Is Pelonis A Good Brand (Affordable Heaters & Fans For Your Home)

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What Is The Pelonis Brand Known For?

If you are looking for affordable heaters or fans for your home or office then the Pelonis brand has some great products to cater to your needs…

When it comes to space heaters, radiator heaters, tower fans, and oscillating fans the Pelonis brand has emerged as a company that produces high-quality heating and cooling appliances at very affordable prices.

Is Pelonis a good brand

Pelonis is a brand that promotes quality, stylish, and dependable products to your household. The company creates affordable products. Offering a variety of products ranging from electric heaters, irons, heaters, fans, and more. Pelonis is the best option for finding that perfect item to warm up your home. Stay warm and look great with the help of Pelonis products.

I have listed 4 of the more popular products sold by Pelonis and provided some customer feedback for each one to illustrate that Pelonis is a good brand for heating and cooling appliances…

Pelonis Is A Good Brand For Space Heaters

PELONIS NTH15-17BRA Portable 1500W Vertical and Horizontal Ceramic Tower Space Heater


PELONIS NTH15-17BRA Portable 1500W Vertical and Horizontal Ceramic Tower Space Heater, Internal Oscillation, with Remote Control, Programmable Thermostat & 24H Timer and Overheating Protection, White

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Why Is The Pelonis Space Heater So Highly Rated By Reviewers?


The difference this pelonis heater has made is very noticeable, because the hall and back end of the house are warmer now, just from having it in the dining room. You dont catch a chill anymore when going from the kitchen to the hall and into the laundry room, because the heat from the dining room is flowing out to those areas now. All from this little heater.


  • There is value in a brand. Heats fast and continuous. The swing distributes the heat relatively evenly around the room.
  • Always a great company you can trust!
  • Great brand, trustworthy works great.
  • This Pelonis 1500 watt space heater is just far beyond what I expected. It is extremely lightweight and it requires no setup! Right out of the box, it’s ready to go.
  • The heater is extremely quiet and the remote control has a smooth and quiet directional path that moves the heated air all around my bedroom.
  • Always liked Pelonis heaters. Pennies a day to run. quiet.
  • This Pelonis ceramic heater checks the right boxes to offer peace of mind for me and my family. It’s cool to the touch externally, so brushing up against it momentarily with loose clothing is not a safety issue.
  • We’ve used several 1500 watts indoor space heaters before, and I’m here to tell you that the Pelonis PHTPU1501 Ceramic Tower has it where it counts. This thing puts out the heat!
  • I love this heater! It stays cool to the touch, is so quiet, sleek design, and works amazing. I use it to heat my camper when I’m hooked to electricity instead of flying through my propane.


PELONIS NTH15-17BRA Portable 1500W Vertical and Horizontal Ceramic Tower Space Heater, Internal Oscillation, with Remote Control, Programmable Thermostat & 24H Timer and Overheating Protection, White

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For being small, it works really well! It has a space-saving, vertical design. It comes with a remote which is nice to have on a bedside table. It oscillates to cover the entire room. It’s super quiet too!


  • Excellent heater for a bedroom or office.
  • Good value for the money and works great for mid-size to a small room.
  • I specially selected this heater based on its appearance and price. It works perfectly and generates a lot of heat.
  • This heater is compact and works great in my home office. Perfectly capable of heating a small room for sure. Keeps a consistent temperature and even has a timing feature.
  • Works great. Use for a small office and puts out a good amount of heat.
  • Great portable heater. Works great and heats up a room very fast especially heating up a bathroom.
  • Very lightweight but works great. Heats up fast. Love the way it works.
  • Works fantastic for me & has the safety features I was looking for with pets.
  • This heater is a great buy!!! I am shocked by how quiet it is!!! Works great and inexpensive but well worth every penny!
  • The heater works great, perfectly capable of heating a large bedroom. Keeps a consistent temperature and even has a timing feature. Works amazing, setting the timer to the hour you wake up is amazing.

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Pelonis Is A Good Brand For Radiator Heaters

PELONIS Electric 1500W Oil Filled Radiator Heater with Safety Protection


PELONIS Electric 1500W Oil Filled Radiator Heater with Safety Protection, LED Display, 3 Heat Settings and Five Temperature Settings. Perfect for for Home or Office

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Why Is This Pelonis Radiator Heater So Highly Rated By Reviewers?


I really shopped around comparing specs before I bought this, it heats up our large bedroom super quick. This Pelonis heater really awesome, room gets heated with in no time. I am happy with this product and recommend this heater to my friends.


