Is MSI A Good Brand For Computers, Laptops, Gaming, & Monitors

MSI is known for its gaming products such as computers, laptops, monitors, motherboards, gaming mice, graphic cards, and motherboards…

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MSI has found the ideal balance between creating quality gaming products at a reasonable price and it seems they have found the magical formula because customers love their products and love the MSI brand…

Below we have listed the top-selling products provided by MSI in each category of laptop, mouse, motherboard, and monitor…

Is MSI A Good Gaming Laptop?

The MSI gaming laptop is so impressive with over 80% of reviewers rating it a full 5-stars. It has excellent power for gaming, a crystal clear screen with great color, the best laptop speakers many customers have ever had, high-end components, lightning-fast, looks good, and is a good price as well…

I have listed the most popular MSI gaming laptop below…


MSI GL65 Leopard 10SFK-062 15.6″ FHD 144Hz 3ms Thin Bezel Gaming Laptop

MSI GL65 Leopard 10SFK-062 15.6" FHD 144Hz 3ms Thin Bezel Gaming Laptop Intel Core i7-10750H RTX2070 16GB 512GB NVMe SSD Win 10

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Why Is This MSI Gaming Laptop So Popular With Reviewers?


I needed a new laptop 6 years ago, and went with an MSI, due to the power at an incredible price. Think about that– 6 years with the same gaming laptop. Ever since then, I’ve talked my daughter, her boyfriend, 3 of her friends, and two of my nephews into buying MSI and they all love them. I will never buy anything else.


  • This is a wonderful laptop for multitasking and gaming, you should not be upset with this purchase or the MSI brand of laptops.
  • This is a great Gaming laptop from a great brand, the config I’ve been waiting for the price.
  • MSI is a great brand, this is the 2nd time I’ve purchased one, and this one is a powerhouse for a great price.
  • For sure the best gaming laptop I’ve ever had. MSI is definitely the brand I’ll buy in the future for gaming.
  • Bought this because it was a good price and MSI is a good brand. So far so good!
  • Best laptop brand! This is my second MSI laptop and it does not disappoint.
  • This thing is an absolute monster of a laptop. High-Ultra AAA gaming? Check! HD VR gaming? Check! Low profile frame while keeping aesthetics? Check! A plethora of ports for almost everything? Check! What’s not to love about this laptop?
  • Lightning Fast without a stutter! For the price and the High-end components, this MSI came with I thought it was too good to be true. Well, it wasn’t.
  • I am in love. Speakers are way better than any laptop I’ve ever had.
  • The screen is crystal clear and the colors are crisp, which was the most important thing to me as I do a lot of digital art.

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Is MSI A Good Monitor Brand?

MSI gaming monitors are very popular and highly recommended for gamers who want a quality screen at a reasonable price. The gaming monitors are so good that after people have experienced them MSI from that day forward becomes their goto brand…

I have listed the most popular MSI gaming monitor below…


MSI Optix MAG24C 24 inch 1ms 144hz Full HD Curved Gaming Monitor with Adaptive AMD Free Sync and Wide LED Anti-Glare Screen

MSI Optix MAG24C 24 inch 1ms 144hz Full HD Curved Gaming Monitor with Adaptive AMD Free Sync and Wide LED Anti-Glare Screen 1920 x 1080p, Black

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Why Is This MSI Monitor So Popular With Reviewers?


Love the monitor and how easy it was to install and get prepped for high refresh rate gaming! You can not go wrong with this product or this brand. I love MSI and all of their products, I have two computers with MSI monitors, MOBOs, GPUs, mousepads, and other items! They are quality and efficient. Save yourself the time of bargain hunting and get true quality.


  • MSI might just be my go-to monitor brand from now on.
  • My son loves this monitor. The brand is good and reliable. My husband has had the 32″ version for over a year and is very happy with it.
  • I have owned several different name brand monitors and as usual, MSI makes the best.
  • You just can’t go wrong with anything that has the MSI label.
  • I went with MSI because I have bought their laptops in the past and they are a gaming brand I can trust to deliver quality products.
  • Very good monitor from my favorite brand, it came new and no defects like bleeds or dead pixels. 144hz works well with my computer and is a huge upgrade from my AOC monitor.
  • I knew that it was going to be great as it seemed to have great reviews and also was made by a recognizable brand, so of course, I bought the product and I must say it is definitely an amazing product.
  • After setting it up and playing some games, I realized I will never shop another brand again!
  • This monitor is great! Probably the most affordable name brand monitor that can run 144fps. Buy it! I would 100% recommend it!
  • I would definitely recommend it for any gamer who wants to have a great monitor with a good price tag.
  • MSI has always been a great brand for me (been using them for the last 5+ years) and I’ve yet to have an issue.

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Is MSI A Good Gaming Mouse Brand?

MSI has a very good gaming mouse that has features that gamers love while still having a simple design for everyday computer use. It fits comfortably in the hand, has a nice feel, the left click button performs as every gamer wants, and it is very highly rated by gamers who have purchased it…

I have listed the most popular MSI gaming mouse below…


MSI CLUTCHGM50 Gaming USB RGB Adjustable up to 7200 DPI 1ms 6 Buttons Desktop Laptop Gaming Grade Optical Mouse

MSI CLUTCHGM50 Gaming USB RGB Adjustable up to 7200 DPI 1ms 6 Buttons Desktop Laptop Gaming Grade Optical Mouse (Clutch GM50)

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Why Is This MSI Gaming Mouse So Popular With Reviewers?


I’ve been using this mouse for the last four years, and I keep using it with delight every day. Build quality is top notch in every way, it’s very comfortable to use and precise, the buttons click quietly, and it features a long soft braided wire. And what to say about the lighting.. gosh, it’s just sooo nice, powerful and living!


