Is Pandatex A Good Brand? (Luxurious & Soft Bamboo Sheets)

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What Is The Pandatex Brand Known For?

Pandatex is a company that sells very popular and highly rated bed sheets and beautiful throw pillow covers. While most bed sheets you can buy are made from cotton Pandatex is different…

The Pandatex brand separates itself from the others by using bamboo instead of cotton enabling them to create a soft, luxurious feeling, and a breathable bed sheet that is ideal for hot sleepers and cool sleepers alike.

Whether you have a hard time staying asleep because it’s too hot or if you’re just looking for a cooler night, Pandatex Perfect Fit Sheets have you covered. These world-class sheets are made by the original fabric innovator leader, Pandatex.

The highly breathable bedding technology allows for a cooler night’s sleep without the hassle of changing out your sheets.

Not only are the sheets of excellent quality they are also much better for the planet because they use bamboo instead of cotton. So, let’s dive in and see why people consider Pandatex to be a good brand…

Are Pandatex Sheets Good?

When it comes to sheets Pandatex is one of the best companies out there and when it comes to bamboo sheets, in particular, they are absolutely outstanding.

As demonstrated by the following bamboo sheet set that is very highly rated, customers gush over them with praise, soft, luxurious feeling, quality, comfortable, cool are all commonly spoken about in customer feedback…


PANDATEX Super Soft 100% Bamboo Sheets Set 4 Pieces Cool & Breathable Fits up to 16 inches Mattress


PANDATEX Super Soft 100% Bamboo Sheets Set 4 Pieces Cool & Breathable Fits up to 16 inches Mattress, Natural Organic Eco Friendly Resists Wrinkle Bed Sheets Set - Queen Size, Light Blue

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Example of comments from Pandatex:


I’m one of those guys that sweats profusely at the drop of a hat. Laying in bed is no different, and I tend to sweat pretty heavily, even while sleeping. BUT THESE HAVE CHANGED IT ALL! These are soft, comfortable, and help regulate your body temperature because they “breathe”. Worth every penny!


  • Love these sheets and the cute bag they come in. A summer must for hot sleepers.
  • These sheets are so comfortable and soft and I can’t wait to get into the bed.
  • These are the BEST sheets ever.
  • Bamboo sheets are great and this brand is the softest, coolest, most wonderful sheets I have ever purchased.
  • These sheets really do sleep ‘cool’ and are incredibly soft and airy, yet a nice quality.
  • Don’t usually write but I love these sheets….so soft, comfy, and luxurious feeling.
  • I am quite surprised- these sheets are absolutely amazing. Just wow.
  • These sheets are fabulous! I have an obsession with soft sheets and these are the best ones I have.
  • They are beautiful, incredibly soft, and keep you cool.

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Are Pandatex Throw Pillow Covers Good?

The Pandatex throw pillow covers have a massive approval rating from those who own them with over 84* rating these pillows the best. They are also available in a variety of colors…


PANDATEX Luxury Crushed Velvet Blue Throw Pillow Covers Pack of 2 for Sofa Couch Chair, 18″x 18″

PANDATEX Luxury Crushed Velvet Blue Throw Pillow Covers Pack of 2 for Sofa Couch Chair, 18"x 18" Square Home Plush Decorative Pillowcases Cushion Cover for Bedroom Living Room Car

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Example of comments from Pandatex:


Omggggg these covers are beautiful!! The teal color of these covers is out of this world! The crushed velvet adds a nice texture without being too busy. Obsessed with these!


  • These are the best pillow covers EVER! They are so soft.
  • I love these covers! They’re soooo soft and so expensive looking.
  • These covers are an added extra in my family room! So soft, velvety, and comfortable! I absolutely love them!!
  • This crushed velvet is so beautiful!
  • Wow…the quality of these covers is top-notch! Color is right on point, too.

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Some Amazing Features of Pandatex Products:

There are some other great features of the products that you get from Pandatex. Here we will discuss some of them.

  • Stain resistance.

Unlike cotton fabric products that get pale with usage, these products from Pandatex are designed to retain their look. This helps them to look as new as on the first day.

  • Shrink resistance.

The products of Pandatex are woven using a special technique that keeps them from shrinking over years of usage.

  • Easy to use because of the rubber band.

The sheets from Pandatex come with a 16” pocket and every side has an elastic band to make it very easy for you to remove and put on these sheets.

The elastic band comes in very handy because the silky structure of the sheets makes them very difficult to keep them in one place.

Reasons Why Pandatex is a Reliable Brand?

The following are some reasons why Pandatex is a good brand.


Their products are better for our planet:

The traditional method of making fabric sheets is mostly using cotton. Cotton is something that takes 3 times more water than bamboo. Other than this, cotton also produces 10 times less yield than bamboo.

This makes using bamboo useful for making fabric because it can produce more fabric using fewer resources.

Pandatex is a company that takes care of the planet by not using cotton for making fabric sheets and uses bamboo instead that is beneficial for the planet.


They make durable and long-lasting products:

Pandatex not only cares for the planet but it cares for the customers as well. This is one of the biggest reasons for them being a good company.

Pandatex produces sheets that are incredibly durable if compared to other sheets. They are woven and then stitched with special threads and techniques that make these sheets very long-lasting.

Another great thing about the sheets from Pandatex is that they are not made from cotton so they will not lose their structure and shape like cotton made sheets.


You will never have to compromise when you use their products:

Cotton sheets will make you feel uncomfortable because of their moisture-wicking properties. These sheets, on the other hand, will make you feel a lot more comfortable.

It is because these sheets are made in a very silky texture that ensures comfort. Other than the silky feel of these sheets, they are also incredibly breathable.

Not only the sheets from Pandatex but all of their products have these properties.

These sheets are designed in such a way that they will not get hot in summer and not cold in winter and they are 50% less humid than the cotton sheets making them a lot more comfortable.

Where To Buy Pandatex Products?

You can see all of the Pandatex products currently available on the Pandatex website or purchase them at Amazon.

Below I have provided some examples of the best Pandatex products with a focus on customer comments about how they feel about the product and if they consider the company to be a reliable and trustworthy brand…

In summary, while Pandatex may not be a big-name player they certainly produce bamboo sheets that more famous brand names would envy.

Pandatex is a legit company so you should have absolutely no worries about purchasing from them and with the consistently high ratings customers give their products it is safe to say that Pandatex is a good and trustworthy brand.

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