Is Ion Audio A Good Brand For Speakers? (Use Them For Anything)

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What Is The Ion Audio Brand Known For?

The Ion Audio brand has an excellent range of speakers to choose from that are very highly regarded, simple to operate, and is very versatile…

The ION is an excellent speaker brand with the Audio Block Rocker Plus, in particular, receiving amazing er ratings and it has wheels for easy transportability.

It can be used for just about anything anywhere and is ideal for parties, weddings, presentations, work, factories, backyard events, and more.

Below I have listed the best-rated Ion Audio portable speaker with a focus on customer comments about various aspects of this ION speaker such as:

Do they think it’s worth it? The various ways and places people are using it. How easy is it to operate? What do they love about it? Is both the speaker and the sound produced good quality? and does it really work?

Is The ION Audio Block Plus Worth It?

The following Ion Audio Portable Speaker is their most popular and has earned Amazon Choice status. It has over 5,746 and an amazing 80% of those consumers rate it 5 out of 5 stars.


ION Audio Block Rocker Plus | 100W Portable Speaker, Battery Powered with Bluetooth, Microphone & Cable, AM/FM Radio, Wheels & Telescopic Handle and USB Charging For Smartphones & Tablets


ION Audio Block Rocker Plus | 100W Portable Speaker, Battery Powered with Bluetooth, Microphone & Cable, AM/FM Radio, Wheels & Telescopic Handle and USB Charging For Smartphones & Tablets

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Example of comments from Ion Audio:


This ION speaker is amazing! It was worth every penny. I live in an area where there is a lot of flight traffic. My smaller Bose speaker was great when I was in the backyard by myself, but when I had friends over, it was hard to hear the music so I needed something bigger. This Block Rocker was more than I could ask for! Now I can drown out the sound of the airplanes overhead and actually have a pretty decent backyard party now.


  • The most amazing value for its price on any object out there.
  • I’ve had this product for two months now and it is worth every penny I spent on it.
  • Worth the purchase. Great sound quality.
  • Out of the dozens of things I order a month, I almost never leave. But, some things are worth going out of the way for. This ION speaker is one of them. This thing is AWESOME!
  • For the cost, this was definitely the best value as far as sound and volume.
  • This really went above and beyond my expectations! Purchased as a gift for my husband who is a true lover of LOUD music!
  • He was so happy with this gift and he usually isn’t “excited” about things! Well worth the purchase!
  • I’m not one to products unless an outstanding product warrants it. Well please know this is a superb machine!
  • Worth every cent: quality sound, ease of use, and amazing buy, thank you Amazon and Ion!
  • Love listening to music, my perfect Christmas gift for myself, definitely worth buying, great for indoor and outdoor gatherings.
  • Worth every dollar and actually sounds louder than advertised.
  • Battery life is great. I love that you can charge your phone from it as well! Great value and performance.
  • Great value, excellent sound, and amazing battery life. It has lasted through several events on a single charge.

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How Are People Using This ION Audio Portable Speaker?


Example of comments from Ion Audio:


This thing will go anywhere. This block rocker plus kicks ass. We got to use this for the first time at my daughters wedding rehearsal dinner. It was the hit of the party. We didn’t only use the microphone that came with it, we blasted the music all night long. I recommend this for all occasions. Can’t wait to do some karaoke night.


  • We’ll use this outside around our fire pit, in the garage, and for parties.
  • I purchased this to use at work. Great for music at work.
  • Used mostly for presentations. A great blend of power and portability.
  • I’d recommend this ION speaker to anyone looking at buying a good speaker that can be used for almost anything.
  • Use it while you do your yard work.
  • I use this primarily for live radio broadcasts.
  • Use it for your summer party (The sound is loud enough for a house party with 50 people).
  • You can use this thing for karaoke, and use your phone for the words.
  • Honestly, I hope this lasts forever because it’s seriously useful.
  • For work, or pleasure. I used it to blast music while I was cleaning the house the other day. I love it.
  • Use it while you chill at the pool over the summer.
  • We are using this for outdoor Church services. Small groups 20 or less.
  • I use it for workouts, dancing, birthday party, etc. It works well and everyone who sees it seems to love it.
  • It is a great everyday PA for most backyard parties and venues to around 100 people.
  • We use it for shows in residential facilities.
  • My wife wanted a portable speaker system she could have as a backup for when she teaches Zumba classes.
  • We also enjoy using it in our backyard for pool parties. It takes almost no time to set up and really gets the party going!
  • I can listen to it at half volume and it overpowers all the other noise in the factory, including my other co-worker’s sub-par stereos.
  • We use it at the drive-in movie because they broadcast the audio over FM.
  • I speak at events and also can use background music from my Bluetooth smartphone.
  • We also use it in our house as a radio and our kids sometimes have a “dance party” where we hook up Bluetooth to our phones and play Pandora.

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How Easy Is The ION Audio Speaker To Operate?


Example of comments from Ion Audio:


We are loving this speaker. Having a place for our dot makes bringing and playing music super easy. It sounds great and it’s really easy to set up.


