Is Linenspa A Good Brand? (Budget-Friendly First Class Bedding)

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What Is The Linenspa Brand Known For?

The Linenspa brand sells a variety of bedding products including mattresses, mattress toppers, mattress protectors, bed frames, pillows, comforters, and more…

Linenspa has a marvelous reputation for providing top-quality and ultra-comfortable bedding products at incredibly affordable prices.

Linenspa has to be one of the best budget-friendly bedding brands you will ever find.

Linenspa is known for offering high-quality bedding products at affordable prices. We stock thousands of sheets, pillowcases, and quilt sets in every imaginable color, pattern, and size. Their collection of bedding accessories includes shams, duvet covers, comforters, quilted mattress pads, blankets, and more!

Below I have listed some of the best-selling Linenspa products with a focus on customer comments about how they feel about the product and if they consider the company to be a reliable and trustworthy brand.

Linenspa Is An Excellent Mattress Brand

The Linenspa Memory Foam Mattress is an Amazon bestseller with over 71,951. This Linenspa product has an excellent 74% of those consumers rating it 5 out of 5 stars…


Linenspa 8 Inch Memory Foam and Innerspring Hybrid Medium-Firm Feel-Twin Mattress


Linenspa 8 Inch Memory Foam and Innerspring Hybrid Medium-Firm Feel-Twin Mattress, White

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Example of comments from Linenspa:


So Relieved, and that’s exactly how I feel. This mattress has turned out to be the most comfortable I’ve ever slept on, and I’ve owned some of the major, more expensive brands. The support is perfect for me


  • I would compare it to much more expensive brands at a fraction of the price, but all the comfort.
  • My daughter is sleeping on it, and she likes it. I ordered a second one. You could order 2-4 of these for the cost of a brand name mattress from a mattress store.
  • This is such a good mattress for the price. I bought this for my 4-year-old and she absolutely loves it.
  • It’s very soft and comfortable and provides good support
  • Linenspa a great mattress in a box brand.
  • A purchase that will not only save you money but will have those sleeping on it happily.
  • The best rest that I’ve had. Comparable to a 5-star hotel mattress. This is my go-to brand for mattresses now.
  • I honestly could not be more pleased with this product!
  • It is so darn comfortable and I am already feeling tremendously more rested and wake up with my body and mind feeling rejuvenated!
  • I don’t often write for products, but wanted to pass on the good word in hopes that others on a budget will get this amazing deal and reap the benefits every night and day!
  • Don’t know how Linenspa created a mattress that is soft but firm and cool yet warm- but they did and it is far, far – superior to big-name brands I’ve had in past!
  • This thing is awesome. I would rate it higher than a Serta or Sealy any day.
  • I was surprised by how comfortable this mattress is.
  • Honestly, this bed was comfier than my old one and it’s just a great brand and price! You can’t beat it!

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Linenspa Is An Excellent Brand For Mattress Toppers

The Linenspa Memory Foam Mattress Topper is a very popular seller and has reached Amazon Choice status with over 43,537. This Linenspa product has an excellent 73% of those consumers rating it 5 out of 5 stars…


Linenspa 2 Inch Gel Infused Memory Foam Mattress Topper


Linenspa 2 Inch Gel Infused Memory Foam Mattress Topper, Twin

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Example of comments from Linenspa:


I bought this to put on my hard dorm bed. Let me tell you, it makes a huge difference. Compared with some other brands I have seen this is extremely affordable as well.


  • Comparing the price to other mattress toppers I definitely would recommend this brand to anyone!
  • Great way to maximize comfort without buying a brand new mattress.
  • This pad changed everything! I now sleep so good and love my bed! Game changer!!
  • I’ve tried other brand mattress pads and this is by far the highest quality with great durability and cool sleeping.
  • It’s like sleeping on a new high-quality mattress. No more uncomfortable pressure points or bouncing my wife around when I get in or out of bed.
  • This topper saved our bed and our backs.
  • After placing this topper it felt like a brand new bed.
  • The best efficient way for upgrading your bed from rock-solid hard, too soft, and comfy.
  • This mattress makes it like a brand new bed! Best purchase I’ve made in maybe YEARS!
  • A great option if you can’t afford a brand new mattress.
  • If you don’t have the money to shell out on a brand new mattress and know you love foam toppers, this topper will be perfect for you.
  • My partner can get a full night’s sleep when at my place now whereas he couldn’t before having the topper.
  • It made my firm, feel-the-springs mattress into a much more comfortable bed.

