Is Miele A Good Brand & Are Miele Vacuums Worth The Money?

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Miele sells a variety of products however they are best known for providing vacuum cleaners with great suction and excellent battery life…

With the Miele brand’s promise of, “Immer Besser,” which means forever better, you can have the assurance that quality end-products and results are waiting for you—the Miele Triflex Cordless Vacuum, in particular, is a very impressive product.

Below I have provided some examples of some of the most popular Miele vacuums with a focus on customer comments about how they feel about the product and if they consider the company to be a reliable and trustworthy brand…

Are Miele Cordless Vacuums Worth The Money?

The Miele Triflex Cordless Vacuum is a very impressive machine featuring the best of Miele engineering. It converts quickly and easily, has great suction, excellent battery life, cleans your floors, under the beds, your drapes, and is the ideal all in one vacuum cleaner…


Miele Triflex HX1 Battery Powered Bagless Stick Vacuum


Miele Triflex HX1 Battery Powered Bagless Stick Vacuum, Lotus White


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Example of comments from Miele Vacuum reviews:


This little guy is amazing! I would put this head to head with any full sized vacuum, on the market (other than maybe, another Miele), and this would our preform it, hands down. It’s small enough, and light enough, to get up and down stairs, or in and out of tight spots, easily. It converts, quickly and easily, and takes up very little space, when it’s not in use.


  • Life-changing. I have always loved Miele vacuums. The best of Miele engineering.
  • I wanted a cordless stick but couldn’t bring myself to buy anything but a Miele. This vacuum is AMAZING.
  • Quick and easy pick up, with great suction!!
  • The fine dust that gets collected is like wow.
  • Battery life is excellent!!! I can do ALL my downstairs, about 1500 sq ft of hardwood, tile, and low carpet with one charge and more to spare.
  • Was looking for a replacement for a handheld Dyson we had that broke after many years of use. This is such an upgrade.
  • Love the way you can move the motor and thus the center of gravity into different positions.
  • I was pleased that my finger will no longer get cramped from having to hold the trigger down, with the switch you can easily turn on and off.
  • This unit can stand on its own with the motor at the bottom, which is super convenient.
  • Then being able to switch the motor at the top to get under my bed and then remove the floor head to reach up to the top of the drapes.
  • This truly is an all in one vacuum.
  • I have owned EVERY cordless stick vac on the market from Dyson up to a very expensive Rycar and let me tell you this is hands down the best!
  • The Miel is super lightweight, maneuvers well and has a wide path (to cut down on vacuum passes), and holds a long charge.
  • This is the best cordless vacuum. It has tremendous suction power and gets dog hair with ease. One can never go wrong with a Miele product!!
  • The best part is like all other Miel products it is simple in construction so there is less to break!
  • A great new offering in the cordless vacuum arena. The ability for it to be configured in three different ways, and with a power switch vs a trigger really sets this unit apart from the competition.
  • Suction is exceptional and on par with my Miele C1 canister unit.
  • Battery life is also great, and with the 11-inch powerhead, I can clean small high traffic areas quickly and daily for over a week on a single charge. This unit is fantastic and is the best cordless vacuum I have ever owned.
  • This Miele is incredible in comparison to the Dyson.  Overall this costs ~2X as much as the Dyson but is about 1000X better.
  • I am also cleaning my car with it and the performance is remarkable.
  • You can feel the German quality and does a remarkable job. In addition, it is very easy to clean with it.

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Are Miele Canister Vacuums Good?

The Miele Canister Vacuum is a very popular seller so much so that it has reached Amazon Choice status with an amazing 80% of reviewers rating this vacuum 5 out of 5 stars. Many are saying it is the best vacuum they have ever used, with powerful suction that sucks up everything, great attachments, sleek, lightweight, easy to maneuver, quiet, and a joy to use…


Miele Grey Classic C1 Pure Suction Canister Vacuum Cleaner


Miele Grey Classic C1 Pure Suction Canister Vacuum Cleaner, Graphite

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Example of comments from Miele Vacuum reviews:


Best vacuum I’ve ever owned and one of the best appliances I’ve ever used. Such a well designed and well built precision German machine. From the silky smooth telescoping stainless steel handle, to the super quiet operation, to the auto retracting cord, it’s all good stuff. I even love the way the motor very quietly “spools up” when you turn it on. Makes our Dyson seem like a super loud plastic rattle trap. So how does it clean? better than anything else I’ve ever owned. I can’t imagine anyone being disappointing with this machine, especially for the price.


