Is Keen A Good Brand? (Shoes A Little Wider & More Comfortable)

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What Is The Keen Brand Known For?

The Keen Brand is ultra-impressive and provides the most comfortable footwear, especially for people who have wide feet.

They run a little wider than other brands and are known for producing footwear with plenty of wriggle room for your toes.

The Keen brand is known for its comfort and thoughtfulness from the inside out…. They integrate special features into their products to bring you the most advanced footwear on the market today.

In addition to unrivaled cushioning and support, their iconic lines of flip-flops and sandals are built to last and are easy to maintain…. With a variety of colors, materials, textures, and patterns to choose from, there is something for everyone’s style.

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Quick Overview of Keen:

Keen is an excellent shoe brand selling a wide variety of shoes, boots, and sandals for men, women, and children…. The Keen brand is known for its unrivaled quality.

Popular Products Include: 

More About Keen

You can learn more about this brand from their About Page.

If you want to contact Keen you can do so here.

What about Social Media? You can follow Keen on FacebookInstagramTwitterPinterest, and Youtube.

Below I have listed the most popular Keen shoes with a focus on customer comments about how they feel about the product and if they consider the company to be a reliable and trustworthy brand…

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Keen Is A Good Brand For Women’s Hiking Boots

KEEN is a company that strives to deliver great products and service that exceeds its customer’s expectations…. The KEEN Women’s Targhee 2 Mid Height Waterproof Hiking Boot is no exception.

This is a boot for those who want comfort, lightweight, and style from their boots…. This boot gives you all of those things and more…. It has a faux fur lining to keep your feet warm and comfortable.

Microfiber upper with a waterproof membrane keeps your feet dry as you move through the terrain. This is a versatile boot that can be worn on many different occasions.

Whether you’re going shopping, going on a hike, or just going to work this boot will give you the comfort you need. The outsole of the shoe has been designed for stability and flexibility as well as traction on multiple surfaces…. You can’t go wrong with these boots!

KEEN Women’s Targhee 2 Mid Height Waterproof Hiking Boot

KEEN Women's Targhee 2 Mid Height Waterproof Hiking Boot, Goat/crown blue, 7 M (Medium) US

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Example of comments from Keen shoe:

I don’t think I will ever get another brand of hiking boots…. I have gone through less expensive store brands, extremely expensive brand name hiking professional boots, and I have never been happier than I am now with the Keen’s.

  • I love that they are made a little wider than other brands and the toe box has lots of room.
  • Keen hiking boots were much more comfortable than some other brands I tried on in stores because they have a slightly wider box.
  • I find that Keen shoes are the only ones good enough for wide feet….
  • I’ve tried MANY other brands and this is the only one I’ll buy over and over again.
  • The Keen Targhee II Mid-Waterproof lets me hike for hours without ANY discomfort or pain.
  • I have wide feet and these are the only brand I will ever buy again.
  • And yes, it is waterproof!! 
  • I would definitely recommend these boots and this brand to others looking for lightweight footwear that grips.
  • Durable but flexible and waterproof and love that these are leather!
  • I tried on other brands and this one is the one I found the best fit…. Just quality and well-done shoes!
  • I absolutely love the Keen brand and had to try these boots for an upcoming trip to Alaska…. Not once were my feet wet or cold.
  • I love these hiking boots. I have been wearing this same brand and style for almost a decade.
  • The Keen Targhee II Mid is comfortable and doesn’t need to be broken in and they look pretty cute on.
  • I have hiked all over the world in my Keen hiking boots…. When a pair of boots wears out, I don’t have to question what brand I will get….
  • They are rugged, comfortable, waterproof, hold my ankle well, and I know I can depend upon the Keen brand!

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Keen Is A Good Brand For Men’s Hiking Boots

KEEN Men’s Targhee II Hiking Shoe is a great product…. If you have never had the chance to purchase KEEN Men’s Targhee II Hiking Shoe, it is definitely time to purchase this amazing product.