  • I like this system; it’s simple to use, it’s got enough volume for my burned-out rock ‘n roll ears, and it’s very portable/durable.
  • Bluetooth connects easily and the mic is plug and play and has an on and off switch on it for easy operation.
  • The setup was easy and intuitive. I held down the Bluetooth button, and the speaker showed up instantly to pair on my phone.
  • It’s not heavy but it has wheels for easy transportation and handles on both sides to pick it up.
  • The unit is very easy to roll and control.
  • Volume controls are easy to turn and have more play than I would like.
  • Out of the box, this ION speaker is extremely easy to use. I didn’t even look at the instructional manual because it was so intuitive.
  • Bluetooth is really easy to sync. We’ve never had any issues.
  • Been thinking about buying another to keep in an apartment I have over the garage, but it’s really that easy to unplug and tote around. A lot lighter than you might think as well.
  • This is a great product that works very well and has a long battery life, is intuitive, and is simple to operate.
  • Long battery life great sound easy to use and move from place to place we also used the microphone which is a great addition.
  • Bluetooth is simple to set up. Once you connect your Bluetooth device you can do all of the controlling at the ION.
  • I haven’t used anything but the Bluetooth connection, and it works great, super simple to connect.
  • Loud, clear, long battery life, sturdy, easy to move around, simple to use.
  • This is a great deal. The setup is simple, the quality is bananas, and I absolutely love it.

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What Do People Love About The ION Audio Speaker?


Example of comments from Ion Audio:


Got more than I paid for. This box rocks for inside. Outside can entertain for hours and hours. Kids love the microphone function. Works great with Alexa, quick connection to any device.


  • I love that this unit has wheels and a telescoping suitcase-like handle that pops up from the back. The unit is very easy to roll and control.
  • Everyone who sees it seems to love it. Lots of compliments and admiration of this product.
  • I love that it has wheels and the handle extends for easy transportation.
  • My coworker loved it so much she bought my first one off me and I bought another!
  • I love this thing. The best thing about this is how loud it can be. You could blast this thing and hear it the length of several football fields away.
  • We are loving this ION speaker. Having a place for our dot makes bringing and playing music super easy.
  • I love the fact that I can charge my cell phone as the Bluetooth can sometimes be draining.
  • My husband loves to have a fire in the yard. He used to come inside tell Alexa to shuffle music by an artist and go outside with a small ION Bluetooth speaker and listen to music in the yard.
  • I love this speaker. I needed something with a little more volume for when we have pool parties or bonfires.
  • The bass and overall sound quality on the Block Rocker are GREAT and I love the Bluetooth capability and handle.
  • I love the flat top it has for your drinks and phone, and the portability is excellent!
  • This ION speaker is amazing. Love the Bluetooth and radio combo which is very hard to find.

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Is The ION Audio Speaker Good Quality?


Example of comments from Ion Audio:


This little thing completely ROCKS. I am pretty impressed with the quality of the sound and the product itself. It’s sturdy and will play it’s lil heart out till the break of dawn.


  • The sound quality is great even at high levels without distortion and it is very loud!
  • It has a quality feel and heft but is light enough that she can easily carry it by the handle with one hand.
  • The mic that comes with this ION speaker has beautiful crystal clear quality.
  • It is of high-quality construction that feels solid.
  • All and all it’s just great quality and you will love yours as much as I love mine!
  • The sound is very clear and has a true quality.
  • It is of great quality relative to price versus anything else I checked out in the price range.
  • The sound quality is great, the controls are easy to understand, it’s heavy but easy to carry and move around.
  • Quick start instructions really easy, turned the unit on very impressive sound quality.
  • Pleasantly surprised at the amount of volume coming from this unit. High quality, rich sound–sound pro.
  • Great quality as I’ve come to expect from ION. This speaker is a beast.
  • The sound quality is great, the ION speaker is loud, bass boost is awesome!
  • Very surprised by the quality and sound of this device.

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Does The ION Audio Speaker Really Work?


Example of comments from Ion Audio:


This is a purchase you will not regret, I used the old model and it lasted forever even being beat around for years it still works. This new plus model is even better.


  • I got this thing in April of 2019 just because it looked cool. It has been through hell and back, and still works like the day I got it.
  • Works great in the outdoors and has more than enough volume for a park environment.
  • The radio works well without an antenna indoors. I expect it to work even better when I set it up outdoors. I
  • It works well and everyone who sees it seems to love it.
  • Works well, pumps out the volume.
  • My teen son syncs to the pad or phone with Bluetooth outside or even rolls it around the house. It also works with my son’s guitar.
  • If you’re deciding on a speaker to get that’s affordable and ACTUALLY works, stop right here and get this one!
  • For my purposes, I wanted to use this as a radio speaker with a microphone. And the microphone works while the radio is on.
  • Bluetooth works very well and has a good range.
  • I bought this for a party I was throwing and it worked out great.
  • Connects to the phone easily and the FM radio works great.
  • I just hooked this up for a backyard event I’m having and oh my God, this is fantastic. Bluetooth works flawlessly and the sound is clear and blankets my whole backyard.

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Where To Buy ION Audio Speakers?

You can purchase ION products online from their Amazon Store or you can see if there is a retailer near you from the following where to buy page.

Where is ION Audio-based?

Ion Audio is based in the United States at Cumberland, Rhode Island, and is a worldwide leader in advanced audio technology.

Is ION a good company?

We have already seen the amazing ratings this company receives for its products and the way customers rave about the quality, value, and performance they produce.

Founded in 2002 they advertise themselves as… “ION products deliver the answer to, “Gee, I wish there was a product that could do…” Our products do exactly that, in a fun, entertaining, and innovative way.

You would have to say they’re living up to expectations and are indeed delivering products that can do those things we wish for.

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