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Is Okaysou A Good Air Purifier Brand (Remove Dust, Smells, Smoke)

What Is The Okaysou Brand Known For?

The Okaysou brand is recognized by customers for creating indoor air purifiers that offer affordable, high-quality air purification technology. Okaysou is not a well-known brand however when it comes to air purifiers they are a real surprise packet with some very popular and big selling air purifiers…

Okaysou specializes in Air purifiers and has an excellent reputation for customer care. However, by far the most impressive thing about this brand is how their products are highly rated by customers.

Okaysou air purifiers combine industry-leading features with premium materials to ensure the highest quality air purification experience.

I have listed Okaysou’s most popular air purifier below with a snapshot of what customers have to say about it and you will see that this air purifier is very good indeed…

Discover Why Okaysou Air Purifiers Are So Highly Regarded

Okaysou AirMax8L Air Purifiers with Ultra-Duo Two Filters


Okaysou AirMax8L Air Purifiers with Ultra-Duo Two Filters, Medical Grade H13 True HEPA for Home Allergies Pets Hair Smokers Odors, Remove 99.97% Mold Dust Pollen VOCs for Large Room, Bedroom,500 Sq. Ft.

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Why Is The Okaysou AirMax So Popular With Consumers?


A friend suggested getting an air purifier. I chose this brand and model because the said that it was quiet and easy to get ready to operate.


  • This one had the best value (low price) among all that have similar room coverage size, CADR rate, and the 5 stages filtering tech.
  • At this price point, possibly the best HEPA filter.
  • Took even the worst odors out of my house at lightning speed!
  • For something that is not a well-known long-established name brand product, it was packaged very professionally and is quite a high-quality product. I expect big things from this company if they continue to establish themselves on the market.
  • Don’t waste money on expensive brands. This does a fine job for a bedroom.
  • I’ll be honest, the airflow output is the best for this size of air purifier. It has a medical-grade filter and produces very clean air capturing viruses, mold, and VOCs.
  • Okaysou customer service was the best when it comes to making their customers satisfied.
  • This is the best ever air purifier. My allergies feel so much better. I sleep better. No pet odors. Excellent, excellent, excellent!

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Does The Okaysou Air Purifier Remove Dust?


So I’ve had the Okaysou air purifier running for three weeks, and the change in my sinuses is totally amazing. It took so much pollen and dust out of the air, I can breath through my nose, which is perfectly clear, for the first time I can ever remember, and I haven’t had a coughing fit in 2 weeks. I would rate this unit as good as the air purifiers they have in hospitals.


  • I bought two of these air purifiers because I was remodeling my house and didn’t want to be exposed to excessive dust and paint fumes. They have been amazing, but to my additional surprise, the “white noise” of the blowing fan has helped me to sleep so much better at night.
  • After only a few days, the dust in my home is exponentially less. I mean I can really see a difference. I
  • I bought this air purifier today because of the dust and smell of my room. It’s running about 10 hrs, no more dust and smell what amazing…I can’t believe it, it’s a dream.
  • We got it because of the dust that accumulated so quickly on our bedroom furniture. It truly pulls that stuff in and I don’t have to dust near as often!
  • Excellent air purifier and very quiet. HEPA/VOC filter does a good job of removing dust and litter box odors.
  • I don’t wake up nearly as congested and can tell a difference in the level of dust that accumulates around my apartment.
  • Has really helped with dust and sinus irritants.
  • Hassle-free dust management for my listening room.

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Does The Okaysou Air Purifier Remove Smells?


It works surprisingly well while cooking. One day I made fish right before my husband got off work, he didn’t smell it after he got home! He hates fish and complains about the smell every time I cook it. Well guess we found a solution!


  • I know it is working because I even breathe the difference! (I smell no diaper odors anymore!)
  • The cat smell was horrid especially for someone very sensitive and allergic. Within only 3 days, I noticed a difference in the odor and dusty feeling in the basement, within a week I noticed a better smell and feeling all over the house.
  • I ended up loving the product. It was small enough, sleek, quiet, and did the job. No more dog smell in my apartment.
  • Works great. It helps get rid of any smells too.
  • After sleeping in the room with the door shut all night the room will smell a bit like a dog in the morning. However, after using this it took care of it entirely. Always smells fresh now & allergies aren’t as bad either.
  • We got this for the laundry room where we keep the cat box and after two days of running this nonstop the cat smell is gone!
  • Love this air purifier! Gets rid of any smells and I wake up without a stuffy nose since having this the past few months.
  • I recently purchased this air purifier and it keeps the air quality inside of my home fresh. For example, after cooking the house tends to smell like food and this air purifier expels all the food smell quickly.

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Does The Okaysou Air Purifier Remove Smoke?


We got this filter yesterday and put it right next to the bed. Last night was the first time I was able to sleep through the night without waking up from smoke when the winds shift. This thing actually works.