They are incredibly lightweight but durable at the same time…. It has amazing shock absorbency which keeps me comfortable while hiking or running around on rough terrain…. The Keen Men’s Targhee II Hiking Shoe is also water-resistant which helps keep your feet dry!

The KEEN brand really goes above and beyond with its products…. They make extremely durable items that are constructed of high-quality materials.

KEEN Men’s Targhee II Hiking Shoe

KEEN Men's Targhee II Hiking Shoe, Cascade Brown/Golden Yellow - 11 D(M) US

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Example of comments from Keen shoe:

The Keen brand was recommended as a tough all terrain shoe…. He hasn’t been disappointed…. His first pair is 18 months old and not coming apart…. They’re worth every penny.

  • I have had several pairs of Keen boots and shoes and all have felt good from the start.
  • Excellent support, feet just settle into place, I don’t need to try any other brands, well satisfied.
  • I have a wider foot and KEEN toe area roomy enough for me – better than many brands have tried.
  • Love the brand.
  • I haven’t tried their other shoes/sandals, but if looking for boots – think KEEN.
  • Man, I love this hiking shoe…. I am training a hunting dog and working him up to 5 miles a night.
  • These shoes have outlasted all other shoes to date. I am sold on the Keen brand now.
  • Keen does it again…. Best brand of shoes I have ever owned.
  • These hiking shoes fit perfectly, are waterproof, and do not slip in icy New England weather.
  • That they are stylish too is a bonus for hiking shoes.
  • I like the durability of the brand….
  • KEEN makes some great shoes and is my go-to brand for casual and serious hiking.
  • As long as the company continues to produce this quality of the shoe, I’ll never buy another brand at any price.
  • Have tried many of the top brands and you just cannot beat KEEN.

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Keen Is A Good Brand For Women’s Sandals

KEEN Women’s Venice H2 Sandal is one of the best water shoes on the market…. Whether you’re looking for a super comfy, everyday flip flop or something sporty for your next adventure, the Venice H2 has you covered.

The polyester webbing on top of the foot provides a secure fit with elastic arch support, while the molded EVA heel wedge cradles your heel and enhances stability.

A drainage system quickly sheds excess water so your feet don’t get wet…. The rubber toe bumper protects your toes from rocks or anything else you may step on.

The natural rubber outsole is extremely grippy so you won’t have to worry about any slips or falls during your next water adventure.

It’s also very durable, so it’ll last for many adventures to come…. This is one of our most versatile sandals that can be worn all day long thanks to the super comfortable construction and lightweight design.

KEEN Women’s Venice H2 Sandal

KEEN Women's Venice H2 Sandal,Midnight Navy/Hot Coral,7 M US

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Example of comments from Keen shoe:

We’ve taken them on a beach vacation and they’ve been nice to transition from sand to concrete to mud on day trips or excursions…. And best of all…they are awesome for boating! I can’t say enough great things about the brand. These are my third pair of Keens and I’m a customer for life….

  • The sandals are wonderful! I have been wearing Keen sandals since 2010 when I first discovered them.
  • I love the brand…. They are a bit wider than Merrill footwear in general and I think the sole holds up better to abuse and remains supportive for longer.
  • My Podiatrist recommended this brand.
  • They are my go-to travel shoes, especially if there’s a beach in the picture.
  • I highly recommend the Keen brand and this style.
  • FWIW, I have a slightly wide foot, and these don’t cramp up my toes.
  • This is my second pair of Keen shoes and they are becoming my favorite brand for comfort.
  • I have worn this brand of water shoes for over a decade and have never found one better.
  • Favorite shoe ever! Keen has been the best and only shoe brand that I buy.
  • Very comfortable fit and they last a long time.
  • I toss them in the washer when they get dirty and they come out looking new.
  • Love my Keens and will be back for more.
  • Have several pairs of Keens, love their brand & this is my favorite pair.
  • Such a great brand of shoe. Such a great price on Amazon…. I’m very happy.

