Is Inse A Good Brand? (Does This Budget Vacuum Brand Measure Up)

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Inse sells a variety of vacuum cleaners, such as corded, cordless, vacuum, handheld, stick, and more…. Their vacuums are known for having great suction and excellent lightweight designs…

Inse specializes in providing vacuums that are more affordable than what the big-name brands have to offer…. They have some very highly rated vacuum cleaners, but they also have others that rate just fairly.

So overall, I am going to rate them as just fair…. That being said, they have thousands of happy customers that absolutely love them, especially for their great prices.

Below I have provided some examples of some of the most popular Inse vacuums with a focus on customer comments about how they feel about the product and if they consider the company to be a reliable and trustworthy brand…

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The Best Rated Inse Cordless Vacuum

This vacuum is amazing!! I spent a lot of time researching many different stick vacuums…. I was a little nervous about choosing this one because I’ve never heard of this brand but I love it!

The quality is amazing! The features I love about it are that it has more attachments than most other choices, it is quiet, it’s powerful, and it has a huge collection bin.

Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, 23Kpa 250W Brushless Motor Stick Vacuum


Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, 23Kpa 250W Brushless Motor Stick Vacume, Up to 45 Mins Max Runtime 2500mAh Rechargeable Battery, 5-in-1 Lightweight Handheld for Carpet Hard Floor Car Pet Hair, Blue-INSE S6

Example of comments from Inse vacuum:

  • This product works great on all our floors (carpet, wood, and tile).
  • The suction power is better than that of some big brands I own.
  • I am a big fan of INSE vacuum cleaners…. I have had one for a year and it’s so convenient.
  • The suction is strong…. It works great on my pet’s hair…. It was so handy when I used it in my house.
  • I decided to buy another one upstairs and tried this new INSE model…. Like the old model, light and yet with great suction power.
  • Battery life is long too. 
  • The battery in normal mode lasts for about 40 mins, which is good enough for vacuuming my entire home…. Rugs too.
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Inse Is A Good Brand For Robot Vacuums

This robot is a big helper! It runs around quietly sweeping while I am at work…. At the end of the day, my floors are cleaned! The slim design allowed it to go under the bed and other furniture. It is smart not to run into walls and furniture.

It runs a long time, more than 1.5 hrs before it automatically charges itself…. With the included remote, I can change the cleaning mode without getting out of my chair.

Robot Vacuum Cleaner INSE E6 Robotic Vacuum with 2000Pa Suction Automatic Self-Charging


Robot Vacuum Cleaner INSE E6 Robotic Vacuum with 2000Pa Suction Automatic Self-Charging Slim Quiet Multiple Modes Robot Vacuum up to 110 Min Runtime for Hard Floors Carpets and Pet Hair

Example of comments from Inse vacuum reviews:

  • I have a dog at home and all pet owners know how frustrating and annoying it can be to get rid of those stubborn pet hair in some hard-to-reach places…. Well, this amazing piece of cleaning machine has tackled all those frustrations for me.
  • It moves around and does the job by itself, no need to worry about stairs as it won’t follow down and will automatically turn back once reached the edge.
  • We just move it to different floors and it works on that floor. 
  • Every house should buy one of these types of things and never spend time cleaning floors.
  • Never looked back since I got this vac. It does the same thing without the hefty price tag! 
  • I find this vacuum cleans corners and detects every missing spot pretty well.
  • Every time I dump out the dustbin, I’m surprised by how much dust and hair this product picks up.
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The Best Rated Inse Corded Vacuum

It’s a very good item that can be put anywhere because it is very small…. This vacuum can completely suck the hair away…. The suction power is very strong, convenient, and practical…. It’s easy for carpet, bare floors, and small rooms…. I can use it to suck away pet hair on the carpet.

INSE Vacuum Cleaner Corded 18KPA Powerful Suction Stick Vacuum Cleaner


INSE Vacuum Cleaner Corded 18KPA Powerful Suction Stick Vacuum Cleaner Handheld Corded Vacuum Cleaner Multipurpose 3 in 1 Vacuum with 600W Motor I6 Red

Example of comments from Inse vacuum review:

  • It works very well. The power is very strong, convenient, and practical, and it is very beautiful.
  • Love it. It has great suction and the chord is long…. Easy for bare floors and small rooms.
  • It’s very clean…. A very good product can be put anywhere because it is very small.
  • This little thing does its work. I needed something small to fit in my apartment and something durable…. It works!
  • This vacuum cleaner is very simple to use…. Well-made! 
  • I can use it to suck away pet hair on the carpet…. It has strong power. 
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The Most Popular Inse Cordless Vacuum

I love this vacuum! I use this daily to clean up my hair with NO issues. Love that I can do the steps, chairs, hardwood floors, carpets, etc with only one vacuum. I originally didn’t want to spend too much money on vacuum…. This is the best choice.

Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Handy and Extendable, Lightweight Quiet Powerful Suction


Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Handy and Extendable, Lightweight Quiet Powerful Suction 160W, Rechargeable Stick Handheld Vac, 2 Speed Modes for Pet Hair Hardwood Floors Carpet - INSE N6


Example of comments from Inse vacuum:

  • It’s a nice little machine…. I’ve used it a lot. Love the lights on the front, and that the motorhead is not too large to fit under dressers and other furniture.
  • I also like that the attachments are full-sized, and do a good job.
  • This vacuum is lightweight plus has plentiful power.
  • It comes with an extra brush roller and filter.
  • Really like the adjustable wand, which can attach more than the regular floor nozzle but also the two other nozzles.
  • This is an awesome vacuum! Very handy! Suction power is great! Works well for dirt, everyday mess, dog hair, kid’s mess, etc.
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The Most Popular Inse Corded Vacuum

This is the best buy among all my corded and cordless vacuum machines…. I am a mechanical engineer and designer…. Let me highlight three main reasons.

First, the suction power is world-class given the compact design package; it is well-engineered.

Second, the product quality is at a premium level; Every click and sound feels consistent, which means the manufacturer cares about all the details;

Third, it is lighter than the cordless one due to no battery pack but performs much better than any pricy cordless unit other than having a cord.

INSE Vacuum Cleaner Corded I5 Stick Vacuum Cleaner


INSE Vacuum Cleaner Corded I5 Stick Vacuum Cleaner 18KPA Powerful Suction 600W Motor Multipurpose 3 in 1 Handheld Vacuum Cleaner Blue

Example of comments from Inse vacuum:

  • I don’t feel tired of holding it at all…. And the cable is long enough for me to move around in every room.
  • It is so powerful…. I have a lot of carpets at home and it was covered by cats’ fur…. And I found it’s very effective in cleaning cats’ fur no matter where.
  • So far I’m loving this product, I used it for the first time and I was impressed with how light it is. 
  • It’s very easy to move about throughout the house.
  • I really like that is not bulky and I could vacuum under my sofas, and bed and how good it vacuums my hardwood floors and my carpet.
  • The cord that it brings is pretty long and I don’t have to keep on plugging it in every room.
  • The attachments that come with it are very easy to switch…. Easy to charge.
  • Excited that the power it has I could use it to pick up the dog’s hair.
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Where To Buy Inse Vacuums?

You can see all of the Inse vacuums currently available and purchase them online at their Amazon Store.

In summary, Inse is a legit brand and sells thousands of vacuums.

Their greatest advantage is their cheaper prices because they sell online through Amazon.

The Inse vacuums get consistent feedback for being lightweight, easy to use, and powerful suction and cordless vacuums also have a reputation for very good battery life.

That being said, the overall ratings, with the exception of the best-rated products I have listed above and the robot vacuum only rate fairly.

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