Is It Normal for Your Underwear to Stink? (Ammonia Smells)

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Is It Normal for My Underwear to Stink?

It’s a pretty embarrassing question to ask, but it’s not uncommon…. Many people sweat in some combination of the armpits, groin, and feet and wonder if their underwear is getting saturated with sweat.

There are many causes of a bad smell in your underwear…. The main one is bacteria that thrive in the moisture that we excrete…. When you sweat, this causes an increase in temperature which gives these bacteria the ideal conditions to grow in.

Slowly growing bacteria will cause a build-up of odor over time…. The more you wear something and the less you wash it, the more bacteria will grow…. That’s why you might notice a certain smell coming from your undies after a few days or even hours!

If you want to know whether sweating in your pants is normal or not, here are some reasons to explain why your underwear can smell:

  1. You have been wearing the same pair of undies all day long (or all week)
  2. You haven’t washed them for a while
  3. You have been exercising intensely at the gym or running outdoors
  4. You have an allergy to certain materials like wool or nylon
  5. You have an imbalance of hormones like those occurring during puberty or menopause

Here Are Some Other Possible Causes:

Undies are too small: A single pair of ill-fitting undies aren’t going to cause much stink, but if you’ve got a drawer full and they’re all starting to smell funky, you should think about getting rid of them…. If they’re too small, they could be rubbing against your skin and that can cause a nasty rash or infection…. If they’re too big, they’ll trap moisture between your body and the fabric, which can also lead to rashes and infections.

Pee: One of the most common reasons for smelly underwear is urinary tract infections (UTIs)…. UTIs can cause pain or discomfort when you pee as well as a foul odor in your urine…. If you have a UTI, see your doctor immediately—you don’t want it to get worse.

Wearing the same pair for two days in a row: The biggest issue with wearing the same underwear for two days in a row is that bacteria can build up on your privates…. The longer your bits and pieces are exposed to the air, the more likely they are to start growing little colonies of nasty stuff…. This is why most people change out their undies daily.


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The other problem with wearing your underwear for more than one day is that it can get pretty gross on the outside, too…. Your undies rub against your skin all day long, which means they pick up oils and dirt from your skin…. If you wear them again on the second day, these oils and dirt will rub off onto your skin, creating an environment where germs and yeast can grow easily.

Why Do My Underwear Smell Like Ammonia?

This is a very common question and it’s not just limited to women!

This is one of the reasons why you should wash your underwear every day…. If not, the ammonia smell will stay on your clothing and make you feel embarrassed…. Another reason why ammonia smell emanates from our underwear is because of bacteria and other microorganisms that feed on sweat produced by our body…. These microorganisms leave behind a distinct smell in our undergarments, which is the ammonia smell.


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  1. Your menstrual cycle can affect your urine, sweat, and breath…. When you start your period, the first thing you might experience is increased discharge when you pee…. It’s normal for your urine to have a stronger odor during this time as well.
  2. The odor may be stronger if you’re dehydrated or haven’t had much water during the day…. A lot of people experience a metallic taste in their mouth while they’re on their period, which could also cause your clothes to smell like metal.
  3. Most people don’t notice any changes in their sweat or breath while they’re on their period but some do experience an ammonia-like smell…. It’s not necessarily a bad breath odor, it’s just different than usual.
  4. It’s important to know that when you’re on your period you should avoid wearing the same underwear two days in a row because bacteria will grow to cause odor issues…. If you happen to be wearing a pad or tampon make sure that it’s changed regularly so that you don’t get an infection.

Why Does My Underwear Always Smell Like Urine?

Have you noticed that sometimes your underwear smells like urine? If so, don’t feel bad…. Many people have experienced this issue at some point in their lives.

If you’ve just taken a pair of panties out of your drawer, only to find that they smell like urine, you’re likely wondering what the heck is going on…. If this happens more than once, it’s time to start asking some questions.

Thinking back on the last time you wore the underwear, try to remember what you did before putting them on…. You may have had about of diarrhea or were otherwise exposed to urine…. If that’s the case, then your underwear is simply taking in the smell of whatever it was near—you’re not necessarily producing urine-scented sweat.

If your underwear smells like urine all the time, however, then you need to take a closer look at your diet and habits…. Urine is mostly made up of water, so it only makes sense that if you are not drinking enough water or if you are dehydrated, then your undergarments will begin to smell like urine.

Also, consider how much water you drink throughout the day and make sure that it is enough for your body’s needs. If you are eating too little food and skipping meals regularly, this can also lead to dehydration and cause urine-like sweat odor to permeate your clothing.

Why Does My Underwear Get Wet and Smell?

Urine that has been “leaked” onto clothing often smells worse than urine that has been absorbed by the fabric…. This is because the moisture and protein in urine cause odor-causing bacteria to grow and multiply…. When you wear wet clothes, the bacteria continue to grow…. Your skin also secretes more oils and sweat, which mixes with the bacteria in your underwear, causing a strong odor.

What Causes Urine-Smelling Underwear?