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Keen Is A Good Brand For Men’s Sandals

KEEN Men’s Newport H2 Sandal is a good example of the company’s expertise in the area of footwear…. KEEN Men’s Newport H2 Sandal is designed to meet the needs of those who spend their time on the water and must be prepared for various weather conditions and situations that may arise.

This sandal is made with genuine leather and its upper contains a quick-drying micro-suede fabric, which allows water to quickly evaporate from it.

The rubber sole also has a non-marking feature, which helps the wearer make less noise while walking on different surfaces such as wood or concrete.

This sandal comes with a removable anatomically molded EVA footbed that will provide superior support and cushioning to the wearer’s feet all day long…. The footbed also helps drain water away from your feet and helps keep them dry.

KEEN Men’s Newport H2 Sandal

KEEN mens Newport H2 Sandal , Navy/Medium Grey , 10.5 M US

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Example of comments from Keen shoe:

Keen is the best out of the 3 different water sandles I have bought…. My first pair lasted me 3 years of fishing and hiking before they finally failed…. I put many, many more miles than the average person does.

  • I bought my first pair of Keen sandals ten years ago, and have loved them ever since.
  • Keen’s are supposed to be made to be submerged – at any rate, they sell them in fishing stores.
  • I wear them canoeing and other outside activities where they get wet – no problem.
  • Being sandals, they dry quickly and on the feet.
  • I periodically toss them in the washing machine and wear them straight out – just walk around the block with damp ones’ and they will be dry.
  • Nothing beats KEEN when it comes to this type of shoe. They are a bit expensive but worth it.
  • I have tried a few other manufacturers for this kind of shoe and I always end up returning them because nothing compares to KEEN.
  • You can’t beat Keen’s H2 (H2 for water) sandals for comfort, durability, and stability.
  • Recently my wife bought me some brand new Keens and they are 100% of the same quality as the originals.
  • During the summer, if I’m not at work, I’m usually in my KEENs…. These are great all-around summer shoes.
  • With Keens, you can walk around and still wade in the water, climb on and off that bus, and have no worries.
  • Quick-dry, super comfortable, don’t wear them too tight.

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Keen Is A Good Brand For Women’s Slippers

This Howser slipper combines KEEN’s water-ready technologies and feminine style in one great slip-on…. The versatile women’s slipper is designed with a durable, grippy outsole for optimal traction whether you’re at the beach or the boardwalk, lake, or campsite.

A water-resistant membrane will keep your feet dry while giving you great breathability on warmer days.

The KEEN Howser Slipper is the ultimate casual slip-on for girls who are on the go…. The elastic gore hugs your heel for easy on and off, while the slim silhouette complements jeans, leggings, or your favorite pajama pants.

Plus, this slipper has a natural rubber outsole that grips indoor surfaces for extra stability.

The Howser slipper from KEEN is a versatile women’s slipper designed for easy comfort…. The Howser slipper by KEEN for women do both, seamlessly adapting from your 9-to-5 life to your off-the-clock fun.

KEEN Women’s Howser Slipper

KEEN womens Howser 2 Casual Water Resistant Slide Hiking Shoe, Star White/Star White, 5 US

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Example of comments from Keen slipper:

Best slippers I have ever bought! Best decision ever! These things are amazing…. My favorite feature is the removable insole; that is SO clever and it extends the life of the slipper by a whole heck of a lot…. I’ll never go back to basic slippers.

  • I love the Keen brand and took the plunge by buying these sight unseen (or tried on) based on the fact that I love the quality of the company…. These did not disappoint.
  • Perfect indoor and porch slippers with great tread…. Warm and comfortable…. Love this brand.
  • These are the most comfortable slippers that I have ever worn…. Now I don’t see myself ever wearing any other brand!
  • I have tried so many different brands of slippers and nothing has been as comfortable as this slipper….
  • These are comfortable shoes…. Keen is always a good brand….
  • Keen comfort is legendary, especially for my flat feet.
  • Have always been happy when purchasing the Keen brand.

