry out complex cuts with accuracy up to within 0,06 inches. The Tile Saws also come with integrated water pumps with airtight connections which help reduce water spillage when handling wet tasks.

On top of that, the tools have been fitted with anti-vibration technology on their handles so users can enjoy smooth handling during operation scenarios. Ridgid’s versatility is something that no DIYer or contractor should overlook when looking for high quality corded or cordless power tools. With its large selection of products available such as bench tools like table saws and sanders, it has become synonymous with precision engineering – making it one of the best brands out there

Ridgid Is A Good Brand For Drills

Ridgid is a well-known brand for power and hand tools, including drills. They are known for their durability, ease of use, and range of available products. With many different drill types available, from cordless drills to brushless hammer drills, Ridgid provides users with high quality drilling options designed to make their job easier.

Why Choose Ridgid Drills?

Rigidity drills can save you time and effort when tackling tough projects. Their powerful motors tackle many materials like wood, steel, and plastic with ease. Drills from Rigidity come in several models suitable for both DIYers and professionals alike.

And with features like multiple speed adjustment functions, LED lights for visibility on dark projects, as well as a switchable chuck system that contains a new electro bit holder which makes it easier to change bits quickly – they are the perfect tools every tool enthusiast should have in their arsenal!

What Makes Ridgid Stand Out?

When it comes to drilling needs, no other brand offers the same combination of affordability and excellence as Ridgid does. Their selection of drill options comes at highly competitive pricing points allowing even the most budget conscious consumers the opportunity to purchase a quality piece of equipment without breaking the bank.

Additionally, users can rest-assured knowing that all Ridgid products come backed with an industry leading lifetime service agreement meaning any defective parts or breakdowns in craftsmanship can be taken care of quickly and easily leaving customers satisfied from start to finish!

Ridgid Is A Good Brand For Impact Drivers

In an increasingly competitive market, Ridgid is a brand that stands out for its quality and performance of their impact drivers. Their impact drivers have seen high sales in recent years which make them an excellent choice for professionals, DIYers, and hobbyists alike.

Ridgid’s range of impact drivers covers all types – from light to heavy-duty models. They range from low-cost basic kits to advanced combo kits with multiple speeds and features. Their trademark brushless motor technology gives you more torque without needing more power, making them a top choice for tough jobs.

Ridgid also offers a variety of customizations for their impact drivers including high speed settings, LED lights, quick release chucks, and extended battery life. These special features give you the precision and control needed in difficult or challenging applications such as steel fabrication and automotive work.

The Ridgid brand offers an unbeatable experience when it comes to impact driving. With their powerful yet energy efficient motors, hand fatigue is reduced compared to other commonly used brands giving users superior control for professional finishes every time. Plus their solid construction ensures long-term reliability on even the toughest jobs with minimal wear and tear over time – meaning your investment is secure!

If you’re looking for a reliable impact driver that won’t let you down no matter what task lies ahead, then the Ridgid brand is definitely the right choice for you! From light-duty projects to intense industrial tasks – they have the perfect solution whatever your needs may be!

Ridgid Is A Good Brand For Plumbing Tools

Ridgid plumbing tools review

Ridgid is a renowned brand when it comes to providing reliable and innovative plumbing tools. Whether it be pipe beveling, threading, roll grooving, bending, hole cutting, or pipe vises and stands – Ridgid has a wide range of products that can help you with a quick and efficient job done.

It also offers specific tools for different services like the tube patching kit which helps fix any cracks up to 6ft in pipes ranging from 2′ – 6′. This makes it easier to repair without having to perform major digs.

With Ridgid pipe cutters, one need not worry about bad-quality results as they provide incredible results that last long with fast installation processes. They also have a range of accessories like the pipe wrench which makes fitting pipes much easier.

Even for complex tasks such as fitting, cutting, and fabrication the Ridgid brand has exactly what you need so there’s no stress about completing jobs efficiently. Thus Ridgid offers an impeccable range of services so you never have to compromise on quality or waste time finding better solutions

Ridgid Is A Good Brand For Pressing Tools

Rigid is an excellent choice for all kinds of pressing tools and accessories. Whether it’s press jaws, press rings, the MegaPress® range of Jaws & Rings, a PressSnap™ Soil Pipe Cutter, or STRUTSLAYR™ strut shear head – Rigid delivers unbeatable performance at a great cost!

Made with durable materials, these products demonstrate long-lasting reliability and are easy to operate in any environment. As an added convenience and safety measure, they are also typically sold with batteries and chargers to ensure uninterrupted use.

Rigid products have proven their worth in the field and are trusted by electricians, plumbers, and professionals alike. Customizable pressing solutions make Rigid stand out from other brands as they can fit unique specialized jobs without an issue. From general tasks to complex applications, no job is too hard for Rigid’s pressing tools!

Ridgid Is A Good Brand For Drain Cleaning

Ridgid is a trusted global brand in professional-grade hand tools, sink machines, drum machines, sectional machines, rodder machines, and water jetting machines. It is most famous for its FlexShaft® Machine which is also used by professionals as well as general homeowners.

The Ridgid advantage lies in its superior range of cutting-edge products particularly designed to provide efficient solutions to common drain cleaning needs. Through the years, its continued innovation and commitment to quality have made it a leader in the industry for effective and innovative solutions for clearing residential and commercial drains.

