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Is Moen a Good Brand? (Smart Faucets & Shower Head)

What Is The Moen Brand Known For?

Moen, a world-recognized company for cutting-edge technology-oriented, smart, and innovative kitchen and bathroom accessories…

There is no other way around introducing such a luxurious and reliable brand that is committed to providing world-class faucets and other hardware components to build a fantastic cornerstone kitchen or bathroom.

Here is your chance to find out about why people in North America and around the world go gaga over Moen’s kitchen and bathroom faucets and showers.

Moen offers a wide range of innovative collections having different types of filtration faucets, showers, hand showers, garbage disposals, and modern accessories to maintain water performance with utmost perfection.

Below I have provided some examples of some of the most popular Moen products with a focus on customer comments about how they feel about the product and if they consider the company to be a reliable and trustworthy brand…

Are Moen Smart Faucets Good?

Moen smart faucets are so popular they are now in thousands of homes and they are rated highly by those who own them. Good, gorgeous, voice-activated, motion sensor, temperature indicator, reflex technology so it effortlessly returns to its original position, power boost for faster water, and you can operate it manually as well…


Moen 7594EVORB Arbor U by Moen Smart Pulldown Kitchen Faucet with Voice Control and MotionSense


Moen 7594EVORB Arbor U by Moen Smart Pulldown Kitchen Faucet with Voice Control and MotionSense, Oil Rubbed Bronze

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Example of comments from Moen smart faucet:


As most people know, the brand alone (Moen) reflects top quality. This particular faucet, however, takes it a level higher given the sensor, which we find ourselves using much more than anticipated because it is so easy and convenient. The brushed stainless steel also blends in perfectly with all of our new stainless steel appliances.


  • Moen brand faucets are the best looking and functioning faucets in the house.
  • The Moen brand was recommended by two plumbers I trust. The faucet is attractive and matches my stainless steel sink.
  • I like the controls, which provide a power boost whenever you want more water flow to fill a pot or get the hot water flowing quicker.
  • My plumber told me that they always recommend Moen if possible because they are the brand that they never have to replace or repair.
  • I bought this Moen faucet because of the reputation this brand comes with. Moen offers no hassle… free replacement parts and I have experienced this first hand.
  • We feel like we have a brand new kitchen because this faucet is so incredible. Great stretch, power, control – would buy it again and again!!!
  • I chose Moen over other brands because they have a solid reputation and great customer service.
  • The faucet is esthetically pleasing and the brand name, Moen, is known for making a quality product.

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Are Moen Shower Heads Good?

Moen produces a variety of showerheads that are all rated highly by those who own them. The following rainshower showerhead gets rave and comments about how wonderful it feels just makes you want to rush out and get one…


Moen S6320 Velocity Two-Function Rainshower 8-Inch Showerhead with Immersion Technology


Moen S6320 Velocity Two-Function Rainshower 8-Inch Showerhead with Immersion Technology, Chrome

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Example of comments from Moen shower head:


I decided it was enough, I needed to FEEL the experience everybody was talking about when they refered to a rainshower. OH… MY… GAWD… I could have been in my backyard, naked with a soap, with rain pouring over me and the experience couldn’t have been any better… it’s basically rain in a can.


  • WOW! This is by far the most intense shower head I’ve ever used!
  • Somehow this showerhead soaks you in a matter of seconds. It drenches you in a relaxing spray of water.
  • The gentle rain is more relaxing than any multifunction shower we have ever used.
  • Love the fact that you can go from a rain shower to a regular shower.
  • This showerhead is life-changing! It is very large and feels like I am being showered in a warm steamy strong rainfall.
  • This is the best shower head I have ever been privileged to indulge myself with.
  • I bought this and amazing isn’t saying enough about it.
  • It has two adjustable speeds and both are a different but, equally as pleasant slice of heaven.
  • One mode gently trickles raindrops all over your body. The other mode is a little more forceful but is very massage like in its demeanor.

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Why Is Moen A Good Brand?

As you can see by the example of just the above two products Moen has a reputation for class and quality with very impressive er ratings. Of course, they sell way more products with a wide selection of kitchen and bathroom faucets.

They also have different showerheads to select from, garbage disposals, sink accessories, and more. Here are a few more reasons that make Moen so impressive…

  • Moen’s Quality & Warranty

Moen Kitchen faucets and accessories are designed with premium quality assurance and maximum customer service perfection.