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Keen Is A Good Brand For Men’s Casual Shoes

The Austin offers you a clean, sophisticated option to traditional work shoes…. The lace-up oxford design is complemented with rubber soles to keep your grip on the pavement.

A breathable mesh lining makes this shoe extra comfortable, so you can wear it for hours at a time.

An oxford lace-up casual shoe with a supportive footbed, the Austin is stylish enough for the office but versatile enough to wear with jeans on your way to happy hour.

A stable shank provides torsional rigidity for extra support, while a multidirectional flex wedge outsole is designed for cushioning all day.

KEEN Austin lace-up oxford is perfect for outdoor activities, work, or play…. You can wear it to work or on your next vacation.

KEEN Men’s Austin Shoes

KEEN Men's Austin Shoe,Black,7 M US

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Example of comments from Keen shoe:

An arthritis doctor recommended them to me when we were riding on a ski chair lift together as strangers…. Thank you sir for the advice, worth the extra money for foot comfort all through a work day…. I work in a factory on my feet a good part of the day, so I’m a good test.

  • Keens are my favorite brand of footwear, and Austins are my favorite model.
  • If you are suffering from Morton’s neuroma, then this brand of shoe is for you….
  • They are built wide around the toes area.
  • My husband is ROUGH on shoes. I knew Keens would hold up to him better than other brands, but he’s also a college professor and needs to “look nice.”
  • These shoes are dress casual enough for him to get by on-campus yet they hold up so much better than others we’ve purchased before (Bass, Sketchers, etc.).
  • If you know anything about Keen, you know that they run wide as a brand.
  • Keen is a great brand of shoe because of its wider profile, especially through the toes, and these are no exception.
  • They are comfortable the moment you put them on….
  • I use mine to go to the gym and work out because they are the most comfortable and stable low-cut shoes I can find.
  • The nice thing about Keen brand shoes is that the soles last a long time and the insides just as long.
  • This brand and style are the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever owned.

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Keen Is A Good Brand For Men’s Work Boots

The Pittsburgh work boot from KEEN Utility has the features you need to shine even after your workday is done…. A waterproof leather/textile upper and a steel shank provide support and durability, while an EVA midsole adds a comfortable cushion.

The Pittsburgh also offers a rubber lug outsole made for traction on various surfaces and a weight of 3 pounds for all-day comfort.

Ready for overtime in the Pittsburgh Steel Toe…. Carefully stitched for lifelong of durability, this work boot has a waterproof leather upper and mechanical stretch inserts at the toe and heel for flexibility.

Plus an Energy Return footbed with a durable polyurethane core provides extra shock absorption to reduce fatigue.

These rugged, look-great-at-work Pittsburgh boots for men are ready to perform in all types of weather…. The waterproof, breathable GORE-TEX lining keeps feet dry when you’re on the job…. A stability plate with a shank in the steel-toe boot ensures support and strength that lasts.

KEEN Utility Men’s Pittsburgh 6″ Steel Toe Work Boot

KEEN Utility mens Pittsburgh 6" Steel Toe Work Boot, Bison Brown/Red, 10.5 US

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Example of comments from Keen shoe:

They are light weight for a steel toe boot compared to other brands, they are waterproof as he stands in water all day with them, they dont hurt his feet, there is plenty of wiggle room in the toe box area.