  • This has been perfect for this winter with a warm-up in a chilly room. It has even warmed up the first floor of my house on the subzero temperature days quietly. The dogs and cats nap near it too.
  • An excellent brand works flawlessly every time.
  • This heater is well designed, with multiple heat setting options, remote control and it has worked flawlessly for the two months I have had it.
  • I’m happy to report that we haven’t had the slightest problem with this heater and continue to be really pleased with the Pelonis brand.
  • It was a no-brainer that we went with Pelonis again for our bedroom heater. Easy to use, quiet, and really saves on our winter heating costs.
  • The Pelonis 2019 Oil Filled Radiator Heater works extremely well. This heater requires no maintenance and heats nicely.
  • Works well in my home office. It warms my home office (small converted bedroom) extremely well. It’s very quiet and effective.
  • Our master bedroom is downstairs so in the winter it gets a bit chilly downstairs while it stays pretty warm upstairs. So instead of constantly turning up the heat and cooking everyone upstairs, we got this little heater to help keep our room warm, and it works like a champ.
  • This guy has been a lifesaver for working in the garage. I bought it a couple of weeks ago while freezing my behind off going through my tools. Now, I can organize my garage without my teeth chattering from the cold.
  • This unit works efficiently and well. It warms the room to a toasty level quickly. It has every control I was looking for, from a timer to an easy to use the remote control, so I can drift off to sleep feeling warm and safe.

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Pelonis Is A Good Brand For Tower Fans

PELONIS FZ10-19JR Tower Fan


PELONIS FZ10-19JR Tower Fan, 36-inch, Black

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Why Is This Pelonis Tower Fan So Highly Rated By Reviewers?


I’ve had decent experience with Pelonis products in the past. This fan so far is quality as expected. I was looking for quiet, and on the low setting, I can’t tell it’s running until I feel the air flow.


  • So good and quiet that I bought two. I was very pleasantly surprised by this. The unit works great and is fairly quiet.
  • This fan circulates the air in a large room quietly. The rotating cycle works great and the remote is convenient.
  • Perfect. Gf wanted a quiet fan for the bedroom and she loves it.
  • The fan leaves the room super cool and the noise is not so loud so I am able to get a good night’s sleep! I love this fan!
  • Best fan ever! It doesn’t take a lot of space and is light and easy to move. I love that it has a remote. Works better than ordinary box fans.
  • It’s a great fan and good for the money. Works fine in every speed, and mode. Perfect, my wife also loves it.
  • Safe for children!! 5 mins to put together!! The best part is safe for my 14-month-old as there’s no way to get fingers into the fan!!! Yay!!!
  • This was the best purchase yet!!!! Omg!!! It airs our EVERYTHING WELL AND I MEAN EVERY SINGLE THING.
  • Easy to put together, quiet, and cools a room nicely. This has saved my summer sleeping. Easily the best purchase of this year.
  • On high it blows papers all around the room and still quiet. So far this is the best tower fan I’ve ever had over the years. Mater of fact I’m getting another one.

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Pelonis Is A Good Brand For Pedestal Fans

PELONIS 16-Inch 3-Speed Oscillating Pedestal Fan with 7-Hour Timer


PELONIS 16-Inch 3-Speed Oscillating Pedestal Fan with 7-Hour Timer, Remote Control and Adjustable in Height, FS40-16JR, White

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Why Is This Pelonis Pedestal Fan So Highly Rated By Reviewers?


Great fan! This is my go to brand for fans. I have previously purchased two others from other stores. They last a long time. They produce great airflow for bedrooms or greater airflow for larger rooms such as a living room/family room.


  • I love this brand – quality all the way – The fan is wonderful and love the remote for it. Nothing flimsy about this fan.
  • At this point, I don’t think I would consider any other brand based on my experience with this Pelonis fan so far.
  • Awesome Fan .. Works like a charm. Oh yeah, I am happy with this product, Very good quality, Control remote, Very stable, and no noise (just as described) it is also a beautiful piece in my living room.
  • Love the fan, it works great and is very quiet.
  • Very cool fan, I have been working from home all summer and when I don’t want to turn on my AC, I have had this fan cooling my down! Great value for the money!
  • It works well and can either oscillate or stay focused on one spot which I like.
  • Wow! It’s elegantly built, easy to set up, and works superbly. I bought this fan for my patio (its hot in Texas). The remote control added extra charm to the product. Now I can sit in a chair in my patio and control the fan with it.
  • We have windows that are not feasible to put a window unit in, so I thought buying a pedestal fan would maybe help. It did the job!! No more complaints! Works great!
  • I like everything about this fan. I originally bought one for my room and then bought one for my daughter a few months later. It works well and is easy to clean which is a huge plus.
  • Works perfectly. I love it, it gets the job done and my cat is obsessed with it. She loves to sit by it and just falls asleep.

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In summary, Pelonis is a brand that has proven itself trustworthy.

They produce good quality products that have a reputation for lasting and at very affordable prices making every product you purchase from Pelonis excellent value for money.

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