  • The suction on this is tremendous. It sucks up everything.
  • It is worth every single penny! I have seven cats and this thing is the best vacuum I have ever used to get up cat litter, pet hair, etc.
  • DREAM MACHINE Worth the cost! Absolutely love this version of the Miele!
  • It’s light enough to carry and store (as someone with terrible back issues.)
  • Suction and attachments excellent quality.
  • The cord is super easy to retract and we particularly think the upholstery attachment is the best we’ve ever had compared to other brands.
  • The customer service is by far, the best experience you could ask for.
  • Best vacuum I’ve had in 20 years, great on hardwood and carpeted stairs in my house, easy to switch between floor type and lightweight, easy to maneuver. Well worth it!!!
  • I’ve used Dyson, Hoover, Oreck, Black & Decker, Kenmore, and Miele. I will stay with Miele for the rest of my vacuuming days. Thank you for the fair market price.
  • This is one excellent vacuum cleaner! After years of using other well-known brands which were always disappointing, the Miele is sleek, super-efficient, amazingly easy to maneuver even in small spaces, amazingly quiet, and is a joy to use.

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Miele also sells robot vacuums however they rate poorly and they also stick vacuums that only rate fairly and so I believe other brands are better options for those types of vacuum cleaners.

However, when it comes to their canister and cordless vacuums this brand is astonishingly good. Particularly the Miel Triflex they seemed to have really hit it out of the park with a marvelous piece of engineering.


Why Is Miele A Good Brand?


  • Offer sustainability

This year is a bit challenging for the company; however, they do not stop thinking about some innovations that would help everyone in their daily lives.

They always wanted to protect the environment and the people themselves while doing their business responsibly. They also make sure that there will be resource conservation and efficiency on energy during the production process in their business.

As a matter of fact, Miele holds a German Sustainability Award and now a member of the United Nations Global Compact initiatives for sustainability.


  • Has the outstanding quality type of products and services

Different appliances by Miele, whether utilized for vacuuming, laundry care, or for kitchen activities, undergo endurance tests before these products be introduced to the market.

Meaning to say, you can guarantee that all products they offer are of high-quality type since they undergo an excellent quality assurance team.


  • Provide creative designs and innovations

The company’s experts and designers formulate designs with good innovation, timeless elegance, and value. With its ideal designs and product innovation, it also shapes the experience of the users.

Customers are highly satisfied with their product as their expectations and standards are met. A number of consumers already gained the company’s trust because of its excellent customer designs, services, and overall product flexibility.


  • Provide numerous benefits and incentives

Miele is one of the leading brands that is customer-centered. To satisfy their customers’ needs and wants, they always have the extra mile by giving certificates & vouchers, rebates, and even promotions. With these things, the customers can save more money out of doing business with them.

  • Excellent services provided to all customers

Since Miele Company clings to their good reputation throughout the business industry, they always make sure that their customers will not have a bad experience. That’s why they trained their staff and employees to be pro-active and service-oriented by providing the customers with utmost importance.

They are always there to extend their help from troubleshooting up to maintenance, delivery, and installation services. They will give you the best deals relative to their quality services.


  • Offer warranties for the products and services

To ensure the excellent quality of their products or services and promote a better relationship between the company and the customers, they also offer warranties for their offers. This is also to prove that all their offers can help you in the long-run.


  • Has focused objectives

One of the best things about Miele is that they are focus on providing better or even the best products for all. With their tag line, “Immer Besser”, they always wanted their products and services to be on top. As days go by, they will not stop thinking of better ways to deliver remarkable services to all their customers.


  • Customer-service oriented

Customers can easily reach out for Miele’s concerns and queries as they are always available online. You can even reach out if you need their services. If you need their services, then you can just visit and check them online.

Where To Buy Miele Vacuums?

You can see all of the Miele vacuums available and purchase them online at their Amazon Store.

Alternatively. you can see if there is a dealer near you from the following find a dealer page.

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In summary, Miele is really a good brand for everyone looking for kitchen appliances, vacuum-cleaning items, laundry care services, cleaning products, and all related services such as product maintenance and troubleshooting, delivery and installation, and many more.

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