Is Hurley A Good Brand? (Great Men’s Casual Clothing & Swimwear)

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What Is The Hurley Brand Known For?

Born in 1999 at Huntington Beach out of its founder’s love for surfing, the Hurley brand bears its founder’s name with pride…

The years have seen the Hurley brand expand and grow so that now it is part of the global youth culture where the beach lifestyle has become the central focus.

Is Hurley a good brand?

Bob Hurley and his friends established the company and started producing a well-loved and sought after clothing empire that has for its interpretation the surfing culture of the young and active surfers worldwide. Musicians, bands, youth groups have all been united by the Hurley brand and its products.

It also made possible the innovations and new creations that have come out from the company’s people’s minds and wills.

Blending quality, comfort, and style in the background of the surfing and beach lifestyle, the Hurley company and brand have been able to triumph over adversities and come out not only stronger but also more powerful, a force to be reckoned with and a company that everyone should pay attention to.

Below I have provided some examples of some of the most popular Hurley products with a focus on customer comments about how they feel about the product and if they consider the company to be a reliable and trustworthy brand…

Hurley Is A Good Brand For Men’s Shirts

The Hurley men’s shirts receive excellent reviewer ratings with well over 94% positive reviewer feedback. First of all, do the Hurley shirts run small? They do run slightly small so you are best ordering a little bigger. So if you are usually a large order xl for example. Secondly, Do Hurley shirts shrink? No, they do not. the shirts are high-quality made of really nice material and can be worn for both casual or a little dressy as well…


Hurley Men’s One & Only Textured Short Sleeve Button Up


Hurley Men's One & Only Textured Short Sleeve Button Up, Obsidian, XXL

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Example of comments from Hurley reviews:


Was concerned the fit would be too long as is the case of many so-called untuck shirts. But this one has the right length and the color goes with just about everything.


  • I really like the material and it fits nicely. I will order some more.
  • Bought this for my husband. The material is really nice! And it fits well too.
  • The fabric is nice and cool. My husband looks great in it.
  • This shirt is great! Has a slimmer fit rather than the bigger boxy styles. Would say it runs a tad on the small side but not by much. Great quality.
  • Fits as expected. Looks great. Hurley makes good quality clothing. I have an athletic build and fit the body perfectly.
  • It’s a great shirt for any wardrobe. It can be casual or a little dressy.
  • Great fit, actually makes my husband look slimmer.
  • The shirt material is soft and the slight pattern is attractive.

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Hurley Is A Good Brand For Men’s Shorts

The Hurley men’s shorts also receive very impressive reviewer ratings with well over 92% positive reviewer feedback. These shorts are designed with sweat-wicking fabric which is perfect for hot days and they also have multiple pockets that are very convenient making them the ideal shorts for casual wear. They are also super comfortable and look great too…


Hurley Men’s Dri-fit Chino Shorts


Hurley Men's Dri-Fit Chino Shorts, Obsidian, 28

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Example of comments from Hurley reviews:


These Hurley shorts are awesome. Lightweight, so the dry quickly and they don’t bind my legs as I’m hiking steep terrain. These are my go-to activity shorts, and the look good as well. They fit nice and I ordered my standard waist size.


  • Super comfortable and suitable for wear under a dressy shirt or a plain t-shirt.
  • The “dry fit “ material is borderline magical.
  • Favorite shorts have multiple pairs. Wear with the shirt or casual summer button up.
  • Love the material these shorts are made of. They look and feel great!
  • Great shorts for a sailing trip when going to the island. Quick dry and wrinkle-free.
  • These shorts have become a staple item for the beach or for travel.
  • Love these shorts. Great for being in the heat because of the amazing moisture-wicking and also a good looking and fitting pair of shorts.
  • Best casual shorts you can buy. Fit great. Lightweight. I have every color.

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Hurley Is A Good Brand For Men’s Tank Tops

The Hurley tank tops are a very popular seller and available in a variety of colors. It also has an impressive 95% of customers providing positive feedback so it has the usually Hurly quality…


Hurley Men’s One & Only Graphic Tank Top


Hurley Men's One & Only Graphic Tank Top, Black Heather//Noise Aqua, L

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Example of comments from Hurley reviews:


Great fit, material, design, and overall quality. I bought 5 tanks in different colors a I liked them so much!


  • My hubby loved this one! Great color, flattering cut, true to size, and soft fabric.
  • Fit as expected and looks very nice on my husband! Shows off his arms and will be a great beach shirt!
  • Size and all were good and I use this shirt to workout. Very good buy.
  • A reliable solid tank top that meets the expected quality of the Hurley name.
  • This is a great and comfortable shirt. Perfect for summer or to wear after a surf.

