Is K Swiss A Good Brand? (Quality Athletic & Lifestyle Footwear)

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What Is The K Swiss Brand Known For?

K-Swiss has a long-standing history and it has been considered a premium sports brand around the globe over the past decades…

Are K Swiss shoes good?

The K Swiss brand is known for providing high-quality, comfortable athletic shoes and flip-flops. While the company has been known for countless famous athletes that sport their products, they are also known for their comfort, functionality, and design.

K-Swiss is a heritage American athletic shoe brand well-known for manufacturing high-performance tennis, fitness, and lifestyle footwear to meet the demands of renowned athletes and trendsetters.

The K Swiss line of footwear features traditional dresses shoes, along with high tops and boat shoes in a variety of colors, prints, and fabrics.

Below I have provided some examples of the most popular K Swiss footwear with a focus on customer comments about how they feel about the product and if they consider the company to be a reliable and trustworthy brand…

Are K Swiss Trainers Good?

The following K Swiss product has an AMAZING 81% of consumers rating it 5 out of 5 stars…

Get a classic look and feel with the K-Swiss Men’s ST329 CMF Training Shoe. This staple sneaker features a durable rubber outsole, sturdy tread, and maximum comfort with a K-EVA cushioned midsole and full-length premium memory footbed. This shoe is ideal for general training and essential for every man’s wardrobe.

They are true to size, you can get them in wide widths including extra-wide, the memory foam insert makes them very comfortable, while others simply love the style and look.

The K-Swiss Men’s ST329 CMF Training Shoe is built to last and carry you through your most intense training sessions…


K-Swiss Men’s ST329 CMF Training Shoe


K-Swiss Men's ST329 CMF Training Shoe, Black, 10.5 M US

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Example of comments from K Swiss Trainers:


There is a reason I have bought seven pairs of these shoes. They are comfortable, durable, and the best bargain in the shoe business. If you want celebrity endorsements, or the latest fad, then those are available from other brands in droves. If you want a comfortable shoe at a good price, this is it.


  • K-Swiss is a good brand for me as their shoes usually fit my feet better than most.
  • My favorite brand and style of walking shoes. Sturdy and comfortable. They wear well, mile after mile.
  • My husband has been wearing this style K-Swiss trainers for years. He loves these shoes. He’s tried all other name brands, but nothing holds up to his wear and tear like these.
  • Plus they are very comfortable for his feet since he is standing all day.
  • K-Swiss trainers are always comfortable and the best shoes to work in or walking in.
  • I really love this brand and have been wearing this brand for over 25 years.
  • The only trainer I will ever wear. Built like a tank. Wear like steel.
  • This is the only brand tennis shoe that I will buy for long-lasting quality and for great looks!
  • The Memory Foam insert makes this the most comfortable K-Swiss Trainer I’ve owned.
  • These shoes are great for everyday attire from casual to comfortable wear.
  • Love them and they’re a perfect fit, probably the most comfortable trainer I’ve had!!

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Are K Swiss Good Tennis Shoes?

The following K Swiss product has an AMAZING 82% of consumers rating it 5 out of 5 stars…

The K-Swiss Women’s Court Pro II CMF Athletic Shoe combines a bold new look with advanced comfort technology to create the ultimate in high-performance tennis shoes.

The K Swiss tennis shoes are highly regarded by customers who say they are amazingly comfortable to wear because of the memory foam technology and not only great for tennis they are very cool-looking shoes to wear casually as well.

The K-Swiss Women’s Court Pro II CMF Athletic Shoe is a refreshing tennis shoe that offers plenty of comfort and support as you hit the court. You’ll love how this sneaker fits and feels…


K-Swiss Women’s Court Pro II CMF Athletic Shoe


K-Swiss Women's Court Pro II CMF Athletic Shoe, White/Silver, 8 M US

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Example of comments from K Swiss Tennis Shoe:


In 30 years of teaching 8th grade English, I’ve not done anything cooler than wear these shoes these last few days of school with GAP crop jeans. Had NO idea. I bought them to play tennis. Wore them to school this week and I’m on fleek, lit, trippin’?? Unbelievable!