From versatile drum machines to powerful cable extraction machines, Ridgid’s wide selection of tools enables professional technicians or skilled contractors with powerfully dependable ways of opening clogged pipes quickly and effectively.

Coupled with high-performance blades specifically designed for each application, these tools make even the toughest jobs easier. For example, their rodder machines are capable of handling hard clogs at pressure up to 5x higher than regular models in the market.

In addition to this power equipment, Ridgid also manufactures specialized high-pressure nozzles useful for water jetting applications such as picking grease out of lines or removing stubborn scale deposits. These nozzles are made from robust materials that withstand pressures up to 300 bar without cracking or deforming.

All their products are tested in their own laboratories before they reach customers to ensure they perform as expected in actual working conditions and meet stringent safety standards set by OSHA (Occupational Safety & Health Administration).

This rigorous testing makes sure users can trust that every product they purchase from Ridgid operates safely and reliably yielding optimum results every time it is put into use.

Whether you are looking for an emergency toolkit or monthly maintenance supplies; when it comes to drain clearing and pipe maintenance – Ridgid lives up to its reputation of being a trusted global source of reliable plumbing solutions.

Ridgid Is A Good Brand For Wrenches & Tubing Tools

Rigid is a great brand for wrenches and tubing tools. Wrenches from Rigid are tough and durable providing the maximum power, torque, and grip necessary in any kind of workshop. The wrenches include multiple sizes and styles, plus all come with an ergonomically designed grip, allowing for comfortable operation with less strain.

For bending and forming tubes Rigid has developed their ProPress line which contains everything needed to shape metal tubes quickly and accurately – including the jaws, stands, vices, and hand presses. All products are easy to use, ensure precise results and provide great value for money.

When it comes to tube repair, joining, or cutting Rigid provides a full range of tools that make these jobs easier than ever before. These include manual benders, cutting torches, soldering gun kits as well as deburring tools – all of which come with precise design for professional results every time.

For those needing more control in the preparation process, there’s also the Tubingjet series – specifically designed pipe cutters with reinforced edges to help prevent damage when cutting through hard positions or angled corners.

All the pieces within this range are incredibly fast yet precise no matter how intricate the job might be. With Rigid you can rest assured that all your tubing needs will be met thoroughly while maintaining safety at all times!

Ridgid Is A Good Brand For Hand Tools

Ridgid is a well-established brand name when it comes to high quality hand tools. Their selection of products offers a range of functionality and versatility, and they provide a level of performance suitable for almost any job. From pumps to tile tools to concrete tools, Ridgid has it all.

The STRAPLOCK Pipe Handle, an exclusive design offered by Ridgid, is an example of their range in quality products. With this handle, you can adjust pipe sizes quickly and easily. It also provides great accuracy when shortening pipes with cuts that are always parallel even with long angled cuts. Vises, anvils, and levels from Ridgid make perfect additions to any tool set due to their sturdy construction and reliability. They’re built for durability and everyday use.

Bolt cutters, folding rules, on-site storage, pliers, saws, screw extractors, replacement drill guides, twist drills, shovels, snips, tape measures, and tool boxes are also available from Ridgid in various sizes and materials. All these items offer superb customer satisfaction with every purchase due to their high-quality craftsmanship combined with tool longevity and trustworthiness.

For anyone who requires durable hand tools on the job site or at home – without spending a fortune – Ridgid is the right choice. Ruggedly designed but reliable industrial strength materials create an unbeatable combination of affordability without sacrificing product quality or performance assurance hence making Ridgid the go-to choice for trustworthy working gear at any level or project complexity.

A Brief History of Ridgid

Ridgid is a brand with a rich history that dates back nearly one hundred years. It was founded in 1923 by Samuel J. Ridge, who saw an opportunity to provide tools for the plumbing industry that wouldn’t break or wear down easily. Over the next few decades, Ridge Tool Company slowly grew, becoming one of the most trusted names in the plumbing industry tools.

In the 1960s, Ridgid began to diversify its products from just plumbing-related items to include an array of equipment for various industries such as construction, electrical, and HVAC. This allowed Ridgid to leverage its expertise in manufacturing strong and reliable tools in numerous fields.

Today, Ridgid is owned by Emerson Electric – a global technology and engineering leader – and continues to be embraced by professional technicians worldwide due its heritage of high-quality products favored by those working in tough conditions.

Through both innovation and expansion of product lines, Ridgid has maintained the same level of excellence throughout the years while even expanding its scope beyond strictly tool related items into areas such as diagnostics solutions and inspection cameras.


In conclusion, there is an array of different tool types and brands available to fit a variety of needs. Pneumatic tools are often found in the automotive and construction trades, while drain cleaning and underground locating tools may be required for plumbing or infrastructure needs.

There are also small handheld, corded, and even 12V power tools for hobbyists or basic home maintenance requirements. High-end power tools from brands like Tool Connect or Ridgid might be best for heavy-duty tasks or professional work. On the other hand, a selection of cheaper stationary tools may be suitable for lighter work like DIY projects.

Multi-Tools can provide a versatile solution when needing many basic yet high quality hand tools in one set. Benchtop tool offerings often include everything from elementary items to more dedicated tool sets for specific tasks. No matter what your purpose, there is sure to find a suitable type or brand of quality tool that suits your needs.


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