Is Richell A Good Brand For Pet Gates And Dog Crates

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What Is The Richell Brand Known For?

Richell is a quality pet brand selling highly-regarded products such as pet gates, crates, carriers, potty pads, tray holders, bowls, feeders, and litter boxes…

Best pet brand

Richell USA Inc. isn’t just a brand, they are a group of loving owners that have faced the same problems that pet-owners have faced for countless years. Instead of suffering in silence, they have created this brand.

Everyone wants to have a loving pet as a companion. Even though pets are extremely lovable creatures that can take all the stress of your life away, they do come with their fair share of maintenance.

If you are looking for any sort of dog and cat-related products, Richell should be on the top of your list.

Below I have provided some examples of the best Richell products with a focus on customer comments about how they feel about the product and if they consider the company to be a reliable and trustworthy brand…

Is Richell A Good Brand For Pet Gates?

Richell is most definitely a good dog gate brand selling one of the most popular and highest rated freestanding dog gates. You can read more about this gate here… Attractive Dog Gate (3-in-1 Dog Crate, Room Divider, & Pet Gate)


Richell Wood Freestanding Pet Gate


Richell Wood Freestanding Pet Gate, Large, Autumn Matte Finish

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Example of comments from Richell dog gate:


There are alot of pet gates on the market, most are plastic or white steel but if you are looking for something a bit more elegant for your home then look to Richell Wood. Richell Wood makes a number of very high quality wooden pet gates. This particular gate is ideal for wide openings and small dogs.


  • I would highly recommend this and any Richell gate, the craftsmanship of the gate is outstanding as is the attractive, elegant finish.
  • Definitely check out the options with this brand and you won’t be disappointed!
  • I have experience with this brand and knew the quality would be exceptional. I was not disappointed.
  • This is a great gate. Its sturdy and the wood finish is furniture quality. I would recommend this product/brand without hesitation.
  • I love this brand of gates. I have 3 small and a very large folding one…….they are beautifully built and look lovely in my home.

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Is Richell A Good Brand For Pet Crates?

When it comes to dog crates you won’t find any more attractive than the Richell pet crate. This crate is made out of quality material, it is sturdy, the top comes off for easy cleaning, it has wheels and easy to move around, and customers adore it giving it very high ratings…


Richell Wood Mobile Pet Pen 640, Autumn Matte Finish


Richell Wood Mobile Pet Pen 640, Autumn Matte Finish

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Example of comments from Richell dog crate:


This is our 4th Richell product . We started with their gates almost 8 years ago and we still are using them! We have 3 of these dog crates, two small and one medium! The quality and style is unmatched! Looks great in new house! They have so much attention to detail. The top comes off so easily, making it a breeze to clean. Also, the wheels (they have a great locking feature as well) make it so easy to move and clean underneath. Several people have seen them in our house and have ordered them! Truly, look so much better in person!


  • This is my 2nd crate from Richell. I liked it so much that now that I’m getting another dog, I looked for the same brand again.
  • Richell pens are beautiful and sturdy. I highly recommend this pen and this brand.
  • Love this brand and their products! Very solidly built. Our cockapoo loves it!
  • I have had dachshunds the entirety of my life, so we have had many crates and kennels throughout the years. The Richell Large Mobile Pet Pen has been my favorite hands down.
  • The versatility has been second to none.

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Is Richell A Good Brand For Pet Training Trays?

Richell has a great pet training tray and the special mesh design really works wonders. This training tray succeeds where others fail…


Richell Paw Trax Mesh Training Tray


Richell Paw Trax Mesh Training Tray, Brown


Example of comments from Richell dog crate:


Do you work full time? Are you trying to potty train a puppy? Is he/she a picky dog that doesn’t like to walk over the “used” parts of the pee pad? This is for you! Previously, my puppy thought a pee pad was a one time use product, as she shouldn’t have to walk over the wet parts of the pee pad. Now, the grate remains dry and sits over the pad so she can use it more than once! This has significantly cut down on accidents!


  • This tray solved all three problems. FINALLY – relief from frustration, peace of mind, and a lot less work mopping floors and picking up torn pads = more time for other things!
  • If you need to use pads with your pup, save yourself a lot of trouble and start with this. We wish we had used this from the get-go — would have saved us a lot of clean-up and worry.
  • OMG…it’s amazing….no more ripped pee pads…no more pee on the floor…no more squished poop…ALL GONE!
  • It’s really easy to clean, I just wipe it down when I change his pee pad and wash it on the weekend with water and soap.
  • His little paws do not get any pee on them either…SUCH A WONDERFUL PRODUCT…I am sooooo happy.

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Here are a few reasons why Richell makes for a good pet-related brand:

Passionate About What They Do

As we have already seen this company is run by passionate pet owners who love providing solutions for pet owners for the betterment of their pets.

They create a wide variety of pet products and even sell them in wholesale markets to ensure that everyone is getting their fair share of goodies for their pets.

Here are several Richell products that it tries to distribute on the market:

  • Expandable Pet Crates
  • Tall Dog Gates
  • Pet Playpens
  • Pet Furniture
  • Pet Toy Box
  • Pet Beds
  • PAW TRAX Pet Training Pads

Reasons to consider buying from Richell:

Here are some reasons why anyone should consider buying from them:

Consistent Product Quality

One of the biggest reasons why one should consider buying from Richell is that they have consistent product quality. Whether you buy one pet bowl or a hundred, all of them will have the same quality.

Richell understands that sometimes pets can see much clearer than us humans and will react when they are treated differently. If you want to treat them equally, why choose to get different quality products for them when you can get consistency through Richell.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Richell does not only make high-quality goods for pets, but they also make these goods as aesthetically pleasing as possible. Through simple designs that easily blend in with the walls and other furniture, you are ensuring that you can take some of the most Instagrammable pictures and videos ever.

A Massive Blog To Educate

If you think that being a pet owner is hard or you are unable to get your pets to behave and live their life to the fullest, Richell also writes one of the most beautiful and comprehensive blogs.

These blog posts are not only effective but also help owners gain an insight on how to become better owners. Helping someone live their life to the fullest can also help oneself live their own life to the fullest – kind of like a spiral of happiness.

Where To Buy Richell Products?

Richell does not sell its products directly and has a number of online dealers you can buy from. However, you can view all of the current Richell products available from the online Amazon store.

Richell sells a lot more products and indeed different varieties and sizes of the few products I have showcased.

However, the dog gate, dog crate, and training tray are where the Richell brand really stands out with exceptional products.

Richell is a legit company that you can purchase from with confidence and they are very highly regarded in the pet industry.

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