  • No more smell of smoke.
  • I bought 2 of them and I love them. I got these because I’m a smoker and it helps get rid of the smoke smell. 
  • Instant difference dealing with wildfire smoke.
  • We are on the West Coast with tons of wildfire smoke everywhere. We already notice better air quality in our apartment!
  • Genuinely happy with this air purifier. There was a wildfire near my house recently and my house began to smell like smoke. I turned it on high and within 15-20 minutes, the smell was gone.
  • Smoke elimination from cigarettes, and cooking odors. I love the fresh air!!!
  • We use this to clean the smoke smell from a room that is about 300 sq ft. It works very well to clear any odors and seems to work within an hour or so to clear most of the smell.

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Does The Okaysou Air Purifier Help With Asthma?


I have asthma and this unit has made me feel better, I keep it running 24/7 with my room door closed and as soon as I walk into my room I can tell the different and there customers service is one of the best I ever dealt with.


  • You can feel the air clean… I have asthma, ever since I bought this air purifier I haven’t had any symptoms and can sleep the night.
  • Excellent! Super quiet. Lots of construction in my RV park has brought tons of dirt and dust making my asthma unmanageable. This unit is highly recommended as it has performed beyond my expectations.
  • I got these after an extreme asthma attack ending up in the hospital and have noticed since I have gotten them that the air is cleaner and I feel safe knowing that this purifier does its job…
  • I would recommend this to anyone with one or more allergens.. it has made such a huge difference in how I breathe.

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Does The Okaysou Air Purifier Help With Allergies?


This works well and has helped with the allergies my kids have. I feel like the house smells “crisp” and clean. I recommend this to anyone who has allergies or lives in shared living and don’t want the smells from others.


  • Most importantly, works so well that within the first hour, my allergies vanished.
  • We have a cat and a 140lb bullmastiff that are both inside pets. I’m allergic to cats and this purifier has helped SO much. My allergies rarely bother me.
  • We purchased this air purifier because we have allergies, especially at night. Based on one week of operation we noticed a definite reduction in the level of our congestion and slept much better.
  • These really work. My son suffers from allergies and we have two dogs. Ever since we’ve gotten these (ordered 3 to be placed around our home) my son’s allergies have been so much better and we don’t have a lingering pet smell in the air.
  • My husband and I have horrible allergies and can’t breathe at night. I could tell the difference within 10 minutes from plugging it in. I had the best night’s sleep I’ve had in a while.
  • I put this in my daughters’ room she has serious allergies and her room has nice clean crisp air.
  • Works quickly and helped my allergies within a couple of days.
  • It works! If you deal with any allergies this air purifier will make your life better.
  • A week later, my son’s allergies have calmed down, and no longer has sneezing fits at night. I should have purchased this unit a year ago.

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Is The Okaysou A Good Air Purifier For Bedrooms?


After just one night of using in our bedroom, woke up with no congestion, eyes not glued shut, no coughing. And sleep mode is very quiet. Highly Recommend.


  • It’s in our master bedroom and it’s done wonders.
  • Using this in the bedroom. Good air purifier. Has low white noise.
  • I have a big dog that often come into the bedroom and stay. Within two weeks of usage, I got good sleep and comfortable in my room.
  • It’s small it’s convenient works well in my master bedroom.
  • I run one purifier in the bedroom every night because I sleep so much better.
  • We bought one of these for our bedroom since there was a lot of dust from the air vents when we moved into our new place. It took care of the problem so quickly and we had a great night’s sleep!
  • I placed it in the bedroom where my daughter sleeps who has severe allergies and it has worked exactly as promised. I cannot say enough good things about this unit.
  • My sleep and breathing have improved so much after having this in my bedroom and using at night. I don’t notice any noise.

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Is The Okaysou Air Purifier Value For Money?


This unit is unbelievably quiet, made a difference in sleep quality immediately. Love that it filters far more than our current Holmes tabletop model. Has convenient time settings, very easy setup, only remove plastic from filters. Seems like a lot of money, but if you need one, this one does the work without sounding like a wind tunnel. Great find


  • I’ve only been running this for two days and I had to run over here and tell you all that this is absolutely worth the money.
  • Quiet, durable, and great for the money.
  • I read that it’s quiet but the truth is I can’t even hear it. It’s totally worth the money. Bought a second one for my mother.
  • Couldn’t have picked up a better air filter for my money.
  • A big difference in my air quality. I really like this product! Is well worth the money.
  • Definitely worth the money!! Something not too expensive and does the job!!

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In summary, Okaysou is a very good brand for air purifiers. When it comes to air purifiers there are quite a few companies producing great air purifiers and Okaysou is most certainly one of them.

What customers have to say about this unit is very convincing and you just don’t get that kind of feedback unless you provide a quality product that works!

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