  • Love K-Swiss tennis shoes! Always good quality and fit! Also, love that they are still available through Amazon and usually just a day away!
  • I have always liked K-Swiss tennis shoes ever since my youth and I’m so glad they’re still around plus they have the memory from technology which is nice because being older now I need that support thank you
  • Super and timeless shoes! Tennis, or knocking around… nice, neutral shoe!
  • These are my favorite tennis shoes. Comfortable, and strong.
  • Love, love K-Swiss tennis they are comfortable and they are very durable will outlast most higher price tennis shoes, also they look good.
  • Comfort, control, and containment are what women serious about their game should put on their list of requirements for a new pair of tennis shoes – and the K-Swiss Women’s Court Pro II CMF delivers in style!
  • The bottom features a full perimeter E-Act comfort system which means continuous support right from the start.
  • You’ll also enjoy heel cushioning for a soft landing and responsive toe springing to help you quicken your steps.
  • The K-Swiss Women’s Court Pro II CMF Athletic Shoe offers a lightweight, high-performance tennis shoe for the competitive woman player.
  • The highly breathable synthetic leather upper provides support without sacrificing maximum comfort.
  • A unique stitch overlay at the toe delivers the extra durability and a fanciful look that telegraphs your love of the game without turning heads away from the court.
  • The K-EVA cushioned midsole gives you stability with a softer feel on hard court surfaces, while the outsole rubber compound offers excellent traction to keep you moving with confidence and comfort.

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Are K Swiss Men’s Sneakers Any Good?

The following K Swiss product has an excellent 77% of consumers rating it 5 out of 5 stars…

Classic. Sleek. Athletic. The K-Swiss Men’s Classic VN Sneaker has the qualities that have made K-Swiss a leading tennis brand for over 50 years. Built with distinctive rubber soles, it’s a unique blend of fashion and function. Perforated leather uppers provide ventilation, while accent stitching creates a subtle style statement.

The K-Swiss Men’s Classic VN Sneaker has been around for years. This sneaker has always been a best seller in the category of men’s casual sneakers. It is worth noting that K-Swiss markets this sneaker to be comfortable enough for everyday wear and play on any surface, whether in the gym or on the streets. Additionally, it can be worn with just about any outfit due to its versatility as a classic yet fashionable sneaker.

Padded footbeds ensure maximum comfort and excellent shock absorption. Beneath the base of the shoe is a layer of cushioning and support fabric to create a firm, solid feel that helps you stay active all day…


K-Swiss Men’s Classic VN Sneaker


K-Swiss Men's Classic VN Sneaker, White/White, 8

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Example of comments from K Swiss men’s sneaker:


Just can’t find these classics in stores anymore because the stores want the newest greatest models which aren’t always better. If you want a “classic” that doesn’t go out of style, you found them here. Best show KSwiss ever made.


  • Keep in mind this is not a jogging shoe or a workout type shoe it is a shoe you wear to the movies and looks great.
  • Plus it is clean looking which adds to the appeal for me. Well made, good price, long-lasting and clean.
  • They are so comfortable and look great. Not too fancy, like some of the modern sneakers, just enough design to be interesting and non-blase. I love K-Swiss.
  • I am so happy that k-Swiss continues to make this model! It is so comfortable and I love the look.
  • Excellent shoe! I love the classics. You can’t even find these anymore in the shoe stores!
  • I’ve been wearing K-Swiss for 10 yrs or more now. When it gets down to it they are quality shoes and they’re still in style and they’re classic.
  • They are just comfortable to me whether I’m playing drums or playing with my kids outside or running around.
  • Thanks to its eye-catching design, comfortable fit, and lasting durability the K-Swiss Men’s Classic VN sneaker is ideal for your everyday life.
  • It’s made with high-performance features and is designed to maximize your natural movements and support every phase of your workout.
  • Whether you are catching some fresh air at the park or just cruising down Venice Beach, these kicks got ya covered.
  • Made with high-quality materials and craftsmanship, these K Swiss sneakers are built to last!

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K Swiss Has Great Shoes For Kids Too!

The following K Swiss product has an AMAZING 81% of consumers rating it 5 out of 5 stars…

K-Swiss Kids Classic VN Sneaker holds a special place in the hearts of many a kid who grew up in the 90s. It was at one time one of the coolest shoes on the planet to kids everywhere and is still a long-lasting classic from K-Swiss.

The K-Swiss Kids Classic VN Sneaker is a great neutral shoe for children. It has a low top for easy on and off and flexible rubber soles. If you are looking for quality shoes for your children that won’t wear out in a hurry then K Swiss has stylish good looking shoes that are comfortable, well-made, and durable.