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Hurley Is A Good Brand For Men’s T-Shirts

The Hurley men’s t-shirt rates very well and a big favorite with bodybuilders, tall people, and those with big chests. It is also super soft and breathes well…


Hurley Men’s Premium Cotton Staple Short Sleeve Tee Shirt


Hurley Men's Premium Cotton Staple Short Sleeve Tee Shirt, Black, S

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Example of comments from Hurley reviews:


I’ve been a fan of Hurley Staple T-shirts since I discovered them a few years ago, and the cut and fit is very consistent (unlike other brands where sizing and type of fit can be random). I’m an amateur bodybuilder, and these shirts are among the few that will let me show off a little, without looking like I’m deliberately wearing a shirt too tight. The quality is excellent too! No shrinkage or easy-to-rip seams.


  • I weigh 200lbs and this shirt fits comfy somewhere between slim and classic. Not baggy but not tight. Just right.
  • It breathes very well and has a dressier looking fabric.
  • Super soft, good quality shirt.
  • Just what the name says, it’s a staple for casual wear.
  • I’m tall and have a big chest so typically large is short while XL is too big but has the length I want. This shirt was a good fit for guys who are tall but have a big chest. Not tight around the arms either.
  • I love working out but I don’t like looking like a douche with wearing tight clothes.
  • Good average shirt with a neat design on the arms and back.
  • The perfect shirt for a taller person, I’m 6’5″ and it sits about where a shirt should on me.

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Hurley Is A Good Brand For Boardshorts

Hurley is probably best known for its incredible boardshorts as demonstrated by the following very popular pair of boardshorts that has an amazing 83% of customers rating it 5 out of 5-stars. Great design, very comfortable, quick-drying, and not see-through at all…


Hurley Men’s Phantom Patriot Cheers USA Flag 20″ Boardshort


Hurley Men's Apparel Phantom Cheers USA Flag 20" Boardshort Swimwear, Gym Red A, 38"

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Example of comments from Hurley reviews:


I bought these for my husband who is very picky about swim attire. Hurley is a brand he’s had good luck with and he’s been very happy with these. The design is nice, not too obnoxious! Fit is good. They’re holding up well being worn and washed almost daily. They’re a little spendy, but worth the money in my opinion.


  • These shorts are expensive but well worth it.
  • True to fit size, quick-dry and best of all you can show your patriotism.
  • Every time I wear them people compliment me on these.
  • Very comfortable material when you’re submerged in the water and out of the water.
  • The trunks barely hold any water when exiting a pool.
  • Phantoms are the way to go! Perfect fit. Quick-drying. Great design.
  • The fabric is nice and smooth. It is not see-through at all.
  • These are AWESOME shorts! Look great, feel great, stretch perfectly, durable, well worth the money!
  • Not only are these some of the coolest shorts I own. But they’re the most comfortable ones I own too.
  • New favorite swimsuit! These look badass at the beach or poolside! Very comfortable and they turn heads! Love these

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Hurley Is A Good Brand For Rashguards

The Hurley rashguard is sup comfortable to wear both in and out of the water. It protects you from the sun, dries quickly, and is perfect for hiding your dad bod or for those who are self-conscience…


Hurley Men’s One & Only Short Sleeve Sun Protection Rashguard


Hurley Men's One & Only Short Sleeve Sun Protection Rashguard, Black//White, S

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Example of comments from Hurley reviews:


I love this rashguard. It was actually one of my favorites this season. It fits a little loose, which is fine, but is super comfortable and manages the sun very well. 


  • Highly recommend. Fits great and works perfectly for getting in the water.
  • Great loose-fitting swim shirt for my self-conscience 12-year-old son. Ordered his regular size and it fits great.
  • High quality and really does protect you from the sun and exposing a dad bod.
  • It’s a great fit and I like the fabric!
  • True to size. Fits nice. Dry’s quick

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Hurley Is A Good Brand For Flip-Flops

The Hurley thong flip-flop is another very highly rated product with the usual Hurley quality. The striking thing about these thongs is how comfortable they re with many saying they are just as comfortable as sandals or even sneakers with a cushioning effect similar to athletic shoes…


Hurley Men’s Fusion 2.0 Thong Flip-Flop


Hurley Men's Fusion 2.0 Thong Flip-Flop, Black, 13 M US

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Example of comments from Hurley reviews:


These flip flops are great! They provide great support and are incredibly comfortable. These are soft but high quality. The “Thong” connections seem to be very secure and won’t crack the shoe and fall out. These flip flop are great for casual wear throughout the house to provide support and comfort.


