Is Nixon A Good Watch Brand? (Functional And Stylish Watches)

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What Is The Nixon Brand Known For?

When it comes to stylish watches, particularly the ones that are designed for sports and an active lifestyle, Nixon is a brand that you can trust.

Are Nixon watches good?

The company is known for making bold, in-your-face designs that had never been done before. This includes designing a watch that could tell you the time and your altitude at the same time. The Nixon line is all about being unique – from the watches themselves to our online imprint of products and brands.

It is a popular watch brand that specializes in manufacturing watches that represent the California lifestyle that’s rich in connectivity and diversity.

The Nixon brand is known for timepieces with a unique “anti-establishment” aesthetic. Like the original watch company of the action sports world, Nixon likes to stay true to its roots by providing products that are inspired by creative expression, authenticity, and an independent spirit.

Below I have provided some examples of some of the most popular Nixon Watches with a focus on customer comments about how they feel about the product and if they consider the company to be a reliable and trustworthy brand…

Is Nixon A Good Brand For Men’s Watches?

Nixon sells a variety of men’s watches and they are all well regarded as you can see with the following example that has over 80% of customers rating it 5 out of 5-stars. The overwhelming majority of consumers believe this Nixon watch is worth the money…


Nixon Time Teller


Nixon Time Teller All Gold Women’s Watch (37mm. All Gold Face & Gold Metal Band)

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Example of comments from Nixon Watch:


Got this as a gift for my husband he loved it. Super waterproof. My husband is a pressure washer and wears this while he works. 6 months later and still going strong.


  • Great watch Nixon always a great brand that looks way more expensive than it is!!
  • First, this is a men’s watch but is unisex for sure. Second, Fantastic timepiece!
  • Love the all silver design and love the 1970s style design.
  • Movement is almost silent and the adjustable metal band is great. I love this watch!
  • This is the nicest watch I’ve ever owned I absolutely love it!
  • I get so many compliments on it daily from friends and strangers too.
  • This watch is really worth buying….very stylish yet understated…..the green baize dial is just sumptuous…..a winner.
  • Great statement watch without being gaudy! Love my gold watch to dress up an outfit.
  • I’ve had it for about 6 months now and it still looks like new.
  • It looks like it should be more expensive than how much I paid for it.
  • This watch is definitely worth it. It’s a great price and it looks like a much more expensive watch. Classy and stylish.
  • Very classy looking watch! Definitely worth the price.

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Is Nixon A Good Brand For Women’s Watches?

Just like the men’s watches, Nixon sells a variety of women’s watches that are very popular and well-rated such as the following gorgeous Nixon time teller…


Nixon Time Teller Acetate


Nixon Women's A327-646 Plastic Analog with Black Dial Watch

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Example of comments from Nixon Watch:


The look of the watch is amazing, have gotten a lot of compliments. It’s very light weight so it’s not a “heavy” watch on your wrist which is nice.


  • This watch is cute, comfortable, and very durable. I’ve received lots of compliments.
  • I love this watch! I receive a lot of compliments because it’s unique. It’s easy to read.
  • Gave this watch to my mom for Mother’s Day. She’s worn it every day since! The design is even better in person than in the pictures.
  • I love this watch it’s unique in design.
  • Got a lot of compliments and people asked me where I bought it for they never seen a design like this one.
  • My favorite daily watch.
  • I just bought this watch and absolutely love it! It’s very light and goes with any outfit.
  • This watch is so cool because of the melded acetate colors.
  • It goes with just about any clothing arrangement that I have.
  • It also keeps perfect time and the face is very easy to read.

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Nixon Watch History

The Nixon watch brand was established in 1998 in Encinitas, California by Chad DiNenna and Andy Laats. The idea of manufacturing watches was born after DiNenna failed to find a watch that fully represented his lifestyle.

From day one, the brand targeted the youth of the country for its custom-built, reliable products.

Nixon started with just seven watch models ranging from $65 to $120. The brand quickly gained popularity and continued to grow with time thanks to its high-quality offerings.

Today, it offers over 90 designs that range from $65 to $2600. Nixon watches are sold in more than 80 countries all around the world.

The company is known for its different styles and designs of watches. Apart from its popularity in watches, the brand is also well-known for its products related to the fashion industry e.g. bags, accessories, leather goods, etc.


What Makes Nixon a Good Brand?

As we have already seen from their history and customer this company has a lot going for it. The following are some other key factors that make Nixon a good brand:


Well-Respected and Reputed Brand

Nixon has been manufacturing watches since 1998. It served as a renowned watch brand in the action sports industry.

Today it is well-known all around the world for its variety of quality timepieces and it is a serious competitor to almost all major watch brands.


Premium Product Range

Focused on making the little stuff better, Nixon started with a small product line of custom-built, team-designed watches sold exclusively to fashion and specialty boardsport retailers.

Throughout the years, the brand’s product range has grown to include select men’s and women’s timepieces, leather goods, bags, custom headphones, and fashion accessories.

Watch Styles for Every Occasion

The best thing about Nixon is that it offers to watch styles for basically every occasion.

Their watches are primarily very popular among the surfing and skateboard community, but some of their models are elegant and classy, making them suitable for everyday wearing and/or fancy dinners.

Their watch styles cover contemporary, retro, and traditional designs for both men and women and take influence from many of the latest and most popular fashion trends.

Excellent Value for Money

Nixon manufactures all of its products with a focus on details. Combined with the quality and reasonable pricing, it results in products that offer excellent value for money. The average affordable price of Nixon watches makes them a very attractive purchase.

Where To Buy Nixon Watches?

You can see all of the Nixon Watches currently available and purchase them online at their Amazon Store.

Alternatively, you can find a retailer from the following store locator page.

Overall, Nixon is a brand where you can find durability, appealing design, reliability, and great value at the same time.

All of these factors along with the quality the brand offers through its products make it easy to understand why Nixon is so popular.

Nixon watches tend to be both functional and stylish with an aim to create something that can survive an active lifestyle.

So, if you are buying a Nixon watch, you can rest easy knowing that it will serve you for years to come.

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