Is Raw Sugar a Good Brand? Why We Rate It 85/100

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Raw Sugar is a natural, ethical, and sustainable lifestyle brand providing clean and nourishing beauty products. Their signature product, the Raw Sugar Living 3-in-1 Body Wash, is made with plant-based ingredients and essential oils to soothe, refresh and cleanse your skin.

All of their products are free from harmful chemicals, dyes, and parabens and instead contain organic shea butter and desert minerals to promote healthier looking skin.

Is Raw Sugar a Good Brand?

Yes! Raw Sugar is an excellent brand that stands out from its competition due to its commitment to sustainability and ethics. They use responsibly sourced ingredients that don’t harm the environment in any way. Additionally, they are Vegan certified by PETA (People for Ethical Treatment of Animals) which adds to their efforts of reducing animal suffering.

Furthermore, their products make use of natural extracts like aloe vera, coconut milk, honey extract, and oatmeal extract that nourish the skin while being gentle on it. Finally, their products smell amazing due to the essential oils used in them which help create a luxurious spa experience every time you use them.

Our Raw Sugar Brand Ratings – 85/100

Reputation and Trustworthiness8Raw Sugar has a generally positive reputation, known for producing high-quality products. They have built trust through their commitment to natural and clean ingredients.
Quality and Durability9Raw Sugar products are known for their high-quality and durability. They prioritize using natural and organic ingredients, resulting in products that are gentle and effective.
Innovation7Raw Sugar consistently introduces new products and keeps up with industry trends. While they offer a range of innovative formulas, they could further push the boundaries of creativity.
Customer Support9Raw Sugar provides excellent customer support through various channels. Their responsive and helpful team ensures customer satisfaction and addresses queries efficiently.
Value for Money8Raw Sugar offers reasonably priced products, considering their quality and natural ingredients. Customers often find their products to be a good value for the price paid.
Sustainability and Ethical Practices10Raw Sugar is committed to sustainability and ethical practices. They use eco-friendly packaging, support fair trade, and donate a bar of soap for every product purchased.
Brand Authenticity9Raw Sugar has a strong brand identity that resonates with consumers. They genuinely prioritize wellness and create products that align with their mission and values.
User Experience9Raw Sugar products are well-designed and user-friendly. Customers appreciate the pleasant scent, smooth texture, and overall enjoyable experience while using their products.
Longevity and Stability8Raw Sugar has been in the market for a considerable time and has demonstrated stability. They have a loyal customer base and have successfully expanded their product range.
Industry Recognition and Awards8Raw Sugar has received industry recognition and awards for their dedication to natural and clean beauty. They have been acknowledged for their quality and ethical practices.

The Importance of Natural and Eco-Friendly Products

Raw Sugar Natural and Eco-Friendly Products

Consumers have become increasingly aware of the importance of using natural and eco-friendly products. Companies such as ours offer a range of items that are made with natural ingredients, free from harsh chemicals and synthetic preservatives, yet still, provide effective results. 

Raw Sugar’s products are also cruelty-free and vegan, meaning no animals have been harmed during their production or testing. Furthermore, they use sustainable packaging to help protect our environment from waste and single-use plastic.

Not only are their natural and eco-friendly products safer for the environment, but they are also gentler on your skin allowing for more nourished and vibrant-looking skin. Consumers can rest assured knowing that their health is protected by not exposing their skin to harsh chemicals found in conventional products.

Additionally, many high-quality beauty brands today continue researching into new technologies to ensure effectiveness with fewer ingredients.

There has never been a better time to switch to natural and eco-friendly products than now. With ubiquitous access to information concerning environmental damage caused by certain materials or tools used in everyday items, it pays off to opt for green solutions whenever possible.

By making the switch to natural alternatives, we can do our part in mitigating climate change through emission reduction as well as conserving resources by reducing water use or swapping out non-biodegradable packaging materials for recyclable paper or biodegradable plastics. Taking steps towards sustainable options puts us all one step closer towards a greener future.