When you urinate, the urea in your urine is left behind and is what gives urine its characteristic scent…. If some of that urea makes its way onto your underwear and then is allowed to sit there for a while, it can begin to smell like urine…. There are two main reasons why this happens:

  1. You’re not changing your underwear often enough
  2.  You’re not washing your underwear often enough

How Often Should You Change Your Underwear?

Your underwear should be changed every day or every other day at the very most (unless of course you work out or engage in an activity where you sweat excessively)…. The problem with leaving your underwear on for too long is that the urea will have more time to soak through the material and cause a stronger odor to develop…. Even if you shower daily, it’s still possible for the odor to build upon your underwear if they’re not washed frequently enough.


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Treatment for yellow underpants

To get rid of odor caused by urine on your clothes, first, wash them thoroughly in the hottest water possible…. Next, soak them in ½ cup per gallon of hydrogen peroxide for several hours…. After washing and soaking the clothes, run them through the dryer for at least 30 minutes on high heat…. This should help eliminate the odor.

If you are unable to do laundry right away, hang the clothes out in direct sunlight as much as possible because UV rays kill odor-causing bacteria.

Why Is There White Stuff in My Underwear?

Like many women, you may notice a clear or white substance on your underwear…. Discharge isn’t always noticeable and can come out in different amounts…. When discharge appears, it usually looks like a clear or white fluid, but it can also be yellowish or greenish in color.

Tampons and sanitary pads can make discharge look more visible since they absorb the fluid…. The amount of discharge can vary as well…. It may seem like a lot at first and then disappear for several days…. Some women experience discharge every day and others only have it once in a while…. Having discharge is completely normal and healthy for most women.

Always check with your healthcare provider for an answer about any change in your discharge…. Discharge is normal and healthy, but you should also take note of when it appears and what it looks and smells like.

If you notice a large amount of discharge, try to wear dark-colored underwear so it’s easier to see what’s happening in your body.

The color, smell, and amount of the discharge can vary…. It can be clear or milky white…. Sometimes it has a slight odor…. Discharge is part of being female because it is made to clean your private parts…. However, there are some changes in discharge that can be a sign of infections or other problems.

There are times when discharge may not be normal, like when it’s accompanied by itching or burning sensations…. If this happens, you should contact your doctor for an examination to rule out a problem…. In rare cases, discharge can be a sign of an infection or other medical condition.

Can You Reinfect Yourself with Chlamydia from Underwear?

You may be wondering if you can reinfect yourself with chlamydia from your own underwear…. Chlamydia cannot live long on clothing, so it is unlikely. You are at risk of reinfection if you continue to have unprotected sex or if your sex partner(s) has (have) chlamydia.

Clothing can become infected with chlamydia, but not by transferring from an infected person…. Infections are passed from your private parts to your clothing through discharge…. The chlamydia bacteria then grow on the fabric of the garment.

There are a lot of misconceptions about chlamydia and this is one of them…. If you have had chlamydia, it is NOT possible to get it again from your clothes or undergarments…. The bacteria that cause chlamydia can be killed by soap and water…. They are not a resident stain of your clothing nor are they in your undergarments.

Why Is There Brown Stuff in My Underwear?

The brown discharge before your period usually consists of blood that has been exposed to air for a longer period of time…. The oxygen in the air has caused it to oxidize, which gives it a brown appearance…. After your period, when your flow is lighter, the blood is disposed of more quickly, so it doesn’t have as much time to oxidize.

The color of a woman’s discharge can also vary depending on her diet and fluid intake…. Water helps flush the body of toxins, so drinking lots of water will help keep your discharge from getting too dark…. On the other hand, coffee and tea can act as diuretics, so avoid excessive amounts of these beverages if you want to keep your discharge looking light-colored.

Finally, some women experience a yellowish tinge in their discharge at ovulation…. This is caused by an increase in the hormone progesterone, which is produced by the ovaries during ovulation (and also causes breast tenderness).

What Causes Skid Marks in Underwear?

Skid marks in underwear are a common problem for many people, especially during the hot and humid summer months…. Although unpleasant, skid marks are not usually a sign of an underlying health problem…. Skid marks in underwear may be caused by several factors that include lifestyle choices, diet, and constipation.

Skid marks in underwear can be caused by several factors…. One of the most common causes of skid marks in underwear is poor hygiene, including poor wiping technique and infrequent bathing…. Skid marks may also be caused by dietary choices that include too much fiber.

Most people experience occasional skid marks in their underwear because of occasional constipation or the type of food they eat.

Internal hemorrhoids may also cause skid marks in underwear…. Internal hemorrhoids occur when veins around the inside of your bottom become swollen and inflamed…. Hemorrhoids can cause blood to show through your stool and create small streaks on your underwear.

As with skid marks created by loose stools or diarrhea, hemorrhoids may cause occasional streaks in your underwear or they may appear every time you defecate.

In summary, if you’ve noticed that your underwear is wet, smells like urine or ammonia, or has any other strange odor, check to make sure you are clean and dry…. You should be changing your underwear daily or at least after every workout, so try to change more frequently if you are noticing a change in odor.

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