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Linenspa Is An Excellent Brand For Mattress Protectors

The Linenspa Mattress Protector is another very popular seller that has reached Amazon Choice status with over 59,082. This Linenspa product has an excellent 76% of those consumers rating it 5 out of 5 stars…


Linenspa Premium Smooth Fabric Mattress Protector-100% Waterproof


Linenspa Premium Smooth Fabric Mattress Protector-100% Waterproof-Hypoallergenic- Vinyl Free Protector, Queen, White

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Example of comments from Linenspa:


I purchased this for my sons fullsize bed. He eats snacks and wastes his drinks sometimes. I can always take it off and it never ever reaches the actual mattress. It is soft and stretches perfectly to fit his bed. I wash it an put it right back on the bed. Its like magic. The mattress is never wet. His mattress is white and still looks brand new. I love this pad.


  • Bought them for our kids. Great buy!!! Protects their brand new mattresses from spills and any accidents.
  • This is the BEST protector we’ve used.
  • Bought this for a potty-training 4year old to protect his brand new mattress. It has worked wonderfully!
  • Saves the brand new mattress that I just brought for my elderly dad. Fits like a fitted sheet which is great and you don’t get a plastic feel! It feels like regular fabric!
  • We have one of these covers on every mattress, and they work perfectly!
  • Every cover has completely protected the mattress when someone or our dog has had an accident.
  • Urine has never soaked or leaked through!
  • I just toss them in the washer and dryer, and they’re as good as new.
  • We’ve been using this brand of covers since 2013 and 6 years later we still use and recommend them.
  • This is great! My kids sleep with me periodically. Have had “accidents” several times on my brand new mattress. Nothing went through! Washes easily.
  • Not a drop of moisture penetrated our brand new mattress!

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Linenspa Is An Amazing Brand For Bed Frames

The following Linenspa Bed Frame has over 7,863 and rates amazingly well with 80% of those consumers rating it 5 out of 5 stars…


Linenspa 14 Inch Folding Metal Platform Bed Frame


Linenspa 14 Inch Folding Metal Platform Bed Frame - 13 Inches of Clearance - Tons of Under Bed Storage - Heavy Duty Construction - 5 Minute Assembly - Twin

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Example of comments from Linenspa:


Super easy to assemble, hold up well, lots of understorage space. Its a great buy! Easy to pack up for storage too if ever needed.


  • This is the best bed frame I’ve ever bought!
  • It is definitely worth buying and the price is amazing!
  • Super easy to put together! Super sturdy!
  • Not like a lot of the cheap platform frames you have seen!
  • I love it so much I’m buying my other son one to replace his old basic bed frame!
  • So convenient to assemble. Had the bed set up on it within minutes!
  • I was pleasantly surprised at how simple this was to set up and how high up it is.
  • There is an amazing amount of space under the bed that were are excited to use as storage.
  • The fact that this folds up is an awesome added bonus!
  • Excellent engineering; extremely sturdy and quick set up.
  • I was surprised at how stable the platform is. Makes storage underneath easy as well.
  • This product took me less than five minutes to unbox and set up.
  • I got it for my 300 lb father and he told me it felt very sturdy.
  • There is also plenty of storage space underneath and it is lightweight and foldable so it’s easy to transport.
  • Would highly recommend it for anyone living in an apartment, who moves around a lot, can’t carry heavy furniture, or who needs a smart storage solution.
  • This product is absolutely incredible, I would highly recommend it to anyone.
  • I have been getting the best night’s sleep and have the most amazing storage ever!

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Linenspa Is A Good Brand For Pillows

The following Linenspa Reading Pillow has earned Amazon Choice status and has over 8,212. This Linenspa pillow rates very good with 69% of those consumers rating it 5 out of 5 stars…


Linenspa Shredded Foam Reading Pillow


Linenspa Shredded Foam Reading Pillow - Perfect for Back Support While Relaxing, Gaming, Reading, or Watching TV - Soft Velour Cover

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Example of comments from Linenspa:


I have to say Linenspa has to be one of the most affordable brands with great quality I’ve come across. This was also another great purchase from them.