  • I love Keen shoes and their work boots are top of the line in my opinion.
  • The waterproof function on these Keen boots is very effective.
  • I will be sticking with Keen work boots from now on.
  • These Keen steel-toed boots are the most comfortable, roomiest (in a good way), and the most durable boots I have ever owned!
  • This style of Keen looks great has decent arch support and is honestly comfortable enough to wear all day – I even wear them when not “working”. 
  • I would recommend these or any other pair of Keen boots. I haven’t met anyone that didn’t rave about the comfort, style, and efficiency of a pair of Keens.
  • Def a great purchase – I’m a Keen boot man from here on out!
  • I like Keen boots as they are more comfortable and lighter than any other workboot I’ve tried.
  • Great quality…. They last and last, even though I treat them badly…. Sorry Keen, but it is my job.
  • I will never buy another brand EVER again besides these Keens.
  • As always keen products never fail to be reliable products. They produce what they promise.
  • I have recommended keen brand work boots to all of my coworkers, two of them have purchased pairs and are now keen work boot users for life.
  • Keen boots. Comfortable enough for a 12-hour shift.
  • I can honestly say this brand has never failed me.
  • Always extremely comfortable…. And I always get a longer life out of Keen than any other brand I’ve ever purchased.

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Keen Is A Good Brand For Kid’s Shoes

Let your child’s first steps be on something sturdy and comfy with these classic Keen shoes…. The rubber sole is razor-siped for added traction, while the washable webbing upper provides excellent ventilation.

They can go up to their ankles in the water thanks to their water-ready design…. With equal parts style and comfort, this shoe will become an instant favorite that lasts season after season.

Float through life in style with the Unisex Newport H2 sandal from Keen…. This water shoe has the comfort of a sandal with the toe protection of a sneaker.

Its razor-siped outsole and diamond tread help it stick to all surfaces, and its washable, webbing upper is both durable and comfortable.

The Newport H2 is a classic water shoe that’s perfect for all sorts of outdoor activities…. This versatile sandal offers the comfort and versatility of a hiking shoe with the lightweight feel of a water shoe.

The razor-siped outsole provides excellent traction, while the lightweight EVA midsole absorbs shock and helps reduce fatigue so your feet stay fresh on the trail…. A washable webbing upper allows you to get dirty without getting dirty.

KEEN Unisex-Child Newport H2 Closed Toe Water Shoe

KEEN Little Kid (4-8 Years) Newport H2 Blue Depths/Gargoyle Sandal - 3 M US Little Kid

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Example of comments from Keen shoe:

I get this brand for all 4 of my kids now…. They are really durable and actually last long enough to become hand me downs. My son in particular is extremely rough on shoes…. I will pay the extra to get the durability…. These are great for school too because they can still wear sandals in gym with these since they are enclosed.

  • I’m a fan of the brand and love this model specifically…. I’ve been buying these for years for all my children…. They are sturdy and durable – they last forever.
  • These are very good quality and are very durable.
  • Cute, comfortable, versatile, and well made…. Great brand!
  • I love Keen waterproof shoes for kids!
  • My 6-year-old loves his Keens and they are the only shoe I’ve found that is both comfortable and fast drying.
  • They have worked well for my 4 kids all day at Busch Gardens.
  • I will not buy another brand for my kids.
  • We like to take our crew out to waterfalls and rivers…. This shoe fits my 5 yr old perfectly and he has no trouble navigating rocky shores or slick terrain. Love this brand
  • I prefer the KEEN brand for my daughter as she is very active and the wrap-over-toe “bump toe” is the best we’ve ever used.
  • My 5-year-old son is extremely hard on his shoes…. He goes through them ridiculously fast…. Keens are the one brand that holds up and will last not only for him but for his younger siblings.
  • I love this style of sandal as it’s open and airy, dries quickly but still is “closed-toe” so she can wear them to camp and school.

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In summary, Keen footwear has been around since 2003 and has proven itself to be an excellent shoe brand…. The Keen brand is known for its high quality and innovative designs in comfortable and casual sports sandals.

The Keen sport sandals line features a variety of sporty and casual flat sandals, flip-flops, wedge sandals, and water shoes that are comfortable and stylish…. Their shoes are designed to keep your feet dry and comfortable.

Comfort, quality, and durability get a lot of mentions by consumers with many of them saying that Keen shoes last longer than other brands and that is ideal for all footwear but even more especially so if you have kids who are hard on shoes and for workboots.

If you have wide feet this is definitely the brand for you!

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