A Wide Range of Products for a Healthier Lifestyle

Raw Sugar skincare products review

Raw Sugar products provide a great way to achieve and maintain a healthier lifestyle. Their range of body washes and lotions are formulated with plant-derived powerhouses for maximum hydration, leaving skin smooth and soothed.

Their hand washes are designed with biodegradable ingredients that gently combat germs and bacteria, while offering up a luxurious lather beauty experience. They also offer an entire line of scrubs, from body scrubs to lip scrubs, which exfoliate skin for smoothness and a healthy glow – each one made with organic extracts and essential oils for pampering perfection.

All of Raw Sugar products are cruelty-free and free of parabens, phthalates, and sulfates. Plus, each product is proudly vegan, never tested on animals, and 100% safe for your whole family – no compromises!

Commitment to natural ingredients is the foundation of Raw Sugar Living’s philosophy. All of their scents utilize essential oil-based fragrances while we infuse vitamins A + B + E into every hand wash formula.

With such a wide range of odor-eliminating options that benefit both body and mind, you’re sure to find what works best for you as you continue your journey towards a healthier lifestyle free from harmful chemicals or toxins!

Raw Sugar Is a Good Brand For Scents

Raw Sugar scents reviews

Raw Sugar is a brand that offers luxurious, signature scents inspired by nature. With eco-friendly ingredients, this natural body care line captures the essence of your favorite tropical fruits, herbs, and flowers to give you an experience like no other.

Take a journey through lush locations such as a tropical oasis with exotic coconut, stimulating rose absolute infusion, or freshly-squeezed lemon and pineapple.

Or try out delightful fragrances like sweet mangoes, fresh green tea leaves, peaches, and cream avocado or creamy vanilla with almond cream layered in for ultimate luxury. Each scent brings its own unique journey of tantalizing aromatic adventures that leave you invigorated and ready for the day!

For those looking for an even deeper experience, Raw Sugar has specialty collections such as activated charcoal which helps purify toxins from the skin, or tea tree oil which helps fight bacteria on the skin and help with blemishes. Get nourished from head to toe with these exquisite invigorating scents that provide you with long lasting luxurious moisture.

Discover Raw Sugar and take your senses on an unforgettable rollercoaster ride of luxury! Experience their captivating range of wonderful scents and enjoy their luxury body care products designed to enhance life’s special moments. With amazing benefits like moisturization, hydration, and indulgent aromas, Raw Sugar has something for everyone!

Raw Sugar Is a Good Brand For Your Body

Raw Sugar is a good brand for body care

Raw Sugar is an amazing brand for body care! Their natural, plant-based formulas are free of harsh chemicals and are not tested on animals. Their ingredients include raw organic sugarcane, cold-pressed coconut oil, mango butter, and other plant-based ingredients that nourish, cleanse and soften the skin.

Raw Sugar’s Body Wash is perfect for those who want to clean their skin without the use of synthetic additives. With a pleasant scent and creamy consistency, this body wash lathers into a silky foam that rids your skin of impurities while locking in moisture.

Their Body Scrubs offer powerful exfoliation thanks to their unique blend of ingredients like pink Himalayan salt crystals, lychee fruit extract, and raw sugarcane juice to gently buff away dry skin while nourishing it at the same time.

Raw Sugar Bar Soaps are handmade with a luxurious blend of sustainably sourced oils and vegan ingredients that leave you feeling squeaky clean without drying out your skin. Plus they come in lovely aromas like coconut oatmeal and orange clove that make sudsing up extra enjoyable.

Their Body Lotion also provides intense hydration without weighing you down – it absorbs quickly into your skin and leaves you smelling gorgeous. It has a fast absorbing formula plus sweet almond oil, jojoba seed oil, and sunflower seed oil to nourish with pure vitamins A & E too!

For deep nourishment try Raw Sugar’s Body Butter which contains murumuru seed butter to provide soothing protection plus naturally derived papaya extract for additional benefits. It will help moisturize your entire body from head to toe leaving you feeling soft, not sticky!

Lastly their Deodorants offer 24 hours of sweat-free protection as well as essential oils like lavender and eucalyptus to ensure you smell delightful all day long. They have creamy stick formulas as well as crystals that keep bacteria at bay while leaving no irritation behind.