The kids K-Swiss VN Classic Sneaker is for all girls and boys who would like a great pair of shoes for school or day trips with friends. With its tumbled style, this shoe perfectly captures the fun side of childhood while maintaining practicality…


K-Swiss Kids Classic VN Sneaker


K-Swiss CLASSIC VN White/White,1 M US Little Kid

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Example of comments from K Swiss kid’s sneaker:


I bought these sneakers for my son and this was an amazing buy. He is someone who goes through shoes in a week but these lasted him for an entire year.


  • This is THE only shoe my son will wear. Bought him his first pair when he was a toddler and now he is 10yrs old and as soon as he outgrows one pair, the next pair is on order.
  • I love that this sneaker is real leather, comes in wide widths, and is extremely durable, yet gives a clean-cut classic look.
  • He literally wears these shoes every day, all day and we get every pennyworth out of them.
  • We have never had an issue with fit…always comes as expected.
  • These shoes are classic. Well made, sturdy, look solid, clean easily. Worth the extra $.
  • We bought these for my daughter’s uniform shoes for school and they have been great! Well made, quality shoes.
  • Kids will love the classic look and feel of this sneaker, which is an activewear staple.
  • The K-Swiss Kids Classic VN Sneaker is part of the ultimate line of boys’ and girls’ grade school sneakers.

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K Swiss History

K-Swiss is based in Los Angeles, California. It was founded by two Swiss brothers Ernie and Art Brunner in 1966. After immigrating to the United States, the brothers developed an interest in tennis.

The K-Swiss Classic was the first tennis shoe featuring all-leather that the brand introduced to the world. It debuted at Wimbledon and powered many tennis players to win major championships at that time.

This was the product that made K-Swiss popular around the world, becoming a style statement both on and off the court. The K-Swiss Classic was worn fashionably on city streets as well as casually in country clubs.

In 1986, Steven Nichols – a famed car designer and engineer – came across K-Swiss. He was so impressed that he decided to buy the company that year.

Since then, he has expanded the brand’s line of products to include shoes for men and women, wristbands, bags, and activewear.

Today, K-Swiss manufactures footwear for training, running, and other athletic activities, but it has never lost sight of its primary focus i.e. manufacturing high-performance tennis shoes.

This dedication can be seen in the brand’s quality footwear and the athletes that wear them.

What Makes K-Swiss a Good Brand?

We have already seen how this company has an impressive history and how customers love their products. The following are some other key factors that make K-Swiss a good brand:

An Established, Popular Brand

K-Swiss is one of the most popular brands in the American footwear industry, particularly when it comes to the tennis world.

Over the years, the brand has won many awards for its sportswear and shoes.

Its products are described by fans as well-made, original, stylish, and good value for money.

Diversified Product Line

While the primary focus of K-Swiss is manufacturing tennis footwear, over the years the rand has diversified its product line.

Today, it offers casual sneakers, running shoes, and trainers. Apart from manufacturing high-performance footwear, K-Swiss also manufactures stylish and premium quality tennis bags and clothes.

Their shoes are available in different outsoles so you are assured that you will find the right shoe for the type of court you play on.

Attention to Detail

K-Swiss products are successful and popular because they are constructed and designed with attention to detail and care.

These are the aspects that made the K-Swiss Classic popular in the brand’s early days. Their products also come with innovative features and technologies.

Innovations like DragGuard and Durawrap guarantee that you are investing in top-notch performance wear.

Are K Swiss In Style?

K Swiss shoes were once a must-have for those who wanted to be cool. This brand was so popular that kids wearing K Swiss shoes became a common sight in high schools and colleges. Kids were even copying their favorite celebrity’s shoe style.

Some ask if K Swiss is still in style… The overwhelming answer to that question is a resounding yes! Classic, stylish, looks great, the type of shoes you wear to the movies, just enough style to look interesting, and many more comments have been made by customers about how cool K Swiss shoes look.

If you want to feel like an 80s teenager again then put on a pair of K Swiss. These tennis shoes are still in style and no one can deny that K swiss shoes are very cool. Moreover, they’re both functional and comfortable.

Where To Buy K Swiss Shoes?

You can see all of the K Swiss shoes currently available and purchase them from their website or by going to their online Amazon store.

Established in 1966, K-Swiss quickly achieved success. And now more than five decades later, the brand continues to write new chapters in its long-standing history.

The brand is committed to manufacturing high-quality shoes that fit the needs of every athlete. There is one key reason to wear K-Swiss: they are the best.

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