  • My wife uses hers every night. The memory foam provides just the right amount of support and comfort.
  • This has to be the most comfortable reading /bed pillow made… It is firm and doesn’t hold the heat of your body which is very important to me….recommending this product and brand to my whole family.
  • Don’t bother with other brands! I never write, but for the LINENSPA reading pillow, I had to.
  • I generally game/read/watch TV in bed and propping myself up with a couple of pillows pales in comparison to this comfortable and supportive pillow armrest combo, it basically turns your bed into a lounge chair.
  • Absolutely love these pillows. I highly recommend these over any other brand I have had!
  • The neck support is a nice addition. Overall, very comfortable, supportive, and of great quality like other LinenSpa products I own.
  • Hands down the BEST pillow around!
  • The quality, texture, and softness cannot be compared to anything I have felt before.
  • The support it gives my back is unlike any other.
  • I will be getting a few more of these as gifts for my family.
  • Thank you Linenspa for creating a great and comfy pillow.
  • A very good product! Now I can comfortably read in bed!
  • I recommend the Linenspa for anyone who is tired of getting the pillows “just right” when reading in bed.

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Linenspa Is An Excellent Brand For Comforters

The following Linenspa Quilted Comforter is another Amazon bestseller and has over 69,256. This Linenspa product has an excellent 75% of those consumers rating it 5 out of 5 stars…


Linenspa All-Season White Down Alternative Quilted Comforter


Linenspa All-Season White Down Alternative Quilted Comforter - Corner Duvet Tabs - Hypoallergenic - Plush Microfiber Fill - Machine Washable - Duvet Insert or Stand-Alone Comforter - Queen

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Example of comments from Linenspa:


We originally purchased several of these to furnish all of our beds at our AirBnB properties. They are extremely durable and still feel brand new after a year of heavy use (washed after each guest). They wash and completely dry in normal washer/dryer cycles. And we’ve only gotten 5-star for our beddings from 100% of our guests! Numerous guests have asked for purchase information.


  • I highly recommend these comforters!!! I found this particular brand and comforter to be affordable and well made, and definitely recommend others to give it a try!
  • Fluffy, soft, luxurious, sumptuous. Never will I ever pay top dollar for a comforter again.
  • This is a wonderful, all-season comforter that keeps you warm but is still breathable.
  • I love that it’s very soft, it feels good on your skin without the scratchiness from other brands.
  • Lightweight and warm. Our guests love this and often ask what brand we use and where we got it.
  • It is so soft, lightweight, but will keep you warm. The best comforter I have bought in years. Definitely will buy this brand again!!
  • LOVE these easily the most comfortable comforters I’ve ever bought will be the only brand I buy now.
  • Perfect for what I needed. Good value, reliable brand.
  • The product is soft and worth the money for what you pay for. It is the same quality as the more expensive brands.
  • I’ve bought this brand before and am always pleased.
  • I will buy all my future bedding from this company because it lived up to its brand and exceeded my expectations.
  • Great Product and I will recommend it to all my family and friends.
  • By far the nicest comforter I have bought in the history of ever.
  • Super soft, high quality, washed extremely well.
  • Do not waste $400 on big names, this is much better quality.
  • Love this comforter. Tried a lot of different brands and this by far my favorite.
  • If you’re an allergy sufferer and had to give up down-filled duvets this is a fantastic brand!

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Where To Buy Linenspa Products

Linenspa bedding products are sold online from their Amazon Store.

This is a very impressive company and they make bold claims saying… “When you shop Linenspa, you get the same top quality and lasting comfort as the big brands, you just pay a lot less.”

And it must be said they truly deliver on that bold claim so why pay more money for bedding products from the more expensive brands when you get the same quality from Linenspa?

Even more impressive is that they have been able to do this since they started back in 2003. To be able to deliver consistently high-quality products at such great prices is a major achievement and makes this company a very good one to purchase bedding from.

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