For Moen, their customers are the driving force for success for years. The Moen kitchen accessories have an innovative concept and modern designs without bargained on the high standards of workmanship and quality.

Moen not only provides the best quality kitchen or bathroom faucets but also ensures customer satisfaction for a lifetime.

Yes, you read it right! The brand offers a lifetime limited warranty to the original purchaser of Moen accessories.

The warranty includes a guarantee of leak-free or dripping-free accessories during normal residential usage. Moreover, Moen guarantees that all the parts of the kitchen or bathroom accessories would be material or manufacturing defects.

For Commercial, corporate or industrial usage, Moen respects and understands the public use of the accessories. Thus, the brand provides five years limited warranty from the purchase of the product rather than insuring from the date of installation of the product.

  • Moen Smart Technology

As crystal clear from its tagline, “Water designs our life but who designs for water,” Moen’s first commitment and goal are to provide better and efficient home equipment along with beautiful and innovative smart technology.

The brand has no competition when it comes to smart technology and innovative designing.

It offers several modern edge technology accessories, but the most reckoned one from their innovative collections is “Motion sense, M.Pact Common Value System, Magnetix Handheld showers, Moen  Gold brush, and U by Moen.”

The latest U by Moen technology even holds an award in “the 30 most innovative products awards 2019”. By far, the brand has come to the modest technology in kitchen or bathroom faucets with voice activation, cloud-based info storage, and wi-fi features based digital showers.

The faucets allow the users to customized their faucet settings, mobile connectivity, and working of the faucets with three options: in-shower control, voice activation control, and integrating smartphone apps to control the functionality through the phone’s application.

  • Moen’s Eco-Performance

Moen’s primary goal and commitment since the beginning of the brand are to manufacture water-efficient and innovative products.

Moreover, ensuring high-quality aesthetics, designs, and material used to craft such masterpieces. Thus, the brand has a keen interest in producing high-end products with low environmental impacting factors.

Little do people know that Moen’s bathroom faucet or kitchen accessories are certified by EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) to meet their water sense criteria, which is 32% water preservation or less water usage to promote eco-friendly product range among the people.

Less water does not mean a compromise on quality; rather, you can expect Moen’s best performance because of its eco-friendly performance. Here’s how:

  • 82% of manufacturing waste recycling: The brand recycles 82% of manufacturing waste and 20% water recycling while crafting new products.
  • 74% Raw Material Recycling: Moen ensures 74 percent or more product production from raw material, which includes some extent of recycled materials.
  • 13-million-pound metal recycles: Moen does not believe in elegance and wastage of investment and resources. Thus, it ensures recycled resources for product manufacturing with 6.5-million-pound cardboard, 13 million pounds of metal, and 3.8 million pounds of solid waste.
  • Corporate Paper Usage: Moen is the brand name of efficiency; thus, it includes recycled papers only for office practices and organic soy-based inks for drawings or copies.

  • Achievements and Trustworthiness

Moen is North America’s most trustworthy and brilliant brand for home accessories for the past 75 years. It has won several awards during this time period because of its innovative design, smart technology, and practical usage of faucets and other accessories.

From time to time, the brand is recognized for its extraordinary efforts, qualifying it to name over prestigious awards and customer’s trust in the first place. Here is the list of some of the awards that Moen has earned throughout these years:

  • David Weekly Homes 2019 partner of choice
  • America’s most trusted faucet brand
  • 2019 best of KBIS award
  • America’s most trusted 2019 award
  • The 30 most innovative award 2019

Where To Buy Moen Products?

You can see all of the Moen products currently available and purchase them from their online Amazon store.

Alternatively, you can search for a store near you or other online retailers on the following where to buy page.

There you will find lots of stores that stock Moen products such as Menards, Lowes, Ferguson, Bed Bath & Beyond, Home Depot, Faucet Direct, Houzz, Ace, Wayfair, Amazon, True Value, Do It Best, Ferguson, and Blains.

If the question is if Moen is a good brand or not?

Well, with all the work performance mentioned above, we can assure you Moen is definitely a brand whose products are worth purchasing!

On paper or in reality, the brand has set the standard up high compared to the rest of its competitors because of its over-the-edge technology and manufacturing line that the competition becomes impossible.

You can’t help but be impressed with the quality that Moen produces.

Moen is certainly a legit company with fabulous customer service that you can purchase from with confidence.

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