Raw Sugar also offers fun body care favorites such as Bubbles & Soaks which come in balancing botanical scents made with aloe vera, vitamin E, and kaolin clay – perfect for a relaxing evening or weekend treat! For even more indulgence don’t forget their Whipped Body Frostings inspired by classic flavor combinations like raspberry lemonade which seal in long lasting hydration while also smelling amazing!

Raw Sugar Is a Good Brand For Your Hair

Raw Sugar hair care brand review

Raw Sugar is a natural lifestyle brand focused on creating high quality and luxe products that are vegan, plant-based, toxin-free, and environmentally friendly. Their hair collection includes shampoo, conditioner, scalp care, masque, and other styling products that give you healthy looking hair with natural ingredients.

One of their signature hair lines is the HYDRATING RAW HONEY line which contains raw honey to deliver natural hydration to your strands. It nourishes and moisturizes dry hair while restoring vibrancy and adding luster.

The other signature lines include the ROSE BLOOM to bring life back into dull hair with its floral infusion of rose petals and the WHITE TEA for restless flyways or frizz control.

All their product formulas are infused with plant-derived scents such as coconut oil, mango butter, marula oil, rose buds, white tea extract, and more to give a luxurious spa experience to each hair treatment session.

Every formula is also created without formaldehyde releasers, artificial colors, or fragrances – so you can trust that your color treated hair isn’t being stripped away by any harsh chemicals found in traditional shampoos/conditioners

For an effective wash day routine – periodically alternate these collections together for optimal results. Shake well before use then apply throughout the scalp area when wet instead of applying directly onto strands – it helps glide through more easily!

Keep going until the desired lather arrives then rinse out after time spent on scalp surfaces has been evenly distributed throughout your lengths. Finish off with one of their leave-in treatments or stylers for hold!

If you’re looking for some guidance on what Raw Sugar may be best suited for your needs – simply take their Hair Profiling Quiz – it only takes a few minutes to discover what best works for you!

Raw Sugar Is a Good Brand For Hand Wash & Lip Balm

Raw Sugar is a unique and all-natural brand that offers luxurious and effective products for both hand wash and lip balm. Their products are formulated using plant-based ingredients like coconut oil, shea butter, and raw sugarcane that nourish your skin leaving it feeling soft, smooth, hydrated, and protected.

The Raw Sugar Hand Wash is designed to minimize bacteria on the hands while keeping them clean naturally with a combination of aloe vera and grapefruit extract. It also provides an invigorating scent of lemongrass and ginger that leave your hands feeling refreshed.

For those looking for an intensely hydrating lip balm, Raw Sugar offers a selection of natural ingredients such as cocoa butter, jojoba oil, sunflower seed extract, and raspberry seed oil. This mixture creates a creamy consistency that glides across lips easily to provide intense nourishment while adding subtle hints of flavor.

Raw Sugar’s unique recipes feature no artificial fragrances or dyes ensuring that their non-toxic products provide maximum protection without depleting antioxidant reserves in your skin or irritating sensitive skins.

Whether you’re looking for a luxurious hand wash or the perfect lip balm, Raw Sugar has a range of options to give your skin some much-needed love while nourishing it from within.


Raw Sugar is a good brand for those looking for clean hair care and personal care products. Raw Sugar provides all-natural, authentically sourced sugar which is known to be beneficial for hair growth, quality, and softness.

The combination of all-natural ingredients, plant-derived ingredients, and argan oil makes their shampoo suitable for a variety of hair types from bleached hair to colored hair to oily hair.

With the usage of the Raw Sugar Shampoo and its supporting Line (Hair Masks) users can obtain better control over the entire process of rejuvenating their scalp, repairing damage if any, and protecting it against further damage in the future.

The Liquid hand soap products also contribute towards nourishing customers’ hands with shea butter while providing an effective cleansing experience to them.

Therefore, given its quality ingredients, natural sourcing techniques, and wide range of product permutations—owing to user preferences— Raw Sugar stands as an excellent choice when pursuing body care products that provide both convenience & luxury-based beauty needs.


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