  • Got everything I’d expect from my favorite brand. The mouse is fantastic, has a great ergonomic design, and has a great feel when using it.
  • The feel of the mouse is really comfortable and has a really great quality built braided USB cable, adjustable mouse arrow sensitivity and really smooth mouse wheel..MSI has got to be my most favorite brands to use.
  • It’s exactly what I was after. A nice fat mouse, unlike those all those new flat arse mouses that suck.
  • Excellent weight system, it remembers it’s DPI setting even after turning the computer off. So far it’s the best gaming mouse I’ve ever had.
  • Probably the best mouse I’ve ever had – didn’t think there would be much of a difference from a standard mouse, but there is. Very good price, as well.
  • For the money, this mouse is a must-have. The best part of this mouse is the main left click. The “click” is clean and crisp. If you’re a gamer you know what I’m talking about when you use a mouse with a terrible clicking feel.
  • Great mouse! I love the weights you can add or remove, the color selection, and all of the buttons on it! I use it for StarCraft 2 and it is the best mouse I have ever had!!
  • Enough buttons to be versatile for gaming, simple enough design for everyday use.
  • The best gaming mouse I have ever had :D, Beautiful colors high DPI, suitable for every gamer out there. Sure worth the money!
  • Wow for the quality of this mouse this was an extreme bargain! I love the DPI button works well, I also like the 2 other buttons on the left side of the mouse, which are programmable so that’s a plus.

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What Is MSI Creator Laptop Like?

Many customers are huge fans of the MSI creator laptop and it rates strongly. It is popular for its lightweight design, packs a punch when it comes to power, has plenty of memory, the keyboard is comfortable to use, and it has a great quality screen…

I have listed the most popular MSI creator laptop below…


MSI Creator 15M A9SE-043 15.6″ 120Hz FHD Creator Laptop

MSI Creator 15M A9SE-043 15.6" 120Hz FHD Creator Laptop Intel Core i7-9750H RTX2060 16GB 1TB NVMe SSD Win10

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Why Is This MSI Creator Laptop So Popular With Reviewers?


Excellent price for the hardware (4K screen, 32 gb ram, RTX 2060, 1 tb nvme, etc) compared to other similarly spec’d laptops with a 4K screen (vs Aero OLED, Razer 15, XPS 15, etc). Approx 600$ cheaper vs the competitors. Comes with minimal bloatware. Comfortable to use keyboard and a lovely-to-use wide trackpad.


  • It’s super fast and has plenty of memory.
  • Love this powerful little beast! Packs a lot of punch and is handling my 4k workflow just fine!
  • The Graphics card is an RTX2060 which was also better than the graphics cards of the other laptops.
  • It comes with NVIDIA creator drivers pre-installed which in my opinion are better than the gaming drivers.
  • The screen is really nice! Probably the best looking screen I have on any device. Even my 4k Vizio doesn’t look as good.
  • The design is simple and elegant and I love the keyboard! The backlights add a nice touch (no pun intended) and the typing experience was better than I expected.
  • I love the design which is thin and lightweight but at the same time ultra-fast! 1TB SSD has large storage for my data and 32GB RAM really speeds up my work!
  • I loved how light the product is and how great the screen is.
  • It’s also incredibly powerful and can handle a great deal more data and processes than my old computer. As a computer science researcher, I’d highly recommend this product!
  • Love this laptop. The specs and hardware speak for themselves. Really sleek design in an attractive appealing chassis with the power of RTX GPU at its core.

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Is MSI A Good Brand For Motherboards?

MSI is a much sought after mother brand and they have a wide variety of motherboards to choose from to suit your needs. The MSI motherboards are all very highly rated and as with all of the other products they produce the MSI brand is loved for their motherboards…

I have listed the most popular MSI motherboard below…


MSI MPG Z490 Gaming Edge WiFi ATX Gaming Motherboard


MSI MPG Z490 Gaming Edge WiFi ATX Gaming Motherboard (10th Gen Intel Core, LGA 1200 Socket, DDR4, CF, Dual M.2 Slots, USB 3.2 Gen 2, Wi-Fi 6, DP/HDMI, Mystic Light RGB)


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Why Is This MSI Motherboard So Popular With Reviewers?


The best value PERIOD. It’s time for me to upgrade and my first list always an MSI mobo. This is my 4th mobo in the last 4 years. 4 out of 4 first power up no hiccups. Updated my windows and check all my bios settings and some adjustments. Will buy MSI product when I need one. Highly recommended.


  • Always been a fan of MSI products, especially their motherboards.
  • The motherboard was easy to set up, has blazing fast Intel WiFi 6 built-in! No posting issues, running smoothly and I like the feature set!
  • Extremely high-quality, reinforced areas that can break, fantastic cooling, and so much more.
  • This motherboard is hands-down the BEST bang for your buck right now. GET IT, you will NOT be disappointed!
  • SIMPLE install, SIMPLE setup, SIMPLE and FLAWLESS Motherboard.
  • This is the best Z490 motherboard out there today for gamers and pc build enthusiasts.
  • Beautiful, Fast & Stable. I spent weeks and weeks before 10th gen intel i5 to released and I found MSI Z490 Gaming Edge is the best of them all.
  • I have now bought three of these motherboards and really like the simplicity and layout. I have not had any issues with any of these motherboards, the installation was a breeze.
  • Wow, this board is beautiful. Installed easily, no hiccups, POST on the first try. I love MSI products!

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In summary, MSI ticks all of the boxes and is clearly a good brand.

MSI has developed such a good reputation that quality and performance are just expected as a path of the course and time after time they deliver on that expectation.

So if you are looking for quality gaming products at a price that won’t break the bank then MSI is the brand for you.

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