  • Very comfortable flip flops! The cushion is that of athletic shoes.
  • You cannot go wrong with buying these! Don’t think about it just do it! (Very convenient saying considering Nike owns Hurley now).
  • Finally found flip flops that fit my husband. Not only did they fit his foot but also had ample room for the width of a larger foot.
  • These are the BEST flip flops I’ve ever owned! The sole is rough to keep your feet from sliding around when they’re wet. LOVE them!!
  • The most comfortable Flip-Flops I’ve owned.
  • These are by far my favorite pair of flip-flops ever. Great for walking lounging or at the lake.
  • My son loved his new flip flops. Most comfortable pair he has ever worn.
  • Great support tons of foam. Better than most sandals and even sneakers.

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Why Are Hurley Products Trustworthy, Reliable, And Reputable?

Companies the world over have always tried to establish their own identities that will serve as the beacon that will bring in their customers.

These customers will stay and bring in new customers who will be as loyal to the company as the first customers who had patronized its products. These beacons are usually made up of the company’s quality products and great customer services.

The Hurley company is no stranger to this.

From the very start, the company has established its uniqueness and its reputation in producing quality, affordable and reliable products.

Its signature designs have always continued to attract and capture the interest and loyalty of its customers. In this aggressively volatile market, Hurley has provided new ways to ensure that their customers remain loyal to them.

The Hurley company makes sure that the designs and products they produce are always relevant to their customer base. To ensure that this will continue, the company employs an eclectic group of talents.

They are tasked to provide wonderful new designs that use only the best quality of materials available. And yet, they never forget the comfort and affordability that these items will bring to their new owners.

Rigorous tests are given to the items before they are allowed to appear in the market. These tests guarantee that the items will provide the best performance when their buyers wear them.

Also, to bolster this practice of the company of providing only the best products, customer reviews are posted to allow new customers to read all about the high quality of the items and the wonderful feeling that wearing these items give to the buyer.

Who Are The People Behind Hurley’s Success?

A company and a brand’s success will depend on the people who are involved in it. The eclectic set of people that the company has put together ensures that its products will continue to be awesomely designed and relevant to its customer base.

The following are the people behind the company and brand:


He is considered the world’s best aerialist and is widely regarded for this exceptional talent. Toledo brings with him his competitiveness, intensity, and lightning-fast speed to produce only the best and the most treasured products in the company.


She won four times as the best female surfer during the world championship competitions. Her passion serves as an inspiration to young women. Moore’s belief that every woman should be strong, compassionate, and confident.

This passion and belief allow for the production of products that are as well suited to women as to men, thus making it possible for the company’s products to be continuously accepted by both groups.


Known as one of the best professional surfers around, Kolohe Andino knows the surfing world very well. This knowledge ensures that every product produced by the company can be worn and appreciated by every surfer who avails of  Hurley’s products.


He made headlines with his accomplishments in the water, and he is well accepted as one of the best there is. Having lived his life on the water, for the most part, Kai Lenny personally knows what products work and what does not.


Known as the “Golden Child”, this sixteen-year-old surfer prodigy has shown the world he is someone to be reckoned with. He brings his youth and his appreciation of life with him, which gives the Hurley products a youthful vibrancy all its own.


The “Modern Surfer Nomad” is what he is known for with his pure and healthy lifestyle. His large fan base allows for the company’s products to be well – known the world over.


She is the WSL longboard World Champion and a style icon that is evolving even up to now.  Her youth and vitality add pizzaz to an already awesome product and brand.


A well-loved surfer, his wave riding capabilities is as electric as his personality. This electricity is well – translated to the great designs of the company’s products.


“Japan’s Rising Son” because he was the most decorated professional surfer and the first Japanese to win the US Open Surfing. His culture and traditions add an international flavor to the products produced by Hurley.

Where To Buy Hurley?

You can see all of the Hurley products currently available and purchase them online from their website or at their Amazon Store.

Hurley has always identified itself with the surf, the surfers, and the beach. Its products have always achieved the easy, comfortable, and free atmosphere of its fan base and chosen locale.

The designs have always been beautiful, stylish, and made from the best quality materials possible. It also provides a wide array of selections from swimwear, accessories, and clothing for adults and children.

Unisex clothing and items are also made available to its customers, like unisex shirts, backpacks, and hats.

Quality, affordability, and great designs all combine to provide the Hurley company with the reputation that it enjoys today.

Continued innovations and faithful conformity to its tried and tested designs have made the Hurley brand and company as relevant and as important today as when it was first launched.

A must-have for both surfer and the regular person looking for great clothes, the Hurley will continue to provide new items and products that will be loved and looked for the world over.

For these reasons, Hurley remains to be one of the good and great brands out there.

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